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Chapter 5 – London Calling


Unarmed 100

"Thanks for the help mate, appreciate it," Harry offered to Dudley, along with a parting groin-stomp. "Don't worry about it Harry, I'm always happy to help you out," Dudley replied. At least, that's what Harry assumed he was trying to get across with his anguished cry. Dudley had never been the most articulate person after all. "Well, now I just need to 'escape' you to finish the quest." Harry turned and started to stroll away, but stopped after a few steps and laughed. "Can't believe I almost forgot. Loot. Loot. Loot."

Dudley's thugs ended up having £35.00, three T-shirts, three pairs of jeans, and three pairs of trainers on them. All in all, Harry was rather pleased with his loot; it was certainly better than what he had on. Strolling back over to Dudley he once more used the command, but was pulled up short with a message of "You cannot loot an enemy that has not been defeated."


INFORMATION: Pickpocketing

Are you looking to relieve someone of their valuables without going to the trouble of fighting them? Have you got larceny in your heart and everyone else's money on your mind? Then pickpocketing is for you! By sneaking up on an unsuspecting target and using the 'Pickpocket' command, you can view their inventory, and take things from it. You can even put items from your inventory into theirs. Just don't get caught!

Skill Discovered: Pickpocket 0

"Interesting. Pickpocket." A menu very like to one for looting popped up, displaying £23.50, an Oversized T-Shirt, Oversized Jeans, and a pair of Oversized Trainers. The only difference was that beside each were the words 'Pickpocket Success Chance: 100%' "It shouldn't normally be that easy, should it? Maybe because he can't defend himself right now? Eh, whatever, Take All."

A familiar drum beat informed Harry that his Pickpocket skill was now at 3, and he found himself looking at Dudley in all his dubious glory. "Arrrgh," he cried, spinning away quickly. "Merlin, I truly, truly did not need to see that." Walking briskly, he was about 100 feet away when the game stopped him.

Harry Hunting- Complete

Gained 100 experience. Gained 5 character points.

Turning back Harry saw that Dudley and his goons were no longer there, and the pillar of blue light was now grey. Floating in the middle of it was a clock showing '59min 57sec' and ticking downward steadily. Shrugging to himself, Harry walked over and sat down under what he was coming to think of as 'his' tree. 'Alright, up until now I've been going around mostly doing whatever strikes my fancy. What I need is to figure out everything I want to accomplish, and figure out how to get it done. Notes.'


Remember to figure out what that strange shiver is just outside the house.

'Ah, right, I still need to do that as well. Okay, I have no idea what will come in handy, and what won't, so I should raise all of my skills as high as they'll go. I should also get as many of the Skill Perks as I can, every little bit helps,' he thought. 'It seems like I keep discovering new skills all the time, though. What I really need is a way to start working with magic, but for that I'd a wand, which means finding a way to the Alley. I don't have any wizarding money, so the Knight Bus is out. I've something like £80.00, so the Muggle buses are a possibility.' He laughed softly to himself. 'Of course, it's only about 30 miles, I suppose I could go on foot it if I feel… feel like running… a marathon,' he trailed off thoughtfully. 'Now that has some possibility. I'm almost certain that I know where I'm going, but just to be sure, Map.'

The image with appeared in front of Harry was composed almost entirely of grey mist. The only things he could see on it were Number 4, the Library, most of the park he was in, and the route he had taken to get between the three. "That is spectacularly unhelpful," he groused aloud, "where is everything?"



The map is here to help you get around! Areas that you have explored are displayed here. The higher you Perception score, and the better your vantage point, the wider of an area around you will get filled in. Quests and Discovered Locations are marked on the map. If you're feeling lazy, you can visit a cartographer and purchase maps to fill yours in. You can also look at a compressed version of the map during play by using the 'Mini-map' command. Just use the command again to turn it off. Now get exploring!

