Eight-year-old Ky bounced impatiently on the spot and attacked his best friend's arm with a volley of excited punches.

In response, the blonde recoiled, glaring daggers at his raven-haired companion and rubbing his stinging arm. "Jesus, Ky! There's no need to kill me." At the harsh words, Ky tilted his head ever so slightly and pouted like a scolded puppy. "Quit it!" Boomer exclaimed, gently punching the boy on the shoulder. "You know that only works on two people; Your dad and Maya."

At the mention of the two, Ky spun back around. His father, Connor Stax, gave a small wave to the boys. Ky returned it before attempting to peer around and locate Maya, who was partially hidden behind Connor, her hand balled up with the hem of the man's jacket her eyes wide and fearful, darting around constantly as she pressed her small body closer to Connor's. Ky's barely suppressed the urge to face-palm at his own obliviousness, this was the girl's first time outside the safety of the Monastery, she must be seriously freaking out! Some friend he was.

Ky ran back over with the air of someone who had drank at least sixteen Espressos. He calmed down suitably when he reached the girl, gently coaxing her out from behind his father and placing a protective arm around her shoulders as he confidently marched back over to Boomer, allowing the girl to shrink against him. Boomer shot the girl a reassuring smile. "You're not going to die, My. It's a funfair, you'll enjoy yourself, I promise."

"Too many." Maya whimpered, softly, glancing around at the fairly large number of people casually strolling towards the entrance, kids in tow.

Ky bit his lip, that wasn't a good start. He knew his friend wasn't comfortable around big crowds. And in her case a big crowd was more than four people. She had severe trust issues with strangers, on account of being brought up in a Monastery isolated from civilisation, Maya hardly ever met new people and had experienced less than half the things a five-year-old living in a quiet suburb had. "We'll stay with you the whole time, Maya. Where ever you go, me and Boomer, we'll always be right next to you. Deal?"

Maya slowly nodded her head, flinching slightly as a single parent carrying their child on their shoulders strayed a little too close for comfort. "Deal."

Ky took her hand in her own, holding their entwined hands so they were visible before them, a cheerful smile adorned his face as he stared at the girl, Boomer himself taking her other hand. "We're not letting go any time soon." He promised, Boomer nodding in agreement.

"I'd rather die."

Ky shot him a strange look. "Well that escalated quickly." His smile grew wider as Maya gave a small giggle. Good, he thought happily, we're calming her down, everything's going to be great, we're going to have the time of our lives.

A hand landed on Ky's shoulder before he could lead the way towards the entrance. "Let me buy your wristbands before you wander off like last time." Connor stated, steering the trio towards the designated area.

When all three of them sported aggressively red wristbands, with some difficulty on Maya's part, the little girl downright refusing to go near the lady behind the desk, Connor handed Maya a ten pound note, noting that she was the most reliable with anything, and after giving Ky specific instructions to stay together and meet next to the Ferris Wheel in two hours, he allowed them to go off.

Boomer immediately dragged them into the crowd, and it didn't take a genius to know where he was headed. "Boomer, seriously?" Ky stated, staring at his best friend once they were stood in front of the stall. "You've just had dinner, how can you possibly eat Cotton Candy?"

"Oh, c'mon Ky, I haven't had any in ages."

"Yep," Ky replied, popping the p. "There's a reason for that." In question, Maya tilted her head, awaiting an explanation for Ky's obvious reluctance. "We got hyper." Ky explained, making a note not to add how they had bounced of the walls for several hours, enough to drive Connor insane, to be grounded for a month and to be banned from ever having Cotton Candy again after they completely trashed the living room- which in their defence had been an accident.

"Mega hyper." Boomer agreed, before his eyes lit up. "But," He began slyly, finding a new approach that would surely win the raven-haired boy over, for with his new trump card he knew that even Ky wouldn't be able to resist. "I'm sure Maya would like to try some, since she's never had it before..."

Ky glanced at Maya, who nodded enthusiastically, easily caving. "We could get one..." He allowed before walking up to the stall and ordering it, leaning against the table while he waited patiently. Maya handed Ky the money and semi-hid behind Boomer so she was a fair distance away from the man running the stall. "Thank you." Ky said, taking his change, which he surrendered over to Maya, and headed back to walk around, Maya and Boomer echoing their own gratitude over their shoulder's. "Here," Ky held it out to the girl. "Take some." He encouraged, smiling and batting Boomer's hand away.

