Chapter 79

It had been exactly one week since Cassie's birth, and in that time Methos
realized his life had been gently changed. He never knew he could feel this
warm ... this content ... this much love.

After centuries of monotony, he actually had something new to look forward to.
Lying on his back, staring up at the golden rays of early morning light
beginning to creep onto the ceiling, he almost laughed out loud at the surprise
of it all.

Beth was sleeping soundly, curled up beside him with her arm draped across his
waist. Her hair had fallen over her face, but since she seemed unbothered by
it, he resisted the urge to brush it back and risk waking her. Of course he
knew it would only be a few more minutes before Cassie would realize she was
hungry and wake her mother up with her deepest wail, but for the
moments in between he just wanted to bask in this simple joy.

When the first stirring of the baby's whimpers began, he quickly moved to lift
her from the basinet. He'd insisted after the first night that the baby be on
his side so that he could begin to calm her and let her know her needs were
going to be met soon, which gave Beth a chance to fully awaken and shift to a
position to feed her.

"Daddy's got you precious." he cooed gently as he cradled the baby against his
chest, waiting for Beth to be ready to take her.

Once the baby began to nurse, he settled on his side, propping up on one elbow
to watch the seemingly ravenous little girl against her mother's breast. Beth's
hand held the little one's head tenderly and her fingers helped guide the tiny
mouth until Cassie had stopped fretting and could continue on her own. It was
funny almost how she and Adam seemed to hold their breath each time until the
baby had settled into feeding, and they could relax.

Looking up at Beth's face, Adam reached to brush the hair that was threatening
to fall over her shoulder, knowing that it wouldn't take much to interrupt their
daughter's rhythm and cause her to fuss and fret in frustration. Beth's eyes
moved from the baby's face to his and she smiled softly, content to simply look
into his eyes for an eternity like this as his hand moved from her hair to
softly caress her cheek.

The light from the window created a hazy red glow around her hair as it filtered
through. He couldn't help but try to memorize the vision she made, with the
love in her eyes and the baby against her breast. It was the most perfect
moment he could imagine, and for the longest time he simply stroked her cheek
and gazed at her.

Beth's heart turned over as she drank in the love he had for her. She didn't
have a free hand to caress him, so she turned her face and planted a kiss in his
palm. They both knew it was too soon since the baby's birth for them to enjoy
full intimacy, but in that moment their eyes reflected a complete desire for the

"I never knew I could need anyone like I need you right now." Beth whispered as
she kissed the fingertips that brushed the side of her mouth. Her words were
like a magnet and in an instant his fingers were replaced by his lips as he sat
up to cup her head in his hands and deeply drink of the sweetness of her mouth.

Beth whimpered and returned his kiss enthusiastically, carefully holding the
baby between them.

When they finally broke the kiss, their hearts pounding and gasping for air,
Cassie had long since fallen asleep, content from her meal.

Adam carefully took the sleeping child and laid her in the basinet, keeping his
hand on her until he was sure she would not awaken.

But then to Beth's surprise, instead of returning to her arms ... he got up and
crossed over to the dresser. The light streaming through the window cast a
brilliant glow over his bare torso, and she couldn't help but lie back against
the pillows and just watch him.

He looked up and realized she was watching him in the mirror. Adam smiled and
finished taking something out of the drawer before slipping it discreetly in the
pocket of his sweats.

"Come here." He said, urging her to the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?" she laughed as he knelt in front of her.

"I have 2 questions." He replied, taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

Beth felt a shiver run up her spine and her mouth went dry.

"I was wondering ... if you had any plans for New Year's Eve?" he asked,
completely catching her off guard.

"You got down on one knee to ask me out?" she laughed.

He repeated his question, and she realized he was being serious.

"Do I have plans? ... no ... " she replied with a smile. "I hadn't really
thought that far ahead to tell you the truth."

"Then I was wondering ..." he pulled out a small box and opened it to reveal a
simple diamond solitaire ring. "Would you consider making that our wedding

Beth gasped as she looked from the ring to his face. "You're asking me to marry

"That would be the general idea ... yes." He replied, taking the ring from the
box and starting to slip it on her finger, but waiting for her answer. "You
proved your commitment to me when you walked into that quickening, and your love
every time I look into your eyes. And I'd like to spend the next century and
then some proving my love and commitment to you."

Beth covered her mouth with the hand he wasn't holding and began to cry. For
a second Adam thought he had spoken too soon, but then when he saw her begin to
nod and slip her finger further into the ring he knew he had not.

It took a second for Beth to recover from the overwhelming emotion. "Yes, I'll
marry you Adam." she began "There's nothing I want more than to be your wife."
She looked down at their hands as he finished sliding the ring into place. The
moment was perfect ... except for one thing.

"Did you have anything in particular in mind for the ceremony?" she asked. "I
mean justice of the peace ... minister ..."

"I hadn't thought that far ahead, except that I thought we might include our
friends." He replied. "And New Year's Eve was a date I thought I could
remember." He teased.

"Then could I ask you to do something for me?" Beth laced her fingers with his.
"I want our friends to be with us too ... but I really miss my family, and they
don't even know about the baby ... or you."

"You want to go home and be married there?" he asked and she nodded. Adam saw
how important it was to her. "Then I suppose we have some travel arrangements
to make ... "

Beth threw her arms around his neck, sliding off the bed and onto her knees in
front of him. Never had she imagined being this happy again, and she knew as
his lips covered hers that this was only the beginning.
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