The mood was tense in the Mikaelson house. It had taken a good hour of convincing Klaus not to kill Kylie after her betrayal—and Elijah wasn't entirely sure Klaus wouldn't try it as soon as his back was turned. It wasn't as though Elijah was overly fond of Kylie after the stunt she pulled, but tempers were very high right now, and it was up to Elijah to stay rational.

It was obvious to him why Madame Lalaurie had taken Caroline. A purely spiteful maneuver, to remind them that she had power over their lives—namely, Klaus'. But he was puzzled as to the current fascination with Caroline. He had known the girl for years and despite her loveliness and vivacity, he'd found nothing especially unique about her.

But perhaps he did not see her the way Klaus did. Better still. Klaus had never seen Katerina the way he had. Perhaps that was for the best. Elijah could think of few things more irritating and pointless as fighting over the same girl.

"Now that we're all together," Elijah cleared his throat. "And relatively calm," He shot a pointed look towards Klaus. "Why don't you explain to me what exactly transpired in that cemetery—and why Caroline was not with you when you emerged?"

Kylie's eyes flickered. She looked like a trapped animal, cornered and looking for a way to escape.

Elijah tapped his fingers on the dining room table. "Kylie, we don't have the luxury of patience at the moment. Every passing moment brings Caroline further into danger and with each passing minute, I in turn lose the ability to keep my brother from ripping out your throat. I suggest you start talking."

Kylie took a deep breath. "I'm protecting my family," She clenched her fists. "I'm doing no more than you would do in my position."

"And what is your position?" Rebekah inquired. "Because no one's arguing with that, sweetheart. But you're failing to realize that our pursuit of Caroline falls directly in that line of thought—protecting family."

Elijah raised an eyebrow at his sister and Klaus hid a smile. Apparently, somewhere between finding out about the mating link and Caroline rescuing Klaus, Rebekah had deemed Caroline family.

Kylie swallowed. "Madame Lalaurie has been harassing me and my family for years. If Caroline took my place—they'd be safe."

"How could Caroline take your place?" Elijah asked steadily. "Caroline is not a New Orleans witch. She's a vampire. She has no natural connection to nature nor the powers to call upon it."

Kylie's head lifted. "Her light."

Elijah and Klaus glanced at each other and Rebekah emitted a noise of frustration.

"I keep hearing about this light, what on earth are you even talking about?" Rebekah demanded. "What light, what innocence? She's a vampire. That humanity the Salvatores and Elena were so keen on harping about died with her. She's a creature of darkness, like the rest of us. Not to mention, she's of Klaus' line, and it doesn't get much darker than that."

Kylie rolled her eyes. "Her aura is different from most vampires. Usually you see dark colors, shades of night—but there's nothing but light around Caroline. Light auras mean goodness. Purity."

Rebekah narrowed her eyes. "Caroline is not a saint. I should know."

"No," Kylie acknowledged. "But nevertheless, her aura is different and it sets her apart. Madame Lalaurie was interested in it. So was the Baron."

Klaus' lip curled. "So you thought a new plaything for them would be enough to distract them from you." He took a dangerous step towards her but Elijah lifted his hand.

"Which brings us to the point," He said calmly. "Why is Madame Lalaurie interested in you?"

There was a pause at his words and Elijah was pleased to see that Kylie looked nervous.

"Rebekah," Elijah said calmly. "Break Kylie's neck."

Klaus sneered, stopping his sister. "That's a little quick for my liking, brother," He advanced towards Kylie, who remained motionless.

"Perhaps not," Elijah studied Kylie. "I have the strangest feeling that once you snap her neck, in a few moments, she will stand once again. You're not just an ordinary New Orleans witch, are you, Kylie?"

"All right!" Kylie held up her hands. "You win. I'll take you to Caroline. I know where they went. She wants me to lead you to her anyway. I'll lead you to Caroline and then we'll be square—okay?"

Klaus stepped towards her, staring down at her, sucking in his breath. "Not even close, Miss Celastin," He hissed. "Not even close. But you'll live a bit longer that way. Lead on."

Strangely enough, Madame Lalaurie did not chain Caroline.

She barricaded her in what appeared to be the only room still standing in the house, placing a marking on the door that kept Caroline from breaking through. She removed Caroline's daylight ring as well, tossed her a blood bag, and disappeared.

This seemed a bit of a departure from how Klaus had been tortured.

After around an hour of demanding that Madame Lalaurie let her go this second, Caroline reverted to pacing around the debilitated room, kicking broken pieces of furniture out of her way. Why did this always happen? She'd lost count of the times the evil villain had captured her; it had been a nice change to actually do the saving for once.

"A lot on your mind, 'cher?"

Caroline spun around. "You!"

Baron Saturday lay sprawled across the broken mattress, smoking a cigar. He grinned lecherously at her, apparently enjoying her outrage.

"What the hell?" Caroline demanded. "Did Madame Lalaurie send you in here to mess with me again?"

"Nah, 'cher, Delphine Lalaurie would be most displeased if she knew I was here," the Baron said easily, taking another puff on his cigar. "Temperamental woman. Most are, you know."

"Oh, shut up," Caroline growled. "What the hell do you want? Whose side are you even on?"

"You are cute when you're mad," Baron Saturday grinned. "No sides, 'cher, remember? But I will let you out. This time."

