Author Notes: Hello, everyone! This is a story I started more than two years ago, I think *sheepish smile* How time has flown!

A few things to note before you start reading. This story is very different from the usual syrupy sweet romance I write. It's more lemony than romantic for one thing and there is some dubcon in the second chapter. There are no vampires and not much plot either LOL so read on only if you don't mind all of the above :)

Those who follow me will know that I haven't stepped foot in the VK fandom for some time so I don't know if this particular idea has already been written to death. My apologies if it has.

Dedication: To Pink Bead Girl and Chny who have been waiting very patiently for a VK offering from me. Thank you, ladies!

Summary: King Kaname has forgotten Queen Yuuki's birthday for the second year running. It's time for her to mete out severe punishment. Enter Zero, her personal slave. ZxY, ZxK, ZxKxY. Het. Slash. Threesome.

Warnings: Same as above - PWP, het, slash and threesome.

Rating: 'M'

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight belongs to Matsuri Hino.

- Story Start -

"Yuuki, darling, I'm sorry! I just - "

King Kaname ducked as an expensive vase was flung with surprising force, sailing over his head to crash against the wall behind him. Then he straightened up, contrite expression firmly in place.

"- forgot, that's all!"

He had to duck again to avoid another vase, the twin to the other. Now both priceless Ming vases were just shattered pieces on the carpet.

Like the peace between them.

"You're my husband! How could you forget my birthday?!" Queen Yuuki screamed. She stood only five feet in height to his six foot one, but her regal and straight backed stance – delicate hands on hips, slender legs wide apart and large brown eyes flashing fire - was enough to make Kaname quail.

On the inside. He was the King after all.

Cautiously, he took a step nearer to his furious queen, exhaling in relief when she didn't reach for something else. He took another step closer.

"Sweetheart, I'll make it up to you, I swear. Just tell me what you want and it's yours. Anything. Anything at all."

Those round doe-like eyes blinked at him.

"Anything?" Yuuki asked in that little girl voice of hers.

Relief spread fast and thick through Kaname. He didn't let it show. Yuuki could smell triumph faster than a bloodhound.

"Anything," he repeated and neared her.

When she looked up at him without a word, lips a perfect pink rosebud, Kaname slowly reached for her hand without breaking his gaze, long fingers curling around her fragile wrist. He lifted her arm and supported her soft palm upon his larger one.

Yuuki blinked up at him, as if enraptured by his adoring look.

"A-ny-thing," Kaname murmured, accentuating each syllable with a kiss to a dainty fingertip.

Yuuki's eyelashes fluttered. She didn't say a word, but her eyelids had drooped a little, as if trying to hide a sudden flare of lust.

Kaname managed to suppress another flash of triumph, but his body's reaction was a different matter. He saw her gaze flick downwards, where something was rising fast against his black silk robe, the only garment covering his body.

"Allow me to soften the blow of my forgetfulness," Kaname whispered ardently and laid a trail of soft kisses up that pale, slender arm. He would kiss and lick her all over, make sweet, sweet love to her, give her heaven and bliss. He would mount her first and allow her to ride him later and he would exhaust her. He would make her forget this one small - well, two small mistakes – of his. Then, once she lay glowing, flushed, sated and – most importantly – insensate, he would slip out and tell Seiren to get some expensive, bejewelled trinket.

It would be the first thing Yuuki saw when she next opened her eyes. The trinket and his smile.

All would be forgiven.

All would be forgotten.

Kaname's lips reached the soft curve of one shoulder and inched upwards, his progress slow and sweet.

"Yuuki... my Queen, my love," he whispered. Reaching the lobe of one small ear, he puckered his lips for another kiss when suddenly, shoulder and arm and ear were gone, leaving him bent over nothing and blinking in surprise.

In the next instant, he was slapped in the face by a long curtain of sweet smelling hair.

"Too late!"

Blinking, Kaname looked up to encounter previously rounded eyes now narrowed in anger.

Oops. Uh oh.