Maya took a piece, her face mirroring her surprise at the light, and, as she must've though- almost cloud-like-, texture of it. She gave a cautious sniff before placing it in her mouth. "Oh! It disappeared!" She squeaked after a few seconds.

Ky laughed softly, before taking a clump for himself. "Yeah, it does that."

"Enough standing around," Boomer complained, taking a massive bite of the substance. "I wanna go on some rides!" He finished, his mouth bulging with the stuff.

"You wanna puke, more like." Ky muttered in an undertone, making sure that Boomer wouldn't be able to hear him.

"Let's go on the Waltzer!" Boomer exclaimed, dragging his friends over to it, ignoring any protests they might have.

"Yup, definitely wants to puke." Ky said, rolling his eyes at the blonde's enthusiasm. He and Ky flashed their wristbands at the staff, while the man gave Maya an expecting look. Maya stared back, confused. Smiling, Ky rolled up her sleeve, revealing the wristband. "Her first time here." He whispered as an explanation, before Boomer hurried them to the blue cup with the hexagonal lap bar.

"Yes! This one's the best!" Boomer cheered, sliding in, Maya next to him and Ky taking up the space next to her. By the look on Maya's face she obviously couldn't quite understand how this cup could possibly be deemed the best, though she decided to roll with it any way. Boomer pulled down the bar so fast it smacked into his legs.

Ky winced in pain, being caught off guard by the sudden assault. "Careful, you idiot!" He snapped, lashing out and hitting Boomer on the shoulder before carefully adjusting the bar. "You okay, My?"

"Yeah. It's lucky I'm so small," Maya teased, poking her tongue out. "You're legs protected mine." The man made a quick round, testing to make sure the lap bar was secure and pushing down the ones not in use before heading to the control panel and starting the ride. Maya gave a small gasp, her nails digging into her companions arms as the ride jolted into movement.

"It's 'kay My, you'll be fine." The ride sped up, going in a large circle, Boomer bounced up and down in anticipation. Smirking Ky waited until- "Lean right!" He instructed, throwing his weight to the right and nearly crushing Maya. He could've if she hadn't of fell sideways after Boomer moved. As soon as the cup made the small decent, it began twirling ridiculously fast, so fast their surroundings became a blur.

This continued until the cup and complete a whole lap around the area, then it slowed it's spinning. Maya's grin was so wide, it almost wasn't big enough for her face, as she laughed in delight. "Again!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

"Okay then... Right again!" All three children leaned but this time the only made the cup fall backwards. "Now left!" Maya threw herself in Ky's direction, pulling the lap bar as hard as she could. She was leaning so far that she was practically sitting on Ky, and laughing happily as they spun faster and faster, her body squished between her friends. The cup rose and fell slightly, suddenly changing the direction it was spinning so Maya actually fell across Boomer, laughing even louder as he was pushed up against the side of the seat by the force. Ky was accidentally pinning Maya down, unable to get up until the cup slowed it's twirling. They continued to throw themselves around for three more minutes, which was slightly longer than normal rides, since the ride manager thought they were adorable and slightly lengthened the time.

They climbed off the ride, and thanked the man running it, then the three of them, their hands entwined, headed for some of the game stalls. Boomer stopped in front of one of them. "How 'bout this?"

Ky eyed the stall, barely managing to contain the smile that was tugging at his lips. "'Kay." He replied slowly. "But how 'bout we make it a little interesting. Loser has to go on the Evolution." Boomer's face visibly paled at the memory. The two boys had been trapped, upside down for an hour when the ride broke down last year. The memory still gave the nightmares where they fell to their deaths.

Maya tilted her head slightly her ochre eyes filled with concern as they passed over Boomer's face. "Boomer, are you okay? Did... Did Cotton Candy... make you sick?"

"No, Maya. I'm okay." Ky smirked as he saw the determination flickering in his friend's eyes. Boomer was never one to back down from a challenge. "You're on, Ky."

