Six Months old.

All three of the girls were crying, and it was only three in the morning. Charlotte groaned and sat up, Coop in the same mood, next to her. "They're evil." Charlotte moaned, getting up out of bed. Coop followed her in to the girls bedroom, nodding. "They're like devil children." He replied, picking up Georgia from her crib. He rocked her gently, putting her pacifier in her mouth. He sniffed and pulled a face. "She definitely needs a change. I'll get the bottles ready, you do poop duty?" He asked hopefully. Charlotte shook her head. "You find the poop, you clean the poop, you know the rules Coop." She answered, picking up Caroline and unclipping her nursing bra.

"Anyway, i think i've got enough milk for them all to just have a quick feed to put them back to sleep. Check if Rach needs her diaper changed too, Caroline's clean." She told him, sitting down in one of the rocking chairs. Caroline latched onto her nipple easily, and began sucking, her tiny fist grabbing onto Charlotte's skin, her eyes closing in happiness. Charlotte smiled and leaned back, closing her own eyes. She had the easy job, just sit back, and let the babies suck away. Coop had placed Georgia back down in her crib and picked up Rachel.

"Oh Jesus. Toxic poop. I'll do the laundry and the dishes for the next month if you do her diaper." He pleaded, his face distorted from the smell. Charlotte laughed and shook her head. "No way. I can smell that from here. Good luck daddy." She looked down at Caroline, who had stopped suckling, and pulled her away from her boob, the little girl fast asleep again. She clipped up her bra and stood up slowly, placing the little baby back down in her bed, covering her with a blanket, placing a kiss on the baby's cheek. "Please don't wake up for another couple of hours." She whispered down, walking over and picking up Georgia, taking her over to the changing tray, next to Coop. "I guess i can do this one if you're gunna do the stinkbug's." Charlotte told him, unclipping Georgia's sleep suit.

Twenty minutes later and Charlotte was sitting down with both of the remaining girls feeding from her at the same time. Rachel fell asleep first, and Cooper took her carefully from his wife, kissing the baby's button nose, and placing her back into bed. Eventually Georgia's frantic feeding slowed into lazy sucks, and finally, her mouth hung open, making little snoring sounds, her belly full. Charlotte kissed her baby and handed her to Coop, letting him put her into bed while she clipped her bra back up. Coop helped her to her feet and placed a sleepy kiss to her lips. "Who would have thought someone other than me would be sucking on your boobs this early in the morning?" He joked, heading back to their bedroom with Charlotte. She shook her head laughing and playfully slapped his chest. "Let's just go back to sleep before they cry again." She whispered, crawling into bed next to him.


In true baby fashion, the triplets didn't wait long until they cried again. They at least made it till six this time, it was worse when they woke up every hour and a half. None of them needed changing, Charlotte had discovered when she headed into their room alone. She decided they just wanted attention, and carried Caroline and Rachel into her own bedroom and handed them to Cooper, then walked back to get Georgia. On the way back, Mason stumbled from his room, looking sad. Charlotte stopped and ran her fingers through his hair. "Hey there big guy, did your sisters wake you up last night?" She asked him. Mason nodded and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Charlotte gave a soft smile and rubbed his cheek. "Why don't you come in with your daddy and i? The girls are in there but we're just gunna laze around for a bit." She offered. Mason nodded, and followed her into the master bedroom.

They all settled in, Georgia lay on Cooper's chest, staring at her daddy, who was pulling faces at her, making her smile. Mason had fallen asleep next to Coop, comforted by his parents around him, and the lack of screaming babies. Caroline was next, with Charlotte's arm supporting her, and finally, Rachel was in Charlotte's other arm, cuddled up to her momma's breast. She kept jerking her chubby hand forward, her mouth opening, and closing. Charlotte looked down at the baby and grinned. "Oh, you know what's in there huh? Fat chance baby girl, i just fed you." She cooed, causing a huge smile to stretch across her face.

"Coop, i really have to go to work soon." She whispered to him, pouting at her husband. He groaned and looked at the alarm clock beside his side of the bed.

"Can you pleeeaseee stay until the nanny gets here?" He begged. "As soon as you leave, they all start crying!" He complained, grabbing his wife's hand and giving it a squeeze.

