Jacob's point of view:

I'm getting married today, I thought the moment I woke up.

Opening my eyes, I felt around for Ness, but her side of the bed was empty. Then I remembered that she stayed with her parents last night, stating that she didn't want me to see her until she walked down the aisle. I sat up and rolled my shoulders. I missed her, and the feeling of her in my arms, feeling the baby kick me as I held her mother.

In a few hours, I wouldn't have to be parted from them for another night. Ignoring the ache in my chest, I got up to shower. I took a little longer than normal to make sure I was clean shaven and smelled good.

After dressing in jeans and clean t-shirt, I went to find Dad. After he fell yesterday, I couldn't help but agree with Ness that he needed to move in with us, but for different reasons. Paul and Rachel told me that they found him on the floor when he moved from his bed or couch to his chair several times before. It worried me that he'd end up breaking something, and I knew his arms bothered him more than he was letting on. After knocking on the guest bedroom door, I opened it.

Dad sat on the bed in his tux, his hair still wet from a shower. He was pulling a pair of sock on over his feet.

"You couldn't wait to help me dress you?" I asked.

"Jacob." He shot me a look as he pulled on the second sock. "I'm not a baby."

"No, but you're not as able as you once were," I argued.

Dad grumbled as he put his shoes on, and I put his chair closer to the bed so he wouldn't fall again.

"You know Ness was right." I sat next to him. "I want you to move in with us."

"I don't want to be a burden, and what about the house in La Push?"

"That old shack?"

"I love that house," Dad said, giving me a dirty look. "Your mom and I bought that house and raised you kids there."

"But it's not fit for an old man in a wheelchair."

"Son …" He shook his head. "I don't want to fight with you on your wedding day."

"I know, I know." I sighed. "Please, though, Dad. Rachel and I are worried."

"Rachel's a gossip."

I laughed before growing serious. "I know it must be hard, but, Dad, we're just worried about you. You did a good job of raising us after Mom died, and we want to make sure you're taken care of now."

Dad softened. "Thanks, son. That means a lot to me."

I slapped his shoulder. "I'll get us some breakfast."

"Okay, Jake. I'll be there in a few."

"Don't fall again, okay? The Cullens paid a lot for that tux."

"Get out of here." He took a swipe at me, and I laughed as I dodged it.

A couple of hours later, I waited in a hotel room with Dad, Quil, and Embry. Standing at the window, I looked outside as we waited to get married downstairs in the small ballroom. Alice had tried to convince us to use the large ballroom, but we wanted something small, but still elegant.

I missed her so much, it was nearly unbearable. I needed her by my side, in my arms. I pulled out my phone.

I miss you- I texted her.

Putting my phone away, there was a knock on the door. Turning, I watched Quil open the door to reveal Alice carrying three large, white bags. She wore a green dress with heels.

"So," Alice said. "Your tuxes are finally ready. Here is yours, Quil, and Embry."

"Thanks, Alice." Embry took his tux and Quil nodded at her.

"Here's yours, Jacob." She held out the last bag. "Go change first. I want to make sure everything is perfect."

She grabbed my elbow and walked me to the bathroom and pushed me inside.

"Geez, Alice." I pulled my arm away. "I'm an adult. I can dress myself."

I quickly shut the door, and pulled out my phone to see if Ness had texted me. A smile and relief filled me as I saw a text from her.

We miss you too.

We? I texted back.

Half a minute later, I received a picture of her bare belly. The baby and I.

Gosh, I miss both of you.

You're going to ruin my makeup

"Are you changing?" Alice asked while banging on the door.

"Hold on, Alice."

Sorry, babe. Better go, your aunt's harassing me to change

See you soon! Xoxo

I grinned as I put the phone down and pulled off my shirt and pants. Pulling up my dress slacks and buttoning up my shirt, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was actually getting married today. Marrying my imprint, the most beautiful woman and the mother of my baby girl. Opening the door, I couldn't help but wear a goofy grin.

