Two years old

Mason poked his tongue out at his younger sisters as he entered their dad's office. They were sitting on the floor playing with a pile of babies and toy blocks. He placed his school backpack on the floor next to the desk and sat down with his sisters.

Georgia, Rachel and Caroline all jumped up onto his knee and hugged him tight, giggling when she started tickling them. "What did you guys do today?" He asked, letting them fight over who would sit where on his knee. Georgia grabbed a baby from the floor and shoved it in her brother's face. "Babies!" She cried. Mason nodded and gently lifted each girl from his knee.

"Dad's coming back soon and i really have to start my homework. " He told them, standing up. He'd been accepted into the private school he tried out for a couple of months ago and since, his homework had been really intense. He was not only catching up on the stuff he'd not been taught yet at his previous school, but also keeping up with the demanding homework schedule. Despite it all, he was really enjoying it, and was flourishing.

Ten minutes later and Violet popped her head in the door, waving at the girls and Mason. "Hey your dad told me to let you know that he had to run across town on a house call, but your momma's across the hall with a patient. If you four need anything, i'm having a break in the kitchen with Addison and Naomi." She let them know. The triplets ignored Violet once she started speaking, talking between them, passing toys around. Mason looked up from his homework and nodded. "Dad, house call, momma, office, anyone starts bleeding or crying, kitchen. Got it. Thanks Aunt Vi." He replied. Violet smiled and left him to his work, heading to the kitchen.


Charlotte could see directly into Cooper's office from her own and every time she looked up and spoke to her patient, she gained a direct view of her three daughters playing on the floor, their big brother looking on, doing his homework. She felt nothing but pride and love looking at them all. She smiled at her patient, standing up and holding the door open for them. "Well Mrs. Hardie, you can book a follow up appointment with Sandy on the front desk, and we'll see if our treatment plan works." She told her, watching her patient walk away. She quickly made the walk between her office and Cooper's, swinging open the door and grinning at her kids. She walked to Mason first, dodging the three girls trying to cuddle her so she could kiss his forehead. "Hey bud, how's the homework?" She asked, finally turning around and letting the triplets wrap their chubby little arms around her legs. Mason shrugged and put his pen down. "Long. But fun. And i know i don't sound like a normal kid when i say that, but it's actually really interesting. I'm learning about DNA right now and we get to do a project on anything to do with DNA and me and Lucy are choosing triplets. You know, triplets DNA and how triplets become triplets and if they're really creepy clones or if they're normal. I'm thinking i've got the perfect case study right down the hall from my bedroom." He told her.

Charlotte laughed and picked up Georgia, the other two getting bored, chasing each other round the room. "I guess you do. And Lucy?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mason shook his head in disbelief, trying to hide a smile. "Seriously? She's just my lab partner. She has a twin sister and her mom's pregnant with another set of triplets. The teacher thought we'd be a good pair, i guess."

"Is she cute?" Charlotte asked.

Mason raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "I guess. Kinda." He told her nonchalantly. Charlotte smirked. "High standards."

Mason nodded. "Dad told me to never date a girl who's not as good as my momma, so...i'm still waiting."

Charlotte bit her lip and tilted her head to one side. "What other 'advice' has your daddy been giving you?" She asked, curiously.

" find a girl, marry her, get her pregnant, and spend the rest of my life looking after her, oh...and the best way to put out a fire isn't to pee on it." He told her.

Charlotte laughed and shook her head. "Just make sure you do all that in the right order. Girl, marriage, then a baby. " She warned.

She felt arms wrap themselves around her waist and a kiss was placed on her neck. "Who's talking about a baby?" Coop asked. Charlotte rolled her eyes and rubbed his hands, which were on her stomach. "No one. We were just discussing the choice dating advice you've given our son."

Coop nodded and grinned. "Just keeping him prepared. How was your day anyway hot stuff?" He asked, heading to the triplets and sitting on the floor with them. They all pounced on their daddy, showering him with kisses and cuddles. Charlotte watched her husband and smiled, before answering him.

"Very busy. Lots of UTI's and kidney infections." She replied, sitting down on the couch. Georgia noticed her momma was close now and waddled to her lap, clambering up clumsily so she was sitting on her knee.

"Eyes." The toddler shouted out, poking Charlotte directly in the eyeball with a chubby finger.

"Ow. Jes—" She cried out, beginning to cuss. "- sssaaabelle dang it Georgia, yes that's momma's eye." She finished, fixing her curse mid word and trying not to sound mad. She held Georgia's hands down with one hand and rubbed her eye. Coop had watched the disaster and was quick to pick Georgia from Charlotte's lap and place her with her sisters.

"Mase, play with the girls." He ordered quickly, gently taking Charlotte's hand away from her eye. "Let me look at it." He said softly, opening Charlotte's eye and taking a look. She attempted at swatting his hand away but he grabbed it and placed a kiss on the back of her palm.

"Stop." He said quietly. "Just let me check you out woman."

Charlotte pouted, but let her husband inspect her eye. He finally stopped looking and kissed her forehead. "No damage done. You'll have beautiful eyes for another day." He told her, grinning.

"Smooth talker." She laughed, playfully slapping his leg as he stood up.

"Come say sorry to momma, Georgia. Give mommy kisses." He told the little girl, who had been successfully distracted by her big brother until now. Coop picked her up, threw her in the air and caught her in a superman pose, and flew her through the air until her face was directly in front of Charlotte's. Georgia grabbed Charlotte's head and planted a large kiss on her momma's lips.

"Say 'sorry i poked your eye momma." Coop prompted, holding her up still.

