Steve sighed and set his sketchbook down in irritation watching the rain crash to the ground below through the giant window that made up the far wall of the Avengers Commons Area in the Tower.

He liked it here, he did. He liked the team, got along with everyone well enough (Minus Tony because almost no one even saw him lately. The genius seemed to be constantly working much to his surprise.) He just…. Missed how things use to be. When a man could hold a door open for a woman and not have to worry about getting slapped for it, or called a sexist pig. When people would shake hands and politely exchange small talk instead of quickly exchanging numbers and moving on with the promise of a text.

It seemed almost no one took the time to be genuine people anymore. To help others outside of work, except for Bruce. Tony was the worst in his eyes, even if he didn't feel as strongly opposed to the man as he had when Loki's magic was effecting him. The man passed himself off as being a hero, yet he sat in a huge tower with more money than he knew what to do with while others froze or starved to death on the street.

It sickened him, but he was too unfamiliar with this world to go out on his own and find ways to help. He was still trying to figure out how to make phone calls. "Steve?" Steve repressed a groan at the sound of the obnoxious billionaire's voice. Tony Stark was the last person he wanted to see right now.

"What is it Tony?" He hissed as he turned on Tony who was just hovering a few feet away from him, dressed casually but clean hands tucked in the deep pockets of his jeans. Tony flinched at Steve's tone, brown eyes clouding for a moment before he instantly covered it and gave a soft smile, which was actually surprisingly nervous and hopeful. It was curious enough to make relax a moment and sigh.

"I was just um- wondering if maybe you would come meet a few friends of mine today when we watch the game. They kind of are super fans and I told them I'd ask. Thought maybe you would like to get out of this doom and gloom tower for a while and have some fun?" Tony said gently, shuffling his feet in a way that was terribly out of character. Whoever these people were, their opinion's obviously meant a lot to the genius, which was a miracle within itself because Steve had never met anyone outside of Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy, whose opinion meant anything to the infamous Tony Stark.

"I really don't want to go watch a game with a bunch of your rich friends Tony." He grumbled, knowing he was being horribly rude, but not finding it in himself to care. A room full of stuck up guys like Tony? No thanks. Captain America respectively declines.

"Please Steve? They're really nice and nothing like me I swear…..just….I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean a lot to them." Steve looked up and blue eyes met pleading brown and he caved. He had to give these people the benefit of the doubt, they obviously had bad taste in friends, but other than that they could be nice people. Plus Tony was part of his team; he really had to find a way to get along with him for longer periods of time. He wasn't too proud to admit he was being a bit of an ass.

"Fine Tony, I'll go see them." Tony's face lit up instantly, worry vanishing and satisfaction and gratitude sweeping over his features. He straightened his posture and he smiled gratefully at Steve. Crossing the small distance in two steps and squeezing Steve's shoulder. "Thank you Steve. They'll really appreciate it and I do too. You ready to go?"

Steve jerked back shocked. "What now? " He was dressed pretty casually and so was Tony, he figured they would both have to get dressed up to go meet Tony's friends.

"Yep. Baseball waits for no man Steve, and those guys will never let me live it down if I'm late. Hop up, I'll drive." Steve scoffed and resisted a smile. "What Happy not driving?" Tony pulled him up and rolled his eyes dragging Steve to the elevator. "Gave him a paid months' vacation. The guy deserves it once in a awhile, as you probably would believe I'm a pain in the ass to put up with."

Steve scoffed again as Tony shoved them both in the elevator. "I can believe it…" He mumbled quietly as Tony pressed the button and a moment later they stepped into the lobby.

"They have all been so excited, I really didn't think you'd agree to come you know because I know you kind of don't like me which I get because you know I'm me and a lot of people don't like me but I really didn't want to disappoint them so I'm really really glad you said yes and I think you'll really like them so but I swear even if you hate it I'll make it up to you just name whatever you want and I'll get it cause I'm Tony Stark and I can do that so-"

"Tony!" Steve said loudly as they settled into Steve's favorite car, a cherry red Ferrari, desperate to end the billionaire's rambling before he REALLY got going. "Its fine Tony, I agreed right? Just drive. I have a lot to do today." He lied, feeling a little guilty, but he really didn't want to spend all day with Tony and whoever his friends were.

Tony nodded embarrassed and they drove in silence the rest of the way until finally they pulled up at the back of a gray and blue building, Tony parking the car and hopping out excited, like a kid who just pulled up to his favorite candy store. "Come on Steve, I can't wait for them to meet you!" Steve raised an eyebrow at the genius's enthusiasm but got out of the car and followed him through the back door.