"Oh my gosh, he has the stupid imprint grin," Embry muttered as he eyed my face.

"Shut up, Embry," I shot back. "Like you haven't had the same."

"You know we can't help it on a wedding day," Quil said.

"Shoot me if I do the same," Embry muttered as he moved into the bathroom with his tux.

"I'll hold you to that," I said.

"Here," Alice said, stepping up with me while holding my vest and bow tie, which were both dark gray. "Put this on."

I took the vest and put it on. "It fits perfectly."

"Of course it does," Alice retorted. "It has to."

"Alice, this isn't your wedding." I raised an eyebrow.

"But it's my oldest niece's wedding," Alice said, putting her hands on her hips. "And I'll be damned if it won't be perfect."

"Aren't you damned already?" Embry said from the bathroom.

"Shut up, Embry!" Alice grumbled, making Embry laugh. Alice held up the tie. "Here, lean forward."

I leaned forward so Alice could put the tie around my neck and she tied it within seconds. Standing up, Alice grabbed my jacket coat, held it out for me and I shrugged it on.

"Button it up, Jacob," Alice demanded.

"Can't I wait until the ceremony starts?" I argued back. "I'll be burning up."

"I guess." She frowned then turned toward the bathroom. "Come on, Embry. I need to go check on the girls before we go."

"All right, all right." Embry opened the door to be harassed by the pixie.

I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed while Dad wheeled over to me.

"You look great, son." He smiled at me, but it didn't reach his eyes, and I guessed he was thinking about Mom.

"Thanks, Dad." I grinned at my father.

"I'm proud of you." Dad's smile disappeared and he swallowed. "I never tell you that enough, but I'm proud that you've built a future for yourself and a family."

"That really means a lot to me, Dad." I hugged him, not bothering to getting up.

"Gentlemen?" Alice interrupted, and I pulled away to see her smiling at us. "Go downstairs in fifteen minutes."

"We'll see you there, Alice." This was really happening, and my hands started to sweat.

"See you then, and don't ruin your tuxes." She shot daggers at us before turning to leave the room.

The next fifteen minutes were the longest and shortest time in my life. I paced, stood by the window again, and checked my reflection in the mirror. I checked my watch all the time to find not another minute passed. The next thing I knew, I was standing down at the altar. I couldn't remember putting on my jacket or walking downstairs, but I got it done somehow.

Dad sat up front, his chin held high. I swallowed as Charlie and Bella walked down the aisle to the mother of the bride', and they were soon followed by the bridesmaids.

When it was Arian and Abby's turns, laughter filled the room. Arian shyly threw her petals on the floor, avoiding eye contact. Abby threw a handful of petals over her head as she walked, grinning like crazy as people watched her. Arian ended up sitting with Rosalie in the second row, but a grinning Abby stood by Tala and Nina, Felix and Leah's preteen twin girls.

The music changed, and I felt myself standing up straighter. When the doors at the end of the aisle, my breath caught in my throat. Ness's veil flowed around her, as did her dress over her belly. She smiled at me, and her brown eyes were swimming with tears. I smiled back, my lips pulling back as far as they could go.

Ness's tears fell over as her eyes made contact with mine. She was so perfect, and so beautiful, and completely mine.

"I love you," I mouthed.

"Love you too." A gentle laugh escaped her mouth as she walked toward me until her and Edward stopped in front of me.

"Please take care of her," Edward said as he lifted Ness's hand.

"I will, you know I will," I replied.

Edward went to put her hand in mine, but hesitated.

"Daddy," Ness sobbed.

"I know, baby, I know." He kissed her forehead. "I love you, honey."

"Oh, I love you too, Daddy." Ness hugged her father.

They broke apart, and Edward put her hand in mine. I took both of her hands as she faced me, my eyes watching her the whole time. Those big brown eyes that had captivated me years ago still held the same power over me. I cupped her cheek, and she smiled and leaned into my touch. Running my thumb over her cheek, I continued to stare at her.

