This is the final chapter to Our Nindo lovelies. I hope you are happy with how I ended it despite how short it is. I just can't find any confidence to write for my favorite pairing beautifully in a story like this, please forgive me. I will make one shots though! Thanks for reading the story and sticking with my crazy schedule.

Our Nindo

Chapter 14

Naruto spent the rest of the day with Hinata, he felt more at home with her than in his small apartment. Hinata showered him with all the love he could ever ask for and more. He was more than sure that she is the only girl for him. Hiashi invited Naruto to Neji's and the other fallen Hyuuga clan members' funeral that'll take place next week. Naruto was prepared for more of Hinata's tears, he promised himself to hold her close and never let her go. Neji's would've wanted that for her.

It was late and Hinata had to babysit Kurenai's baby tomorrow. Naruto thought it would be nice if he stopped by and gave her some lunch from Ichiraku's. The two called it a night at about 8:30. Hinata made sure to give Naruto plenty of kisses and she bundled him up with a red scarf she made just for him.

He could smell her sweet lavender honey scent and it eased him to know he had a piece of her wherever he went. Naruto's heart slowly became more and more consumed with unconditional love for Hinata. Naruto didn't think he had it in him to be mature enough to think about spending his life with one person.

That night Naruto slept beside the red knitted scarf. It sorta gave him a sense of comfort having something that Hinata made for him. The fear of loneliness Naruto once had before became something of the past, more like something he was foolish to even thought of having. Hinata was there, she was always there even if he didn't know it.

Naruto wasn't falling for her anymore, he is completely in love with Hinata. He came to this realization when he ate his breakfast with Hinata at a small café.

"Why are you looking at me that way?"

Naruto didn't realize he was staring at Hinata for that long and it brought right back down to Earth. He felt a blush come across his whiskered cheeks and he swallowed hard. He had to let her know now.

"I love you, Hinata."

Her pearlish eyes widened and welled up with happy tears. Those were the words she dreamed of hearing for so many years and now that they've finally came out from his mouth she found a new type of happiness she didn't even know he could give her. She put down her small cup of tea and rushed to Naruto's side. Her arms wrapped around his neck tightly as her happy tears spilled out of her eyes.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun. So so much." she managed to mutter out.

They didn't have to say it, but they came to a mutual understanding that there was no way they could ever stay away from each other. They were willing to go to hell and back if that meant they could be together. Naruto and Hinata are soulmates, there is no other person for them. This was it for them.

They didn't need any red string of fate to know that they would be together for the rest of their lives.

The End.