E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: pink

Length: 100 words

I was watching the Ghostfacers web series this weekend and Harry had a pink coffee cup while they were doing the intro part. I wondered where it came from and that's how I got the idea for this drabble, which is set right before they started filming the intro.

Harry and Maggie had agreed to cool things between them for the good of the team but they still flirted occasionally. Today she'd brought him coffee in her pink cup and had taken a long sip before handing it to him. It made him giddy when he thought of her lips touching the same spot his were touching now.

Ed sat down beside him. "Ready?"


Ed raised an eyebrow at the cup in Harry's hand.

"It was….uh….the only one clean," stammered Harry.

Oh, God, he's going to kill me.

Ed grinned. "Uh, huh, sure it was, Barbie."

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