It was a regular day at Beacon academy, the birds were singing, the students were energetic, and explosions of Dust appeared left and right. Okay, that last one isn't normal. Currently teams RWBY, JNPR, and some other students were in their Dust chemistry class. The professor decided to try having the students pair up with those who weren't their partners for the day. Some of the students were uncomfortable with this, but RWBY and JNPR, who were used to each other's company, were happy to switch around. Jaune was with Ruby, Pyrrha with Blake, Yang and Nora, and then Ren with Weiss. Pyrrha, Blake, Ren, and Weiss were diligent by being extra careful with the sensitive Dust samples. Yang and Nora were hyperactively mixing anything that looked pretty. Ruby and Jaune were stumped since neither of them had any experience with Dust.

"Soooooo, what do we do?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know, I just assumed we mix stuff." Jaune answered just a timid.

Weiss overheard this and lectured, "You dolts, you have to know which Dust goes with which. Combine two complementary samples and who knows what will happen."

When it came to the topic of Dust, Weiss was the master. Then again she used nothing but Dust in battle.

"Wanna just make some fog?" Ruby asked again.

"Sure I guess." Jaune answers shrugging.

He first grabbed some blue and white Dust and placed it in the beaker. Ruby was looking for some red dust since her favorite color was red(obviously). As she looked around she unexpectedly bumped into Main. Among the first years at Beacon, Main was the tallest and the scariest. The guy never talked much and only gave hisses and growls. The fact that he also covered his face with a helmet didn't help either. Most of the students kept their distance since he was 7ft tall for a 18-year-old. The only person who didn't flinch was his partner Sigma or "Sig" by his brothers. His outfit was always a mix of fiery colors along with his orange-red hair. He always kept a composed posture and is always curious which disturbed some people since he never got angry. Plus his voice always made people's skin crawl because of it's collected and creepy tone.

Right now Ruby was looking directly at Main, her face reflecting on his helmet.

"I-I-I-I-uh-uh-uh…" Ruby stutters.

The giant only gave an agitated growl causing Ruby to grab the closest Dust bottle she could find and used her speed semblance to escape.

"What happened to you?" Jaune asked after noticing Ruby panting.

"*gasp* Main *pant*" she answers still struggling for air.

Jaune, who knew how intimidating Main can be, gave a simple nod and Ruby added the bottle she grabbed into their concoction. As the substances mixed the entire room was enveloped with a white smoke.

Ruby POV

Oh man, what happened? Weiss is going to kill me for messing up in Dust class.

"Ruby! Ruby! You okay!?" my sister shouted.

"I'm fine Yang!" I shouted in a high pitched voice.

Odd, why does my voice sound so…...squeaky.

My sister eventually got to us after waving off the smoke. As soon as we looked each other I realized she was taller than me and I mean WAY taller.

"Yang! You're big!?" I shout.

Her eyes widen, "Uh Ruby, I don't think that's it."

"What do you mean?"

Yang grabs a beaker and puts it in front of my face causing me to scream at my reflection.

Third-Person POV

Weiss and the others ran in the direction of the scream. When they arrived, what they saw caused all of their mouths to hit the floor as they were in the presence of a 5-year-old Ruby and a 7-year-old Jaune. Jaune's regular clothes turned into jean shorts over his knees and a white t-shirt covered by a black sleeveless hoody. Ruby's clothes were around the same only her cloak was smaller.

"Wha-What happened to us?" Jaune asked, his voice sounding younger as well.

"We're-we're kids." Ruby exclaimed.

Ruby was quickly lifted up by Yang.

"Awwww you're so cute!" she squeals as Ruby struggles to escape her grip.

The smoke eventually dissipates and the group realize it's only the two team leaders who were affected.

Glynda, who heard the explosion, came running in, "What happened?"

What she saw was a young looking Ruby being cuddled by Yang while the others simply watched. Stressed at the sight of this she orders both teams to report to Professor Ozpin.

Both teams along with their childlike leaders were lined up in front of Ozpin's desk. The headmaster was clearly curious of what transpired in the lab.

"So what caused this peculiar predicament?" he asked.

"Me and Jaune we trying to make some smoke dust, but we mixed the wrong samples which caused well…..this." Ruby answered motioning her hands towards her and the young knight.

"Do you remember which dust samples you used?" Ozpin asked again.

"" Ruby answered fidgeting.

Weiss let out an annoyed grunt at their young leaders blunder.

Professor Ozpin pondered for a moment and came up with an answer, "I will have our Dust specialists find a way to revert you back. But, since you seem to have the same mentality I expect you to still attend class."

Everyone nodded their heads in compliance.

He continued, "Right now I want you to head to the nurses and get examined. Perhaps we can find clues their."

The two teams arrived at the infirmary as one of the nurses prepared some basic tests. One of which was getting a blood sample. Jaune shivered at the sight of the syringe and unconsciously grabbed Pyrrha's skirt.

"Jaune, what's wrong?" the redhead asked her leader.

Jaune's face turned a little red, "Sorry, I'm just…..scared of needles" he said innocently.

Pyrrha's heart began to flutter at the sight of her leader's phobia.

"Oh my god, he looks so cute!" She thought.

The huntress quickly shook her head trying to relieve herself of inappropriate thoughts.

She kneels down so they're at eye level, "It's okay Jaune, I'll be right next to you."

The young knight began to calm down and the little hunter and huntress began their test. The results showed that nothing serious has happened to them. The only notable thing was that their bodies reverted to child form, but their conscious and memories maintained the same. After that the two teams returned to their dorms and prepared for the night. Ruby didn't fit her usual pajamas so she had to wear one of Yang's which was a deep orange-red t-shirt. Weiss was already in bed until she noticed Ruby at her bedside with a pillow.

"What is it?" she asks annoyed.

"Um Weiss," she asks shyly, "can I….sleep with you."

Weiss questioningly looks at her, "Why can't you sleep in your bed?"

"It's too high up and," she hugged her pillow, "Plus I'm...scared to sleep alone."

She scowled for a moment until she said, "Fine, but just for tonight."

Ruby whispered in glee and snuggled close to Weiss. The ice princess was caught off guard and wanted to push her away, but the little girl quickly fell asleep. She didn't want to make a fuss about it and simply covered her with a blanket.