Charlotte shook her head regretfully. "I'm sorry Coop, but i'm already an hour behind and i have four meetings to run today. I'm not sure how well 'sorry i was lying in bed with my husband and my four kids' will go down with the board. You know they're already on my ass for a reason to fire me since i had the triplets. They really don't think i can manage work and this family. I have to prove them wrong Coop." She answered, gently laying both her girls in the bed, propping up a pillow next to them, to prevent them from rolling off the bed. She walked over to the other side of the bed and kissed Coop on the lips. "I'm sorry Coop, but you wanted kids, you have kids, you'll figure out how to handle them all alone." She told him, patting his cheek. She walked briskly into their walk-in-wardrobe and talked to him from there as she changed.

"There's enough breast milk in the fridge to get you through two feeds, possibly three if they don't get too greedy. I have a lunch break at two if you bring them in, i can feed them then, i'll be ready to burst so don't be late. I'll be home at six, so they'll be desperate for a feed then too, but there is some formula in the second drawer in the kitchen that you can use if they start screaming and you can't handle it." She finally appeared dressed ready for work, a pair of heels on her feet.

Coop raised an eyebrow and grinned. "You just went from hot mom to hot boss in a matter of seconds." He remarked. Charlotte tried to hide her pride. She really had slimmed back down fast after having the triplets, mainly due to working full time and breast feeding three hungry babies every day. "And you still have that tired...disgruntled..James Bond thing going on. Now, did you hear what i just said about the milk?" She asked, collecting her makeup bag. She was going to do her hair and makeup at work, to save time.

"Yes. Boobs at two, boobs at six, boob milk in the fridge, emergency fake boob milk in the second drawer. I got it, now go show them who runs St. Ambrose." He replied cheekily.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and smiled. "I'm glad you take breast feeding so seriously."

Cooper raised his eyebrow and nodded. "You know it." He answered slyly. He watched her head out the room, but called her back at the last minute. "Hey, have a good day." He said, looking proud of her.


It was two thirty and Charlotte was waiting impatiently for the elevator to open on the fifth floor. Coop was waiting with the girls in the Practice's nursery, and her boobs were ready to burst. She'd been held back at the hospital, and then hit traffic.

Finally the doors opened and she practically ran through the practice. She passed Addison, but waved her hand. "Talk later, feed now." She said in a rush, pushing open the nursery door and picking up the nearest baby.

She swiftly put the baby on her boob and sighed with the relief. "I feel like i'm a damn cow." She complained, walking to Coop and kissing him, using her free arm to latch on another baby. She sat down, making it easier to feed two babies at once. Cooper now held Georgia, while her sisters fed.

"You're late." He observed. Charlotte nodded, looking tired and frustrated. "I barely made it out of there before the next patient came in. All emergent cases of course. And there was a pile up outside the airport. " She sighed.

She forced a smile onto her face. "But anyway, how were things once i left? Were the kids all behaving?" She asked.

Coop breathed out heavily and rubbed his face, looking stressed. "Well, the girls cried solidly until about a half hour ago, and Mason was grumpy because they woke him up last night, so he was a nightmare to get ready for school. I have a permanent headache and i swear the triplets hate me because they know i don't have any boobs of milk."

Charlotte smiled sympathetically. "Sounds tough. And the girls love spending time with their daddy. They only like me when they're hungry." She comforted him. She pulled both Rachel and Caroline from her and lay them down in their jolly jumpers, clipping herself back up. Coop passed her Georgia and she curled up on the sofa, feeding the last of her babies while Coop burped the other two.

"I brought you food, anyways. Chicken soup and a couple of sandwiches and fruit. Figured my lady needed some sustenance to get her through a full day at work and feeding three bubbas."

He told her, pointing to a brown paper bag on the counter. Charlotte smiled gratefully. She was starving.


