I've always wanted to write an IzaKida AU! My god there are waaaayyy too many ship names for them (compared to the small base of people who ship them) I mean, there's: Kizaya, IzaKida, IzaMasa, and Izaomi that I've heard of.

***This story contains yaoi, and lots of it. If that isn't your thing, then walk away now. This is AU—obviously Izaya isn't an actual demon in the story. It's lemon with noncon at some point. There's underage sex, if that bothers some people. Umm…possibly torture. I think that's it?

I don't own Durarara! Or any of the characters.

"I know what you are."

"Masaomi, I'm happy to see you." Izaya leaned back against his desk, arms crossed and smile wide.

"I'm sure you aren't happy to see me, not really. I doubt you can even experience most emotions."

"What an interesting thing to say."

"I know what you are," he repeated. "I...I want to make a deal with you."

Izaya raised an eyebrow. "A deal?" He took a few steps forward and circled around the boy. He stopped behind Kida and pulled his head back by his hair. "Do you understand what that entails? I don't usually make deals with teenagers; they aren't mature enough to think through permanent life choices."

Kida's chest tightened; his legs shook and his pulse raced. Despite his fear, he managed to laugh quietly. "I thought demons tempted naïve humans into selling their souls. Do you like your souls aged and seasoned?"

Izaya let go of his hair and spun him around. Kida swallowed nervously when he saw the look on the demon's face—his grin was sly and his blood-red eyes gleamed with hunger.

He tilted the boy's chin up with a firm grip. "I only prey on those who I know will follow through with the deal."

"What do you mean? I didn't really think there was a way for a human to escape. Can't you just track them down if they try to run?"

"You see, that's where the media goes wrong. Your folklore doesn't properly describe Faustian bargains." He let go of the teen's chin and stood up straight. "Of course the human can't run away; they bind themselves to the demon during the deal. When I say 'follow through,' I mean with my reward. I don't just give humans whatever they want and eat them as payment."

Kida tilted his head in confusion. "You don't take their souls?"

"No, I do. That's not all, though. I ask them to give me something along with their soul. However, humans have free will. I'm really the only one unable forced to do what I promised if I want that soul; except handing their soul over—willingly or not, it belongs to me. They don't have to fulfill my request, even though it's explicitly stated in the contract, but some don't believe me when I say what will happen if they refuse."

"What happens?" Izaya took a step towards him, and he stepped backwards. They slowly continued the dance.

"I keep them in a dungeon in Hell for 10 years. They endure whatever the demons stuck there do with them. They can't die; even if they're torn to pieces, they'll be good as new in minutes. Only after those long years will I give them the privilege of dying, when I swallow their soul."

Kida hit Izaya's desk, the force of his impact causing him to sit on it. He went to get up, but the informant placed his hands on either side of the boy, trapping him. "You...you said that was only if they didn't do what you want. W-what do you ask from them?"

"It depends on the person and what they wish for—and what I'm in the mood for. Sometimes I'll ask for complete servitude until the contract expires; I occasionally have them work as a sort of secretary."

"People trade being your secretary for ten years in the underworld?"

"That's only if they aren't my type." Izaya leaned in, his lips barely brushing against his neck. "For the few that are, I usually have them choose between Hell and my torture; another reason that I don't make deals with kids."

"Torture?" Kida croaked. He was extremely uncomfortable with the situation, but he didn't want to anger a demon. He sat very still.

Izaya smiled against his skin. "What do you think demons do for fun? We don't really get pleasure from the things that humans do—except for satisfying our lust, that is. We do that in the same way."

"Um..." He cleared his throat. "So, will you...make a deal with me?"

He breathed into Kida's ear. "Of course. You're my type and I've been waiting a very long time to satisfy my cravings." He moved back, staring intensely at the boy. "Now, what is it that you want? It's all about money and fame with you kids. Maybe you want someone to fall in love with you…?"

"I want you to cure my mom. She has brain cancer, and the doctors can't help her anymore."


"Well...yeah, I guess. Can you fix her?"

"Yes, that's an easy task for me. Shall we get started?" he responded eagerly.

"That's not all."

"Don't press your luck, brat. You get one wish. I'm not a genie."

"Izaya, please."

He straightened up and crossed his arms. "I'm listening."

