Birds Of A Feather: Teen Titans Fan fiction





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Chapter 1: The Challenge

It was a fair autumn morning; the birds sang in melodious crescendo as the sun crested over Jump City, its vibrant colours invigorating all that its light touched. A beautiful sunrise as has been described, while gorgeous to even the coldest of hearts, acted as a foreshadow for all to behold. The chill of the summer's bane would soon befall all the city.

Meanwhile, a young man awoke, his hair slightly disheveled; but, then again, the same courtesy could be said of the sty that he slept in. Garfield Logan was unlike many of his peers; he was vegan, a little on the dim side and quite nerdy. Oh, also he just so happened to be a Teen Titan.

Logan, or as his friends referred to him, Beastboy, possessed the ability to shift into any animal he chose, so long as it existed within the expanses of the universe. However, this ability was not truthfully genetic. When Garfield was a young boy, he had been bitten by an infected monkey, which infected him with a rare disease. His father had been able to kill the infectious cells with an untested vaccination, albeit altering Garfield's skin pigmentation. Garfield's hair, eyes and skin would forever be green, even as an animal.

But, it did allow him to join the Teen Titans, which served as his impromptu family: Robin, the family hard-ass, Cyborg, the competitive big brother figure, and Starfire, the eternally bubbly personality and the team's greatest picker-upper. There was one more member of the Titans, but Beast Boy felt that she was just a step above family; the unending enigma that was Raven.

Raven, the empathetic daughter of a pacifist and the demon lord Trigon, was...interesting, to say the least. From what Garfield experienced, while she was fairly quick to anger (no thanks to the now immolated demon lord), if you could earn her trust, you were on the right track. Her hobbies included meditation, reading and drinking herbal tea. She was rarely seen without her traditional cloak and leotard, usually a shade of indigo. She was around the same size as Garfield, yet had an almost completely opposite attitude; he was yin, she was yang.

She could use black astral energy to fly, astral project and form any weapon she desired. In addition to that, she was also telekinetic and could communicate with others through thought. However, because of her father, it was only recently that Raven could express more positive emotions without major physical consequences.

Out of all the other Titans, Garfield felt that Raven's opinion was the one he listened most to. While his choices were made strictly on instinct and emotion, she helped out by validating his plan or considering a more logical one. She also helped him out when his dark side came out, just like he had with Trigon and that…thing, which he would never mention by its true name for what it did.

For as long as he could remember, she was the one who he rushed to help whenever anything happened. His instincts always led him back to her. In the end, he knew why he cared so much.

He did what he did because he loved her.

As he marched on to the kitchen, lost in translation, he failed to notice one of the Tower's residents coming out of their room. They collided and headed for the ground…

...Only for Garfield to quickly wrap his arms around them and rotate, thus taking the brunt of the blow.

"My ba-" He stopped. The person he had collided with just so happened to be the object of his affections.

"S-sorry, Raven!" He squeaked, breaking the embrace quickly.

"I-it's OK...just be careful when going down the halls." She said, quickly covering a blush. Unbeknownst to Beast Boy, she had similar feelings towards him.

As the two tried to rise, they ended up tripping each other up so that Raven landed on Beast Boy. The two were now nose-to-nose with the person they loved most in the world, sharing blushes. The two froze there momentarily, close enough to kiss (or in the case of a former blonde haired traitor, close enough to stab you in the back). The two successfully got up and did not speak to another until after breakfast

"R-Raven?" Garfield spoke up nervously.

"Y-Yeah, Beast Boy?" Raven replied.

"Um...sorry about earlier."

"It's okay."

"Um, Rae?" He asked.

"Yeah." She said with more confidence now.

"Um… I was wondering if I could maybe learn a bit more about you."

She flashed a smile. "All right, you're on!"

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