"Jake," she said, giggling and nodding toward the minister.

"Huh?" I asked and laughter filled the room.

"Your vows, sir," the minister prompted.

"Oh, yeah." I cleared my throat as I reached into my jacket pocket, and I pulled out the vows that I'd written in my spare time.

"Renesmee," I started, using her full name. "I love you more than anything. I hadn't known what I'd been missing before I met you, before you captured my heart with just one look. The moment I looked into your brown eyes, I was lost. My heart was lost to you. Thank you for stealing my heart, and I love you.

"I promise to take care of you and our children. I promise that you will want for nothing, to be your best friend, to be a shoulder to cry on, and spend all eternity with you. I love you so much."

"I love you too," Ness whispered through tears.

"Now for your vows, Renesmee," the minister said.

"Jacob, you're my best friend, and I can't remember a time when you haven't been there for me. I can always count on you for everything, tell you everything that's on my mind," she said, smiling despite her crying. "I love you more than anything, and I can't wait to start my life with you. I promise I'll be a best friend to you as much as you've been mine, and support you in any way I could be."

I kissed her gently, before kissing away her tears, making her giggle.

"Your ring for Renesmee," the minister said, and I turned to take the ring from Embry.

Ness held up her hand, and I repeated the vows, focusing on her beauty. The ring slid on Ness' slim finger, but I only saw her eyes lighting up. When it was her turn, she repeated the ritual, and I watched her lips move as she slipped the cold metal on my finger. So beautiful, and all mine.

"You may kiss the bride," the minister said.

The crowd cheered when I kissed my wife.

Carlisle's point of view:

"Oh, what a beautiful wedding," Esme said, clutching my hand as Jacob and Renesmee walked down the aisle. "Oh, how lovely."

I smiled as we sat in the second row of our oldest granddaughter's wedding. I ran my thumb over Esme's hand as she gushed about everything from her dresses to the flowers to the vows. I smiled as I watched her face light up; she was the most beautiful creature in the world.

"It was very lovely," I said putting my arm around my wife, and she leaned into my side.

"So I did everything right, Mom?" Alice asked from the other side of Esme.

"Oh, sweetie," Esme replied. "It was so nice, and I think it was special for them."

"It was very much them, Alice," I added.

"Thanks." She smiled. "I need to set up the tables, though." She bit her lip.

"Let's not rush things, Alice." I gave her a look. At Edward and Bella's wedding, things nearly fell apart due to Alice's eagerness.

"I know, Dad." She frowned at me.

"Now, young lady." I gave her a playful look, making her laugh.

"Darlin', you need to relax," Jasper muttered into her ears, pulling her close to him.

Alice sighed, and I assumed that he was influencing her. After the bridal party walked down the aisle, Edward, Bella, and Billy walked down the aisle. We stood and walked into a small joined room where a small stand was set up for alcohol and hors d'ourves were set to be served. To help keep our secret, we hire Emily and several members of the pack to serve us so we didn't have to pretend to eat.

Several grey couches and chairs were placed around the room, as were coffee tables to talking while tables and chairs were being set up while cocktails were served. Esme tugged on my hand, pulling me toward our granddaughter. Jacob stood with his arm around her waist, even though she was hugging her parents as they gushed over the wedding.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad," Ness said with the biggest smile on her face.

"You're welcome, sweetheart." Edward cupped her cheek and kissed her head.

"Grandma, Grandpa!" Ness exclaimed, smiling at us.

Edward and Bella moved aside, and Ness was in her grandmother's arms in moments, and the two were discussing the wedding. I watched both of the women, feeling happy but sad at the same time. Ness was grown up now, and it made me sad that we didn't get more time to spend raising her. I met Edward's eyes, and I knew he was thinking the same.

"Grandpa," Ness said, breaking my thoughts.

"Renesmee," I said when my eyes went back to her glowing, smiling face. "You look so beautiful, my granddaughter."

