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Kenny tipped back in his chair, a cigarette hanging from between his lips as he gazed at the ceiling. Usually Kenny was really good about getting his work done on time if not early, but today he was running slightly behind schedule. He was distracted with thoughts and ideas flying around his mind as he was still trying to figure out what Butters had meant the night before.

He sat back up in his chair once again and removed the cigarette from his mouth to put it out in the ash tray. He glanced up and through the rising smoke of his now dull cigarette he could see Craig too was unusually distracted from his work as well.

"You shouldn't text while we're working y'know." Craig just flipped him off as he kept his eyes on the screen of his smart phone.

"You're not exactly speeding through your work either, asshole."

Kenny's nose crinkled in slight annoyance. "At least I don't look like a mess."

"I didn't have time this morning at Tweek's place to style my hair before I left." At this the corners of Kenny's lips turned up into an almost devious smile.

"With that huge lump of bedhead I'm gonna guess that the sex was pretty great." Without missing a beat Craig pinched up the nearest item, which happened to be a notepad, and chucked straight at Kenny's face. A loud smacking sound was heard on the other side of the room. "What the FUCK, Craig!" Kenny cried as he keeled forward and clutches his hands onto his face.

"We didn't have sex." Craig was mumbling slightly, but was still trying extremely hard to hide any form of embarrassment he was feeling. "I just stayed the night and we watched old movies on his VCR."

"They still own a VCR? Those poor souls don't know the true magic of blu ray." Kenny placed a hand over his heart and gazed out the window in a gesture as if pitying Tweek and Butters for their lack of modern entertainment.

"I actually had a lot of fun. We watched Monsters Inc and we were laughing and it was a lot of fun." Craig would have liked to mention the small bit of cuddling him and Tweek participated in, especially as they slept, but he felt it best to leave that part out.

"Awe that's so sweet. Did he suck your dick too?" And that's exactly why.

"Fuck off, Mccormick. We didn't do anything like that. There's more to life than huge flat screens tvs and sex."

"Sounds like a boring world."

"Maybe that's why Butters won't date you."

Craig even had to admit that was a low blow and he could tell because instead of some smart ass remark, Kenny just stayed silent. He seemed to almost deflate in his seat as a look of defeat and disappointment crossed his face. Time passed before Kenny began speaking very softly. "Y'know… all my life I've been poor and it sucked. It sucked really fucking bad." Kenny started to get a bit louder as his sentence went on. "Then he has the nerve to tell me money doesn't matter. I'll show him though."

"Show him what?"

"How great money can be! I'll make him fall for money. Fall for me."

"Dude I don't think-"

"I'll make him see how great it is. I'll shower him with gifts and ever luxury he could ever think of. I'll take him on dates to Paris and buy him diamond jewelry. Hell I'll buy him a HOUSE, Craig, a motherfuckin' house!"

Craig at this point just gave up and thought maybe Kenny should just fuck up and learn the lesson on his own. That and Craig felt that this whole experience would be entertaining to watch. "I'm meeting Tweek later tonight at his place before we go out. Maybe you could come along and chill with Butters for the night."

"Awe, your guys' first date?"

"It's not a date, asshole. We're going to the pet store to look at guinea pigs." Craig still adored the fluffy creatures, but couldn't bring himself to buy one. He would feel as though he was replacing his beloved Stripe, God rest his soul, and that would just make him feel guilty.

"That is the lamest date I've ever heard of."

"Well I'm sorry I don't feel like I have to take him to Paris so we can make out on the Eiffel Tower like some people…AND IT'S NOT A DATE!"


Later that night the two friends arrived at the apartment. Craig was uncommonly underdressed in a basic hoodie in jeans. It looked good on him either way. Some would even argue that casual clothing looked better on him than his usual suit and tie combo. Although Kenny felt that if you were rich you should wear clothing that made it pretty obvious.

Tweek answered the door. "H-Hey guys. B-Butters will be h-home after- nggh work. You can j-just hang out for a little b-bit, Kenny. I mean if th-that's okay with you? " Craig grinned to himself as he watched the adorable spaz.

"Sounds good to me. You guys got anything good in the fridge?" Kenny pushed past Tweek into the small apartment and went directly towards the kitchen.

