Trust only yourself…and Red

Hey guys. This is my first Blacklist FF and I am really nervous about it. I haven't seen more than the first five episodes yet but I watch all the Promos and everything else I can get on the show until it airs over here, so I hope the characters won't be too much OOC.

Please let me know what you think :)

P.S. English is not my native language and I don't have a beta reader so please don't mind some mistakes. If it's something I do wrong all the time just tell me;)

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the characters and don't make any money with the story. Just wanna have some fun :)

Chapter 1

„You, my dear, are way more paranoid than I thought you were."

"Paranoid? Me? Ha….you are so very funny Red."

"Well, I did not build my basement entrée as a trapdoor now, did I?"

Liz huffed loudly and turned away from her companion.

"It's not a trapdoor. It's just…well…." Gesturing to the open hatch over her head, Liz finally shrugged her shoulders and whirled back to Red.

"It's not like you are Mister Trusting, Red."

Red graced her with a half-smile, stepped into her personal space and grabbed both forearms lightly.

"No, I am not."

Momentarily surprised by his easy admission, she didn't expect him to turn her around in light speed and take her place looking up through the open space, they have just five minutes ago entered her basement through.

"But Lizzie…this? How do you get your boxes through this mouse-hole without breaking your neck? I assume boldly Tom hasn't been a big help in this regard, has he?"

Anger rose in Liz and she shook his hands off of her arms.

"If you don't like my basement, feel free to crawl though that hole and out of my sight. But I do remember you agreeing not only to help me search for my Christmas decoration but also not to mention HIS name."

Amused to no end, Red let his body sway forward, so that he could almost smell Liz' vanilla shampoo.

"Mh…I remember telling you to enjoy the Christmas season a bit more and you looking at me like a kicked puppy while telling me that your Decor was so hard to find on your own…which now makes perfect sense..."

Before Liz could get a word of protest out, Red had simply put a gentle finger over her lips and smiled. "And I must say sweetheart, you do look adorable when you pout. But I do apologies for saying his name. I just can't understand how he could let you do something so dangerous."

Liz wrapped her fingers over Red's wrist and freed her lips from his touch.

"Red…I work at the Blacksite…on the Blacklist….how does my basement entrance compare to that?"

Suddenly Red's face turned from amused to serious. He regarded her carefully before saying:

"Yes, but at work I am there. But here… you could fall and I wouldn't be here to catch you."

Liz blushed and looked down at her feet. She knew that Red cared about her for some crazy reason but his statements regarding her safety always caught her off guard and made her feel all tingly.

Slowly she leant towards him and said in an almost whisper:

"It's only a ladder and a hatch, Red. I am a trained Agent…I can handle it. And besides…"

She took a step back and smiled sweetly.

"I have trust in your instincts. You would find me….even here."

The amused spark returned into Red's eyes and he shook his head at her.

"Don't forget Lizzie: most accidents happen in the household not at work."

Rolling her eyes, Liz turned around and made her way further into the basement to start the search for her decoration, leaving Red trailing smirking behind her.

An hour later found Liz kneeling on the floor and going shoulder deep through a big box and Red standing a few steps beside her and trying to unknot a light string.

They were working in a comfortable silence until it was suddenly disturbed by a bark from above them.

"Oh no…what time is it? I forgot to walk Hudson. It won't take long, I'll be right back." Liz sprang to her feet and was about to walk past Red, when he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Lizzie. I need some fresh air anyway. I am not used to this very strong basement air anymore." He patted her slightly and put the lights into her arms. She could only watch him stunned and uttered a quite "Thank you" when he disappeared through the hole in the ceiling.

For a few seconds she just stood rooted to the spot and listened to her dog barking happily and being let out of the house. She could hear them walking down the front steps and then she was engulfed in silence. And suddenly she felt alone again.

Since she divorced Tom a month ago after she caught him cheating in their own bed, she had been fighting of the feeling of loneliness and the only touchstone for her besides Hudson was Red. Whenever she needed him, he was there. Even if it was a stupid thing like searching for her Christmas decoration together. Still, she wasn't ready to admit to anyone that she trusted the Concierge of Crime more than anyone she knew. Even to her own ears and especially brain this admission sounded ridiculous, but her heart was telling her something completely different. Yes, he played his stupid little games and though infuriating, she accepted by now that he did it to protect her….at least most of the time. She wasn't sure what exactly it was she felt for him but she knew that she started to care about him a long time ago and considered him her closest friend and ally.

She sighed deeply and turned back to the box she was rummaging through but abruptly halted in her footsteps. A sound. Faint but there. It couldn't be Red. He and Hudson would be a lot louder than this. She perked her ears but couldn't hear any footsteps or any other sound. Maybe she had imagined things. She was just too stressed in the last few weeks.

Before she could kneel back down, her ears were assaulted by a deafening boom and the last thing she saw was the opposite wall coming alarmingly fast nearer.