"Oh, Grandpa," she whispered. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"Sweetie, you're still going to see me," I said quietly.

"But things are changing," she argued when I hugged her.

"Yes, but in a good way." I kissed her head, careful not to ruin her curls. "You're making our little miracle of a family grow."

"This is true." She smiled as she pulled away and touched her belly. "I love you, Grandpa."

"I love you too, Renesmee." I kissed her forehead. "Congratulations, Renesmee, Jacob."

"Thank you, sir," Jacob said as I shook his hand.

I smiled as Esme lead me to one of the couches in the corner where Edward and Bella sat, staring into each other's eyes. I cleared my throat, prompting them to look away from each other. Edward leaned back and put his arm around his wife, making me think of their wedding that seemed to happen only days before. Edward rolled his eyes as Esme sat by our son. Family came by and chatted over the next hour before we flawlessly moved back into the larger room. This time it was decorated with dark grays and dim lighting. Esme, again, discussed every detail with me as she clutched my elbow, and I listened to her, happy that she was happy.

We sat at a table with Edward, Bella, Billy, Rosalie, Emmett, Arian, Brianna, Jasper, and Alice (who quickly went to check on dinner). We talked quietly until Renesmee and Jacob were announced. They came in, barely looking around the room, unable to take their eyes off of each other. We stood clapping and cheering; many of members of the pack whistled.

Over the next hour, we talked while the humans ate. After eating, the dancing started. Jacob and Ness had their first dance before she danced with Edward. I watched my son watch his daughter with love and sadness in his eyes.

"I'm going to miss you, Ness," Edward whispered.

"Oh, I am too, Daddy." She smiled sadly at him. "Thank you for giving me away today."

"I couldn't think of anyone else that is more worthy of you, sweetheart."

"Thank you, Dad. That means a lot to me." She kissed his cheek.

I smiled at Edward, and I was proud of my son. He was so protective of his wife and daughter.

"I'd like to see how you act when Brianna gets married," Edward said under his breath, making me frown.

If he was protective of Ness, I was the same with my youngest and newly adopted daughter; Brianna. I took Brianna's hand knowing that I'd be happy when the right man came along, but I secretly hoped that wouldn't be for a while.

Edward sat back at the table as many couples, including Rosalie and Emmett and Alice and Jasper, went to dance. I laughed when Abby danced with Jacob and Ness.

"Grandma, what are they doing?" Arian whispered from Esme's lap.

"They're dancing, sweetie," Esme replied, kissing Arian's head.

"Why, Grandma?" she whispered again.

"Because it's fun and you dance with the people you love," Esme explained.

"Why aren't you dancing with Grandpa then?" Arian asked, and I chuckled.

"Because we're taking turns," Esme told Arian as Esme's shoulders shook.

"Oh, okay."

Eventually the music slowed down, and Rosalie returned to the table scooping Arian onto her lap. I pulled Esme by the hand and led her to the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my body against hers. She raised an eyebrow at me.

"I want to hold my wife close tonight," I whispered in her ear, making her giggled, and I felt a tug on my pants leg.

Looking down I saw Arian standing shyly by us. "Grandpa, I love you and I want to dance with you and Grandma."

"Okay, my dear." I reached down, picking her up with one arm.

I wrapped my right arm tightly around my wife while I held my precious granddaughter in the other. I smiled as Arian slowly swayed her body from side to side as she clutched her hands together. It amazed me how far she'd come from the scared, abused girl we found ten months ago.

"Do you like dancing with Grandpa and me?" Esme asked.

"It's so fun, Grandma," Arian said. "It's like cuddling too."

"I get to cuddle with my two favorite girls," I said, kissing Arian and Esme on their cheeks.

Esme and I danced with Arian cuddled in between us for several slow songs until cake was announced. I sat at our table with Arian in my lap.

"Grandpa, I helped Uncle Felix make the cake, and, and Mr. Jacob gave me five dollars because I helped make it," she said.

"Oh yeah?" I asked her.