"If I'm...if I'm going to die this way, my family and friends will worry. It's not like I can tell them the truth, and you won't leave my body for them, right?" He continued after seeing Izaya nod. "I can't hurt them like that. They'll never stop looking, even if I tell them I'm running away."

The demon stopped him, knowing what he meant. "You want me to make it as if you never existed."

"Yes," he responded somberly.

"You'll have to stay with me until the end of our contract."

Kida raised his eyebrows. "What? Why?"

"None of your friends, family, or acquaintances will know who you are, and I know that you can't afford to live by yourself. Are you prepared to be with me all the time? You'll have to fulfill your end of the bargain at any time. I don't need to sleep as much as humans. I might wake you up in the middle of the night simply because I'm bored. It will be very convenient for me, though. I hate always having to call my human over when I need them."

"When you say torture—"

"That's not what I'm asking for, Masaomi."

"Secretary duties, then…?"

Izaya sighed impatiently. He moved closer and slid his hand up the boy's thigh suggestively. "Demons have needs, like humans."

A blush rose to his cheeks as he realized what he meant. "I'm only sixteen...and a guy..."

"Well, I'm older than any human by a few hundred years, so all of you are young to me. You can think of me as… What does your species call it? Oh, that's right; you can think of me as pansexual." He licked the length of Kida's neck, kissing his jawbone when he reached it. "If you do this, your life will be over; I will be the only thing you live for. You'll have to adjust...in more ways than one."

The blonde looked at him determinedly. "Tell me what I have to do."

"Don't you have any questions? You're not going to jump into this without knowing the details, right?"

"How long?"

Izaya tapped his chin, staring out the window as he contemplated. "Three years."

Kida nodded, pushing the thought of three years with him away. "Just do it."

"Masaomi Kida, I vow to cure your mother of her cancer and erase your existence. You will live with me for the next three years. In that time, you will offer up your body to me whenever I please. When the contract expires, I will devour your soul. Do you accept my terms?"

The teen exhaled. He knew this was the only way to save his mother. He had to do it. "Yes."

He muttered something in a language he didn't understand, pulling a blade from his pocket and pressing it to his arm.

"Wait! Wh-what are you doing?" the teen exclaimed.

Izaya smirked. "Would you rather drink from my neck? Kinky; I like it." He swiftly cut into the side of his neck.

"You want me to...?"

"This is how you make a Faustian bargain. Drink my blood before the wound closes; I heal fast." He tilted his head slightly, giving Kida better access.

Slowly, the teen put his hand on Izaya's shoulder. He pressed his lips to the cut and started to drink the blood. After a few seconds, he started to drink more fiercely, becoming addicted to the sweet taste of the demon's blood. He gripped Izaya's shoulder tighter and closed his eyes. He wrapped his legs around his waist and used the shoulders as leverage to get higher.

Izaya tore the boy's head away from his neck. He clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes shut, breathing heavily. The wound closed and he looked up. "I know it tastes good, but I don't have an unlimited amount."

He scanned the boy from head to toe. "I need yours." Kida grabbed his neck nervously. Izaya caught his expression. "I'm going to leave a permanent mark. Nobody can see it." He looked over the body again. "Take your shirt off."

Kida complied. He gasped when Izaya flashed pointed teeth. It was as if he switched teeth with a shark. "My saliva drugs you; it will only hurt for a few seconds." He mumbled something to himself and scooped the boy up in his arms.

When he blinked, Kida found that he had been taken to a different room. He looked around and realized he was in Izaya's bedroom. "How—"

Izaya pushed the boy on his back and moved his mouth just above his left hip. "Demons are faster and stronger than humans. Look, we can discuss this later; we need to finish this quickly." His razor-sharp teeth dug into the skin. Knowing what Kida's reaction would be, he ignored the scream and held him down. He retracted his teeth and started to drink.

The teen now understood what the demon had meant about his saliva "drugging" him. He knotted his hand in Izaya's hair and rose into his touch. Even when he started to feel lightheaded, he weakly moaned, encouraging more.

Izaya whispered something into the skin. He crawled up the boy and licked his blood-stained lips.

"Is it done?"

"Yes. Are you dizzy?"

"A little bit."

"I got carried away there. I haven't had anything in months."

"By anything, you mean...?"

"Blood. I'll be drinking yours for the next three years."