'Great, so basically it's useless to get anywhere new, unless I've bought maps to fill it in. From a shop that I don't know the location of. Fantastic. Thank Merlin that Muggle Studies seems to cover local geography, or I'd be going nowhere fast.' Closing out the map, he went back to his notes. 'I think I have a step one now, get to Diagon Alley. Step two would be getting money out of my vault, which may be an issue without my key. So I guess the real step two, then, is find out if there is a way to get money out of my vault without having my key. If that fails, I convert my Muggle money to galleons. No, that won't work. I don't recall the exact conversion, but there is no way that £81.00 is going to be enough for my wand, I'd need something like… £700.00, I think? And that's not even considering the books I'd need. If I can't get into my vault, this may be a bust.'

Harry sighed heavily. 'I really don't want to spend weeks sitting here beating Dudley and his gang up for money, poetic justice or not. Maybe if I spend some time filling out the map I'll come across more quests where I can get some money. Think I'll start back at the house and work my way out from there,' he thought as he rose to his feet. 'Mini-map.' The map appeared in the lower left corner of Harry's vision, and looked to cover the area out to around 200 yard or so. The small arrow in the center seemed to represent Harry, and there was a grey exclamation point where the Harry Hunting quest was. 'Seems simple enough.'

A quick cup of coffee from his inventory to restore his health, and Harry left the park for Number 4 once more. However, just before arriving, he was pulled up short by a now familiar shiver down his spine. "Alright, seriously, what is that? Every other time I walk by here that happens, and so help me Merlin, I am going to find out what's causing it if it kills me and every other person in this gods-forsaken town," he ranted. With a snarl, he charged back over the offending pavement, with no effect. Nearly a dozen times he paced back and forth before the strange sensation occurred once more.


Magic Detection 11

He stood nonplussed for a moment. "Wait, what? Have I been sensing magic, is that what this is? Why the hell is there even magic at the edge of th-." Harry stopped cold and clapped a hand to his forehead. "The wards, I've been sensing the bloody wards!" He sighed. "Okay, good, mystery solved. Now focus Harry, and stop getting distracted." Harry paused at the front walk. 'I think spiraling outwards will be best. I can check the map every now and again to make sure I'm not missing something.'

Alternating running and walking, Harry started around the block at a quick pace and began to spiral outwards to the adjourning streets. About fifteen minutes in, he began down Wisteria Walk and noticed his compass showed both a silver side-quest marker and a '£' sign, both further down the street. 'Probably a Mrs. Figg's place if I'm reading this right.'

Moments later he was proven correct. Mrs. Figg was standing in front of her house in a pillar of silver light, looking this way and that and wringing her hands fretfully. Looking both ways, the wizard crossed the street and headed for her.

Location Discovered: Number Seven, Wisteria Walk

"Oh, hello Harry," Mrs. Figg greeted him distractedly. "Hello Mrs. Figg. Is everything alright?" "Oh, I'm afraid not dear. Snowy and Tufty both had a litter a few weeks back, and this morning all of the kittens vanished into the blue. If you happen to come across any of them, if you'd please bring them back, I'd really appreciate it. They're quite vocal little things, so just listen for them."

Miscellaneous Objective: Bring 10 kittens from Little Whinging to Arabella Figg (0/10)

With that, the silver pillar vanished and Mrs. Figg turned and walked back to the house without another word. "It didn't even ask me if I wanted to that time, I wonder-." He cut himself off at the sound of a high-pitched mewing coming from towards the house. "Well there's one, anyway." Harry closed his eyes and listen carefully. Ten seconds later, he heard it again. 'Definitely towards to house,' he though as he continued to listen. Eyes still closed, he slowly approached the house. 'Where are you?' The kitten cried again, he was fairly certain now that it was doing so every ten seconds. Eyes open now, he began to poke through the bushes up against the house. 'There is was again. Sounded like it was coming from… no. No, no, no.' Reluctantly he craned his neck skyward, and sure enough, an adorable black and white face stared back at him from over the edge of the roof. Harry slumped with a sigh. "Quick Save." "Game Saved."

Moving to the side of the house he came upon a rose trellis running up to the roof, and began to climb. "Ow! Shite! Wish I had my- dammit! - Dragon-hide gloves. Gah!" A few moments painful work saw the boy wizard pulling himself up onto the roof. "That… was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Yay Athletics, I guess," he deadpanned. "C'mere little guy," he crooned to the kitten. "Come to Uncle Harry, he's gonna take you home."