"I warned you during my birthday last year what would happen if you forgot this year's one as well, and you did. Time for your punishment, darling!" she spat out.

Striving to hide his dismay, Kaname straightened up.

Surely his sweet, innocent – OK, not so innocent - Yuuki wasn't serious! Against his will, his eyes darted around their palatial, luxurious bedroom, all white silks and drapes and satin covered cushions in jewel bright colours, half expecting to see an incongruous stocks and handcuffs set up in a corner. Complete with whip.

"Punishment?" he repeated, mortified when his voice – normally so silky smooth, so eloquent and commanding – came out as a near croak.

Yuuki's resultant smile would have sent Hades himself fleeing back to Hell.

"Justified in this case, my King, don't you think so?" she purred, licking her lips.

Kaname froze and stared at her, the perfect depiction of a doomed-royal-deer-caught-in-headlights. He swallowed against a dry throat. It had taken a hideously expensive diamond and ruby tiara to escape punishment when he had forgotten her birthday last year.

He wasn't sure what it would take this time.

He watched as Yuuki spun around, waist long jet black hair and white silk shift swirling around her. Walking to the set of taselled ropes hanging from the corner - each of them a means to summon a different servant or maid - she pulled gently, almost lovingly, on the middle one. It was the longest rope there, made of entwined violet and silver ribbons.

She was summoning Zero Kiryuu.

Was this his punishment then, Kaname wondered numbly. Being forced to watch something he had always refused to see before – Yuuki being pleasured by her love slave?

When she turned around, eyes flashing and chin held high as if daring him to protest, Kaname took a deep breath and squared his shoulders.

Fine. She wanted his pride this time.

Fine. He would give it to her, no matter how wrong and how humiliating it was to make a King watch someone else making love to his Queen.

- o -

Zero Kiryuu had just taken a sip of hot jasmine tea when the summons came. He glanced up at the wall of his bedroom and saw the gentle sway of the little bell hanging there. When it tinkled again, a tiny crease formed between his eyebrows, the only indication of his surprise as he got up, his movements graceful and sure.

King Kaname had returned not an hour ago from his weeklong trip abroad. All the staff assumed they would not see or hear anything from the royal couple for the whole day or at least until evening - their bedroom being heavily soundproofed - save for orders of refreshments to be served, hot baths to be drawn or clean bedsheets to replace soiled ones.

Queen Yuuki had no need of Zero whenever her King was at home. Kaname was virile enough to satisfy her appetites and Zero could have a respite from his... work.

Not that it wasn't pleasant.

Not that he wasn't amply rewarded.

Not that Her Majesty wasn't pleased with him.

Dressed in his usual attire, a pair of loose cut trousers in white silk, its amethyst studded waistband riding low on his hips, Zero walked barefoot on the polished marble floor, making his way from his personal quarters to the main hall, up the sweeping staircase to where the royal bedchamber was. It took up the entire third floor together with a large balcony, an enormous en-suite bath and adjoining massage room.

Outside the large and ornate double doors, he knocked once and then waited.

"Come in," came his Queen's musical voice.

Opening the door, Zero entered the room with head lowered and arms by his sides. He peeked up through his long bangs without raising his head.

King Kaname looked furious. Not a good sign.

Queen Yuuki looked pissed. Definitely not a good sign.

They should be on the bed by now, naked and joined at the hips, straining and panting, bedsheets rumpled and pillows strewn all over the floor. Not still clothed and standing three feet apart with angry eyes, stubborn jaws and thinned lips.

Yuuki broke the glaring contest with Kaname and turned to Zero, her expression softening into a tiny, but genuine smile. Moving to the enormous bed, she stood beside it and after a swift side glance at Kaname, gifted her slave with another smile.

"Come here, Zero."

- o -

Kaname glared at Zero who was walking towards the royal bed with easy, graceful strides. His fists were shaking with suppressed anger - how dare Yuuki strip off his pride like this, hissing at him like a cat and then speaking with such gentleness to her slave!

