Creepy Pasta

Ghost Tree

Once upon a time, there was a little village at a forest's edge. The villagers were very superstitious and believed the trees came to life at night and devoured anyone who dared to venture into the forest.

One night, a little boy went to play outside and saw a fox. Curious and playful, he followed the fox into the forest and lost his way. His father went to look for him, armed with a big sharp axe. "Don't go," his wife had begged. "I've already lost our child and now I must lose you too."

"I have to go," the man had insisted, and off he went into the woods. His heart pounded as his hopes sank. It felt as if every shadow was out to get him. A wolf's howl echoed in the distance, sounding to him like a ghostly wail. He ran, desperately calling his son's name, until a loud hoot made him freeze in place and realize he was lost.

There was a rustling in the trees as the owls went over their high domain, safe from the wolves that preyed upon the land dwellers. The man did not move, he could not move, for he was frozen in terror. "My son is dead," he realized, "and I caused my own death by coming here at night because I couldn't accept that it was too late for him!"

The man let out an agonized wail and ran deep into the forest, certain that it was the spirits' doing that he was hopelessly lost. He stumbled and fell out of breath, and struggled to stand, consumed by fear. He began to swing his axe wildly, then suddenly he heard a faint crying. In his panic he thought it was the wail of a possessed tree and cut the rotten hollow trunk in half.

Unknown to him, his own son had been hiding in the hollow tree trunk, hoping to escape the horrors of the forest. The man saw his son's decapitated body and was unable to comprehend the terrible reality. He dropped his weapon and ran endlessly, screaming like the mad man he had become, until he ran right off a cliff and in the valley below, his broken body was devoured by the wolves.


Darker than the last one, wasn't it? The first one was for Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. This one is for Phantump.