Skill Discovered: Creature Lore 0

Harry gave a long-suffering sigh as the kitten bolted for the other side of the roof and headed after it. Reaching for it, the kitten shot between his legs and made for the far corner, Harry in hot pursuit. "Got ya," he cried, as he threw himself into a lunge and grabbed the cat with both hands. The kitten promptly vanished with a message of "Added Half-kneazle Kitten." Harry's momentum, however, did not vanish. "Shite shite shite shite shite!" he yelled as he teetered precariously on the very edge, wind milling his arms wildly. After a few heart-racing seconds, he caught his balance. "Oh thank Merlin," he gasped.

The gutter gave way.

"Shiiiiiiite!" With a mighty thump, the world's most unfortunate wizard hit the ground, crying out at the impact and the sudden sharp pain in his lower back. He watched as his health bar dropped to a fraction and started flashing at him. "I-inventory," he managed through gritted teeth. Extracting a dozen glasses of orange juice, he began pounding them back one after another, restoring his health to near full. Struggling to his feet, he felt the oddest sensation, as if something were being painlessly pushed from his back. He looked behind himself, and stared at the bloody-tined rake settling back on the ground. "I really, really hate this game."

After a moment to get his head together, Harry set off back down the street again. 'Knowing my luck, the next kitten will be playing in the caldera of an active volcano, or living in Voldemort's sock-drawer. I'll deal with it later.'

Less than a minutes' walk, Harry saw that the '£' sign was looming large in his compass as he approached the end of Wisteria Walk.

Location Discovered: Wisteria Walk Corner Shop


Shops are locations where you can purchase goods. You can either do so in the traditional manner of getting things off the shelves, or by using the command 'Shop' inside the store. The 'Shop' command will bring up a list of all the goods in the shop, which can be sorted by various criteria. In the shop menu you can also sell unwanted items.

"That's useful, I can get rid of the extra clothes I got from Dudley's gang. Oh, right! I completely forgot to equip those!" A moment later, Harry was dressed in a plain black t-shirt, jeans, and trainers. It was such a pleasant change of pace to wear clothes that fit. Stepping into the store, he opened the shop menu. "Hmm, nothing particularly interesting, looks to be all cooking ingredients. Oh, you can sort and purchase by recipe, that's handy." After a few moments browsing, he decided nothing was really worth spending his meager funds on, and switched over to the sell menu and blinked in surprise. "I… hadn't realized I had that much food on me. That's quite a lot of money, right there." With a small smile, Harry sold all of his food, and his extra clothes.

Items Removed. Added £1563.00.

His smile turned into a full grin as he left the shop and made a bee-line for Number Four.


Cooking 100

Having spent an interminable amount of time working through the look of 'Start Quest, Make Food, Abandon Quest,' the wizard quit the quest with a sigh of relief. 'That should be enough to last for a while,' Harry though, leaving Number 4 and turning towards the shop. A short walk later, he stepped inside, opened the shop interface. 'Since the breakfasts heal the most, I'll hold onto… let's say twenty, for emergencies. Sell.'

Items Removed. Added £7588.00.

"Save Game, Slot One." "Game Saved." Stepping outside, he stretched his arms and took a deep breath. "Okay, it's thirty miles to Charing Cross Road, I have twenty breakfasts, it's morning, and I'm wearing glasses. Let's do this." Breaking out into a jog began to follow the roads towards the north-east, aiming to meet up with the A3 and follow it northbound into London. Dropping to a walk as his Stamina depleted and jogging again when it refilled, he found himself leaving Little Whinging in short order.

INFORMATION: Random Encounters

Sometimes, you may come across random events in the game world. These can be things like people to talk to, puzzles to solve, or enemies to fight or flee.

Through some incredible good fortune, Harry kept his balance and forward momentum as the information screen closed. "Why do I hear growling?" Still moving forward, Harry slowly turned his head to look behind him. Right at the large, gaunt, wild-eyed dog rushing towards him. "Oh. That's why." He threw on a burst of speed, but it was nothing like enough, as the dog lunged and clamped down painfully on his forearm. Harry cried out as the beast worried at his arm, trying to bring him to the ground, health dropping all the while. It was nothing but sheer, bloody-minded stubbornness that kept him on his feet and moving forward still. With his free arm he struck, once, twice, thrice, four times, and with a crack the dog released and dropped to the ground.

