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Book one:

 Fate's Threads

You choose your destiny but in the end we all follow fate's path

Chapter 1


Kagome blinked a few times before opening her eyes. Where was she? A bright light was blinding her and if she squinted all she could see was white. She closed her eyes and tried to recap what she last remembered.

She had been going to the beach with her friends for the weekend, she remembered that clearly. Was that where she was? Maybe she was in a spa or something and had just fallen asleep. Or on the beach. Or her friends were playing some weird trick on her. But she couldn't hear anything.

Wait, she could. She could hear voices, but she couldn't make them out. And was that a siren in the background? And her bed… her bed was moving. That wasn't, that couldn't be right. That was odd, what was up with her sense today? Everything seemed muddle, her whole body was waking up and she was getting pins and needles.

She decided to sit up and shield her eyes when she opened them. After a moment of getting used to the brightness, everything toned down a bit and she found herself staring at two white doors. She blinked a few times, wondering where on earth she was.

"Higurashi. Kagome Higurashi." A man's voice said behind her. She turned around to see who was calling her and found herself looking at a man in a white suit. Behind him was another man, wearing the same and typing something up on a laptop, and a few shelves with what looked like emergency supplies. Everything was rocking slightly and Kagome was dimly aware of movement. She was in a truck or van of some sort.

"Date of birth:" The man continued, and Kagome looked sharply at him. She then realized that he was reading her wallet! She made a grab for it, but missed when the van turned. The man didn't even look up, but continued to read her stats.

Who were these people? Kagome wondered, looking around the van. Everything was white, and there were two windows on the van doors, and from what she could see, they were moving quickly. The second man seemed to be typing up a report of some sort and Kagome suddenly had the chilling thought that she had been kidnapped. She glared back at the man and was just about to yell at him when she saw the symbol on his uniform.

And froze.

Hospital. It was the hospital symbol, the emergency. Suddenly her ears picked up the wail of the siren of the ambulance she was in. Everything suddenly seemed clear now, the medical supplies, the white van, the two men, the report…

The report.

She was suddenly very afraid and almost didn't hear the first man finish listing off information about her. There was a bit more stats, like where she lived and what school she was going to, and then the words she was dreading to hear:

"And date of death: May 14, 2002."

Kagome felt a pit in her stomach. It all made sense now, the bright light, the funny sensations, the ambulance, the man not noticing her. She took a breath and, as if just one final, last check, she looked down.

She held her breath to hold back the scream, but she felt so numb and empty all of a sudden that she probably wouldn't be able to anyway. She was looking down at herself, her body, blood on her face and seeping through the white sheet that covered the rest of her. She instinctively looked down at her ghost body and saw the same blood pattern on her shirt. She let out a whimper.

"I-I-I'm dead…" She whispered, to no one in particular. She was a ghost now, a wandering spirit. Her life on Earth was over. Gone. Finished. She was dead.

"2 minutes and 43 seconds. Not bad." A new voice, much more cynical and clearer then the two men, spoke in her ear behind her. She spun around to see a boy about her age with long white hair that looked like it had never seen a brush and wearing a red kimono with black trim and a beaded necklace, with a sword strapped to his side. His eyes were yellow, he appeared to have fangs, and were those dog ears poking up at the top of his head?

"Wha-what?" Kagome said after a moment, finding her voice. The men hadn't seemed to notice him, so did that mean he was a ghost as well? She could sense some type of aura around him, now that she thought about it.

"It took you 2 minutes and 43 seconds to realize you were dead. Not bad, but not quick either." He sighed. "Seriously Kagome, I expected a little more clarity from you. I mean, at least under 2 minutes to realise you're on the other side now."

Kagome stared.

The boy looked a little frustrated when she didn't answer him and tried again. "Hello, Kagome? Are you awake in there? Or did the accident fry what little brain you had?" He waved her hand in front of her face and snapped her out of her shock. "That's better. I don't expect much out of you brain-wise, but you're at least a bit smarter then that." He leaned back against the wall, smirking.

Kagome sputtered. "Who are you?" She asked fiercely, suddenly no longer shocked now that this.. this… jerk was around. "And how do you know my name?"

"Introductions and explanations later." The boy wrinkled his nose. "Can we leave this place? It stinks of death."

"In case you haven't noticed, braniac, I just died." Kagome said bitterly.

"Yeah, I know." The boy nodded. "I was expecting it. Listen, if you don't want to leave your body, Dad always told me most don't, then we can just sit on top of the ambulance instead. Because I have a really sensitive nose and this smells worse then your mom's cabbage soup."

Kagome wondered if anything could smell worse then her mother's soup, then remembered her mother and her family and how she'd never be able to see them again and began to cry.

"What the-?" The boy blinked at Kagome, who was on full waterworks now, and he looked completely lost on how to react. As Kagome could guess, he didn't have a lot of experience dealing with girls. "Hey, listen Kagome, don't cry, ok? You'll just make things worse then they already are." Kagome didn't stop. He tried another approach. "Hey, look, why don't you save those tears for the funeral? I'm sure it'll be a nice one." This only succeeded in making Kagome cry harder. "Uh…" he was looking fairly lost now. He decided one last try. "Look, could you shut up? You're hurting my ears."