Tweek just ignored it and walked out of the apartment, but he made sure to check the lock several times before he and Craig finally left. Tweek knew that his entire kitchen would be bare by the time Butters would even return home. Something that never changed about Kenny was his appetite. When they were kids Kenny was always hungry, not even because he was too poor to afford food, but damn that kid could eat. He'd probably eat until he exploded if it were possible. Tweek used to compare it dogs who will eat as much human food as they possibly can. Relentlessly until they end up puking, but soon go back to eating again.

Kenny managed to wrap his arms around several items of snacks and beverages. He struggled not to drop the items as he turned and bumped his hip on the fridge door to close it. Once the fridge was closed he ventured into the living room and began snacking as he waited for Butters to return home. In a matter of minutes the dirty blonde was sprawled out across the couch. He was currently transfixed on an episode of . Kenny wasn't particularly a fan of the show considering it reminded him a lot of his redneck childhood, but Tweek and Butters lacked Cable so this was the best option at the moment. He has to admit that there is the slightest bit of entertainment watching some trailer trash yell at some guy about baby daddies and such.

Kenny shot up when he heard the front door open and close. A smile snuck onto his lips as he heard the sound of Butters soft mumbling in the distance. "So fricken cold out there. Jeez." Butters was still unwrapping his scarf when he came into the living room to join Kenny. "Sorry bout makin' you wait so long, Ken. My last table just would not leave." Butters cheeks were a deep red from the blistering cold he was battling with just minutes before and he was still shivering lightly.

"Nah its fine. It hasn't even been that long. You look pretty cold there, Buttercup. Why not come over here and let me warm ya up a bit?" Kenny opened his arms in a gesture for Butters to come over while accompanying it with bouncing his brows as a huge shit-eating grin found itself on his face.

Butters leaned against the arch between the living room and hallway and gave Kenny look as if to say silent 'seriously?'. "I see you've been eating all our food. Make sure there's no crumbs or stains on the couch or so help me, I will kick your butt, okay?"

Kenny lifted a hand to his mouth and quickly turned his head away in the best attempt her could manage to mask his giggling

"Don't laugh at me! I can be pretty scary when it comes to my house being messy, mister!"

Butters stuck his nose up and made a quick turn on his heel, ignoring the immature blonde man giggling away like school girl on his couch as he made his way to the direction of the bedroom.

"I'm sorry Buttercup!" another small giggle. "I didn't mean it c'mon. Where ya going?" and another.

"I'm just changin' out of my works clothes is all. Use this time to clean up those crumbs, mister!" Butters called from the other end of the apartment before disappearing into his room.

Kenny couldn't help but to roll his eyes and smile. "Yeah yeah. I got it." He said in a sarcastic tone, but none the less made a once over at his surroundings to make sure there weren't any actual crumbs to be picked up. He'd hate to wake the evil monster that had burrowed itself deep within Butters soul, only to be awoken if someone spilt a beverage or worse… dropped a crumb onto his precious furniture.

While scanning the area he noticed a picture on the stand next to the couch. He leaned over to snatch it from its place and examine it more closely. It was a picture of Butters and Tweek at some local amusement park. Butters had his arm wrapped around Tweek's shoulder as he grinned so hard his eyes were almost squinted completely shut. His free hand was holding a bag of cotton candy, but most of it was stuck to various areas of his face instead of being in the bag. Tweek looked relaxed and seemed to be having fun as well, which with Tweek's personality was a little surprising to see at a place such as an amusement park with so many 'dangerous' rides that could possibly kill you and a lot of people walking around to possibly steal you and sell you as a sex slave . They looked as if they were in a state of utter joy and bliss. Kenny kind of wished he had been there with them to share an experience like that. It's been awhile since Kenny's really had fun like the two appeared to have had on that day, however long ago it was.

Kenny didn't notice that a large dorky smile had grown on his face as he stared at the picture. Seeing Butters so happy was managing to put himself in his own state of happiness. It was slightly strange that someone else being happy could have such an influence on Kenny's personal feelings Maybe this is what you call genuine caring for another person? Just the smile alone was enough to wipe away any negative feeling Kenny may have had.

Even though Kenny didn't realize how absolutely nerdy he looked, Butters sure did. Instead of disturbing the moment, Butters decided to let Kenny have his and just leaned on the arch frame to watch him.