Half an hour later and the girls were all fed and burped, and having tummy time on the play mat, with Charlotte and Cooper watching on from the sofa. She was cuddled into him, eating the lunch he'd brought her. "I like how you dress them in matching outfits. Very cute, and dedicated. If one of them spits up on their clothes, do you change all three of them, just so they match?" She teased, watching Georgia try and grab a play block just inches out of her reach. Charlotte stretched out her foot and pushed the block closer to her daughter and smiled as the little girl grabbed it with her mouth. Cooper poked Charlotte in the ribs and kissed her temple. "Only sometimes." He admitted. Charlotte laughed and looked at her watch. She let her head fall next to Coopers and she sighed. "Jesus it never ends. I have a patient in twenty minutes, and i have to prep my office." She told him. She used his knee to push herself to her feet and picked up Rachel, placing multiple kisses on the girl's chubby cheek. "I love you so much." She told her, between kisses. She did the same to the other two, holding onto Caroline at the end. "Coop, come take her from me. I physically can't put her down." She told him firmly. Cooper laughed and stood up, scooping the baby from her momma. Charlotte pouted and kissed her baby again. "I feel like the worst mom ever. I want to just stay here and kiss them all afternoon, not talk about broken penises." She said sadly. Cooper made Caroline's little hand wave goodbye to her mom. "The fact that you want to stay, proves that you're a great mom. And anyway, someone needs to pay for these three to wear clothes." He reassured her. He kissed her quickly on the lips and winked at her. "Now go. We'll stay here for a while longer, i want to hang out with Vi while they have a nap before i go pick up Mase."


Mason met Charlotte by the front door to their house before she even had a chance to pull out her key. "Dad needs help." He told her, pulling her inside. Charlotte dropped her bag, fearing the worst. She ran upstairs, hearing a chorus of baby's crying, and ran into the nursery. She stopped, and covered her mouth with her hand.

Coop was sitting on the floor, the three girls laying on the floor around him, all bare bottomed and crying. There was a pile of poo filled diapers next to him, and each baby was covered in poo.

Coop looked up at Charlotte. "They all did exploding poo's at the same time." He whispered. "It's like they planned it. I think it was Georgia, she planned it. I swear they're evil." He told him, his eyes wide with shock. Charlotte couldn't help but laugh a little.

"They're six months old, they're not evil babe, they just..poop a lot?" She suggested. She bent down and picked up the diapers, wrinkling her nose at the smell as she dumped them in the diaper bin. "Go run a bath and get in. I'll rinse them off and you can relax with them. I'll get Mason sorted and them i'll join you...And wipe the poop off your arms. I don't know how you got it everywhere."


Cooper was sitting in the tub, the three girls lying on their backs on his chest, his arms keeping them steady and above the water. Charlotte came in, wearing a dressing gown. "Mason's watching a movie. I told him to shout if he needs us. He told me he'd be okay, because he's not a baby anymore." Charlotte told him, untying her gown and slipping into the bath opposite her husband. She took Georgia from Coop, making gentle shushing sounds as the baby made fussy sounds at being moved from her relaxing spot on her daddy's chest. She placed the baby gently over her shoulder and lay down, submerging Georgia a little under the water, keeping half of her back and her head above the water level.

"Thank god this is a big bath." She sighed, closing her eyes. Coop poked her with a toe and she squinted at him, seeing him pull a face at her. "And i can tell you, having three babies in the bath with us, wasn't what i was thinking when i saw the size of the tub."Charlotte stuck her tongue out at him. "All you've been thinking about is sex for the past couple of weeks. Am i not giving you enough attention?" She asked seriously, sitting up a little and repositioning.

Coop shrugged and also sat up, supporting the two girls on his chest. "I think we've both been busy having three newborns and a pre-teen son. And you've got work too now. We're both just permantly tired. And the thing is, even if we had one night with all the kids with someone else, i think all i'd want to do, is sleep next to you, like we used to before the kids, uninterrupted, quiet, peaceful..."

"Speak for yourself mister, you snored before the girls, and you snore now. There was no such thing as a peaceful night for me, at least with the girls, i can drag you up as well."

Coop's mouth fell open as he objected. "I do not snore! I just...breathe heavily." He protested. Charlotte raised her eyebrows at him and leant forward, placing a kiss on his lips. "Here. Hold her while i get out, they're due for a feed." She told him.