Wild Dog Defeated! Gained 50 experience!

Limping onward, Harry inspected his bloodied arm. "Alright, I never thought this was going to be easy, but it's looking to be harder than I though." Extracting a still-steaming plate from his inventory, he began to eat.

Location Discovered: The Leaky Cauldron

"Oh thank Merlin! Save Game, Slot One." "Game Saved." He was here. He'd made it. He'd had to work his way through seven wild dogs, five muggers, and a particularly belligerent squirrel, but he'd made it. "Character, Skills, Athletics Skill Perks."


Mastery of Athletics – Gain Athletics experience twice as fast.

Charlie and Craig Would Be Proud – Rank 1: Base speed increased by 10%. Rank 2: Travel an 500 miles on foot (167.48/500.00)

Marathon Man – Running requires only 25% of the usual stamina.

"I'm really not sure that was worth it. Useful, sure, but after that nightmare, I feel like I deserve more." With a shrug, he opened the door and stepped in. Inside was just as he remembered, before the war. The dingy, run-down, dimly lit appearance, the small crowd of eccentrically dressed witches, wizards, and assorted other beings, the old landlord Tom at… the…

"Bless my soul! Harry P-." "Load Game, Slot One!" "Game Loaded."

Back outside, Harry cursed. "No, no, I refuse to put up with the Boy-Who-Lived tripe this early, not on your life." He breathed deeply. "Alright, alright, I can still do this. I just need to make myself look like… well, not me." Quickly pocketing his glasses, he smoothed out his hair as best he could, making sure to keep his scar well covered. 'Attempt number one,' he thought, as he carefully eased the door open and slipped inside. Keeping his head down and his face angled away from people as best he could, he made his way quickly through the dining room and out the back into the courtyard. 'Got it in one,' he thought with a grin. Stepping up to the entrance, he reached for his wand. It was at this point he uncovered a flaw in his cunning plan. With rapidly fading hope, he quickly tapped the correct bricks with his finger and watched expectantly.


"Well, nothing for it, then." With his head still down, he stepped back into the pub and moved to the bar. "Excuse me, would you mind opening the Alley, sir?" "Certainly son, just give me a moment to…" Tom trailed of, his brow furrowed. Harry turned away a little more, desperately trying to keep from being seen clearly in the dim lighting. After a moment, the landlord shook his head, and stepped out from behind the bar. "Right this way," he gestured, leading the way out to the courtyard with Harry in tow. A few quick taps, and the sound of grinding stone filled the courtyard that the bricks reformed themselves into an archway. "There we are, young sir." "Thank you sir, I appreciate it," Harry said as he stepped quickly through. "No trouble at all, no trouble at all."

Harry stood in Muggle London, leaning against the wall of the Leaky Cauldron, wide-eyed and trying to bring his breathing under control. It was… horrible. It had been barely 45 seconds in the Alley before he was recognized, and promptly mobbed. Maybe mobbed wasn't the right word? Swarmed? Yes, swarmed by people trying to get him to shake their hand, endorse their business, or marry their daughter, son, or owl. All things considered, he was pretty sure he preferred being hit by the killing curse. 'Small wonder Dumbledore picked Hagrid to bring me here last time. Well, there's only one thing I can think to do,' he mused, as sneaking up on the nearest person in the crowd.


Stealth 25

"Character, Skills, Stealth Skill Perks."


Mastery of Stealth – Achieve Skill Rank 100 in Stealth (25/100)

Ninja Sprint – Travel a total of 5 miles while sneaking (0.00/5.00)

Rice Paper Walk – Sneak a total of 2.5 miles without being heard (0.00/2.50)

Assassin – Deal a total of 10,000 damage from sneak attacks (0/10000)

Lost in the Crowd – Sneak up on 250 people in a crowd (0/250)

"If 'Lost in the Crowd' is anything like what it sounds like, then yes please."