"Yes, and I'm going to buy a new book," she explained.

I laughed as I accepted a piece of cake for Arian.

"Grandpa, I need a bib so I don't get my dress dirty," Arian said with seriousness.

"Okay, honey." I smiled as Rosalie handed me a cloth napkin, and I tucked it in the front of her flower girl dress. "Better?"

"Mmhmm," Arian replied as she stuck her tongue out and stabbed her cake. After taking a bite, she said, "This is yummy!"

"I'm sure it is, my dear."

After finishing her cake, Arian leaned back and fell asleep. A content smile was on her mouth as she slept.

Before you know it, you'll be getting married too, I thought, looking at Arian's head. The thought made me sad. My grandchildren were growing up too fast.

Ness's point of view two months later:

"Here, my dear." Grandma pulled out a chair for me at her large kitchen counter. "I'll get you some tea."

"Oh, that sounds good, Grandma." I smiled at her as I sat on the stool. "I feel so tired after we go on our walks."

"Are you sure we didn't go too far?" Jacob asked as he stood by me and placed his hand on my lower back.

"No," I said. "I needed to get out of the house, and it helped with my backache."

Jacob nodded, his jaw clenched. He'd been brooding these last few weeks as I'd gotten closer to my due date. A moment later, Grandpa came into the kitchen, grinning ear to ear, and closed himself into the large pantry. I looked at Grandma with a raised eyebrow.

"He's been playing hide and seek with Arian and Abby for the last twenty minutes," Grandma explained as she put a kettle onto the stove.

I laughed when Arian and Abby came into the kitchen, holding hands as they walked around the kitchen, calling out 'Grandpa'.

"We need to look in here, Abby," Arian said as she pointed to the pantry.

"Otay!" Abby and Arian pulled opened the pantry door and squealed.

"Oh no, you found me again!" Grandpa said, kneeling in front of the girls.

"We won you, Gannpa," Abby stated, making us all laugh.

"Yes, you did, sweetheart." Grandpa kissed the girls' cheeks as he stood up with the girls in his arms. "How about a snack, ladies?"

"eese, Gamma?" Abby asked.

"I'll get you some cheese, sweetie," Grandma replied and pulled out a large block of cheese. Placing on the cutting block, she started to cut it into slices while Grandpa sat on the chair next to me.

"Are you feeling all right, Renesmee?" Grandma asked.

"I'm okay." I smiled. "I've had a few sporadic contractions, but nothing regular or intense."

"At least you know what to look for." Grandpa balanced Arian and Abby on his knees while Grandma placed two small places of crackers and cheese in front of them.

"And I'm glad for that. Thanks, Grandma." I smiled when she put a small plate in front of me. "My husband needs to understand that."

Jacob snorted. "There is nothing you can tell me. I am a worrier."

"Well, worry while you rub my back then." I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, dear." Jacob pushed his hand on my lower back, and I sighed in contentment as he pushed against an achy spot.

"I'm so tired." I yawned. "Grandma, can I use your tub when I'm done with my tea?"

"Of course, my love." Grandma smiled at me and put my favorite coffee mug full of tea in front of me. "I got some new bubble bath today."

"Oh, that sounds nice."

Jacob rubbed my back as I sipped my tea, which relaxed me. A squeezing sensation happened on my stomach and a rush of water gushed between my legs. I met eyes with Grandpa as I placed my hand on my tummy as the tightening sensation.

"Oh!" I said softly.

"What happened?" Jacob whispered.
"My water broke," I told him.

"Esme?" Grandpa said, holding the two small girls, who ate their snack unaware, out for Grandma to take.

"Come with Grandma," she whispered, taking Arian and Abby. "Let's clean up okay, and you can help me get ready for Thanksgiving."

"Carlisle, what do I do?" Jacob asked in a worried voice.

"Stay calm, Jacob, and walk her upstairs. Meet me in the guest room, and I'll get my equipment," Grandpa said, touching my arm. "I need to examine you, sweetie."