"Sowwy eye momma." Georgia managed, grinning at the end of her sentence. Charlotte nodded and gave her daughter a smile. "It's okay. It was an accident."

"Cident." Georgia repeated.

Cooper placed Georgia on the floor and picked up his laptop from his desk.

"Okay Freedman-King's, King's and Warner's. Time to get our booties out of the practice and home. And since it's a Friday, i've taken the liberty of ordering Chinese, which should be on it's way to our house in about half an hour." He called out, watching Mason scramble to pack his stuff up quickly.

Charlotte grinned and stood up, helping Georgia, Caroline and Rachel to their feet.

"Okay, who's coming in momma's car, and who's going with daddy?" She asked. Mason stuck his hand up in the air. "I vote momma!"

"Dadddddddyyyyy!" Georgia called out running into Coop's legs. Cooper grinned and picked her up, settling her on his hip. "Daddy!" Rachel cried out too, taking her daddy's hand.

"Okay, looks like i've got these two. We'll meet you at home." He told his wife. Charlotte nodded and picked up Caroline and leant out, kissing Coop.

"Drive safe. I love you." She told him as he headed out of the office first.


Charlotte pulled into the driveway next to Coopers car and put the car into park. She got out and helped Caroline out and followed Mason into house, holding the baby girl. Cooper had arrived before her and already had the Chinese set out in the lounge, the opening credits to a Disney movie playing on the TV. He kissed her and she walked past him, heading to the fridge to pour herself a glass of wine.

"You drinking tonight babe?" She asked. When he nodded, she pulled out a bottle of beer and popped the cap, handing it over to him. He took a swig and carried the bottle, along with three baby bowls full of dinner through to the longue and placed it in front of the triplets.

"Mase, come grab your dinner sugar." Charlotte called out, leaning against the kitchen island and taking a sip of her wine.

"Can i try some?" Mason asked, pointing to the wine. Charlotte frowned. "Sure." She said. "When you're twenty one." She added, scruffing up his hair, grinning.

Cooper joined his wife and they stood at the kitchen counter, overseeing their four kids sitting on the sofa, eating, eyes glued to the TV. Coop put his hand on Charlotte's butt and gave her a cheeky grin. "I like your butt." He whispered to her, nibbling on her ear. She giggled, and tried to push him away a little, but he was too strong to even budge.

"Hey!" She whispered. "You can't do that right now, the kids are literally ten feet away from us." She told him. That didn't stop Coop. He gave her butt a squeeze and continued to kiss her neck. "You better be quiet then." He muttered into her skin, placing soft kisses on her neck. Charlotte pushed him away again, turning to face him. He backed up against the kitchen counter and she held him in place, her hand on his chest.

"Dr. Freedman, i said no." She told him sternly, pushing her lips against his. She kissed him hard, taking the lead and then finished the kiss with a smack of her lips, grinning at him.

"I'm kinda getting mixed messages here woman." He told her, running his hand over the curve between her hip and arm. Charlotte poked her tongue out at him and winked. "Well, what can i say? I'm a tease."


Charlotte ran down the hallways of , her heart racing, panic rising in her chest. She'd been in her office when a nurse had paged her saying Cooper had just been admitted as a patient. She rounded the corner and burst into the hospital room she'd been paged to. There, Coop was, lying on a gurney, with his leg clearly broken. He already was hooked up to an IV with pain medication attached.

Charlotte winced at the sight of his leg, but ran to his side, took his hand and kissed Cooper's temple. "Jesus Christ Coop. You scared the crap outta me." She whispered into his hair. She opened her eyes and shook her hair out a little, sitting down, her hand still holding his. She glanced up at the nurse attending to Coop's fluids.

"Seeeee..i told you my wife was banging. Will a broken leg stop me from having sex? Because i like sex. A lot. Sex is good. Do you like sex?" He asked, the pain meds clearly having taken affect. Charlotte shook her head, trying to maintain dignity.

"Okay there mister, that's enough talking for you." She told him, running her hand across his cheek. The nurse hid a smile and turned her head, making Charlotte frown. She stood up and straightened her lab coat. "Has he seen an Orthopaedic surgeon yet? Does he need surgery?"

Coop grabbed Charlotte's hand and started to kiss it, a stupid grin on his face between kisses. Charlotte smirked at him, and looked back at the nurse.

"Well?" She demanded.

"Dr. Leeds has already seen him, once he told us his name, as soon as everyone found out who he was married to, he was fast tracked. I'm prepping him for surgery now. His leg is broken in two places, and needs to be reset, and then casted." The nurse stuttered.

"God Coop, how the hell did you break your leg?" She whispered to him. "How will i look after four kids with you out of action?" She asked.

Coop stared at the ceiling, his high losing his focus. "I um...i think i may have been with a patient, in a stair jumping competition."

"Of course." Charlotte sighed. "I don't know why i expected anything else?" She replied, raising her eyebrows and shaking her head.


Cooper was lying in his hospital bed, playing on his iPad, his leg fully casted. Mason was sitting on the sofa, doing his homework and the triplets were watching a movie on another iPad. Charlotte walked in carrying a chart, and smiled at Coop.

"Hey." She whispered, trying not to attract the attention of the girls. Their eyes stayed glued to the screen in front of them and she waved at Mason, who smiled back. She sat on the edge of his bed and rubbed his chest.

"How's the patient this afternoon?" She asked, closing the chart in her hands. Coop paused his game and pouted at her.

"Sore." He said quietly, looking down at his leg. Charlotte bit her lip and kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry. Maybe it'll teach you that you're not a flexible, shock absorbent kid anymore." She told him kindly. Coop raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Wait till i'm out of this cast and i'll show you how flexible i am." He whispered.