Stealth 60

"That's probably good enough for now. Character, Skills, Stealth Skill Perks."


Mastery of Stealth – Achieve Skill Rank 100 in Stealth (60/100)

Ninja Sprint – Movement speed no longer effects Stealth attempts.

Rice Paper Walk – Equipment type and weight no longer effects Stealth attempts.

Assassin – Deal a total of 10,000 damage from sneak attacks (0/10000)

Lost in the Crowd – When you do not wish to be seen, being in a crowd causes others to lose line of sight on you, and improves Stealth attempts by 10%.

"Save Game, Slot One." "Game Saved."

The sound of grinding stone filled the courtyard that the bricks reformed themselves into an archway. "There we are, young sir." "Thank you sir, I appreciate it," Harry said as he stepped quickly through.

Location Discovered: Diagon Alley- Leaky Cauldron Entrance

Moving smoothly through the crowds, Harry proceeded down the Alley towards Gringott's. He noticed that there were several side quests marked on his compass, along with dozens of shops which were marked with a 'ʛ' sign instead of a '£'. It didn't take long for him to tune out the rapid-fire "Location Discovered" messages as he passed each shop, and in minutes he was climbing the steps towards the silver doors of Gringott's.

Location Discovered: Gringott's London- Diagon Alley Entrance

Stepping into the familiar, cavernous marble entryway, he could see that every window had a significant queue. All except for the one closest to the door. He walked up to the teller, who ignored him in favor of continuing to write in an enormous ledger. Harry cleared his throat. "What do you want wizard?" the goblin barked. "I need to visit my vault," he responded. The teller, Limbhew according to the placard, held out a clawed hand. "Your key," he snapped. "I, err, don't precisely have my key, at this time," Harry admitted. Limbhew favored Harry look of utter disdain, one Snape would have been proud to call his own. "Then why are you here, bothering me?" "Well, I wanted to know if there is some way to access my vault, when someone else has my key." The teller sighed irritably. "You can have a new key made, for a nominal fee, after presenting proof of majority and a blood sample," he rattled off. "Do you have proof of majority, wizard?" "Err, no." "Will there be anything else," the goblin asked in a falsely pleasant tone. Harry sighed. "How do I go about changing pounds for galleons?" The teller's arms snapped out, and Harry followed the pointing finger to a desk labeled 'Currency Exchanges,' that he had to have passed on the way in. "Ah. Didn't… didn't see that there. I'll just… go over there, then." The goblin turned back to his ledger, grumbling something that Harry didn't understand.

Language Discovered: Gobbledegook 0

Seeing that he had been dismissed, Harry turned and approached the currency exchange desk. The goblin at the desk appeared to be reading the financial section of the London Times. "Excuse me, I'd like to exchange some money, please." The goblin set aside his paper. "Very well, Gringott's charges a fee of 5% of the transaction. How much do you wish to exchange?" At his question, a menu appeared showing that Harry currently had £9,232.00, and gave an extremely long list of currencies it could be changed into. 'I can't see any reason not to change it all, if I need more Muggle money, I can just abuse the cooking quest again. Probably should, in fact.' With a few quick taps, Harry selected all of his money, 'Galleon (Wizarding Britain),' and 'Convert.'

Removed £9,232.00. Added ʛ87 ʂ11 ʞ28.

'Next stop, Ollivander's.' As he left the bank and turned towards Ollivander's, however, something caught his eye that froze him in place. There, just down the street, was Eeylops Owl Emporium. He rushed forward, but was disappointed when he found the door locked, with a sign reading "Closed for Renovations." 'Soon,' he promised, 'as soon as I can.'

Skill Discovered: Lockpicking 0

INFORMATION: Lockpicking

Lockpicking is the skill of opening locks without using the key or magic! You must have a lockpick in order to try and open a lock. Do well enough and the lock will open, do poorly though, and your lockpick will break. We've given you five lockpicks to get you started. Good luck!

Added 5 Lockpicks

This Lock Cannot Be Picked!

With a sigh, Harry turned and began to make his way towards Ollivander's once more. