Chapter 5: Showdown

Miguel and I got a special view right under the Swaying Bridge to watch the Swordplay Showdown. We brought beach chairs and set them down on the footbridge. The challenger was named Nolan. Probably some tourist, I thought. Nolan smacked down a couple opponents, one by one. I was surprised to find that once they fell off a balloon sprouted out of their armor. Once they floated up it popped and they deployed a parachute. It was basically like that until someone fell off. Only this time a balloon didn't sprout. He just fell and fell until he slammed his head against the edge of the footbridge and fell into the river. "Oh no" Miguel said, "That was my neighbor, Luca."

The showdown ended and Nolan was arrested. They didn't have an evening or midnight showdown like they usually did. Miguel came over to my hotel room and we watched the news. It looked like Luca's body had just been found next to the second firework launching area. I shivered. "Do you think they'll keep doing showdowns?" I asked. "Shh…" said Miguel, "Just watch.". "The mayor has agreed to cancel all showdowns and any other swordplay games." Said the reporter. Then they interviewed a couple older women. They were crying. Luca's parents I guessed. "We need to figure this out." I said. "What's to figure out? His balloon just didn't work." Miguel replied. I thought for a moment, then said, "But why was it just his? Why not anyone else's?" Miguel looked at me, "You do have a good point, but why would someone target him? All he ever did wrong was Super Mario Bros., and no one would kill him for being bad at and 80's video game." Miguel was right, nobody would kill him, he was an innocent. "We should check out his cabin," I said, "and see if there's anything interesting there." "I have to do a tour tomorrow, but you can go over, since you have your badge." Miguel said.

I felt bad for him. It seemed like he really wanted to go. He slept over and woke up early for his tour. I went downstairs and got some breakfast in the lobby. After breakfast I went over to Luca's cabin. "Hey, what are you doing here?" one of the policemen asked. "I'm the Wuhu Island detective," I said. I showed them my badge and they let me in. It looked just like Miguel's cabin, except for the NES and a couple of pictures on the wall. But there was something different about this NES; it certainly didn't look like the one in my hotel room. I know it seems tedious but the screws were screwed on differently. Did Luca make it? Judging by the his school records (which I took a peek at) he seemed smart enough to do so. I ran down to the store and bought a screwdriver. I unscrewed each screw and looked inside. It looked normal except for the fact that these words were engraved onto the microchip: U FAILED, U WILL PAY. My heart stopped, my eyes opened wide and I dropped the screwdriver. Now I know someone is behind this.