"Okay, Grandpa." I smiled at him. "I'm going to have my baby."

"Yes, sweetheart," Grandpa said, and pulled out his phone. "Shall I call your parents? I think they'll come home even if they haven't fed yet."

"Yes, I want my dad and mom." I took a few steps forward, and I was glad when Jacob wrapped his arm around me; my legs felt weak.

"Come on, Ness." Jacob's breath hit my ear. "Let's meet our baby girl."

"Ugh," I said. "I never realized how uncomfortable this was."

"I bet," Jacob said as we started up the stairs.

"Will you get one of your large t-shirts?" I asked.

"Why?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I want to wear it."


"It smells like you, and I like the way you smell." We walked into the guest room.

I was adamant on having a natural delivery, and I hated the idea of giving birth on Grandpa's cold examination table.

"Here, sit," Jacob made sure I sat on the edge of the bed; I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything. I knew better than to argue.

"I'll go get that shirt."

I sighed when he left, and I bent down to take off my shoes, hoping that he'd be back soon; I want to get out of my wet sweats as soon as possible. Standing on wobbly legs, I pushed down my underwear and pants just as Jacob returned.

"Here," he said coming forward and kneeling.

He gently took my sweats off from my feet so I wouldn't have to kick them off. I quickly pulled off my shirt to pull his on before someone could come in. I sat down slowly just as Grandpa came in with his hand held monitor and his case full of medical supplies that he kept on hand, from bandages to IV equipment to sanitary supplies.

"I want to check you out, Ness," Grandpa said putting his things down on the edge next to me and quickly pulling out a sanitary mat. "I'll put this down and then you can scoot back."

He peeled off the plastic of the wrap, and put the cotton sheet that was the size of a large pillow case onto the bed. Jacob wrapped his large arm around me and practically carried me to the bed. I nearly protested, but was glad as pain traveled down my back. I scooted back and laid down.

Pain squeezed my stomach, tightening and squeezing from my belly button to my spine. I hissed as I put my hand on my belly.

"Contraction?" Grandpa asked, and I nodded.

Closing my eyes, I breathed through the pain, which was wasn't unbearable, yet. When it was over, I opened my eyes.

"Two minutes long," Grandpa said. "Let me know when another starts."

"Of course," I replied.

"I forget that you've had training," Grandpa said. "Not many people have had that. I'm going to wash my hands and then examine you."

"Okay, Grandpa." I smiled at him weakly.

"Are you feeling okay?" Jacob asked as she pushed some hair out of my face.

"Yes," I said, smiling. "Please don't worry. It'll drive me nuts."

"Fine." He sighed. "Tell me how I can help."

"Nothing for now," I said. "When another contraction comes, please rub my back."

"I can do that." He kissed my nose. "I love you."

"I love you too," I replied.

"Are you ready, Ness?" Grandpa asked.

I nodded.

"Well, you haven't dilated very far, which I expected," Grandpa said as he took off his glove. "Let's check her heart beat."

"Grandpa, can I still take a bath in your tub?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetie." Grandpa chuckled.

He poured jelly on my belly, placed the monitor on the gel. He moved his monitor around, getting the heartbeat, which was strong as normal.

"She's moved down a lot," I commented.

"Which is where she should be, darling." He smiled as he wiped the gel off with his towel. "I'll go run some warm water for you."

"Okay, Grandpa." I winced as another contraction started, and I gestured toward Jacob. "Come on, Jake. Let's go get a bath."

He wrapped his arms around me, and we walked slowly toward Grandma and Grandpa's bathroom. Half way there, I squeezed Jacob's arm; the pain was a little more intense this time.

"Another contraction?" Jacob asked, and I nodded. He put his hand on my lower back and rubbed.

"Renesmee?" my father's voice asked from behind, and a moment later he stood in front of us. "I'm sorry we weren't here, but we had to hunt."

"Edward," Mom chastised as she appeared by his side. "Her water broke, she hasn't had the baby yet."

