I started this story years ago and it's never been far from my mind, I have some solid ideas about what happens and how this story ends but I'm a horrible self-motivator. I don't want to leave this unfinished though and I know the pain of reading a fanfic and digging it and the author hasn't updated in years . (guilty!)

So this is what I'm considering...starting from scratch with a revised first chapter and continuing the story from there, or leaving as is and committing to finishing what I've got so far, any opinions? Anyone still care to read this one? lol

I live for opinions, ideas, constructive criticism so if there's anyone who loves this story and has some ideas or opinions on what you'd like to see I am ready and willing to hear it! Please review, private message, or send out a smoke signal if you must, I always take people's considerations into my writing. My main goal is to stay true to the time period and circumstances of Kenickie and Rizzo (kenizzo...can we make that ship name happen?) so things like finding a home pregnancy test (not widely available until 1968) or something more obvious like "Kenickie googles homes for unwed mothers" is a NO! lmao

Also any chance to talk to any Rizzo & Kenickie shippers out there I'm all for, they've been my main slices for over a decade3 One of the reasons I'm feeling motivated is my pilgrimage last year out to Venice High School in LA where Grease was filmed, so although I've neglected this story (and neglected sharing ones I've written in the past) I want to pick it back up with these two.