Blood Moon ~ Cherry Tootsie Roll Pop


I zipped out of the house at Vampire speed to catch up with the Whitlock brothers, leaving the women in the absurdly large capable hands of Emmett. Not that I expected anything to happen out here in Forks, but I preferred not to leave my mate or Jasper's human mate alone without protection. They weren't fighters. I had sheltered my Coven from such things as best I could. I'm afraid that may have been the wrong choice. They are so woefully ignorant of Vampire culture. Rosalie and Emmett were the only ones who were interested in Jasper's time with Maria's army. Rosalie especially. She and Jasper were close, probably the closest two in the house outside of mating.

Jasper didn't enjoy talking about his time in the Wars, not because he was ashamed but because he was in hiding. Who would look for him with a Coven of peaceful animal drinkers? I was afraid I was going to lose them both as coven members soon. Where Rosalie goes, Emmett would follow. Alice on the other hand... She might stay on. Especially with the dramatics that have come to light when Isabella Swan moved to Forks to live with the local Chief of Police and unwittingly upended our routine filled existence. She was Edward's singer. If I had any sense of mind at all, I would have sent him away immediately. I believed him though, that boy could play me and Esme like a fiddle.

'But Carlisle,' he would say as he ran a hand through his hair, trying to act the nervous human. 'I am just trying to be a good son. If I can resist this girls blood, it will be proof I am worthy enough to be your son. That animal blood is just as sustainable as human. ' Was I really that easy? Just imply you're my son and compliment my control, choice of diet and I'd be putty in your hands. That's probably what came in handy for Edward, being a mind reader that is. Knowing someone's entire thought process, you could know how to manipulate them. Perhaps it would be a good thing, having Jasper take over disciplining him. Losing his fingers certainty didn't give him pause when running his mouth to his elders. I suppose that fault would lie on me then, I indulged that boy too often. He had no idea that talking that way to Jasper was essentially signing his death warrant. Thankfully, Jasper respected me as I respected him. He wouldn't kill my progeny without just cause. Even if he were offended.

I had a feeling though, that he was more than offended at Edward's actions. Not that anyone thought what he did was anything but deplorable, even for a Vampire. I couldn't help but notice the way he was constantly in physical contact with Isabella, a human. With a heartbeat and a scent that is supposed to be driving Edward completely nuts. Blood lust was something Jasper had struggled with for so long now seemed like a non-issue. Pulling her onto his lap, nuzzling her neck. He never did any of those kinds of intimate things with Alice. They mostly just hand held. I always thought that was strange... Assumed they had just liked their privacy. Now I wondered if I really knew those two at all. They certaintly were not the mated couple I had assumed they were when they first found us.

When I arrived at the clearing in the woods far too close to the Quileute border for my liking, I had no idea if the Pack were around, it had been close to 80 years. The last thing we needed was trouble with the wolves on top of everything else. I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I reached them. Jasper was sitting cross legged in the field, with a dry sobbing Edward in his arms, with Edward's wrapped around his neck in a non-threatening manner. I was expecting something more along the lines of Edward losing his arms, and Jasper's hands around his neck. But this?

"Hey Doc!" Peter Whitlock approached from my right, hands in front of him palms out in the typical non-threatening Vampire greeting. "I'm gonna mosey on back to the house, I reckon it's got more to do with your coven than ours. Don't worry, I'll watch out for the womenfolk!" He tapped on his bare chest and waggled his eyebrows suggestively, then he was gone in a flash. It left me a bit unsettled, his stellar conversation skills aside. I wasn't used to Vampires acting, well, like Vampires. It was probably a sign I should heed. I had spent far too long avoiding the brothers in Italy. If I were honest with myself, which I rarely was around Edward, I missed them. Ever since my Progeny awoke to this life, he's glimmered things about the Volturi and made his own decisions. Regardless if they were factual or not. I let him live in his delusions, which I can now see was a grievous error. I indulged Edward, far too much. It wasn't going to be like that anymore. Jasper looked up when I got closer, his eyes dark and filled with an expression I couldn't quite place.

"Carlisle." His voice was calm, filled with authority. I was speaking to The Major, not Jasper Hale as he was going by now. I had come to realize that I had a very powerful coven member shortly after he joined us with Alice. I knew that my fear of him only made him withdraw further into himself. I sought him out to talk, discussing Vampire ethics I think it was the first time. I wanted to help him though I suppose in hindsight, we both helped each other. He gave me the kind of companionship I wanted when I changed Edward. He was an intelligent man, and we could spend hours talking about anything and nothing all at once.

He hadn't felt welcomed for a decade, I'm ashamed to say. With Edward's constant invasion of privacy, bringing up things he had seen in Jasper's mind. We had come a long way since then, and I trusted him explicitly. He and Alice took care of our finances, our human charade. Jasper loved to play the stock market, and with Alice looking out for our stocks we knew when to pull them before it plummeted. Not that Jasper needed the help, but there was the occasion... I couldn't help but wonder if it was his time to leave. If that's why I was so reflective on the past, my past mistakes. We had never valued Jasper as highly as he should have been. Now we were going to lose him.