"I know but, but what if …"

"Son," Grandpa called from his bathroom. "She's fine."

Daddy sighed and I giggled. "I'm just going to get a bath, Daddy. I've only had a few contractions."

"But you're okay?" he asked.

"Yes, Dad." I rolled my eyes.

I walked slowly wrapped in Jacob's arms with Dad behind me, as if he was afraid I'd fall and Jacob wouldn't be able to catch me. Dad coughed from behind me, making me giggle.

Are you ready to be a grandpa, Daddy? I thought.

"Ready as I'll ever be," he said dryly.

I giggled as we stepped into the bathroom, where the tub was nearly full of water. Without taking Jacob's shirt off, I stepped into the warm water. Jacob held my hands, helping me into the tub. Sinking down, I sat in the water, sighing as the water relaxed me. Jacob and Mom kneeled down next to the tub, and I reached out to hold Mom's hand.

"Are you feeling okay, sweetie?" she asked.

"So far," I admitted, "but any pain will be worth it in the end."

"This is true," Mom said, smiling at me. "Can I get you anything?"

"Some water would be nice."

"I'll be right back, honey." She went to stand just as a contraction hit, and I winced and squeezed her hand. "Contraction?"

I nodded, bitting my lip. This one was a little more intense.

"Breathe, Ness," Jacob's soothing voice said.

Breathing in deeply through my nose, I blew my breath out through my mouth. I breathed in several times as the contraction ebbed through me until it was over.

"Okay?" Mom asked, and I nodded. "I'll get that water now."

Mom stood, and I leaned back against the back. Closing my eyes, I willed my body to relax. I opened them when Jacob put his hand on my forehead.

"How are we doing there?" He smiled, showing off his white teeth.


He nodded, and I saw the burn in his eyes to ask me something new. I grinned as I leaned forward to kiss his lips.

"I love you, Jake."

"Love you too, Ness." He kissed me again as Mom came in with a large glass of water and a straw.

I took the water and drank a fourth of it. I knew it was important for me to be hydrated during labor. For the next twenty minutes, I drank all of the water as I relaxed in the tub, and the contractions became more intense, like something was burning me from the inside out. Eventually the water became super cold, so Jacob and Mom helped me stand.

"I'll get you another shirt?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah. I don't want to be cold." I smiled as he nearly sprinted out of the room.

"Ness, I want to check you after you change," Grandpa said when we walked into the room, with Mom holding my hand and elbow.

"Alright," I agreed. "I'd also like to walk some before laying down."

After learning I'd dilated only one centimeter, I walked around the room. I took turns between leaning against Jacob, Mom, and Dad. I thought Dad and Jacob would hover, but they didn't, which helped me relax. After walking for an hour, I laid down, dozing as I snuggled with Mom. She ran her hands through my hair as my head rested on her chest.

When a painful contraction hit, I curled up and clutched Mom's hand while Daddy hissed.

"Oh, Mom," I whispered, and I held my breath.

"Remember to breathe, Renesmee," Mom replied. "Just breathe, honey."

"It hurts." I squeezed her hand hard. "I can't … I can't even think."

"Shh, darling. Breathe, honey." Mom ran her hand through my hair.

"I … no." I started to cry. "Where's Jacob?"

"I'm here, Ness." I felt him sit behind me of the bed and a large hand touch my back.

"I want Jacob," I cried, something I'd never done before.

"Ness, turn around," Jacob said sternly, and I listened as he pulled me into his arms.

"It hurts, Jake." I wiped my nose on his shirt.

"I know, my love." He ran his hands over my back.

After another moment of being cuddled by my husband, the contraction subsided.

"I think it's time I checked you," Grandpa said.

I nodded and moved around to be checked.

"Good news, Ness." Grandpa smiled. "You're nearly there, so I think after few more contractions you should feel the need to push, sweetie."

"Finally," I whispered.

Another half an hour of intense contractions and crying, I felt the urge to push.

