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Chapter 1- New Game?

Harry Potter took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and looked as calmly as he could at Tom Riddle, self-styled Lord Voldemort.

"Avada Kadavra" Riddle snarled. The jet of green light rushed forwards, and Harry knew no more.

Harry awoke to white. Drifting in a void of soft white light, stretching off into infinity, or so it seemed to him, anyway. "Okay," he thought, "this is… bland. If this is the afterlife, it's a bit cheap." He chuckled. "Couldn't have sprung for a chair? Deck of cards maybe?"

A sudden sound, like the rushing of wind, reached Harry's ears. He look around wildly, and spotted something large and black speed towards him from… above? It was hard to tell direction in the formless void. He tried to scramble away, but couldn't get traction. With a whump of displaced air it stopped, scant feet in front of him. Harry stared.

There, in black letters taller than he was, were the words, "GAME OVER. YOU LOSE."

Harry blinked. Blinked twice more. "Wha-? Is th-? Are y-? Seriously? Seriously? The afterlife is a bastard."

The black letters flowed together and reformed.


Harry Potter

Level: 14

Favorite Spell: Disarming Charm

Character Points Earned: 2,192

Character Point Penalty: Killed, -90%

Total Character Points: 219

Character Store is Unavailable

Return to Main Menu?


"Okay, you know what, sure, why the hell not," Harry growled, and planted his foot squarely into the 'YES'. As Harry yelped and massaged his now throbbing foot, the words reformed yet again.


New Game

Load Game



Both the 'Load Game' and 'Extras' options seemed to be hazy and indistinct, like they were made of particularly solid smoke, but the other two looked solid. "My life is a computer game. Well, I've clearly gone round the bend." With a shrug, Harry reached out and (gently) touched 'Options.' The menu changed yet again, displaying only 'Difficulty: Oh God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?' and 'Back." "Figures." Harry touched the only option displayed, which quickly expanded into a small menu. "Normal, Hard, Insane, and Oh God. Not the hardest choice I've ever made," he thought as he pressed 'Normal.' The menu transitioned back, but this time there were more entries.


Difficulty: Normal

Tutorial: Enabled

Hints: Enabled

Auto-Save: Enabled

In-Game Menus: Enabled

Permadeath: Disabled


"That's more like it. Probably. Not like I've ever played one of these things for more than a few hours anyway," Harry muttered, returning to the Main Menu. He sighed. "Alight, here we go. New Game."

AN: Okay, so this is my first attempt at fanfiction, please feel free to let me know all the horrible things I'm doing wrong. I'm going to be drawing elements from a number of different games, likely including, but not limited to, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Disgaea, and one specific Chrono Trigger reference. Points if you guess it.