"Major." I replied curtly.

"Edward needs to be a Vampire." He just laid it all out. I was at a loss for words. What do I say to this? He is a Vampire. "He needs to drink human blood, he has a gift Carlisle."

"What does his gift have to do with him having to drink human blood?" I just out and asked. With Jasper it was best to be direct, especially so when he's in his mode. He wouldn't scoff at my lack of knowledge like other Vampires might.

"I've never really looked at my gift as a gift, Carlisle. I look at it as if it were a burden. You know Peter has a gift?" He didn't wait for me to answer, he just kept rolling on through. "He doesn't call it a gift, doesn't want the stigma that comes along with it." He was rocking Edward as he spoke, stroking his hair in a very intimate gesture. It was unnerving to watch. These two have never gotten along in the entire time they've been Coven members. They could hardly be found in the same room, let alone on the same couch. On the rare occasion they were in the same room, Edward would start to pick at Jasper's thoughts. Trying to embarrass him, belittle him. He always felt so highly of himself compared to Jasper. I never realized why.

"So he just says, he knows shit. Or he just has really good timing. It's all bullshit though, it's a gift same as mine or Edward's. It takes a toll on him, just like Edward's gift takes a constant toll on him. Peter drinks from a human every two weeks, while his mate Charlotte, only has to drink once a month. I drink every two to three days on animal blood. Everyone else goes once a week. Animal blood is a great alternative source, but not for us." He finished. Not for us who? Vampires in general or just the gifted variety? I was sure I already knew the answer. Those cursed with a gift.

"You were feeling the desire to leave before Isabella Swan arrived in our lives." It wasn't a question, more of a statement. He looked up at me then with a wry grin, confirming my suspicions.

"I've never belonged. I consider you a true friend, Carlisle Cullen. My time with your Coven is up, however. I need to stop neglecting my own." He looked back behind me in the direction of the house. I wondered if he was following the mating pull back to Isabella. I had always wondered if he was the leader of the Whitlock Coven. Everything about The Major had ceased to be after he left the Southern Vampire Wars. Everyone, including the Volturi believed he were dead. If he wasn't, they would want first dibs on his head. He had broken a lot of the Volturi laws.

"What about the Volturi? I can't help but notice how inciting you would be to them now. The Major of the Southern Vampire Wars believed dead after all this time, arising from the ashes with a human for a mate." I waited for him to catch the implication of my last words. He got it almost immediately. He growled out, low and ferocious.

"She's mine." You could hear the possessiveness in that word alone. His growling was starting to drag Edward out of his stupor. He had stopped sobbing awhile ago, now he was coming back to himself. Jasper chuckled darkly, pushing Edward unceremoniously off of his lap and standing upright.

"He ain't gonna be pleased." Was all he said. I guess we would be discussing the Volturi at a later time. When Edward finally stood on his own two feet and had his wits about him, he stared at the ground. Unmoving.

"Edward." Jasper scolded, as if he were just being impolite. Edward took a cautious glance up at Jasper, looking away again briefly. I wondered what exactly had happened in the short time before I arrived. It looked like Jasper were lecturing Edward mentally. Something all of the children liked to do on occasion.

"I'm sorry." Edward said so quietly I wasn't sure I had heard him. "I'm sorry for trying to take Isabella from you, when I knew she was yours." He said a bit louder, but still soft. A human wouldn't have been able to hear him. I had no idea that Edward knew. I thought no one knew until yesterday. I wasn't in on a lot of things happening in my Coven, I was coming to realize.

"You are never going to speak of me to anyone, or her. She was never yours. There will be no retribution. If you stay away from her until after she is changed and can take care of herself." Edward just nodded along compliantly. I thought Jasper said he would be upset. "Find the rest of your fingers and leave until my Coven and I are gone." He didn't mention Isabella...

"What about..." Edward started to ask, but was cut off by a deep angry growl from Jasper.

"She is not your concern, child! Leave." He all but hissed at Edward. Luckily for my son he took the hint and took off into the night. He turned to me and nodded after Edward. "Someone should help him, he can't track for shit." I nodded,

"Family meeting when we return?" I implored, trying to sense out his emotions on this whole event.

"That would be wise." He zipped out of my sight. God damn Vampires.


When I got back to the house, as much as it pained to me to do so, I bypassed the kitchen and went straight to the dining room. Quietly telling the rest of the Cullens to come in here, as there would be a Family Meeting soon. I spoke low so Isabella wouldn't hear and come in. She needn't be apart of this. This was a Vampire issue. Nothing to concern the human, at least not until I made her one of us. We waited patiently for Carlisle to arrive, hopefully without Edward. A little amusement was to be had when Charlotte and Bella were talking in the Kitchen. Okay, so it was a lot of amusement. At my expense. My long kept secret of having a journal was blown to shit.

