Bubblegum waved goodbye at the soon to be parents while they flew away towards their home. Bubblegum closed the door to her castle leaning on the doors letting out a breath of air feeling exhausted after a day of dealing with them, again. Their interest for the better of the child was great but was draining towards her. She walked up the staircase thinking to herself she should probably make an elevator to get up faster considering she would already have to deal with the extra weight already, she was referring to the gain in weight cause of the child.

Once she reached the top of the staircase her humble servant Peppermint Butler was there with a worried posture along with a worried expression plastered upon his face. "What is it this time, Peppermint Butler." Bubblegum asked annoyed knowing that the news he was going to tell her would either infuriate or anger her, both the same but one would be with less yelling.

"A message from the Lemon Kingdom my lady." Peppermint told her, she rolled her eyes at the news giving out an irritated grunt as well.

"If it's a message involving the child, I don't want to hear it." Bubblegum told walking past her servant.

"It's actually a distress call." Peppermint told causing Bubblegum to stop in her tracks turning around to look at her butler.

"Okay here's the message." Peppermint told her, they were within the control room of the castle where everything could be observed with the cameras around the Kingdom and where signals from neighboring Kingdoms where transmitted and recorded. Bubblegum watched while Peppermint turned a few dials and knobs then one of his actions caught her eye, he turned the volume to 'Mute'.

"Peppermint, I would want to hear the recording so why place the volume down?" Bubblegum asked.

"You'll see." Peppermint told flipping a switch to have the recording start.

"HELP! ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GLOB WE'RE BEGGING FOR HELP!." The recording started, Bubblegum was amazed by two things one the recording was being transmitted by Lemon Kingdom. All the transmissions are always stopped by Lemongrab, so could this be a revolt against Lemongrab? Also how could they scream so loud that it could be heard even when the sound is at mute?

"This goes on for some time." Peppermint told flipping the switch Bubblegum watched to see the dials speeding forward 18x faster then normal she calculated the seconds that went on and Peppermint stopped it at 25 seconds. So the screaming and pleading for help went on for over 2 hours. The recording went on at its normal speed there was nothing heard till the sound of a baby's crying was heard. "And that's it, the child's crying continues for about an hour before it no longer could be-" Peppermint told then stopped when he noticed that the Princess wasn't behind him. "Princess, Princess." Peppermint yelled down the hall.

Princess Bubblegum was already in a carriage having a candy person coachman take her towards the Lemon Kingdom. She made sure to pick a big enough carriage for the trip back. She was going to get as much lemon people as possible and get them out. And something just drove her cause of the sound of a child crying. "Mam, we're here." Spoke the candy coachman with a nervous tone. Once she looked outside her window of the carriage she realized why. The Kingdom had a more ominous look to it considering the whole Kingdom was pitch black. Not even the shining of the moon light could reach the Kingdom.

"You can wait right here." Bubblegum assured the coachman, he shaked his head shaking a little looking at the Kingdom. Bubblegum walked forward seeing the grass die off with every step till it was gone and only the dirt was seen. Bubblegum gulped slightly waiting for the alarms to start ringing and for a random lemon experiment to snatch her from the ground and straight towards Lemongrab. But once she got to the giant doors she relaxed but just slightly. She still had to survive and remain unharmed. Bubblegum opened the doors looking inside looking left and right to see mostly rags, dirty pans and chains on the ground. Taking one step forward she felt her foot step on something slimy. Looking down on what she stepped on it was something yellow with a strong sour scent coming of it, kneeling down she first though it was urine to smell it closer realized it was what the lemon people considered their blood. Taking a better look around she realized the entire land was coated with their blood.

Letting out a shuddered gasp Bubblegum navigated around the pools of lemon blood till she reached the entrance of the castle grunting against the door hearing it creak with every push against it. She looked around trying to see past the darkness around the room. She was going to walk using the walls to navigate till the sound of a child's crying was heard. Blindly Bubblegum ran towards the noise somehow avoiding the obstacles which were the pools of lemon blood, rocks, dead branches, etc. Panting from lack of oxygen she got to the room where the noise was the loudest.

"Hello, anyone in here." She asked squinting into the room to have 2 round green circles came from the inside of the room looking straight at her. Bubblegum felt her skin crawl a bit till the sound of hiccups were heard. She looked to see the circles become invisible then visible again and realized it was the child's eyes glowing in the dark. She ran towards the child picking it up trying to calm it down. "There there no need to cry." Bubblegum told cooing at the child unaware that it was the cause of all this. The creature smelled her letting its mouth water at her scent it grew jagged teeth and took a bit of her hair. "No, no, that's not for eating." Bubblegum instructed feeling the tug on her hair.