Steve was curious as to where exactly they were, it was a strange place, the hallways he was currently following Tony through looked a lot like a hospital, but occasionally they passed a nicely furnished, comfortable looking room that looked like it was part of someone's home. Steve was opening his mouth to ask Tony when suddenly the genius stopped in front of a white entryway without a door and turned on Steve smiling happily. "Lettme go say hi and then I call you in and introduce you to everyone alright?"

Steve nodded confused and Tony raced through the door. He listened to Tony's footsteps go on a moment before a chorus of happy yells echoed through the doorway and he heard Tony say happily, "Hey everyone! I have a surprise for you guys! I want you to meet someone I have the great pleasure of working with, Steve Rogers. Steve! Come say hello!"

Steve obediently stepped through to door and took two steps before he was greeted with one of the most shocking sights he thought he'd ever see. A room full of senior citizens. Most were men, and in wheelchairs, but he saw at least two women smiling in the corner and three men standing off to the side near Tony, who was smiling at him. Everyone fell silent and they all saluted him in respect, and Steve froze, completely bewildered.

The man on the right of Tony, who was downright beaming by this point, stepped up slowly in his salute. "Captain Rogers, it is an honor to meet you." Steve stuttered for a moment before returning the salute, and smiling holding out his hand. "Likewise Sir, you can call me Steve. You are?" The man smiled. He was a friendlier looking man, with a full head of graying hair and spectacles which made him look like an elderly Bruce.

"Grant Moore young man, Air Force. Your sacrifice for our country has been a great inspiration to us all. You're a true hero son." He shook Steve's hand back with a firm grasp before it finally clicked in his head. Veterans. Tony had taken him to meet veterans. He was struck speechless for a moment and gaped like a fish before Tony stepped up to save him, putting a reassuring hand on his back and leading him closer to the rest of the group.

"Steve, you've already met Grant, this is Stanley and Elliot. He said gesturing to the two other standing men he had just walked away from. Steve smiled and reached his hand out, shaking both of their hands. They looked a lot alike and Steve could tell without being told that they were brothers. Both had the same kind hazel eyes and brownish/ gray hair. "It's a pleasure to meet you gentlemen." Steve said politely, reverting back to his 40's manners, pleased to meet people who appreciated it. Stanley laughed and smiled slapping Steve on the shoulder. "Pleasure is all ours Captain. Can't believe you let this knuckle head drag you over here," He said playfully ruffling Tony's hair and earning a weak glare and a fond smile from the genius. Stanley just ignored Tony's pathetic attempt at annoyance and continuing without missing a beat. "It's bad enough that we steal Iron Man twice a week, Now Captain America too? I'm sure Earth's mightiest heroes have something better to be doing then putting up with us old geezers."

Steve blanched at that. Twice a week? Tony did seem overly friendly with everyone….

"Of course not sir. It's an honor and you are all the real heroes." He said just as Tony chuckled and playfully nudged Stanley's arm. "Come on Stan we both know you're the ones putting up with me." Elliot smiled as Tony and Stanley bantered and clasped Steve's arm smiling. "We know real heroes when we see them son."

Steve smiled warmly at him before Tony patted Stanley on the arm one last time and smiled pulling him towards three of the men sitting in wheelchairs with a laugh.

"Steve, meet Old Jasper Clint, Randy the Wolf Parker, and our very own Uncle Sam Morris." All three of the men rolled their eyes as Tony gestured to them each respectively while introducing them. Old Jasper looked a lot like Steve imagined Bucky would have if he had lived to see old age and that struck a familiar pang of sadness through Steve's heart which he promptly pushed aside. Randy was a shorter man, most of his hair gone, and kind green eyes that sparkled with strength. Sam was a slimmer man, eyes a bright blue and a long snow white beard that made Steve understand his nickname.

"Nice to meet you all." He said smiled shaking hands with every one of them as Tony put a hand on Jaspers shoulder chuckling happily. Steve had never seen the genius look so happy and at home.

"Likewise Captain." Sam said with a happy chuckle. "We hope Little Tony here didn't pester ya too much ta get ya here today." Tony groaned fondly and sighed. "I am not little Sam, I'm taller than you are!" Steve chuckled at their playful interaction just as Jasper huffed in response and cackled heartily. "Son, you can fly around in that medal suit every day and be taller than everyone in here, you'll still be our Little Tony."