Coop lay, holding the three girls as he watched Charlotte dry her body, then slip her robe back on. Charlotte turned, catching him staring at her and she smiled. "Hey." She scolded gently.

"I'm only human. You wanna strut your hot body around me naked, i'm gunna stare and think of all the things i want to do to you tonight." He stated simply. She couldn't help but grin, then bit her lip. "Not in front of the children." She whispered. Cooper handed her Georgia and Caroline. "Sex. Sex. Sex. They're like puppies, they don't understand what i'm saying."

"If one of their first words is sex, Cooper Freedman, then i will personally make sure that you don't have sex for a year. And i'll stop buying hand lotion." She added, teasing him.


Charlotte was curled up on the sofa with Mason, watching a movie with him. The girls were all asleep and Coop had just popped to the store to pick up some popcorn. Mason was tucked under Charlotte's arm, resting against her side, his legs tucked under himself, the both of them covered with a blanket.

"I love you momma." He said suddenly, not breaking eye contact from the television. Charlotte smiled and kissed the top of his head. "I love you too Mason."


Cooper had finally returned with supplies. Popcorn for Mason, who was allergic to chocolate. A bag of almonds for Charlotte, who was still strict about eating healthily, determined to lose her pregnancy weight as fast as possible, and Milk duds for himself, because sex was his cardio and he was already married with four kids, he didn't need to stay in shape any more. He'd hooked his girl.

They were all snuggled in together, under the same blanket, Mason between his two parents, but Coop's arm was stretched along the back of the seat, his hand playing with Charlotte's hair, massaging her neck.

As the credits rolled, Coop looked down at Mason and gave a smile. "Little guy's all wiped out." He whispered, making Charlotte look at the sleeping kid between them.

"Can you carry him up Coop? I don't have the heart to wake him up and make him walk." She whispered, stroking the hair from her sons face. Coop nodded and stood up, picking Mason up in his arms easily. Charlotte switched off the TV and looked down at the mess on the coffee table. She'd clean it up tomorrow, she thought to herself, before following her husband up the stairs.


Cooper sunk into bed next to Charlotte, he was exhausted. He was always exhausted. As much as he wished he'd known about Mason since birth, he was secretly pleased in a way that when Mason came to live with them, he already had grown to love sleeping in. For years before the triplets came, the three of them were a small, but cute family who lazed around at the weekends, not having to get up early unless work called. Since the triplets, both Charlotte and Cooper were woken up at least three times a night. It was exhausting. And with all three still breastfeeding, and on formula to supplement what Charlotte couldn't produce fast enough, both of them had to be with them during feeds. Coop could leave Charlotte to do it by herself, but breastfeeding three screaming babies was hard enough, and if she needed to heat up some formula too because there wasn't enough milk to go around, it was even harder and she'd only just get back into bed before the next baby began to cry again. Both of them tackling it made things move faster.

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead. She grinned and played with the elastic of his boxers. "Wanna play?" She asked suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows. Cooper nodded, and mashed his lips on to hers. "Yes. Yes. God yes, i wanna play."


"Wow." She puffed, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her breathing heavy and out of rhythm.

"Wow." He repeated, grinning at her as he was just out of breath. He took hold of her hand and laughed. "We certainly didn't forget how." He told her. Charlotte nodded and licked her lips. "God no. We should do this more often. I can't believe we ever stopped." She breathed out. Coop smiled and looked at his wife.

"I love you." He told her. Charlotte smiled back and closed her eyes. "I love you too. I can't even move, it feels so good." She laughed. He rolled over towards her and wrapped his arms around her, snuggling close. Now rewind to even just six years ago, and there was no way Charlotte King was a cuddle after sex kinda gal, and yet here she was, happily snuggling into a man's body, post sex. Her man's body, her husband. Cooper Freedman really had changed her for the better.

They had just closed their eyes when a faint cry reached their ears. Charlotte went to sit up, but Coop pulled her back down. "Shhh...maybe she'll self-soothe and go back to sleep." He whispered. They listened in silence for a while, but the cries only multiplied into three. Charlotte sighed and sat up once more. "I'll go. They probably just want a quick feed and that'll be enough. I'll call you if they need changing." She groaned, making her way out of bed and putting a robe on.