"Trust your body, Renesmee," Daddy said. "She's ready, Carlisle."

"Do you need to push?" Grandpa asked.

I nodded, too tired to say anything.

"Come on, let's lay on your back, sweetie." Grandpa touched my knee and Jacob helped me, well mostly moved me to my back.

"I need to sit up a little," I said when Jacob pulled me up against his chest.

"Here." Jacob stat up and helped me lean up. "Better?"

I nodded. "I'm going to push."

"Okay, honey." Grandpa sat on the edge of the bed. "Your body knows what it's doing. Push."

I curled over my belly and started to push down. Holding my breath, I held onto my knees until I couldn't hold it any more. Taking in a deep breath, I leaned against Jacob's hard body. Grandpa checked me again, and we found out that I was finally ready to deliver, much to my relief and dread. I was so tired already, how was I supposed to push her out now?

"Come on, Ness," Jacob whispered to me as his hands ran up and down my forearms. "We're going to meet our little girl."

Our little girl. When the next contraction hit, I bent forward, curling over my belly, and pushed hard. Moaning, I continued to push until I couldn't breathe anymore. I collapsed back on Jacob, taking in short, ragged breaths as if I'd been running.

"That was perfect, Ness," Grandpa said. "Just like that, honey."

For an unmarked amount of time, at least in my mind, I pushed multiple times. Finally, screaming, I pushed her out. Breathing hard, I lay against Jacob's chest as Grandpa placed her on my belly and wiped her off with a towel.

"A healthy girl," Grandpa said. "Just like we suspected."

"She's here, she's here," I rasped out and touched the dark hair on her head. "Oh, my baby girl."

"You did wonderful, Ness," Jacob whispered in my ear.

"Why isn't she crying?" I asked panicked.

"Edward?" Grandpa picked the baby up and held her out for Dad to take. Grandpa said something to me, but I didn't listen as I watched Dad carry my baby girl way. After what seemed like watching Dad work with her over the warmer, she finally started to cry.

"That's a good girl," Dad muttered.

"Thank God," I said. "Jacob help me sit up."

"Just a moment, Renesmee," Grandpa said. "I need to clean you up a little first."

I frowned. Didn't he know that I needed hold my daughter, to count her fingers and toes, to make sure she was safe?

"Your mommy wants to meet you, little bean. Would you like to meet her?" Daddy said as he picked up the swaddled baby. "Yes, I thought so."

"What's she thinking?" I asked.

"About how bright it is," he said. "She's unusually alert for a newborn, but not quite at the developmental level you were, Ness."

"You may sit up now, Renesmee," Grandpa said, and Jacob helped me to sit up slowly.

"She's six pounds, sixteen inches long," Daddy said as he finally stood by the bed. "Here she is, sweetheart."

As Dad laid her in my arms, I became a blubbering mess. I hadn't any idea about loving someone so much I'd just met. She had a tiny face that was a lot like mine but with Jacob's coloring. Her large dark blue eyes held me captive.

"She's the most beautiful thing," I said. "Oh, Jacob look."

"Yeah," he said with a shaky voice. "She's beautiful like her mother."

Tears slid down my cheeks as I cuddled my little one to my chest.

"Can I hold her?" Jacob asked.

"Oh, Jake, you don't even have to ask," I told him.

He slowly slid out from behind me and sat on the edge of the bed. I handed him the baby, who fit in the palm of his hand.

"She's so small," he whispered.

"You aren't going to break her, Jacob," Daddy said, making Mommy and me giggle.

"But she's so tiny and fragile, I mean, what if I drop her, or, or …"

"Don't break my granddaughter," Mom said, smiling as she rested her head on Daddy's shoulder.

"I couldn't if I wanted to," Jake replied, sniffing and rubbing his nose on the back of his hand. Several large tears ran down his cheeks. "I couldn't do that to you, baby girl."

I started to cry as I wrapped my arms around my husband. I could not have asked for a more perfect family.

The end.