With Morgan, Reid and Rossi not expected back in Virginia until later in the day, Hotch has Garcia, JJ and Emily come into his office for the Monday meeting.

"So, what do we know?" Hotch asks Emily.

"We know Jen is no longer allowed to go meet with unexpected visitors."

The other three chuckle and JJ shrugs in understanding.

"That aside, where do things stand on Dubosi?"

"Rossi will finish up questioning Colby this morning and go back to Dubosi for anything else. Dubosi did something stupid to try to convince himself he's a next generation gangster. All he proved to himself is he loves his family and he can't go back in time to change what he did. He'll testify against Colby and pray he gets parole before he dies in prison."

"Such a waste," Garcia mutters.

"Definitely," Emily agrees.

"Garcia, what other cases do we have today?"

Garcia hands folders to JJ and Emily. "Four cases each for the Prentiss ladies. None look like they need an in-person visit and I have backgrounds running on all victims as we speak. As long as JJ doesn't try to steal my thunder again we should be confined to the office the rest of the day."

JJ smiles. "I promise: next call from the front desk I ignore."

"Good plan," Hotch agrees. "Okay, well, get to them. I have a budget meeting at 10:30. If anyone needs anything official while I'm there they'll be calling you, Prentiss."

Emily nods. "Yes, sir. I'll be sure to leave you a voicemail to be dealt with later," she agrees with a wink.

Hotch grins. "Right. How about just handle it?"

"Well, if you insist."

After a quick rundown over the rest of the opens on their desk, Garcia, JJ and Emily go get to work. In the bullpen, Emily lays a hand on Garcia's arm.

"Thanks for watching the kids yesterday. I appreciate Francesca getting her full day off."

"No problem, Emster. Steph and I love the little monsters."

"And they love you both, too."

The trio splits up to get to work on their open cases.

By Wednesday the whole team is back in their office working on their open cases when Hotch walks out to the bullpen, Garcia right behind him.

"Team, conference room now."

As soon as they are assembled, Garcia starts to hand out folders. "Updates for your tablets coming soon but we're moving fast, Super Friends. We have a bomber that has targeted the heads of 3 businesses in Lexington, SC."

"Mailed pipe bombs?" Morgan asks.

"Sort of." She turns on the computer screen. "Bomb techs reassembled the scrap and the bombs were disguised as toys."

"Toys? Were the victims parents or collectors?" JJ asks.

"Parents, yes. One was a collector of Star Wars toys but his bomb was a toy drum with nothing to do with Emily's obsession." Emily rolls her eyes as the others chuckle. "Best the techs can tell the victims assumed the toys were gag gifts or gifts for their kids. Then boom."

"What detonated them?" Morgan asks.

"Just speculation but they think once the toy was played it set off the bomb," Hotch answers.

"So someone strikes the drum and boom. What were the other two toys?"

"One was a stuffed animal with one of those 'Press the paw' sound boxes and the other was a toy truck where you press the button to get the lights and sounds to work," Garcia answers.

Morgan nods. "Things people would be beyond tempted to try, including tapping the drum head." He looks at Hotch. "This guy is good enough to pack a lethal bomb in a small toy and sick enough to want the victim to participate in their own death."

"Yes. We're waiting for two more reports to come in but these bombs have arrived every other day so another should be arriving on someone's desk tomorrow. Postal service and package stores are on alert, as are messenger services. Get familiar with this case. Wheels up in 2 hours when this light ice storm is supposed to let up," Hotch says as he stands.

The team nods and grabs their information to try to get their ideas on who the mad bomber might be and why the victims were targeted. Time for the team to get back to work as one.

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