This is a poem that i wrote about trojan war... i hope u people like it


Looking over the walls of his old fort,

The old king knew it was certain death that came to his court.

It's the old game that they played,

Played on a board in times of peace,

Where fifteen protected one dead piece.

Here now when the peace is dead,

Comes to life the game of glory and death.

A thousand ships sailed across the sea,

For hollow glory and hallowed beauty.

The whole city was the price,

The beauty was the prize,

Or was it the other way round.

The abduction of beauty was the vice,

The handsome prince acted without thinking twice.

The city had to pass into oblivion with passage of time,

But the legend that the tale became is what survives.

For years they fought on the shore and by the walls,

With all their armies and that of their allies.

The bravest and the greatest fell,

The lords and their subjects met many a death,

Some immortalised by the artists and poets,

Of some there is nothing to tell.

On a dark night there was a divine theft,

To be followed by that of all what was left.

Still the walls stood and horse was the final trick,

Along death marched in the army when night was dark and thick.

Soon the city was ablaze echoing with cries,

Of death, mercy, orphaned children and widowed wives.

The walls that had never fell tumbled,

The city that was never taken crumbled.

All the war came to its final battle at night,

It was trickery that won; it was not much of a fight.

Handful made a timely flight,

Enslaved or dead were those who stayed behind.

The ships finally set sail to go back home,

Loaded with treasures and slaves,

But with fewer sons, husbands and fathers.

Just to be blown away by storm.