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Chapter 5


This was all Garfield could say as he peered out into the massive pink meadow. Although he had been there before that day, he hadn't actually had time to look around. Only now did he realize the extent of Raven's happiness.

Speaking of which, where was Hannah? It wasn't like her to just up and disappear. Garfield walked on, scanning every corner for the pink emotion. After twenty minutes of searching, Garfield went to lay down on the grass. As he laid down, a nearby bush rustled softly, almost completely undetectable to the changeling. It wasn't long before Garfield fell into a soft sleep.

After about what could be considered 15 minutes, Garfield opened his eyes.

"Hi there." A pink clad Raven said, her companion's head resting soundly in her lap.

At this point, dear reader, due to the pertinence of the Law of Infinite Probability as well as the standard reaction of every single person who has ever been awakened in such a way… well, you're all creative people. Your forefathers studied the plausibility of certain instances and conditions...I'm sure you could guess what happened next.

After getting up after Hannah's little 'surprise', albeit its rather ungraceful reception, the two began to explore the realm. Hannah's realm was much more than just a simple meadow. It held a certain…aura, per se, of unadulterated joy. Her outfit definitely reflected it, the bubbly girl clad in a hot pink skirt and white collared blouse. Her calf-high boots matched about the same colour as her skirt. As the duo passed through the realm, they chatted about all different sorts of things, from the familiar to the funny. It seemed to fit the mood of the place, anyway.

"Hey, Hannah?"

"Yeah, Gar?"

"Do you have any...I dunno, animals here?" The changeling inquired.

"Sure! There's plenty of animals, like rabbits, all kinds of pets, even horses!" The gleeful clone stated.

"Well, what colour are they? Pink and rainbows?" Garfield joked.

"Nah, they're pretty much what you'd consider 'regular'. Although…" The doppelgänger gave a hyperbolic expression of a 'thinking face'. "I do think that at one point or another someone came up with that idea. Both colours you said, but I think one was a bit more hyper and may have had a mental disorder…"

(Somewhere in a new dimension...)

Elsewhere in a plane of existence directly across from Jump City, two individuals were busy making cupcakes in a small bakery in the midst of a small village. The females in question matched Hannah's description exactly...although they were not conscious of this alternate plane of existence.

The couple in question sneezed simultaneously.

"You ok, Pinks?"

"I'm alright, Dashie. You?"

"I'm good. Kinda weird that we sneezed at the same time."

At this the one acknowledged as 'Pinks' giggled.

"Someone's probably talking about US!"

At this, 'Dashie' just went over and kissed her counterpart.

"Maybe, Pinks. Maybe…"

(Somewhere back in time…)

"Thanks so much for visiting, Garfield!"

"Not a problem, Hannah. I was wanting to see you again for a while now!"

The two hugged it out for a while longer before Garfield marched on to the next realm, an immaculate library of seemingly sublime stores of literature. Shelves upon shelves of scrolls, tomes, grimoires, diaries, books and parchment ordained its grandiose halls. Some familiar literature lay stacked on tables with such names as Hemingway, Thoreau, Poe, Lovecraft, Machiavelli, Crowley, King, Shakespeare…so many names, so little time.

After about 5 minutes of walking, Garfield reached the center area of the library. There, tables and chairs were set about in a neat and efficacious fashion. A small kitchen was stocked with a gamut of food and drink. A yellow clad figure, wearing a yellow version of Raven's cloak and leotard sat at a table in the midst of it all, patiently reading over a copy of The Crucible while a nearby chessboard sat ready, just calling out to be played.

"The rules are essentially the same as the last time you and Raven played last time." Kenzie called out, surprising Garfield, who had just finished glancing at the board. After a brief pre-game snack run, the two sat and began to play. Again after 17 turns, the match was essentially over. This time, however, Kenzie had managed to capture Garfield in a slipknot manoeuvre; he couldn't move without Kenzie taking checkmate.

The two had become better acquainted on a far more intellectual level as well as personal (Apparently through past experiences, Kenzie had somehow become addicted to calzones.) Garfield never lost his trademark fanged smile throughout the duration of the game. Kenzie, however, appeared uncharacteristically nervous outside of her usual taciturn aura of factual intellect.

"Well, you won, Kenzie. What's your question?" The changeling inquired.

"Well...Um… I...how can I...put this in an efficacious manner?" Kenzie pondered.

"Kenzie, whatever question you ask is alright by me." Garfield smiled.

"I understand but…(sigh), very well. Do you give me your word that you won't find the following question…inane?" Kenzie wondered

Garfield gently placed Kenzie's hood down and looked her dead in the eyes.

"You have my word."

Kenzie was silent for a moment or two before speaking.

"Well Garfield, you are currently infatuated with Raven, correct?"

The changeling nodded.

"And this dedication you have towards her is not limited to just her appearance...right?"

Again, Garfield nodded, slightly confused. Kenzie blushed deeply as she carried on

"Well...we...I...you have...encountered the others in Nevermore and...care for them...my question is...do you...erm...you know...care in the same way about...Raven as-" Kenzie was stopped as Gar pulled her into a hug.

"Yes, Kenzie. I love everything about Raven. Her eyes, her personality, even her emotions. Especially you." He answered, kissing the stoic, scholastic doppelganger's ajna chakra (mid-forehead area).

Kenzie blushed harder as a smile appeared on her cheeks.

"I thank you for your sincere answer as well as your vote of confidence. But…"

"But?" The changeling was confused.

Kenzie removed the small pair of spectacles from her face.

"Perhaps a closer perspective, would be in order."

Garfield wrapped his arms around the scholar as she leaned in to capture his lips with hers. The girl continued on with her idea, trembling a bit as the kiss ended.


"Extraordinary?" Garfield suggested. Kenzie again blushed.

"Precisely. Very exciting." She quickly covered her mouth, realizing what had been said.

"If that's what you felt, then I did my job right. Your secret's safe with me." Garfield giving her the "Face Kitten smile."

"Thank you. But I do believe your time here has expired, so it would be prudent to head out soon." Kenzie pulled the changeling back into another kiss, this one slightly less chaste than its predecessor.

"Love you, Kenzie." The changeling said, stepping up to the portal.

"Farewell, beloved Garfield. May our paths cross again soon."

The changeling gave a final wave as he passed to the next realm.

Kenzie just shook her head, deciding that a cold shower and herbal tea would be an excellent idea.

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