The boy blinked for a few seconds, then poked the red hand mark on his cheek a few times, as if to see if it were really there. Kagome glared daggers at him.

"You-you-you JERK!" She screamed and pointed an accusing finger at him. "Have you absolutely no respect! I just DIED you moron, died! Dead! Gone! Forever! No turning back! I can't see anyone ever again! Not my friends, not my family! NO ONE!"

The boy cowered in the corner at Kagome's wrath, flattening his pointed ears against his skull. They were ringing now, and he was positive that if Kagome had kept screaming her would have gone deaf. Luckily, for him anyway, she managed to work herself up into tears again, and went back to sobbing.

The boy stayed in his corner for a moment, then decided on something. He got up, walked over to Kagome and picked her up. She stopped crying long enough to start screaming bloody murder again, but he flattened his ears against his skull and jumped through the roof. Kagome fell silent for a second as she watched the ambulance get left further and further behind as the boy jumped from car to car across the street.

"Hey!" Kagome snapped at him, suddenly realizing that they were leaving the ambulance behind. "That's my body back there!  Bring me back!" She began beating at him, although her blows didn't seem to do anything.

"Calm down, I'm taking you to the hospital." The boy said, sounding exasperated. Kagome fell silent. "We'll get there before your body and maybe we'll have a chance to talk before you turn on the waterworks again."

"Talk about what?" Kagome asked suspiciously. She watched as they half-bounded half-flew down the street in slight awe. She was becoming so mesmerized that she almost didn't hear his response.

"Well, you wanted to know who I am and shit like that." The boy said. She snapped her head up and looked at him.

"That's right!" She said, as if suddenly remembering. "WHO are you?" She suddenly didn't feel so comfortable being carried by this stranger anymore. Although his arms were quite strong and his body was kinda warm, almost relaxing after the scare she had had a few minu- no! She shook her head quickly to rid her self of those kinds of thoughts. Not the time to be thinking about that, she reprimanded herself.

"My name is Kami." He said with a fanged grin. Kagome glared at him.

"How about I just call you Ego instead?" She asked, not amused by his jokes. The boy sighed.

"Well, if you want, call me Inu-Yasha." He said, as if he thought he could have picked a better name. "And I'm basically your guardian angel."

"MY WHAT?" Kagome yelled loudly enough for Inu-Yasha to flatten his ears again. He shot a glare at her.

"The hell was that for? Are you trying to make me go deaf or something?" He half-growled. Kagome looked at him in shock.

"And you're an angel?" She said in disbelief. "Why am I having a hard time believing this?"

"Stop sounding so surprised." He said, now jumping on rooftops after deciding it was faster. "And I never said I was an angel. I just said I'm basically your guardian angel. There's a difference."

Kagome just blinked.

Inu-Yasha sighed. "Is it just me or did you get more airheaded after you croaked?" Kagome's expression changed in an instant, and she smacked him again. "Hey, what was that for?" He said, ears drooping dejectedly as he rubbed his red cheek for the second time. Kagome had to cling tightly to his kimono so that she wouldn't fall down. The roof tops were a lot higher up then she thought they would be, and her heart caught in her throat. She turned her attention back to her guardian to distract herself.

"Listen Inu-Yasha, or whoever you are." She began. "First of all, what kind of name for an angel is dog-demon?" The boy grumbled. "And second of all, you? An angel? You act more like some immature street punk."

"Thanks." Inu-Yasha grunted. He looked back down at her. "You know, one would think you'd know stuff like this since you do live at a shrine. And," He added with a slight sneer. "Should I feel special or something for this bout of rudeness? Usually you're all over guys, like that nerd at your school, what's-his-name. Hojo, that's it." He turned his attention from her and kept jumping rooftops.

Kagome stared at him for a second. Was he jealous of Hojo? It certainly sounded like it- wait, he couldn't be jealous, she thought quickly, shaking her head to rid herself of the thought. They had just met, and now he was kidnapping her. Then again, she was dead, so wouldn't that mean he was too? Was he some kind of ghostly stalker?

She eyed him suspiciously after that thought. "Who are you really? And how do you know so much about me?"

Inu-Yasha sighed and rolled his eyes. "Listen, this stupid act is getting annoying. I'm your guardian angel, and I know everything because I've been with you your entire life. Live with it. Or should it say," he smirked. "Die with it."

Kagome seethed. "Listen Inu-Yasha, I'm not buying it, so give it up! You're just an immature punk ghost-stalker who's making stuff up because you think it's going to impress me or something! If I did have a guardian angel he'd be tall, handsome and a gentleman, three things you're not! I don't believe a word you're saying, I'm starting to get angry and I don't want you carrying me anymore! Put me down right now, Inu-Yasha! Put me down!"

Inu-Yasha's eyes had been narrowing throughout her speech, but when she finished and temporarily ran out of breath he relaxed and shrugged. "As you wish, princess."