After about a minute or so Butters felt as if the moment had lasted long enough and finally decided to speak up. "That was a couple years ago." Kenny jumped in surprise as his head shot up to look at the other blonde. A subtle pink blush forming on his cheeks as Butters crossed the room and sat down next to him on the couch. "At first Tweek was really nervous so we started out on slow child rides, but eventually he built up enough confidence to go on a roller coaster. I had to hold his hand and soothe him the whole time we were in line and after the ride he started to cry and have a panic attack." Butters lifted a hand over his mouth as he laughed. "He was fine again after we went on the spinning swing ride again though."

At this point Kenny was laughing along with the story too. He couldn't help but to Imagine Tweek clinging onto Butters side during the whole wait in line to get on the ride. Kenny could barely see the picture through his squinted eyes as he laughed. "Well look at you! More cotton candy made it onto your face than into your mouth it seems."

Butters was now laughing so hard he had to lean against Kenny's side and look at the picture too. "That stuff is hard to control! I couldn't help it! It made my whole face reeeeally sweet though!"

Kenny's laughter slowly began dying down into a chuckle as he lifting his arm to wrap around Butters and tugged him a little bit closer as the smaller blonder continued to shake with laughter. "All of you is always sweet though."

Butters laughter slowly began trailing off as well as he glanced up at Kenny. Their eyes connected as now only a smile was left on both their faces followed by very light giggles which soon began to quiet down as well as the two began drawing closer. The corners of their mouths came down from their smiles and connected instead, filling the room with silence aside from noise of the two adjusting themselves on the couch.

Butters tilted his head slightly to the side as Kenny moved in to deepen the kiss. Kenny had kissed many people in the past, and even that was understatement, but none were quite like this. He had maybe felt this passion and this spark before, but never together and absolutely never laced with the happiness that was twisting around in his stomach.

Kenny had gently moved to lay Butters down on his back against the couch, hands pressed on either side of his head as Kenny hovered over Butters. Butters hands had come up and found themselves tangled in Kenny's dirty blonde locks. The ever so light jerking movements that tugged at Kenny's hair almost set him wild.

Kenny pulled back to catch his breath, and allow Butters to have a breather as well, before going back down to nip at Butter's lower lip. He spoke in a quiet hiss through his teeth. "Be mine."

Butters seemed to freeze below him before lifting a shaky hand to Kenny's chest. Butters gently pushes Kenny up as he sat up, having Kenny straddling over Butter's lower half with a pained expression on his face. "I'm sorry, Ken." Butters couldn't bring himself to look at Kenny and decided to look towards the other half of the room instead. "I just don't think you really-"

"That I don't what?!" Even though Butters wasn't looking directly at Kenny, he could feel the glare burning at his skin as Kenny's voice began to shake with anger and hurt. "I can provide for you! I can buy you anything you want! I can give you everything you want. There's nothing that I can't do for you!"

Butters sighed and shut his eyes as his eyebrows knit in a slight irritation. "I just don't think you really understand what I meant yet. That remark there kinda proved that."

"I can't understand if you won't tell me!"

"If I tell you then you won't truly understand it! You have to figure it out for yourself." By the point Butters was now shooting a glare back at Kenny. "For now I think." He paused, trying to hide the shake in his voice. "I think you should go home."

Kenny felt as though someone has stabbed him straight in the heart as his face twisted in pain. He quickly shot up from the couch and grabbed his things before leaving the apartment, slamming the door as hard as he could possibly manage. Kenny actually had to pause and turn to make sure the door hadn't fallen off its hinges before he finally began stomping down the stairs to his car.

Butters sat there on his couch where he was now hugging his knees against his chest. It wasn't as though he disliked Kenny, but he knew that if Kenny truly did like him that this would end up being fine. Besides, Kenny needs this eye opener in his life.

Butters heard the door open and shut again. He was slightly disappointed to see Tweek enter instead of Kenny. "W-Why is Kenny throwing a f-fit down in the parking lot? Craig is down there r-right now trying to calm him- nggh down. What happened?"

Butters ran a hand through his own hair. "We kissed and he asked me to his 'be his' and stuff and I said no."