"Wait a second," Caroline held up her hand. "That was you, wasn't it? Who possessed Kylie when she removed the command to kill me from Klaus? You made a deal with her. What was the deal?"

Baron Saturday chuckled. "Sorry, 'cher, that is between me and my girl."

"But it concerns me," Caroline pointed out. "That's why Kylie sold me out to Madame Lalaurie, isn't it?"

He clucked. "She shouldn't have done that. The point is to keep you and Klaus together, au naturale. But my girl Kylie has a tendency to bungle things. She thinks her position is bettered if Lalaurie has you both. Not to worry, though, 'cher. The natural order will be fixed, the king and queen will be placed back on their sides of the board." He took a long sip of his flask and Caroline tried to make sense of his prattle.

She gave up, crossing her arms across her chest and resorted to staring at him with great suspicion. He busied himself by tapping a complex rhythm against the door.

"Now that that nasty rite is gone," Baron Saturday purred. "You'll be free to go as soon as the sun sets."

"Or," Caroline replied shortly. "Take down Madame Lalaurie myself."

Baron Saturday chuckled. "You've got spirit 'cher, I'll give you that. Madame Lalaurie's a little busy at the moment to play with you, though. She is…quite literally…about to raise Hell."

"Damn it," Rebekah sighed in frustration. "This bloody place is covered top to bottom with voodoo markers!" She was right—the debilitated mansion had strange symbols all over the exterior walls, doors, and windows. They were all a burnt red, appeared to be written in blood.

Klaus grabbed Kylie roughly, shoving her forward. "Best start giving us another option, little witch."

"Cool your damn jets," Kylie snapped. "I don't like the looks of this. There's something not right about this place."

"You said that about the church they kept Niklaus in," Elijah observed. "Cease your worries, Kylie. We will handle whatever comes our way."

Kylie reached forward, touching the doors. She sagged against the splintered wood, her face paling.

"Are you removing the seals?" Klaus demanded. "Is Caroline in there?"

At his words, the doors burst open and Caroline came sprawling out. She heaved a sigh of relief that the sun had set and blinked at the four of them in surprise.


She suppressed a smile at Klaus' obvious relief and cleared her throat. "Good. Reinforcements," She took a deep breath. "C'mon guys, we got a witch to take down."

"Just a damn second," Kylie still looked ill, but even more frantic that her one trump card, rescuing Caroline, had been yanked away. "How the hell did you get out of there?"

"Your freakish voodoo spirit dad got me out," Caroline informed her. "There's no time—he told me Madame Lalaurie's doing something with the spirit world, something about raising spirits to absorb their energies—"

"Her freakish voodoo spirit what?!" Rebekah fairly yelped.

"Explain yourself, Kylie," Elijah ordered. "What are you?"

"There's no time for this!" Caroline shouted, grabbing Klaus' arm in a desperate attempt to get the Originals' attention. "We have to move—"

The sky darkened. All five of them looked upwards, desperately searching for the twilight, but darkness fell upon them like a sheet. It was no natural night; not even Klaus' heightened hybrid senses could perceive anything. It was black as pitch almost suffocating—Caroline would have started hyperventilating had she not been clinging to Klaus' arm.

"Elijah!" Klaus shouted, and Caroline felt his hand take hers firmly. "Rebekah! Kylie! Can you hear me?"

Only darkness answered them. Caroline strained to see anything, hear their voices—but she could sense nothing, nothing but Klaus' hand clasping hers.

"What's happening?" Her voice shook as she fought the bubbling panic. "What is this? Why can't we see?"

"She's raising the spirit world," Klaus said in a low voice. "There is no city on earth that is closer to the world of spirits and demons than New Orleans—she wants those spirits to fuel her."

"She shouldn't be able to do this," Caroline said desperately. "What about Bonnie? She's the anchor!"

"If Madame Lalaurie tried to do this anywhere else, Bonnie would be able to stop her," Klaus squeezed her hand in comfort. "But she's chosen her circle well. New Orleans' link to the Spirit World is stronger…"

Someone was appearing in the fog. Caroline squinted and her heart leapt into her throat when she realized the figure was running—running towards them.

Klaus bared his teeth. She crouched slightly, automatically going into a defensive position, ready to strike—though God knew how she would fight a ghost.

But when the figure reached them, Caroline cried out.


Even Klaus looked alarmed. But there was no mistaking Bill Forbes, his face full of fear. The moment he saw his daughter, he broke into a pained smile, unable to contain the joy in seeing her. Caroline attempted to wrench her hand out from his, desperate to throw her arms around her father's neck.

"Don't," Klaus hissed. "It might be a trick!"

Her father stared at them desperately. "You have to run, Caroline," He shouted. "They're coming after you! The witches—the witches you killed!"

Caroline froze. Klaus looked at her with grave calculation.

"I'm not lying!" Bill bellowed. "They're right at my heels! You have to run! They're out for blood."

Klaus pushed her towards him. "Go," He said, his voice husky with snarls. "I'll hold them off."

"Klaus, I'm not going to leave you," Caroline argued.

"Go with your father," He ordered stepping away from her.

Caroline tried to protest further but the fog grew heavier. He was disappearing from her sight.

"Klaus!" Caroline screamed. "Klaus!"

There was no answer.