[A.N.] Thank you all for following us on this crazy journey! Here is the second installment in our series about the three perfect soldiers. Just some warnings for you: This story completely ignores Frozen Tear Drop. We do not agree with the events that occur in that series and feel that it takes so many of the characters and changes their very core that made us love them so much. Second: If you have not read the first installment "Missing Links" then please do so or a lot of this story will be lost to you. We will have many twists and turns and even some loopty-loops on this next journey so strap yourselves in and enjoy as we continue the story of Serene and Thia!


A few months ago…

The rain cascaded down upon the mourning crowd. Many pulled out umbrellas and tucked the collars of their jackets tighter around their necks. The harsh fingers of the mid-winter breeze raked across the crowd causing a collective shiver. He heard the words of the minister droning on the wind. They mattered little to him. Today was Dekim Barton's funeral. He covertly studied those around him. The old man's granddaughter sat in a wheel chair attended by the Commander of the Preventer force. He hated them; all of them.

The funeral was poorly attended, more likely to do with the character of the man himself rather than the weather. Dekim made a lot of enemies, caused a lot of trouble and ruined a lot of lives just to achieve his own agenda. He hated Dekim; hated him for more reasons than he cared to ever list. Dekim's hunger for power was his ultimate downfall and the old man deserved it.

He stood up and tossed a dark rose on the grave. The rain was letting up and the casket would soon be lowered. He'd wait. He wanted to say his own goodbye alone. It was as he turned from the grave to resume his seat that he saw them. They were standing off by themselves in the distance; the two little bitches. He knew Dekim's death was their fault; knew that somehow those wretches were responsible for the head of the Barton Foundation's untimely demise. He couldn't prove it, but he knew and he was going to make them pay.

As everyone cleared out, he followed the flow, pretending to leave. He waited; hiding. When the casket was lowered, buried and abandoned, the two girls stepped forward, walking slowly, arm and arm. Their umbrellas shaded them from his direct line of sight but that mattered little. For a moment, he debated surprising them, but he knew better. The girls didn't look like much but they were thoroughly trained, highly skilled killers and would not hesitate to kill anyone who threatened them. Revenge would come, but it would have to be skillful and indirect.

He watched as the younger of the two, the blonde, traced her fingers on top of the granite tombstone. Bile rose in his throat and his cheeks heated with anger. How dare the bitch touch Dekim's stone? He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands. In that one moment he decided to ruin them. His revenge would be complete: devastating and efficient. His mind began to swim with the possible ideas. Oh yes; the girls would pay: them and their little friend. Alpha, Beta and Delta would live long enough to see their lives come crashing around them before falling into the icy hands of death. He smiled and walked to his car ready to put his plan into motion.