A Story About Mii

By mrcandyboyz on

Another day, another nothing. Just the same infinite whiteness, only covered by other Miis. If only there was somewhere else I thought to myself. I chuckled at the idea. I would just always remain here, in The Plaza. I started walked around a little, talking to some people. But before I finished my conversation with a celebrity, one of my close friends, Al, was in the plaza walking around with resort-like t-shirt that had flowers all over it. "Hey, Al where did you get that outfit?" I asked "Huh?" he said confused, "Oh. Hayden, its you! Good to see ya! This outfit, why, I got it at Wuhu Island of course!" "What's Wuhu Island?" I asked, "Wuhu Island is one of the best decisions I ever made!" Al replied, "I just came back here to tell people about it!" "How do I get there" I asked anxiously. "You'll have to get the attention of that hand dude in about an hour" Al informed. "Got it, thanks Al!"

I was so excited! I just couldn't wait for my chance to go a fun resort place that has so much more opportunity than here in this stupid plaza. My watch beeped indicating that it was time to get the hand's attention! I saw it floating around mindlessly making people heads giant for some reason. So I started waving my arms so that it could see me. After a minute or so it finally acknowledged me. The giant hand swooped down and asked in a really deep voice, "What is it that you need?" "I would like to visit Wuhu Island" I said, shaking. "I will bring you." it said. Before I could thank him he grabbed me by the head and dropped me in an airport. I looked around, the airport was called Wuhu Express. It sounded more like a delivery company or train to me but I let it go. I boarded on one of the small private planes and found out that I was the only one in it besides our pilot, Miguel, and a photographer. We lifted off and I think I fell asleep because when I woke up I looked out the window, and we were actually passing by Isle Delfino! I had never been there but I certainly have heard about it. But anyway I was going to Wuhu Island, not Isle Delfino! The photographer started talking to me, "Hello, I'm Gwen" she said, "Put on this skydiving gear because we're almost there!" "Skydiving!?" I said, "I didn't know I had to skydive!" "All newcomers must skydive to get on to the island. Wuhu Island doesn't have an airport." Gwen informed me. There was nothing left to do but put on the gear. Miguel gave me the thumbs up and Gwen opened the door. She gestured me to jump. Just to get it over with and get down there I ran out and, and I was flying! There were other skydivers around me and we all went down nice and slow. Soon enough I heard a voice say: Ok everyone, form up! All the skydivers made several circle and once I went through those circles our parachutes went up and we glided down to Wuhu Island.