"I have a task for you, Zero, but first... please me."

Kaname ground his teeth uselessly, knowing that to put an end to this - or even trying to - would simply make it worse. He had goofed up and the only thing he could do right now was to accept his punishment. If not with good grace, then at least in stoic silence.

- o -

Zero stopped in front of Yuuki and bowed before lifting her into his strong arms. Turning to the bed, he placed a knee on the mattress and deposited her carefully in the middle of that huge expanse. He took only a few seconds to remove his trousers before climbing onto the bed and kneeling before her.

At her gracious nod, he placed his hand over a dainty foot, fingers gliding over the satiny skin and curving under to cradle her foot in his palm. He raised it to his lips and pressed a worshipful kiss onto each manicured toenail before lowering her foot and raising her other one for the same salutation.

Holding both ankles in one strong hand, he reached for one of the plump, goose feather pillows and tucked it under her hips, raising her for his delectation.

Yuuki gave a happy sigh. She was already moist with readiness and knew from experience that an earth shattering, toe curling orgasm would be hers in the next few minutes. The fact that her furious husband stood a few feet away as a most unwilling witness only made her stomach flutter in anticipation.

She stole another glance at him, standing there with his chest heaving and his hands fisted by his sides, a dull red flush staining his cheekbones. Then she turned to Zero and smiled again. She was proud of him; it was his first time touching her in the presence of his King, but he didn't display any trepidation at the latter's obvious rage. Even as that thought crossed her mind, teasing fingertips ran from the insides of her ankles, all the way up to her inner thighs, pushing her shift higher and tightening her nipples, leaving a trail of goose bumps on her skin.

Savouring the expectant throb in her core, Yuuki reached up and when Zero bent his head obediently, carded her fingers through fine silver hair, brushing against the silver piercings adorning one ear.

"Please me."

Without further ado, Zero bent his head lower and buried his face between her fragrant thighs, blowing a puff of warm air against her.

Yuuki wore nothing underneath and shifted her thighs further apart, a silent granting of permission. She felt the tip of a warm tongue touch her, gliding along her moist folds, up one side and down the other.

Lightly... as if tasting her for the first time.

Carefully… as if she were made of glass.

She gave a tiny, upward thrust of her hips to signify that she wanted more. She knew what would happen next; that tongue would flatten against her and trace her nether lips a few more times, all the while inching ever closer to her pearl at the top. It would then arouse her further with a dozen or so gentle flicks, teasing, titillating and tempting her... all the while waiting for her next signal to proceed further.

The moment her thighs fell open, Zero would slide his hands under her buttocks, raise her to his mouth and start pleasuring her in earnest. Almost trembling in eagerness at the delicious treat that awaited her, Yuuki smiled at Zero again. The fact that her glowering husband nearby stood a mere few feet away was no deterrent to her; if anything, it excited her even more.

"Make me come, Zero," she purred, trailing her fingers through the silver strands, almost twisting them.

Zero complied at once, his tongue slowly gliding around her opening, again and again, and then placing the tiniest of touches on her pearl.

"Ah... Zero! More!" Yuuki groaned, hips shifting on the pillow and heat blossoming inside her. Her milky white thighs quivered and fell open.

Zero slid her hands under her, cupping a small, pert buttock in each palm. He angled his face a little to the side, fitted his lips against her moist, plump ones and plunged his tongue deep inside her.

Yuuki arched her slender back with a shrill cry, head tipping back as waves of delight raced from her filled core to every part of her trembling body, striking every nerve ending in a burst of sparkling pleasure. With that talented mouth fused to her and that strong tongue undulating inside her, it felt... oh, it felt like she could die of bliss each time!

Zero was as skilled as he was relentless, using his nose, lips and tongue to great effect. It took less than a minute to undo his Queen. He slowed down the moment her orgasm hit, gentling and timing his strokes to the strong pulses within her wet core, lapping up the sweet nectar that leaked out, prolonging her pleasure with careful nuzzling of her swollen nub.

