Friday morning JJ stretches luxuriously in her king size bed. The RV mattress wasn't horrible but it wasn't this pillow-top bit of heaven on Earth. The only thing missing to make it perfect is her wife, who she can hear moving around in the bathroom.

"Em? You coming back to bed?" she calls out.

Emily walks out, naked and drying her hair. "No, sweetheart, I thought I'd do something crazy and get ready for work."

JJ frowns a second. "Well, crap. Woke up thinking it was Saturday."

Emily chuckles. "I hate when I do that." She sits down on the edge of the bed beside her wife. "Why don't you call in today? Not like you don't have the time and it would do you and the babies good," she suggests, her hand running over their twins.

JJ takes Emily's hand and kisses it. "I want to go in and get my reports done for this case. If I lose my job, or we all lose our jobs, on Tuesday we'll need them done before we get escorted off Quantico."

Emily rolls her eyes. "Hadn't thought of that. But I think we'll be fine. We didn't do anything wrong as a team, each of us have lived our oath and haven't embarrassed the Bureau, and you've earned every damn thing you've gotten since you were 10 and made your first travel soccer team. We'll be fine, Jennifer, because there is no other option."

"I love how sure you are. And in case you were wondering, I love a whole lot about you."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

JJ gives a light tug and Emily leans over. "I really, really love how you kiss."

Emily had just expected a nice little good morning kiss. But JJ has other ideas. Her tongue dives into Emily's mouth as a hand travels to her wife's luscious breasts. Emily moans and tries to pull away. JJ tangles her fingers into Emily's hair, refusing to let this morning make-out session end before she wants it to. Emily tries to refuse, tries to pull away.

She fails.

Not that she's complaining as she pulls the covers off her wife and lies down beside her. Their kiss never breaks until Emily lifts up JJ's sleep shirt.

"You, Mrs. Prentiss, are going to make us late for work," Emily scolds with a smile.

"Sue me," JJ counters as she offers her breast to Emily's wanting mouth. "Oh! Oh, yes, baby, suck me."

Emily's mouth dances between the pert breasts. Her tongue and teeth tease the sensitive peaks as JJ writhes below her.

"Please…Em…lower…God, please fuck me and make me come. PLEASE!"

Emily growls and shoves her hand into JJ's sleep shorts. Her wife is hot and wet and most definitely ready. JJ arches up as Emily thrusts two fingers deep into her wife.


JJ shoves at her shorts, wanting them off so she can wrap her legs around her wife. Emily grabs the shorts and shoves them down until JJ kicks them off. Emily settles between her wife's legs, lifting her head to stare into deep purple eyes.

"I love you so much, Jennifer Prentiss."

She adds a third finger as strong legs wrap around her, pulling her closer with each thrust of their hips. JJ stares up at her wife.

"No one but you, Emily…no one has ever made me feel so fucking good. I love you so much. So fucking much!"

Emily doesn't even try to speak again. She captures JJ's mouth in a possessive kiss. JJ moans at the animalistic action. Her legs tighten, helping drive her wife in deeper and harder. Emily's clit is getting worked as it hits the back of her hand. Both women's hips start to thrust harder and faster as they race towards euphoria. Finally Emily reaches her peak first. Her head snaps back as her lower body goes into exhilarated convulsions.


Her spasms transport JJ into bliss, too.

"EM! Oh, fuck yes, EM-I-LYYYYY!"

Emily rolls off her wife onto the bed, gasping for breath. After a second her head lolls to the side.

"Good morning."

JJ rolls and cuddles up to the glistening brunette. "Best fucking morning in a while. Uh, literally."

They both giggle. Emily looks down at her body. "I think I'll need another shower."

JJ grins. "Most likely."

"Not good. Not sure my legs work."

JJ giggles. "If you want me to apologize you're going to be so very disappointed." She rubs her hand over Emily's stomach, loving the muscles that twitch below it. "I don't think I'll ever tire of the way you react to my touch."

Emily smiles. "Me neither. You awaken nerves in me I never knew existed. So next time I tell you you're getting on my nerves take it as a compliment."

JJ giggles and playfully slaps Emily's stomach. Emily gives her another kiss then stands and walks around the end of the bed. She extends her hand.

"Come on, Mrs. Prentiss. Hop in the shower with me while I rinse off and you clean up for work. Time to turn into Agent Jareau."

JJ sighs and allows Emily to pull her up. "Really wish it was Saturday."

"Me, too, sweetheart. Me, too."

The two head into the bathroom to get ready for their last day at the office for the year. As they stand in the shower, JJ faces her wife while Emily starts to wash golden tresses.

"I love when you wash my hair."

Emily kisses her nose. "And I love washing it so we're pretty damn lucky."

As Emily massages JJ's scalp, blue eyes study the taller woman carefully. JJ slowly smiles.

"There you are."

"Uh, what?"

"I've missed that spark in your eye, Em. It's been gone a while. Since…since New York. Maybe even before that. Maybe…maybe since Reese took Morgan. I didn't realize just how dull your eyes had become."

Emily starts to sluice shampoo out of JJ's hair. "I feel it, too, Jen. I had been walking too close to the line; we talked about that. I had the chance to cross it but Derek stopped me. And talking to Hotch I realized I could sell out everything I have ever believed in or I could continue to stand for those who need a voice for justice." She shrugs. "Why it took me cussing Morgan and him cuffing me to start to wake me up I don't know. But between Hotch's talk and, to be honest, punching that bastard from the ATF, I feel like…like I'm me again suddenly."


Emily nods. "Really. I may make a bad call but that's life and the job. I can't work with fear leading me on. If I do, I will definitely get myself or, even worse, one of you hurt. And looking back at my career, I made my best decisions when I went with my instincts. I'm a good agent and I have to learn to trust myself again."

JJ pulls her into a kiss. "I am so proud of you, Emily. You are one hell of an agent. You make the world a better place every day with the work you do. I hope you never doubt that again. Welcome back, sweetheart."

Emily grins. "Thanks, baby. I'm glad to be back. I feel so…so settled. I don't think I'd noticed how tense I was. Now I'm ready to face anything and anyone."

"Watch out, bad guys, Batman is back!"

"Damn right he is!" Emily agrees and kisses her wife once more.