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Chapter 1

"Hey, B, two o'clock . . ."

I look up from testing out my footwork on the new Zero board I just got with the badass skull logo on it. The grease needs to be worked in to the bearings and the deck could use some breaking in, but I'm up for the challenge.

Rose and I decided to ditch our last class of the year and are just hanging out at the lower level of the school, waiting for bell to ring so we can hook up with Alice and start our summer right by heading out for a keg party to put this suck-ass year behind us.

"I bet you can't peg Prissy Pretty-boy Cullen from here."

Rose gives me that sneer, the goading, gloating one that implies someone's wronged her at some point during the year, meaning she wants payback for it. It's the sneer that usually lands my ass in a fuck-ton of trouble and usually grounded because I'm a stupid bitch who's just impulsive and gullible enough not to back down from one of her egg-ons to do her dirty work.

"How much?"

"A ten spot."

"Done. Watch and learn, Ho. I tighten the belt of my skate shorts and twist my hat so the brim is facing backwards over my head as I start readying my slingshot so I can load it. Instead of using a signature neon-yellow paintball with the Black Swan logo I paid to have printed on it, I pull out a cheap-ass, Heineken-green, three-quarter inch glass bead, rounded on the top and flat on the bottom from the bagful I bought from the dollar store. Hey, what can I say? Finances are tight right now.

I secure my hand complete with bruised, cut-up, and beat-to-shit fingers around the perfectly broken-in red leather-wrapped handle. I swear I'm creaming in my undies, waiting for the rush I'm about to get as I hear the stretch of the taut amber-colored rubber band when pulling back as I line up my sight—taking aim to hit squarely the rounded bubble ass of Edward Cullen.

Fucking figure-skating weirdo doesn't deserve a behind that fine.

I get my shot off, and it sails across the parking lot into the tan Docker-covered bullseye of his right ass cheek.

William Tell would have been proud.

What the fuck! The pebble bounces right off and ricochets halfway back towards my direction. Talk about your buns of steel. He doesn't even flinch when I hit him. But he does stop, turn around, and walk towards the glass bead, picking it up before heading towards me.

Shit! How did he even know where it came from? I duck down, quickly crouching onto my skateboard and start pumping my left leg to build up speed. I turn to look over my shoulder at where he is and see he's actually gaining on me. Fucking piece-of-shit new board, I can't get it going fast enough. It's too stiff. (Hah! I don't think I ever complained about anything being too stiff before.)

I reach the sidewalk, counterbalance my weight, and pop the board onto the cement from the asphalt of the driveway I was riding on.

This sucks! Classes just released, and I have to figure out how to surf through what now looks like a mosh pit of students not in any hurry to go anywhere. What the fuck is wrong with these kids? School's. Out. For. Summer. Right now, Alice Cooper should be echoing from people's Pods, players, and phones. These zombie morons should be displaying a little more enthusiasm.

I check again, and Cullen's about twenty feet behind me, but if I can make it into the school, I can ditch him, probably by hiding out in the girl's bathroom. He'd never break school rules and go in there as much as he'd probably want to, prissy-ass bastard. Well, maybe he isn't that prissy, but he's certainly no derelict like I am. In fact, he probably has a stick shoved up his ass, helping him stay so straight.

Stop digressing about Cullen's ass, B. Time to focus.

My plan materializes as I see the metal handrail in front of me, and knowing it's a risk only fuels me further.

"Coming through! Get out of my way!"

I quickly stop and snap up the board, catching it; then I place it on top of the rail and leap up onto it.


I scream it, praying I won't hurt anyone in the process as I begin sliding my new wood—the highly varnished deck of my board over the worn, tepid steel.

Holy shit! I'm balanced, perfectly balanced, as I'm gliding on this wave through the Red Sea of parted kids even while wearing the Eastpak strapped to my back and the DC's loosely fitted to my feet, which right now are those things trying to remain securely planted on my board's gritty surface. I smile as I feel the adrenaline coursing through me.

I'm going to make it! Four flights of stairs totaling fifty-six steps, and I'm almost at the bottom. Yes! I have a clear shot, sailing right through the door . . .

Until I don't.

"No, no, no! Fuck! Shit! MOVE!"

Too late.

I make a split second decision not to do in McCarty, the school's All-American quarterback, who just came out the door I was going to go into. I decide to veer off to the right and just take what I have coming to me.

Already standing eight feet off the ground I spring from the board, leaving it behind, and lunge upward scrambling for open air, pirouetting as if I was doing a mogul move without the poles. I count ten heads and five shrubs as I sail over the congested area before making a hard landing . . . on my ass.

FUCK, that hurt!

My head is spinning, and I see trailing stars in front of me. I wipe my mouth, checking to make sure I still have all my teeth as I feel the blood start to run down my chin from my lip that I bit into.

The noise starts to die down as kids realize what I just did, but no one is coming over, no one, that is, except this tall lanky shadow dressed in summer leathers, a white collared shirt, and tan pants . . . what the . . .



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