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Bubblegum was within her lab, cooking up some liquids within her beakers. She was wearing her lab coat that concealed her body completely. Her glasses on as well as some goggles, her hair tied into a ponytail, she scribbled some equation into the paper she had with her. "Hmm." She wondered as she tapped the end of her pencil to one of the flasks that suddenly turned red as she wrote more into her paper. She has been in there for some time, not long enough to be placed as harmful for her health, but long enough to let people know she has been missing from her duties. But Bubblegum continued on with her experiment, she enjoyed her free time within her lab, the smell, the sudden reaction of her experiments their sizzling, bubbling, even when they gave a slight explosive reaction. This was her sanctuary and- knock, knock, knock – Bubblegum let out a sigh. She removed her goggles and walked to the door. She opened it to find her loyal servant Peppermint Butler on the side of the door.

"Peppermint, I told you I did not want to be disturbed." Bubblegum told him firmly.

"I know, and I'm sorry. But they were eager and pressive on the matter to meet you immediately." Peppermint apologized and bowed.

"Wait, who?" Bubblegum asked in curiosity.

"Master Finn, and Miss Marceline." Peppermint informed her.

"Wait, what day is today and what time." She asked franticly.

"Uh, Tuesday, and it's 5 to 3:00, my mistress." Peppermint told her.

"OH GLOB. Okay uh, tell them I'll be there, and give them anything they need to feel welcomed." Bubblegum told him in a worried manner but Peppermint kept his cool and bowed. Bubblegum sprint walked to her room removing her lab stuff along the way letting it fall to the ground. Once within her pink room the Princess quickly removed the dress she had on and began to look for another similar dress. At the same time brushing her dirty, coiled, and messy hair. She had lost herself within her experiment that she- Oh glob she forgot to turn off the heaters.

Bubblegum finished her dressing looking like she should be. As she ran back to her lab, opened it and just turned everything off and poured everything down the drain not caring all the hard work she had placed within the experiment. She looked back to her work station nothing that could cause a problem. She fixed her attire and walked towards her guest.

Finn and Marceline were outside on a balcony enjoying the scenery that the Candy Kingdom could offer. They were seated within a table that Peppermint Butler has offered to them. As well as a plate of cookies, some red velvet cake, and some fudge. Finn had some soda that was offered and Marceline was given some wine. Finn himself has changed much he still wore his bear hat on but letting some of his strands of hair loose. Has lost some of his baby fat and gotten slightly buffer. Still wore blue, and wore shorts that went to his knees. Marceline still looked the same for being a vampire, wearing a sunhat, blue jeans and a red shirt, along with some cowboy boots on. As they waited for Bubblegum to come to talk about the thing they have been discussing this whole time.

"Sorry I'm late, time got away from me." Bubblegum's voice was heard as both of them perked up. They both turned to see Bubblegum slowly walking towards the two as she shook Finn's hand and gave Marceline a hug.

"Will this be all your highness." Peppermint asked.

"Yes thank you, P-bub." Bubblegum told as Peppermint gave another polite bow and left them to their talk. "So, how's it been." Bubblegum asked them as she drank from her green tea Peppermint already left for her.

"We should be asking you that." Finn told with the same signature smile on his face.

"Still, how's things been going Bonnie." Marceline asked her. "And I still can't thank you enough for what you're doing for us." Marceline continued her voice full of gratitude.

"Marceline, we're friends, so you don't have to thank me. As well as I owe Finn for saving my kingdom so many times. So the least I could do is help you with this." Bubblegum said to them shining them a smile.

"Still, thanks for being our surrogate." Finn thanked her from the bottom of his heart.

"Again, you don't need to thank me. It's an honor to help you guys out in anyway." Bubblegum told them as she took a sip of her tea. Bubblegum has agreed to be Marceline's and Finn's surrogate for account for Marceline's inability to produce an offspring for Finn. For she was dead and well a dead being can't really produce a living baby for the child will need nutrients, which Marceline's digestive system wouldn't be able to support. A place to expand which wouldn't be able to be possible for Marceline's healing factor causing to re-heal almost immediately, meaning her womb won't be able to expand so it will constrict the child, meaning squishing it to death.

Every attempt within the lines of medical doctors, wizard ways, and dare she say evil rituals have failed. The two were in distress, a giant cloud hung over their heads. They were taking their relationship to another level and yet couldn't. It was until one day Marceline came crying into Bubblegum's bed one night. Bubblegum stayed with her through the whole night as she cried into her nightgown. Marceline kept blaming herself for not being able to give Finn a child, Bubblegum kept trying to comfort her but Marceline continued blaming herself. It hurt Bubblegum to see Marceline like this. They use to be lovers, in fact this was one of the issues of their relationship not being able to have a child. And to see Marceline kicking herself once again for the same thing hurt her deeply. Till she got the idea, she told Marceline about her being their surrogate and go ask Finn.

A few weeks ago they talked about it and they agreed. Marceline hugged and cried onto her shoulder. As for Finn she was thankful her body could be squished and stretched cause of the giant bear hug he gave her, though she did need oxygen. Still after some, 'intimate time', with Finn. Much to Bubblegum who wanted it to be by machine. But much to Marceline's dismay saying it to be natural, Bubblegum found it a little weird to do it with Finn. It was even more weird and awkward when Marceline decided to watch the two. Bubblegum could just tell she was enjoying herself in more then one way.

But deep inside she enjoyed every moment of it. She kept telling herself it was for a friend but she couldn't help but to enjoy Finn's intimacy towards her even if it was for one time. She could feel each thrust into her was full of passion and devotion he was gentle and kind with her. Feeling his...manhood, within her. She couldn't help but to enjoy it, letting out small moans and clawing into Finn's back sometimes. And much to her dismay she noticed that Marceline noticed her liking the time with Finn. She could tell she was going to get joked, and questioned about that later.

But now it's like they've become more then friends. Marceline treated her, well better. Much like she was part of the family, she was already being known as the child's godmother in a way. She was honored really, she didn't want praisement or acknowledgment, she just wanted to be helpful. They've been coming every Tuesday and Thursday to just come and talk, asking how things were going and if she needed anything in return. She always told them no, but she liked they cared for her to ask.

"Also Bubblegum." Finn spoke to her getting her attention.

"Yes, Finn." Bubblegum asked.

"Well me and Marceline were thinking of names for the baby and we wanted to know your opinion on the names as well." Finn told her as her eyes widened on the fact they wanted her to be part of that as well.

"Y-you really want my opinion on that." Bubblegum slightly stuttered on her words.

"Yes." Marceline answered her. As a smile spread through her face, as she rubbed her slightly bumpy stomach. She may have had a kingdom full of citizens she considered her children but never to have one growing within her. She already did the research and the baby shall have a 99.99% chance of living and born as well. Finn and Marceline were a little skeptical for the .01%, but at least it was way higher then their chances for kid, which didn't even reach a single digit number. Bubblegum smiled towards the two as they waited for her answer.

"Well what names have you got so far."

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