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Slowly light exasperate his tired eyes. Akashi woke up with his body feeling heavy as if he lifted a considerate amount of weight the whole night. He checked but his temperature is normal. His muscles seem stiff and he could hardly make himself stand up. Thinking he was pushing himself more in practice, he promised that he would take the day easy and just let the other members suffer as much.

When he was about to shower he notice a reddish mark on the skin just below his collar bone. He dismissed it thinking that some kind of mosquito bite on it though unlikely because his room is fully air conditioned. He thought he would make some maids compensate if there are insects crawling in his room.

On his way to school, his car flatted a tire. He said to his apologizing driver that he will just walk to school. He then saw Tetsumi walking ahead of him. She is walking a little slow so after a minute he is almost a foot away from her back. She suddenly halts from moving and face him.

"Good morning Akashi-kun? Are you stalking me?" It surprised him to hear that she is saying it so bluntly yet her face is still dead-panned.

"I see you're a little naïve and you are wrong in that stupid assumption of yours" he answered feeling annoyed again.

"You don't have to explain" Tetsumi continued walking ahead of him. "I don't mind being stalked but your girlfriend might get angry" she said.

He raised his brow, slightly annoyed but then he noticed that his bag is slightly pulling his uniform making the red mark on his collar bone visible. He wanted to explain but it would mean he loses to whatever game the teal head is playing.

"It irritates me that some people don't mind their own business" he said with calm tone to hide his annoyance.

"E? Then please stop stalking me Akashi-kun" she said still with no emotions while the red head face is warming from reasons he refuse to admit.

"I'm not stalking you and I have no plans to waste my time on you" he said not sure if he really means it.

The girl then stops. He passed by her and stop on her front. He could not read any of her thoughts and her bangs covering her eyes did not do any help. He could have miscalculated his choice of words and he felt he offended the girl but there is no way he would comfort her. She deserved it. A moment then the teal head girl resumes walking never looking back to him again.

Classes progressed quickly and he just continued to watch the girl from her back. He noticed she was too silent and most of the time alone. She did not have any friends whom she talks to and no one to share eating her lunch, if a vanilla milkshake would fit as a lunch. Like him, she was all alone. It would not be bad if he join lunch with her because he still wanted to eat in the rooftop just like before.

Akashi wakes up to find his upper torso not only covered by red marks but also with some suspicious bruises. In his left hand there is a circle contusion as if someone tied him in a rope. He thought of reasons for the bruises but there is no way someone would tie him without waking him up. He tried to forget about it and covered his hand with bandages.

School lunch came and he feels rather uneasy but he could not fathom why. He will just eat normally in his usual place. Well, there is someone already there but as if he will be intimidated by a timid, silent girl.

Tetsumi looked at him as he makes his way to the rooftop. He tried to ignore her but his feet brought him to a spot near the girl. Tetsumi just continued drinking her vanilla milkshake. Awkwardness ensues so Akashi tried to direct the atmosphere in a lighter mood.

"This is my usual place during lunch so do you mind if I settle myself comfortably here?" he asked.

"Its fine Akashi-kun" the girl replied.

"Well –"he was calculating his words but he was not really sure how he will talk to the girl. He should try with some personal assessment "Is there any clubs you would like to join other than the being in a library committee? Well I know your weak but being always alone up here is not good for you."

"So you are really stalking me?" said the girl then she resumes drinking.

"That's not it but I'm the council president after all" the girl did not react anymore so he decided to dismissed the topic.

"Anyway you should know that this drink could be hardly called lunch" he replied while grabbing the drink on her hand.

"But the taste is so good I could drink that my whole life, would you like to try it?" Akashi hesitates but sip in the drink anyway after all this is the first time she talks a little longer to him. Tetsumi is just looking at him while he drinks.

"It's delicious right? As a gift, I would not tell your girlfriend that we just made an indirect kiss" she bluntly said.

Akashi almost spit the drink from embarrassment. He was about to react when Tetsumi hold his hand. His heart is almost skipping a beat and he did not understand why.

"What happened to your hand?" she asked him.

"Ah t-this? This is nothing I got it from practice" he said while he removes her hold though it kind of comfortable in that position.

"Eh? That's sound troublesome" then she went on being quiet again.

"Well, basketball for me is something that could make me feel satisfied every night. You should come see our plays sometimes and assess for yourselves."

She just looked at him but he knew she will visit them. He smiled at her for the first time.

There is yet another report of a student gone missing and it said she was last seen on her way to the council. Tetsumi thinks that the school is making a big deal over them, after all nobody cares for no name extras in a stories.