Yuuki was lost in an endless sea of rippling, molten bliss, her body throbbing nonstop and her limbs like jelly. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but at length, she surfaced again and opened her eyes. Stretching languidly, she breathed in deeply and let it out on a long, satisfied sigh before smiling up at her slave.

"Oh, that was lovely, Zero," she praised, her gaze now caught by the proud erection jutting out at her, its velvety skin an enticing pale pink, its round head a deeper rose and crowned with a drop of dew.

She wanted to be filled now. It should be by Kaname – her gaze flicked to her stony faced husband still standing there with clenched jaw and a vein throbbing in his forehead - but no.

Not by him. Not yet.

Tonight, Yuuki knew she had carte blanche to do anything she wanted. Kaname would not dare to stop her and she would be a fool if she didn't take total and complete advantage of it. Looking back at Zero, still kneeling patiently between her legs and awaiting her next command, she rose up on her elbows and parted her legs still wider.

"Fill me, Zero," she commanded and ignored the strangled sound coming from Kaname.

With a nod, Zero shifted closer, one hand closing over his rigid length and stroking in a practiced motion, causing another drop of liquid to well up at the slit. He slid his arms under her thighs and leaned forward, nudging up against her and then pressing into her in a slow and continuous slide.

Yuuki's back arched again at the familiar and welcome hardness, a pleased mewl escaping her throat that wasn't loud enough to drown out the furious hiss from Kaname.

- o -

Years of practice at control had given Zero admirable restraint. He slid almost completely out of his Queen before pushing back in, each movement as smooth as silk. When she gave a needy moan, he paused to slide his hands from her buttocks all the way down to her ankles. Lifting her legs one at a time, he hooked her slender feet over his shoulders and then bent forward, catching his weight on hands splayed against the mattress on either side of her head, careful not to press on a single strand of her long hair.

"Zero... more!"

Zero complied at once, thrusting into her with strokes that were deep and even and fast, hips angled to rub against her wet and sensitive pearl each time. He knew from the way her pants quickened and lightened and from the way her thighs trembled that she was going to come again very soon. Her slender body was a test of his control each time, the convulsions of her orgasms so strong they threatened to wring a similar effect from him each time he was buried within her.

With a gasp, Yuuki hit her apex again, fingernails digging into Zero's biceps. She quivered all around him, silken walls squeezing him again and again like a vice, her cries of delight loud enough to drown Kaname's impotent growl.

Again, Zero timed his movements to her convulsions, drawing her pleasure out for as long as possible. He was breathing faster now, his skin starting to turn dewy with effort. He knew from past experience that they would both be drenched in sweat by the time she had had her fill of him, but he hoped that she wouldn't require too much of him today.

It had been a month since he had last released and favoured slave or no, it would never do for Zero Kiryuu to spend himself inside Queen Yuuki, not with King Kaname glaring down upon them both.

- o -

Long moments later, Yuuki's long eyelashes fluttered. She opened her eyes and found herself looking up into watchful amethyst ones. Smiling, she laid a gentle palm against Zero's cheek.

"As wonderful as always," she murmured before glancing to the side. She could feel Kaname's glare burning a hole in her head, his jaw clenched so tight he might have cracked a tooth. He might think that he had been punished enough, but no, nowhere near it at all.

With a sly smirk on her lips, Yuuki turned back to Zero.

"Now, your task is- " she began.

"Are you not finished yet, my Queen?" Kaname interrupted, the words forced out between clenched teeth in a furious hiss. "Have you not humiliated me enough?!"

He should have kept silent, he knew, but he still couldn't believe he was being made to watch this, all because of a forgotten present! The sight of Yuuki's eyes flashing in fury before narrowing to almost slits made him realise - too late, once again - that he should have kept his mouth shut.

"No, I haven't, dear husband," she spat back. Taking a deep breath, she turned back to Zero, still bent over her, his body still buried deep inside hers.

"As I was saying, Zero, your task is to claim the body of your King."

- To be continued -