The creature already yanked off a huge chunk letting the taste be savored within its mouth till it decided to swallow it. The creatures mouth watered ready to bite through Bubblegum's jugular till its stomach ached and swirled his intestines locked and constricted. Even with a high level of stomach acids the gum managed to stay whole. In a normal stomach it would take 7 years till it got out for the creature it would result in stomach pain. Bubblegum felt the child shiver and heard his stomach growl. "It's alright, I'm gonna get you out of this cold place and get you something to eat." Bubblegum told walking out the dark room trying to navigate back to the entrance.

The coachman sat on the carriage waiting ever so patiently for the Princess's return if she returned that is. Suddenly the sound of footsteps were heard the coachman looked up to see a black shadowy figure walk towards the carriage out of fear the coachman hid behind the carriage praying to Glob he wouldn't be eaten.

"Excuse me, what are you doing?" Bubblegum questioned the coachman. The coachman looked up to see the Princess there instead of some horrible creature ready to eat him.

"Sorry your Highness, I thought you were something else. What do you have there?" The coachman asked pointing towards the child.

"A baby." Bubblegum told poking its belly to have it scrounge up a little.

"Anyone else who we should be waiting for." The coachman asked. Bubblegum shook her head solemnly. "Oh." Was all the coachman told before getting back onto the seat to take the Princess and the child back to the Kingdom.

It took some time considering Bubblegum asked the coachman to take it easy considering with every bump of the road would cause the child she was holding some sort of irritation. So the ride back took longer, she wrapped the child up in a blanket and it fell asleep on the ride back. Curling up against Bubblegum sucking on its thumb all the way back, Bubblegum thanked the coachman for his services once at Kingdom and walked back towards the castle. Bubblegum would rock the child back and forth whenever it would squirm slightly and whine.

Once at the castle doors she planned on placing the child in a safe room and go back to Lemon Kingdom with some soldiers and when they'll be able to see if there were any survivors. Bubblegum moved the door of the castle to have the door become dislocated from the hinges falling to the ground with a giant thud. Followed by screaming from a large majority of Banana Guards and Peppermint Butler obviously startled by the sudden noise, thanks to those noises the child, Bubblegum had woke up crying. Bubblegum let out a groan in irritation then looked towards her soldiers frowning at them then stopped when she noticed many of them shaking and quivering in fear many of them having bruises and cuts on them. The inside of the castle was in ruins to say the least, columns were shattered, the floor had cracks and what appeared to be burn scars and claw marks all over the walls and ceiling.

"Princess, thank goodness you're hear." Peppermint told coming up to her while she tried to quiet down the baby.

"Mind explaining the situation and if it was bad enough to be called a situation why didn't you call for Finn for help?" Bubblegum questioned trying to calm the child from the noise earlier.

"It took out the communication when it arrived." Peppermint told looking at the crying thing Bubblegum was holding within her arms. "Uh, Princess-"

"Later, what exactly caused all this." Bubblegum told narrowing her eyes at Peppermint. Shakingly he pointed towards a closed door where much of the disaster seemed to be drawn to due to the fact the claw marks and burn marks seemed to be pushed into that room. Gently she handed the child to Peppermint who looked at the child questionably then towards Bubblegum who walked towards the door. Gently Bubblegum turned the knob of the door taking a peek inside.

Every guard shook in fear waiting for the monster that attacked them earlier to come barging out. Instead the only thing that happened was Bubblegum to shake they believed it was in fear. "PEPPERMINT BUTLER." Bubblegum yelled in anger. Peppermint instantly ran towards her looking inside to find the monster gone and replaced with a small infant. "Really." She asked flatly towards her Butler, who could only respond with stuttering.

For the next few hours Bubblegum has stayed awake by trying to keep the children from crying and by giving them clothing they could wear. The lemon child was given the same type of clothing as Lemongrab except yellow like it's skin but no weapon added. For the child she found when she came back it was given blue shorts and a red shirt she placed them both in a crib, but they didn't seem to like being in there nor being next to each other. She would carry one to have the other reach out to her to carry him. And when she carried both of them they would start to squirm in her arms making her put them back onto the crib. They would whine to be carried and the situation would go in circles.

She would have placed them with the rest of the children but she didn't know what a Lemon child would do with a candy child, would it act like Lemongrab and start freaking out and hitting them and not to forget about the other one, it looked vampire so she wasn't going to leave it out of her sight it might bite and drain an innocent child by accident just like Marceline did draining her color and leaving her withered, dried up, pretty much like a prune, good thing for the spoon but she couldn't risk the childrens health over these two. She needed some baby sitters.

Marceline and Finn were in Marceline's house. Finn laying on the couch, Marceline laying next to him his arms coiling around her body till there was a knock on the door. Marceline got off the couch and out of her boyfriends arms floating towards the door opening it to find Princess Bubblegum at the door. "Bonnie?" Marceline asked in confusion considering the Princess always calls before coming.

"Hello, Marceline, I have a favor to ask of you and Finn." Bubblegum told.