"Huh? Why'd you go and do that?! No wonder he's so t-ticked off…"

"He thinks that my happiness and love can be bargained for with things like new houses and material items. I just want him to realize that having people date him for those reasons is wrong."

"Don't you think leaving him in the d-dark to figure it out on his own is a little…c-cruel? You're not even giving him a h-hint."

"If I tell him myself he won't actually get it."

"S-still I don't think th-this is the most e-effective method."

Butters felt his lower lip tighten into a slight pout. Tweek had a point. How could Kenny begin to understand without a little push? "What do you suggest I do then?"

"I'm not really good at planning th-things like that. You should ask Craig h-he's pretty close with Kenny after all so he'd probably h-have a better plan than a-anything I can come up with."

Butters felt a playful grin form on his face. "I'm sure your boyfriend will have a great plan."

Tweek blushed and began to freak out a bit while lifting a hand trembling hand to cover his blushing face. "He's not m-my boyfriend. Shut up. We're not in m-middle school so you d-don't need to make jokes like that."

Butters giggled a bit as he watched Tweek blush and freak out. "If we're supposed to be so mature why are you getting so embarrassed about me saying it."


"Embarrassed about what?" Tweek screamed and turned to leap backwards into the living room when he heard Craig's voice. He fell right onto his ass and clutches tightly onto his chest. Craig kneeled down to rub Tweek's back in order to try and calm Tweek's current twitching fit (and minor heart attack). "Sorry about that Tweekums."

Butters scoffed jokingly and arched an eyebrow at Craig. "Tweekums?"

Craig just narrowed his eyes at Butters, but ignored the comment otherwise. "Kenny told me about what happened. Man I thought he was gonna pass out he was so mad."

"I just want him to understand I don't want his gosh darn money."

"Kenny is a pretty thick headed guy."

"We were actually just talking about how you should come up with a plan to help me get Kenny to realize it actually. Tweek suggested it himself."

Craig glanced down at Tweek who currently had his faced buried into Craig's side as he was taking deep breaths to calm down. "Why should I do that?"

"Tweek would be awfully impressed if you successfully made a plan to help me and Kenny out, right Tweek?"


Butters almost spotted Craig's eyes twinkle at the thought of Tweek being impressed with him. What a dork. Butters couldn't figure out why these two couldn't just 'grow some balls' and confess to each other already, but everyone takes things at their own pace.

Craig grunted lightly. "Fine. I'll help. Only because I have nothing else going on and playing a trick on Kenny could provide a little entertainment."

"Woah, I never said anything about playing tricks."

"Kenny won't understand if you continue playing nice though. A rough push won't hurt him. Stop being pussy."

"But playing a trick on him might hurt him in some way. I want Kenny to learn something, but I sure as heck don't want to hurt him."

"Sometimes people need to be hurt so they can learn, Butters."

Butters grew quiet. His gaze shifted from Craig then to the wall and finally met with the ground. "I um" He sighed. "I guess you have a point, but I'd still feel pretty rotten about it." Butters pouted and kicked at the ground.

"Trust me." Craig patted his own chest. "He'll be hella thankful to me and you once you're riding his dick down the aisle."

A silence filled the room as Craig waited for a reply.

"You're lucky I need you for this plan."

"Sure am. You should probably let me stay the night so we can plan things out."

Butters crossed his arms over his chest and pivoted.

Craig groaned. "Okay and I also don't want to go home to Mr. Grumpypants, alright?" That wasn't a lie, but Craig left out the part that his main reason for wanting to stay the night was Tweek. Craig was pretty sure Butters already knew that though, even without him saying it.

Butters sighed. "Fine. Fine. I suppose you and Tweek can share the couch."

"Huh? Why the hell do we have to be on the couch?"

"Because if I let you guys sleep in the bedroom there might be some funny business and that's not happening. Nuh-ope. Not on my watch. If you sleep on the couch you guys are least likely to get all funny."

"What are we? 14 years old?"

"We're not g-gonna do that st-stuff anyw-ways! Gah!"

Craig couldn't help to feel the slightest twinge of disappointment.

"Mhm sure. Well, wherever you two sleep, just go to bed soon. I want to be up bright and early to start planning."

Craig grinned. "And you seemed so weary to play a trick on him before."

"Go to bed, Tucker."