"I don't know who's more oblivious, Isabella for not realizing she is your mate, or us for not knowing you write in a diary!" Emmett laughed, earning a steely glare from me and a resounding smack from Rosalie. She reached her hand out across the table so we could hi-five. Team work! Carlisle finally arrived, Edward nowhere to be seen. Good. He nodded to me, letting me start. I suppose I was the one with the announcements to make.

"I'm sure as you all know already, Isabella Swan is my mate. She is still human, this cannot be for long. She must be my equal, be able to hold her own beside me. I have untold amounts of enemies. No one knows I'm alive, I expect this to change. I'm leaving the Coven, and going back to my own. I've hidden long enough." Peter whispers from the living room,

"The South will rise again." I laughed, he wasn't even from the south.

"I expect Alice has a way for me and Isabella to vanish from Forks with no suspicion?" She nodded,

"It's going to be a little more elaborate than we are used to, because Charlie Swan is really good at his job. Tomorrow, we are going to stage an accident in the morning two hours away near Seattle. There will be four bodies. Isabella, myself, Jasper and Edward. The car will hit a propane tank and explode. No one else will be injured. It must happen between 7am and 8am, or it won't work. Traffic has to be light." I nodded, perfect. If Alice said that's what would work, that's what we would do.

"Pete?" I heard him reply from the living room.

"On it, boss!" I nodded to Emmett,

"Why don't you help? I know you love this kind of shit." He shot up from his chair leaving it to fall back onto the floor with a loud clang.

"Emmett!" Esme hissed, she always tried so hard to teach that boy manners.

"Sorry, Esme!" He called from the backyard. Already on his way with Peter. He would have made a great soldier. He just may yet, if he decides to come with us. I wondered if Alice knew how this would all turn out? I wanted to ask her, but she turned her head to me and shook her head while giving me a small smile. She didn't know anymore than I did. If she did, I knew she wouldn't tell me unless it were of dire importance. Carlisle nodded,

"Let's get going then. Jasper, how are you going to tell Isabella about all of this?" I wasn't, but thank you for making me second guess myself, Carlisle.

"I was going to change her and tell her when she woke up." I tried to sound casual. I had done this thousands of times before.

"And how well has that worked for you in the past, son?" Carlisle asked smugly. That asshole. I was going to have to level with her and give her the chance to reject me. Fuck it, I was going to change her anyway. She'd thank me later. I hope.


Unknown P.O.V.

What in tarnation was going on? One second I was cozy on my throne and the next I am outside in the rain being carried way too fast. I was getting wet! I am dry clean only, buddy! As if my captor could feel my irritation at my new found situation, he chuckled low in his throat. Who does this guy think he is? Then, he started talking. To me.

"Don't worry ya lil prick, I'll get ya back to our girl." Dumbass, I'm not a sentient being. I'm just a stuffed cactus. Wait... Did he just misconstrue my name into an insult!? How dare he! I'll show him Pricky, alright! Well, I would. If I could do anything but snark and feel annoyed.

"I need to stop by for a snack first, you don't mind waitin' in this tree do ya?" I'm so glad you asked, NO, I do not want to wait in a tree! It is raining, you're ruining my plush exterior! He vanished right before my eyes. What the shit? I was abducted by aliens! Oh no! I would never see Bella again. She was my best good friend, I don't know what I would do without her. More importantly, what would she do without me? Who would she hug when she's missing her mother? Who will comfort her when she's sick? She's on her moon time, I must be there for her! This is an outrage!

When I was finished with my tirade, the alien came back. Grinning ear to ear, some blood splattered on his shirt. He's a murderer too? My stuffing was going to be strewn all over the universe, wasn't it? Oh dear...

"There you are, little fella. I thought I had lost you." He laughs to himself as if he's just the most hilarious joke teller in all of the lands. And space, I suppose. "You're real easy to talk to, ya know that Mr. Pricky?" He asked, knowing full damn well I couldn't answer him. How frustrating. For me, I mean. "I can't wait until I get back to the house and see my girl. I'm going to give you to her as a surprise. Hopefully my idiot Coven members have stayed the hell away from her. Although I must say I'm looking forward to meticulously removing their fingers if they try. Especially Edward, that stupid little shit." Once again, it's like he sensed how horrified I was feeling and responded.

"Don't you worry about it, little cactus. I'm kind of a fucked up man, but I'll do right by her. I promise. You'll see." I think he was talking about Bella and not some crazy space alien girlfriend of his. He answered his cellphone and almost crushed it in his hands in his haste to tuck me back under his arm. He took off running at a blinding speed.

"Looks like I might get a chance afterall." A chance to wh- oohh.