Tony rolled his eyes and patted Jasper on the back. "You're all going to ruin my image. I have a reputation to uphold you guys know." Tony was met with three smug expressions and Randy scoffed, speaking for the first time to gently whap Tony upside the head.

"Son everyone knows that image of yours is a load of whoie! You're a respectable young man, not a heartless party boy." If Steve didn't know any better he could have sworn he saw Tony blush, that is if the idea of Tony Stark blushing wasn't ridiculous.

"T-Thanks Randy. All right you guys I'll talk to you in a minute gotta introduce The Cap here to everyone before the game starts, and you know Maggie will have a fit if I don't make her some hot chocolate before the game starts." Everyone chuckled at that and it instantly made Steve curious who Maggie was.

Steve nodded politely and smiled to the men as Tony pulled him to the last corner of the room towards the two women, one of which who was standing and the other sitting, and a man in a wheelchair clasping the women in the chairs hand tightly.

Tony pulled him eagerly and Steve chuckled at the way the genius's face looked like Christmas morning. Tony looked so much younger and kinder smiling like that. Steve didn't realize how happy it made Tony to do this for these people until that moment. Tony obviously cared a lot about these people, and the feeling was very mutual.

"Steve this is Willow Summers, Jason Summers, and Maggie Ironwill Carter." Steve was taking in all of their appearances while he listened to Tony's introductions. Jason was staring at Steve with a happy smile, a kind smile lighting up his tired face, as Willow, who Steve assumed to be Jason's wife, began to sign things with her hands to him and Steve realized with a pang out sadness Jason was deaf. He smiled sadly and shook both of their hands before turning his attention to the woman leaning against the wall. She was taller, lean, short curls of fading born and gray framing her face, and glowing brown eyes that he recognized, but couldn't put a finger on. Then Tony's introduction clicked in his head. Maggie Carter. He gasped in recognition and she chuckled softly, patting Tony on the arm and putting a gentle hand on Steve's shoulder.

"My sister always told me that even though you were a brave soldier and fearless fighter, you were still the sweetest man around. I'm glad I can see you for myself now. It's great to finally meet you Steven Rogers."

Steve gaped and felt tears brim in his eyes when Peggy was referred to in the past tense. "Your Peggy's sister? She-" Maggie grabbed his hand firmly and sighed sadly. "She lived a long heroic life and died a peaceful death. I'm proud to have followed in her footsteps. I'm also glad to meet the man who always held her heart."

Maggie pulled Steve into a gentle hug and he felt a few tears slip out. Tony sighed and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Maggie pulled away from Steve and pulled Tony into a tight hug. "Thank you for bringing him honey. Peggy would have been so proud of you." Tony really did blush this time, and hugged Maggie back tightly before pulling away. "I think I'll go make everyone some drinks Maggie, Steve you just mingle and I'll be back as soon as I feed our little army here alright?"

Steve nodded and shot Tony a warm smile as the man made his way to the refreshment table and started making drinks as Grant followed the billionaire and started playfully teasing him, making Tony laugh.

Maggie put a hand on his shoulder. "He funds this hospital you know. He makes sure we have the best and comes to see us at least twice a week. We've all known him since he was in his early 20's. He's like our adopted son." She said fondly staring at Tony as Stanley and Elliot joined Grant in poking fun at the genius.

"I can see that." Steve whispered in awe. Just this morning, he was convinced that Tony was a selfish bastard who was nothing more than an egotist in a big medal suit. Now…

"He's a real hero you know. There's more to him than meets the eye. I saw the way you looked at him when you walked in today, and I hope that changes. Tony's a good boy, and we love him. We can't always be around to watch over him, and I trust that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are the only other people who could handle that."

Steve watched Tony laugh and serve drinks with smiles and hugs and handshakes and couldn't help the giant smile spreading on his face. He turned to Maggie and met her firm gaze. "I think we're up to the challenge mam." Maggie nodded happily and laughed patting him on the shoulder before heading over towards Tony.

Steve took one more glance at Tony surrounded by the veterans he made his family. As Maggie approached him he handed her a mug of hot chocolate and she kissed him on the cheek, causing Tony to smile a million what smile and hug Maggie tightly. The genius shot a smile at Steve and gestured him over as he helped Maggie sit down. "Maybe the hero's under the suit after all." He whispered with a smile as he made his way to join in.

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