Ky held the ball in his hand and sized up the bucket. The concept was simple really, you had three tennis balls which you must throw into the bucket. Only they have to reach it and they have to stay in, there's no use you throwing it only to have it bounce out, they, if all goes according to plan, you get a prize if all three are inside the bucket. Ky made a small arch and gently threw the ball, it rolled in easy enough and stayed perfectly. Boomer also did not have any issues with the first ball. Okay. Nice and easy, Ky. You can do this. Again he threw the ball. It hit the back and bounced back. "No. No. No. No! Stay! Stay! Staaaaay! Yes!" The ball tipped backwards, falling back into the bucket.

Ky frowned as he took his last tennis ball. He gave a quick glance around, his eyes settling on Maya. She was transfixed, watching in suspense to see who would win. "Hey, Maya." Ky whispered. The girl stirred and look up at him. "Here, do you wanna throw the last one?"


"Yeah, after all, I don't know any other Maya's." Maya smiled and took the ball. Being raised with a whole library basically right outside her door was helpful. The Eight-Year-old cautiously threw the ball up and down a few times to calculate the weight. Her eyes swept over the scene. The bucket was slanted at an angle that could easily make the tennis balls roll out. The angle was difficult too.

But she was definitely up for the challenge.

Maya paused for a couple of seconds, mentally creating several scenarios, she scanned each one for faults before deciding upon the one that she thought seemed the most logical. Carefully, Maya lined up her sights and threw the ball. It hit the back, spiralled up and hit the top, suspense setting in as it rolled forwards towards the lip of the bucket and teetering there for several agonising seconds, then, to her relief, slowly rolling back down to the bottom, where it stayed.

Maya, at first, didn't quite understand that she had essentially won. It took Ky's loud, excited cheer, his arms wrapped around her, swinging her around in a circle and setting her back down, jumping up and down as he hugged her for her to realise that fact, which, in turn, made her face lit up in the biggest smile she had sported all day, or in fact, any day.

Even Boomer, his hand empty of his third tennis ball; which lay unmoving on the ground after having bounced out, couldn't help but smile at this spectacle. (Though Boomer needn't have been worried, Ky would never force him to uphold his end of the bet.)

Maya swung her dangling feet back and forth, the heels of which, lightly clanged against the metal of the small carriage they were sat in, the big toy rabbit they had won at the stall- which Ky had kindly given her- tucked underneath one arm, it's soft, golden fur tickling the skin of her bare arms. "We're getting pretty high." The girl commented, making the mistake of looking down and squealing as she shot back.

Ky shot her a reassuring smile, giving her hand a small squeeze. Boomer, placed on the other side of the girl, rubbed her shoulder a little bit. "Are you cold?" The girl was only wearing a thin tee-shirt compared to both the boys who both had thick jackets to insulate them. To his surprise, Maya shook her head and continued to gaze up at the stars, watching them so intently, her eyes shining with awe.

"Pretty, isn't it?" Ky said, his face lighting up slightly at the expression of pure joy Maya displayed as she turned to him, nodding furiously in agreement, her head almost a blur as she did. Ky gave a small chuckle. "Do you know any of the constellations?" Maya seemed to be too in awe to speak as she once again shook her head. Ky pointed up. "That's the Big Dipper; my dad told me, and there's the Small Dipper." Ky motioned to a different cluster of stars, and Maya eagerly followed his gesture. "And that one there is Orion, do you see it?"

Maya nodded, before breaking out into an excited squeal. Releasing Ky's hand, she pointed up, bouncing in her seat slightly. "Look! Look, a shooting star!" The boys quickly followed her pointing finger, and sure enough, they could just about see it. "Quick, we have to make a wish." Maya said seriously, her hands clasped together eyes closed as she concentrated.

When Maya finally opened her eyes, her whole body seemed to glow with such a radiant light, Ky was seriously debating whether this girl was actually just a star in disguise. Maya hugged her toy close to her chest for a moment, which, by the way, she had dubbed Usa-Chan, after seeing it once on a show. Her eyes seemed to twinkle even more as she watched the sky. "What did you wish for?" Ky asked, and scolding himself once he did.

Despite his expectations, Maya answered honestly, instead of rejecting the question like people commonly did with, it won't come true if I do. "I wished that we called all be best friends, forever!"


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