"Um, did I make a deal with a vampire? I don't remember you saying anything about that."

"Demons live off of blood and souls. Since I'm currently in a human form, your food and beverages can satisfy me for a few years, at most, between deals. That's also why I need to sleep occasionally. Oh, and that was what I said in Latin just now."

"So...you're just gonna take my blood whenever you feel like it?"

"It'll be less than once a week; I don't need it very often. Besides, you definitely liked it."

Kida blushed at the statement.

Something flickered in Izaya's crimson eyes. Wordlessly, he lowered his head and licked Kida's neck.

"W-wait. What are you doing? I thought you said we were done."

"The deal has been completed, yes."


"A few minutes ago, you were sucking on my neck with no inhibitions; a few seconds ago, you were erotically moaning my name. The way you were looking at me... You can't expect me to walk away from a meal that's begging for me to eat it."

"You want...sex...right now?"


"Drink my blood again."

"I need to give you time to recover. It'll be at least a few days before I can feed again." He saw the excitement in the boy's eyes lessen. "But I can give you the next best thing."

"What's that?"

"It's not the act of drinking that feels good, it's my saliva. It doesn't have a very strong effect this way, but it's better than nothing, and I'm feeling generous today." He leaned down and kissed Kida. He waited a few seconds before moving away. "Open your mouth. Haven't you kissed someone before?"

Kida averted his gaze, his face flushed. "Well..."

"Don't think about it. Kissing comes naturally to humans, so just go with it."

The teen nodded, not believing that he'd just received advice about making out from a demon. When he felt Izaya's lips a second time, he opened his, jumping a bit from the force of his long tongue. He assumed that it was a somewhat abnormal length. After a few seconds, he figured out the rhythm and went with it, moving his tongue in unison with the other male's. Suddenly, adrenaline coursed through his body. He tangled his hands in the black hair and groaned. When he felt Izaya unzipping his jeans, he stiffened.

The older male noticed this, pulling away to look at him. He laughed silently. "You're nervous," he stated. "Is it because I'm so experienced, or because you're a virgin? Ah, maybe it's because you've realized how strong I am. You're afraid I'll tear you apart."

"Um, all of the above?"

"I've been with enough humans to know how fragile you are. I won't hurt you too badly."

"I always thought I'd lose my virginity to a human. My first and last sexual experiences will be with a demon. Fun."

Izaya smirked deviously. "I can assure you that I'm better than any human, darling," he purred.

Kida stomach flipped from the seductive tone of his voice. Not realizing he had closed his eyes, he felt the demon return to his neck. Izaya had taken his shirt off, exposing his muscular, perfectly toned back. Without thinking, he raised his hands and ran them along the smooth skin.

Taking the action as consent to move forward, Izaya slipped off his jeans and the teen's boxers. He took out lubricant from the drawer of his nightstand and hesitated.

"How are you feeling?"


"I mean, do you have a headache or feel lightheaded at all? Do you feel faint?"

"No, not anymore. Why?"

"I hate preparing; it's so tedious. I'd much rather skip ahead." He pulled out his length and coated it with the lube.

"You're...not going to do anything first?" he asked nervously.

"If your body is somewhat recovered, I'll distract you from the pain. I can restrain myself from taking too much."

Anticipation danced like fire in Kida's eyes. Izaya was going to drink his blood again. He obeyed when he was told to turn his head and open his legs. After he was bitten, he felt the ecstasy coursing through him. He held the raven's head close, breathing heavily from the intense sensation. He barely noticed when Izaya thrusted into him. Once he picked up a steady rhythm, he pulled away, checking the boy's face for any signs of too much blood loss; he seemed alright.

"You'd be dead the moment a vampire saw you."

"V-vampires are real?"

"No. Some demons like theatrics, though, and pose as vampires in order to trap curious humans."

"You can take blood without a deal?"

"Yes, but there's no way of erasing the human's memory afterwards, and we can't kill them. We can't just drink someone's blood and not expect them to go to the authorities. It would feel good, but they'd be totally freaked out when the effects wore off. When I say that some demons pose as vampires, I mean they actually tell a human that they're a vampire. They treat them well and fulfill their fantasies. However, it's much easier and safer to just make a deal. That way, I don't have to worry about someone knowing who I am when I attack them." He kissed the hollow of Kida's neck. "I have human blood at my disposal right now. I'm also a very old demon, and I don't usually have trouble controlling my hunger. Even if I'm starving, I'd find a way to trick someone into selling their soul before I'd attack some random person."

"Hey, Izaya?"


"Stop talking."

The demon raised an eyebrow. "Ok."

"And...be more rough; you're being too cautious right now. I...I want more."

Izaya bit his neck with his human teeth. "As you wish." He held Kida's waist with one hand, gripping tightly. He moved faster and slammed in harder.

The boy threw his head into the pillow and clutched the sheets. "Fuck." His eyes widened and he groaned loudly. "Izaya, there! Keep...hitting there," he pleaded breathlessly. With a strained cry, Kida closed his eyes and came. When he finished, he looked at the raven, surprised. "You didn't even touch me there. Why did I finish?" He was even more surprised to find that his erection was already back.

"I told you that I'm good in bed," he replied. "I don't know how much more you can take today, and I'm almost there, so..." Izaya pulled out and leaned against the wall, legs bent and spread. "Get over here and finish me."

"How...?" Truthfully, he was afraid to hear the answer.

He drew the younger male towards him and smiled. "I think you know."

"But that was just..."

"Inside of you? Yes, I'm aware. It won't be so bad." He tilted the boy's chin up and kissed him. "I'll give you a reward if you do a good job."

"It's so...big."

"You don't have to take in all of it."

Kida grabbed Izaya's member in one hand, circling the tip with his thumb. He licked from base to head and back again. Hearing Izaya groan in approval, he clamped his lips around it and repeated the action. He decided to go further. Positioning himself over the throbbing length, he used his hand to pump the shaft and sucked on the tip.

The raven yanked the boy's head up as he came. The fluid covered his face, some ended up in his open mouth. He looked at the teen with an expression of lust and satisfaction. Strange combination, Kida thought.

Izaya took Kida's hand in his. For a moment, he thought that the informant meant to tell him something important. "C'mon, let's go." He left the bed and started to walk out the door, the teen forced to follow.


"To take a shower, of course. Unless you want my cum on your face for the rest of the day—which I completely approve of." They walked into a large bathroom. Izaya turned on a shower large enough to comfortably fit five or six people.

"I can clean myself."

"I need a shower too; we might as well be efficient and take one together."

Kida rolled his eyes, knowing that he was falling headfirst into a trap. "Whatever you say, master."

Izaya either didn't catch the sarcastic tone or ignored it because he turned around with shining red eyes. "I want you to call me that."

"Excuse me?"

"Call me 'master' from now on."

"No way. I was just joking when I said that."

"Well, I'm not." He backed Kida into the far wall of the shower. He placed his hands on either side of the boy and licked the shell of his ear. "Obey me, or I'll use my whip with its intended purpose."

"What do you usually do with it?"

"I don't think you really want to know." Izaya lathered his hands with the bar of soap and started to scrub Kida's face. The usually stubborn teen thought to complain, but he figured that Izaya would get his way no matter what he did. He closed his eyes and allowed the man to finish. The raven washed the soap away and pulled him forward. Before he could open his eyes, soft lips were on his, a tongue asking for entry.

Kida opened his mouth and followed the older male's lead, remembering what he said about not thinking. Recognizing that Izaya didn't plan to end their embrace any time soon, he twined his arms around his neck and lost himself in the kiss. He felt his head being massaged with shampoo. It was a pleasant feeling, and he was somewhat disappointed when it was washed out.

He went to move forward, but he slipped on the tile and fell backwards. Just before he hit the ground, strong arms wrapped around him and slowly lowered him the rest of the way.

"Do you want your reward now?" Izaya sat Indian-style, placing Kida in the gap between his legs and torso, facing him.

"Sure?" He leaned back slightly from the unexpected closeness.

"Answer me correctly."

The teen flared his nostrils in annoyance. "Yes. Please give me my reward...master."

"That's what I like to hear." He held his hand out, and they both watched as his nails grew into points. He slashed his neck very close to where he'd done earlier. His nails turned back to normal and he brushed Kida's cheek with the backs of his fingers. "Go ahead."

The teen stared hungrily at the red fluid dripping from the demon's neck. The moment he was given permission, he moved Izaya's head out of the way and pulled him down, drinking as if he'd been parched for days. He frowned a short while later, realizing that the wound had healed itself. He looked up at Izaya as a puppy would when waiting for the treat he'd seen in his owner's hand. If he had a tail, it would be wagging out of control.

"More," he said simply.

"If you have too much, you'll turn into something inhuman."

"But...it tastes good." He blinked, his expression changing. "Izaya, why do I want your blood so badly? It's kind of creeping me out."

"Demons have many ways of luring in our prey. We have different characteristics that help us—a seductive voice, trusting smile, dangerous personality, etc. Things that we have in common are our attractive human forms, ability to lie flawlessly, intelligence, and addictive blood. Since drinking a demon's blood is required in a Faustian bargain, the human tastes it, and can't help but want more. Many use this as a way to keep their prey in check. They give it to them as a reward and threaten to...cut them off if they misbehave. A demon's blood is its most effective and dangerous weapon."

Kida blinked again. "Is that what you were doing to me?"

"Yes, and I'll most likely use it to control you in the future."

He stared at him with large copper eyes. "What exactly happens to people who have too much?"

"They become a sort of demon-human hybrid. It's an extremely painful transition, and you'll crave more and more until you're barely human. Demons can't make soul-selling deals with each other, so if their human consumes too much demon blood..."

"The contract is broken," Kida finished.

"No. When you make a deal with a demon, you can't get out of it unless you explicitly break the contract. The contract is in effect until it's broken. These beings slowly lose their souls and become immortal. The demon and it are bound in the contract for eternity—or until one breaks and kills the other."

"How do you kill a demon?"

Izaya smiled. "Now, why would I tell you that?"

Kida looked genuinely surprised. "I don't want to kill you; I was just curious. I didn't think it was possible. Wouldn't you just get sent back to Hell?"

"Some weapons kill, some send us back."

"Does a silver bullet work?"

Izaya's expression showed that he was clearly unamused. "I'm not a werewolf, and we're done discussing this."


The demon sliced his arm and drank his own blood, not swallowing. He used his thumb to open Kida's jaw. He tilted the boy's head back slightly and pressed his lips to his. When he opened his mouth, blood spilled past Kida's lips. He swallowed all of it greedily. Once it stopped dripping, he kissed Izaya ravenously. His head hit the tile with force that would've given a human a bad concussion. Kida moved Izaya's legs and rose to his knees for a better angle. He cupped the demon's face and licked everywhere inside his mouth; nothing was left untouched. He realized that there was nothing left, and his kissing slowed until their lips were pressed together, motionless.

Kida clutched his abdomen and bent his head. "My stomach hurts. Ugh, I can't believe I just did that; it's sickening to think about."

"That's more than you should have in a month. It's alright because you've only just acquired the taste, but you need to slow down. This isn't something you need regularly, unlike demons. I hate to describe it as some kind of treat, but that's really what it is."

Kida nodded. "I understand. I can control myself."

"You can't, actually, and you've never really been able to. You act impulsively on your emotions and desires; that's what gets you into so much trouble."

He looked at him blankly, not sure how to reply. He felt somewhat angry, but he knew that the informant was right. They weren't strangers at all, and Izaya probably knew him better than his parents because of all the games he'd played with him. He pushed the dark memories away and focused on the present. "Didn't we come in here to get clean?"

Izaya stood up, pulling the boy with him, and grabbed the bar of soap. He slowly washed Kida's arms, and then moved to his legs. While kneeling, he kissed his inner thighs, leaving a few bite marks.

The teen grunted. "Why did you do that? I've had enough."

"Are you sure about that?"

"You know I can't control it. It's my body's reaction."

"I know, but it's fun to see you embarrassed."

Izaya finished washing him, pausing every once in a while to kiss or lick the skin. He inwardly laughed at the boy's pleas for him to stop. At the end of Kida's most sensual experience in his life, he was finally given what he needed, not hesitating to kiss the demon afterwards, despite where his mouth had just been.

Izaya turned the shower off and threw the boy a towel, wrapping one around his own waist. Once Kida finished towel-drying his hair, the demon moved behind him. He saw the older male's dangerous expression in the mirror.

He pulled the blonde's head to the side and spoke against his lips. "You're mine."

I'm really excited for this story! I've got a good grip on the plotline and I'm fairly certain where it'll end up. Hope you liked it! :D