May 29, 2015

A typical bachelor or bachelorette party has drinking, naughty places, and mischievous behavior—not in the Cullen family. We go huntin'. This is the first for Cullens and the Quileute, but it was a way to have fun and be ourselves. For the past couple of weeks, we've been hallow shells—we didn't act the way we normally do, even normal "human" activities such as Jacob's and Rose's bickering, Jasper and Emmett screaming at sports, and even Edward's piano playing. This is not us.

Only a day or two left before we can relax, the wedding is tomorrow and Mom and the others leave in the following days. I've heard weddings can be stressful, but the Lunarian presence is still here; therefore, a threat made us all on edge—waiting for the next attack. Ironically, the Lunarians weren't the ones attacking; they weren't, well, the sharpest knives in the drawer. If they had released the idea of ego, we wouldn't be down to just two. We worked as a team, and our strengths as a family and our talents helped to find the invisible vampires.

I hadn't used my talents though. I kinda dropped the aggravation and took the attitude of the team and not the individual. Granted, I kept Ness and Sam safe, and we tried to make them not to think of the dangers outside.

I don't think we can keep our promise—the threat was still there, and Jacob and the pack were still targets. This is the first promise we've broken; this is big for Edward and me—we wanted our daughter to see that promises were made and followed-through, and this promise could cost her fiance's life or his family's.

At two in the morning, we met the pack far into the forest, so there would be no threat of exposure. Emmett was doing cartwheels, while Jasper did flips several feet in the air. It reminded me of The Outsiders before the rumble, where the Greasers did gymnastics to hype up for the rumble. I think for everyone—this was well needed. Samantha did come; however, one of us was watching her at all times to make sure any animals would harm her. As we treked through the forest, we discovered a bear's cave. Twelve feet high and ten feet across, the cave didn't need a sign—no trespassing. Normally, the boys weren't intimidated, but with Samantha here, they had decided to not to enter the cave and cause trouble.

Samantha knew why we hunted, but she still felt sorry for the animals who had to satisfy our thirst by dying. The wolves would dig deep holes and bury the dead to ease Samantha's mind. She would climb on the top of Seth, and he would take her from place to place.

The wind started to pick up and just like puppies, the wolves were pushing and playing with each other. I have no idea how Ness and Samantha deals with their behavior, but it's the same when the boys act like they're twelve instead of their real ages. Jacob would even match up with Edward and see who's better. Jacob has started to call Edward—Dad, Pops, Father May I, and other condensing comments, and Edward would have the opportunity to make his point. As they lined up against each other for the duel, air past between each other. They looked at each other—and sprinted.

"Dad heard something," Ness noticed.

"Jake smell something," Samantha agreed.

We knew Edward and Jacob could handle anything, but we didn't want one of the fathers of the bride or one of the grooms maimed or killed. It would be a wedding buzzkill. As we followed them, we noticed that we were back in the bear cave and Edward on the ground hysterically laughing and Jacob was doing the same in his wolf form.

"What happened?" Carlisle hadn't seen this behavior in a long time.

If Edward could shed tears, he would have. He giggled between each couple of words as if someone was tickling him, "We…chased..the Lunarian….back…here, and we thought it, well, over, but then there was this..roar… and then a scream..then smoke….I guess the Lunarian…couldn't…BEAR..the attention!" Edward hardly used puns, but he was dying, and soon the rest of us were also.

Two Lunarians went from here to there,

But one messed up with Mama and it was too much to bear.

I pray the last one would take a break tomorrow, but I know he won't.