Chapter three

Harry woke slowly, his body aching in places he hadn't known about before, but feeling amazingly relaxed and content at the same time. Not to mention warm! Frowning in confusion he opened his eyes and looked down to see a tanned arm lying over his stomach and holding him close to what he recognised now as a chest pressed firmly against his back. Then all the memories of last night came flying back to him.

Merlin he had gone from being terrified of the choice he had made, to slightly looking forward to meeting Fabian, to enjoying and feeling safe in his company, to bonding with the man barely hours after they had met! He flushed darkly as he remembered the way he had acted last night with a man he had only just met! Fabian said something about their magic but hadn't really understood, all he had known was how much he had wanted the other man.

Even now he could feel his magic swirling and twisting around inside himself, with a strain of foreign magic that he somehow just knew was Fabian's. Closing his eyes he focused on the feeling of the magic to see if he could figure out what Fabian had meant. Breathing in he couldn't help the smile as he noticed the way Fabian's magic curled and twisted around his own, slightly playful but warm and secure at the same time.

And he suddenly became aware of the fact he could feel were his own magic was twined around Fabian's

Suddenly Fabian hummed and moved beside him, tightening his arm around Harry's waist before his lips brushed against the back of Harry's neck. Unable to stop himself Harry sank back into his warmth, even as the blush covering his face grew darker. His new husband seemed to be settling back down to sleep, but at the thought of the fact that it was indeed his husband lying behind him, Harry tensed up before he could stop himself.

"Harry?" Fabian murmured tiredly hugging Harry close before raising himself onto his elbow to see Harry's face. "What is it?"

"We're married," Harry choked out.

"Yes..I...I thought you knew last night Harry and that you wanted it," Fabian woke up quickly, worry crossing his features as he sat up straighter.

"No, no I did. I just...we're married, and I knew it was going to be quick but this was really quick, I don't even really know you and the way I acted yesterday you must think..." His ramble drew off when Fabian leant down and kissed him gently, his hand framing Harry's cheek. When he pulled back his eyes were warm as he looked at Harry, his thumb stroking soft circles.

"Harry, our magic reacted to each other last night. There is a way to be able to tell when magic is going to be compatible, its what marriage arrangements are based on. Witches and Wizards are more likely to find a love match with compatible magic. I think Muggles refer to it as soul mates? We call it bond mates. Harry the pull between us last night was natural, we had both accepted the marriage between us, our magic reacted and we were pulled together in a way we both allowed. Harry, there is nothing wrong with this. I've known people who were unfortunately driven to completing the bond right in the middle of negotiations, in front of their families!" Fabian exclaimed with a grin pulling the laugh out of Harry that he had wanted.

Slowly and carefully Fabian traced the outline of Harry's face and then down his nose. He grinned when Harry blushed under the attention before leaning down to seal their lips together in a gentle kiss.

"I'm sorry," Harry breathed once they parted.

"For what?" Fabian asked confused.

"For freaking out," Harry sighed.

"Harry, you're young, this is a lot to take in in a very short amount of time. And the bonding pull can be frightening even to those who know what to expect, it was quite overwhelming for myself. Molly and Arthur told me that you have not been allowed a full education into the traditions either. You have nothing to apologise for. Now, what do you say we start off our first day in married life properly?" Fabian grinned.

"And how do you do that?" Harry laughed.

"Well, firstly I can cook up a proper breakfast for my new husband, then why don't I show you around our home. And after that we can decide what it is that we want to do," Fabian suggested running his fingers through Harry's hair gently.

"That sounds amazing," Harry smiled shyly winding his arms around Fabian's neck uncertainly, but when Fabian tugged him closer with his arms around his younger husband's waist.

"And then we have the rest of our lives to plan for," Fabian sighed contently.

"I still have to tell Ron that I married his uncle," Harry snorted not willing to let go of Fabian just yet, the content humming of his magic feeling amazing through his body.

"That is a slightly weird thought," Fabian scrunched his nose up. Harry couldn't stop himself from kissing the tip of it before burying his fingers into Fabian's hair.

"Lets worry about all that later. I thinkā€¦I would like to see what a normal life is like, just enjoy being married," Harry said softly.

"That I can give you," Fabian smiled softly. Harry's green eyes flickered shut when Fabian sealed his lips over his, his hands sweeping up Harry's sides as his knee pressed between Harry's legs drawing a gasp from him as the smaller body arched up into the larger one.

"Perhaps breakfast can wait?" Harry suggested his cheeks burning dark red, but his eyes determined.

"How do you feel about brunch?" Fabian smirked, sweeping the night shirt off of Harry's body.

"Brunch, brunch is good," Harry nodded absently.

"Well then, let's start our normal life with a bang," Fabian smirked sending shivers up Harry's spine and goosebumps over his skin.