He dropped her.

Kagome screamed, only to find she had landed softly and hadn't fallen that far. Inu-Yasha landed beside her, not looking at her.

"We're here." He said simply. Kagome was about to ask what he meant when she looked around and realized she was on the roof of the hospital. She ran to the edge of the roof to see if she could see the ambulance coming in yet or not and nearly fainted at the sight of how high up she was. She lost her balance and started to fall forward with a scream when someone grabbed her collar and pulled her backwards, causing her to fall on her rear end. She winced, briefly wondered why she could still feel pain although she was dead, and looked up at her saviour. Inu-Yasha looked back down at her with some disgust. She frowned; she was dimly hoping he would have left.

"Yeesh Kagome, you never learn, do ya? If you're afraid of heights, why do you keep going to high places? You can be so stupid sometimes." He scoffed.

"Listen!" Kagome stood up and looked him face to face, waggling her finger under his nose. "Inu-Yasha, I'm starting to get sick of this! I want you to stop saying my name with such familiarity and to stop acting like you know me! We just met, you selfish, arrogant, dog-eared, lying jerk!"

Inu-Yasha blinked at Kagome's finger, which rapped his nose with every point, then his expression turned nasty and it was his turn to yell at the girl. "Listen yourself, wench! I'm saying your name with familiarity 'cause I've known you since you were a baby, and I ain't lyin' about that! And fuck, if we 'just met' then stop making all these judgements and accusations about me, you hypocritical bitch!"

Kagome bristled. "Don't call me that! My name is Kagome, not wench or bitch! And what kind of angel swears anyway?"

"I'll swear if I damn well want to, and you just told me to not call you Kagome!" Inu-Yasha snarled back. "Why the hell are you so temperamental anyway?"

"I'm temperamental because you're acting like a jerk! And if you've known me since I was a baby, then how come I'm just meeting you?"

"Because I'm your guardian angel you twit! You can't see me until you die!"

"I'm not a twit!"


"Dog breath!"

"I don't have dog breath, wench!"

"Don't call me wench!"


"You are going to sit down and shut up right now, you dog-eared freak!" Kagome shouted. "I don't what to hear anymore of your crap and I don't want to listen to your voice any longer! Just the sight of you is making me sick. Sit down!" He glared at her.  "SIT!"

Inu-Yasha sat.

Well, he didn't sit as much as fall face first to the ground. As Kagome looked down at him in shock he swore in about thirteen different languages and pushed himself up. He grabbed the necklace around his neck, which Kagome now suddenly recognized as a rosary, and began shaking it.

"Damn whoever thought these pieces of shit were a good idea." He growled, sitting up and trying to ignore the indent he had made on the hospital roof. He refused to look at Kagome, who was looking back at him in confusion and curiosity.

"Did I do that?" She asked. Inu-Yasha didn't respond. "Hello, Inu-Yasha?" He snorted but still ignored her. "Inu-Yasha?" She went right up to him and tried to look him in the face but he kept turning away to avoid her. "Look at me and answer!" She shouted.

"I thought you didn't want to hear the sound of my voice, wench." Inu-Yasha snarled at her and Kagome glared back. They stared daggers at each other for a minute, then both looked away with a 'hmph'. Kagome sat down with her back facing her 'guardian angel'.

"Fine then, if you don't want to talk to me then I don't want to talk to you." Kagome said.





"Shut up wench."

"Make me, asshole."

"I can see you two are getting together quite nicely."

Kagome and Inu-Yasha both looked up to see a girl dressed in black with a ponytail and a two-tailed cat-fox creature sitting on her shoulder. She looked the feuding pair with a smirk and shook her head, sighing. The creature on her shoulder purred and Kagome noticed it also had a small rosary around it's neck.

"Oh, hi Kirrara." Inu-Yasha said in an exasperated voice. The two-tailed cat jumped down onto his shoulder and rubbed it's head against his cheek, purring. Kagome watched this in confusion, and the girl seemed equally bewildered.

"You two know each other?" They asked at the same time. Inu-Yasha and Kirrara looked at them and nodded simultaneously. The boy looked over at Kirrara's partner. "So Sango, how'd you die?" He asked rather bluntly and Kagome smacked him.

Sango looked shocked. "You know me?"

Inu-Yasha shrugged, rubbing the back of his skull and shooting a glare at Kagome. "Kirrara and I have known each other for about a century now. We both keep tabs on who each other are guarding. I've known you as long as Kagome, except she's been getting herself in more trouble then she's worth, so I haven't had time to visit Kirrara." The little cat let out a mew, and Inu-Yasha looked at her. "A month ago, eh?" He looked back up at Sango. "So you obviously know everything then. Maybe you could explain it to little miss I'm-better-then-you-are here." He jabbed a thumb at Kagome without actually looking at her.

"Why you…" Kagome fumed, then paused. "You two have known each other for a century? How old are you?"

Inu-Yasha looked at her like she was asking the answer for two plus two. "418 years old. Why?"

Kagome suddenly felt very faint.

End Chapter 1

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