In the middle of Summer, at a location hidden from the outside world, two teenagers, a boy and a girl, were situated near the edge of a room after having placed themselves quite comfortably upon a table, their legs dangling carelessly over the edge, backs leaning against the wall and drawing comfort from the occasional cool breeze that fluttered through the open window place a few inches from their heads.

The girl was sixteen, tall and slim for her age, with tanned skin and marks similar to blue lightening blots across both her cheeks. Her almond shaped eyes were ochre and complimented her features, her hair an unusual electric blue. This was Maya.

The boy, of the same age, was also tall but far muscular than his companion. As opposed to the girl who had a tanned psychic, the boy was fair skinned with tousled ebony hair and big, water-blue eyes. This was Ky Stax.

Describing the two as close would be an understatement, they had formed a special bond since the first day they met and had been inseparable ever since. Right now the two friends were just relaxing, or at least trying to. You see, it was a very hot day; they were currently experiencing one of the worst heat waves in several years. They were as you would expect; hot, sweaty and bothered. They had previously attempted to do something productive but found themselves so restless that they were unable to focus on anything. That was how they found themselves sitting atop the table, draped over each other and observing a new source of entertainment that had conveniently wandered by, in the form of their other best friend.

So, whilst the two silently prayed that Mookee- a small tangerine alien and their resident tech whiz- who was currently sightseeing somewhere in Japan, would return soon so he could immediately fix the goddamn air conditioning; they entertained themselves by watching their friend and allowing him to unknowingly make a fool of himself.

A light chuckle escaped Ky's lips as he watched the blonde's distress growing, which caused Maya to gently hit him on the arm, and shooting him a chastising look. She quickly averted her eyes from the blonde and smothered her own laughter with the back of her hand, while Ky, grinning cheekily, ever so helpfully poked her in the stomach. After being poked for the umpteenth time, Maya found that she could not shuffle away any further as she had already fallen off the table. She mock glared up at Ky as he openly burst out laughing, offering a hand to help her up.

"For God's sake!" The blonde exclaimed, irked; while the heat and his two sniggering best friends did nothing to assist the situation.

Maya collapsed into laughter, and grasped Ky's collar, gently guiding his to the doorway where the both stood, allowing themselves to recover. "Poor Boomer." She stated in perfectly unsympathetic voice.

"Just admit it, you're finding this hilarious." Ky grinned, his eyes shining with child-like glee. Maya, in an attempt to recover her maturity, straightened her back and readied herself with a suitable response. "Admit it." He repeated, and Maya felt herself cave a Ky's goofy grin. He advanced, and, smiling, Maya retreated, finding herself pinned against the wall as Ky pounced, catching her before she could dodge and tickling her. "Admit it, admit it, admit it." He chanted, laughing as Maya squirmed, giggling and attempting to push his hands away. He gently swung the girl from left to right, still tickling her as she laughed, pleading him to stop. "Admit it and I will."

"Okay! Okay!" Maya gasped, her body twitching slightly in response to Ky tickling her. "I admit it. I admit it!"

"Now say-"

"Ky I swear I will kill you!" Maya laughed.

The boy shrugged, still smiling as he stopped his torture. "Good enough." He replied, releasing his friend. Maya was grinning as she lightly punched his arm, in a friendly warning not to attempt a repeat of that. Ky understood. She'd snap him like a twig.

The blonde gave another growl before shouting curses at the TV, bringing his hand against the remote with a painful thwack. "Work! Work! Work!"

Above the two grinning teens, the hallway lights flickered on and off and the very annoyed blonde as he stabbed the button with his finger. "I should probably stop him." Maya mused, observing the boy. Ky just shook his head and whined. "He's going to break it." She pointed out.

Ky shrugged. "'Kay," He replied. "Allow me to do the honours."

Maya snorted. "You?"

"Yeah." His eyes passed over the girl, taking in her amused expression. "Why? What's wrong with me?" He demanded, a whining tone in his voice.

"Ky, you don't exactly have much tact when it comes to things like this. You'd probably end up with your head through the wall. For your own safety, I will go." And with that, Maya left her ebony companion behind and strode over to the blonde.

Reaching the boy, she placed a hand on his shoulder, and knelt down so she was level with him, before gently prizing the remote out of his hand. "Maya!" He complained, reaching to snatch it back. Maya noticed the anger than had filled his usually placid hazel eyes, and put it down to stress and, of course, the heat. "I've nearly got it!"

She pulled the device out of reach and gave a small smile, slowly shaking her head. You have no idea. "Watch." She instructed, rolling her eyes as she turned her back to him, pointing the remote to where Ky was leaning against the door frame, watching the scene slightly apprehensively. She pressed the button.

The lights turned off.

She gave a semi-interested glance at Boomer. His mouth was hanging ajar, he was completely gobsmacked. He probably felt like the biggest idiot for not figuring that out sooner. She pressed the button again.

The lights flickered on.

"Sweetie." She said as she passed him back the remote, and, after patting him on the shoulder, stood up. "The TV remote's silver." She supplied before striding over to Ky, taking one look at his face and consequently both teens burst into laughter.