She decided to go to basketball practice as Akashi requested. She heard the sounds of their shoes touching the ground, the ball making its way to the net and the excitement of all the boys to score and dominate each other. These expressions are rather exciting she thought.

After the practice, the red head was handed a towel by a pink haired girl. Excitement then leaves her.

"I think the basketball did not need any girls" she thought and then she left the premises before the Akashi approached her.

Day after day the bruises get more serious and the pain grew more intense. Akashi could not ignore it anymore. No insects could do it to him but unconsciously he is afraid to admit that he did not know what is happening.

But as his bruises are deepening, his odd relationship to Tetsumi also grew deeper. As if there is an unwritten agreement that they would spend their lunch together in the roof top but in classes they did not talk to each other. Akashi could only watch from behind the teal head. Tetsumi would not ask anymore about the bruises but she would tend them every day. Every touch is thrilling for the red head.

Tetsumi would always be at their basketball practice. She was shy at first but he introduces her to the team and now their daily hobby was to disturb her. They were dividing her attention that supposed to be only his but he could not disperse them. Much to his delight the teal head is only particularly close to their manager Momoi. He felt contented because the teal head is safe with their manager.

He woke up in the dead of the night. His room is still dark but he could feel some movement outside his room. He called but no maid seems to be on sight. He walked to the source of the noise. His feet lead him to a white walled room just directly below to his own room. Much to his surprise the room is full of bodies, dead and cold ones. Their face is full of blood and they died with their eyes opened and looked so terrified. They seem to be looking upwards and then he saw an unknown person facing them. Her hands seem to be holding a sharp object and her back is all that he could see. She was about to face him when he suddenly wakes up, for real this time.

He could not sleep well that night. In school he was more silent and more calculating. He became paranoid that he felt someone is always watching him.

At their lunch, Tetsumi is just looking and observing him. He was not in the mood to eat or talk. He could not tell her what was bothering him. Tetsumi seemed to understand and just hold his hands as she lied comfortably in her back. He felt comfortable from the touch so he also lied down on his back and closed his eyes. When he woke up the teal head is already gone. She already tends his wounds. She even made him wear her wristband to hide his contusion. He smiled but then he felt uncomfortable, the band perfectly fit his wounds, too perfect.

Tetsumi did not attend the next classes. She was currently in a room with white walls. Momoi is on her front looking so afraid. She could not talk but she knew she wants to plead for her life. She was holding a sharp knife in her hands.

She wanted to dispose her immediately but being a manager of the basketball team her absence will make a big fuss on the team and to Akashi. She was sure Akashi's eyes are only for her because she always tells him not to stalk her. The brain works mysteriously that if someone told you not to do it you will do it anyway. He was getting jealous of the other players noticing her but what about her own little jealousy. The pink haired manager is always handing him a towel after playing. She will always talks to him and sit beside him during their practice. She could not allow that even if she tried.

She was about to strike the poor girl but someone hold her hand. She did not look back. She knew that hand from the wristband he is wearing. He then put his other hand a little below her hips and before she could react he was already leaning at her. His head is placed above her shoulders and she could feel his warm breaths.

"Kill her" she heard him say surprising her. "She already seen you, doesn't she?"

"If I looked carefully before I should have already known" he was now kissing all the way down her neck. "This is your punishment for feasting on me every night."

Momoi is hardly breathing and was surprised the red head did not save her. Her captain is currently hugging the teal head in her back. She saw as he leaned closer to her neck. He was carefully planting red marks in the teal head's skin. The pink head could not move, her body is aching and bleeding excessively. Her mouth is full of red liquid that she could not shout for help. Before her conscious completely lost, she became a witness on how the red head devoured fully the teal head.

Akashi still hated the girl but he would not deny his feelings anymore. Not to himself and not to everyone. It is still annoying for him that she was beautiful in her own ways that someone other that him would notice her. He did not like sharing especially if it is her. Tetsumi, who he would only allow in his world would not be taken away from him. He would do necessary measures to let her only to his sides even if it means killing his own teammates.

No one knew how odd their relationship is but the thrill never stops for the both of them. Akashi looks directly at her dead panned face as he tied her in his bed. He wonder what to do to change that masking expression of her.

"I want you here and I don't think I will currently give you up, till then you will never leave my side again." he whispered to her ears.

And I will wait till you do not want to be with me anymore. If that time comes, I will not put any mercy on you.

The teal head release her rare smile as she feels the red head's warm hands against her. After all everyone smiled at a happy ending.

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