I actually have two different version of this chapter saved to my hard drive, but I can't decide which one I wanted to use more. I sided with this one in the end because I felt it was written better than the other chapter, but the other one is a graphic description of what did happen to Bel, even though there is no lemon just yet. If anyone wants to see the other chapter, message me and I'll send it to you.

There were very few times in Belphegor's life he was overpowered. As a child, his brother had been the better one, but that all ended when Bel had stabbed him to death. Eight years after that, the Vongola Storm had knocked him down a few times, but in the end it was the blond Storm Guardian who had emerged victorious.

And now, ten years after the Ring Battles, Bel was in a position he couldn't get out of.

The Varia member had been sent to Japan on a solo mission. Both Xanxus and Squalo had decided it was simple enough for the man's Mist partner, Fran, to remain in Italy, and Belphegor had agreed on their decision – after all, what prince would ever be overwhelmed by mere peasants, right?

At first, the mission had been as easy as the majority of objectives Bel was given; sneak into a building and walk around undetected until he found his target. Maybe it was an inflated ego from years of being an unstoppable killing machine, or perhaps Bel just hadn't had the magic touch that night, but for whatever reason it was, the man had eventually found himself waking up in a room he didn't remember falling asleep in – in fact, he didn't remember falling asleep at all, so why was he here?

It had turned out that his arrival had been expected due to an anonymous tipoff, and after catching Belphegor off-guard, he had gone down relatively easily with a blow to the head with a blunt object.

When Bel had realised both his intended victim and his – many – friends' intentions for him, he had turned savage, but it turns out even Prince the Ripper was weak when it came to an injection of drugs and sexual stimulants; he hadn't been able to stop the violation of his body that had left him feeling cold and numb, withdrawn into his mind.

The nonstop pain that wracked over his body was worse than anything he had ever felt before. The feeling of having other men's fluid clinging to his bruising skin made him want to throw up, and the fact that more men than he had been able to count had been inside him invoked strong feelings of distress, enough to make him want to claw at his skin and burn the filth off his body with a shower as hot as he could get it.

However, despite the fight Bel put up, he wasn't able to stop the multitudes of men from violating his body. He had been weakened too much to fight against them as the restraints were undone, his uniform forced back carelessly onto his body, and was then dragged out of the building and into a car. He could barely even keep his consciousness as he was tossed out of a moving vehicle, his crown and Varia uniform covered in the blood and semen, the material having been used to clean up the mess.

Bel didn't care that he was lying broken out in the street. He didn't give a shit that the cold winter air was sending chills down his spine, blanketed only by the soft tufts of snow that fell and the moon's unwelcome beams of light.

The blond's pants filled the night air, his body trembling not only from the cold, but the torture he had been forced to endure for hours upon hours. He was exhausted, both physically and mentally, and the only thing he wanted to do was sleep – but sleep wouldn't come to him tonight as he couldn't help but replay what had happened to him over and over again in his mind.

Blond hair had dislodged, revealing a purple eye that stared blankly ahead of him, unseeing – unable to focus on anything but his thoughts. He was barely even conscious of three people running over to him, his body tensing from their touches instinctively, even though his mind really didn't register the sensations.

For the first time in Bel's life, he had been unable to control how he had been handled, and he didn't know if the feeling of being weak and helpless was because of that, or what he had just suffered.

Either way, he didn't think it would be something he could live with.


What had started out as a migration from Yamamoto's sushi restaurant to Gokudera's home had quickly turned into a rescue mission as Yamamoto's sharp eyes noticed the outline of someone lying still in the snow. Upon further investigation, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera had been horrified to find that it was Belphegor, looking as if he had been through hell.

"Belphegor?" Tsuna shook the older man, trying to get the blond's attention, but it seemed that the blond was trapped inside his mind, unable to acknowledge their approach.

"What is he doing out here, Tenth?" Gokudera hadn't heard anything about the Varia coming to Japan, so it certainly was a shock to find one of the members just lying here in the cold.

"Tsuna, his clothes feel all sticky..." Yamamoto, who had been trying to lift the smaller male into his arms, couldn't help but stop as he realised that residue that was not snow covered the man's clothing.

Without light, none of them could make out what the sticky liquid was – they would have to investigate after getting Bel back to one of their homes.

"Gokudera, your apartment's closest." Yamamoto ignored the unknown coating, pulling Bel into his arms. The older male didn't react in the slightest, instead falling limp against the Japanese man's body. "Can we take him there?"

While Gokudera still held a grudge against Bel, one formed during the Ring Battles, he nodded, knowing this was no time to hate – something had happened, and they didn't know what.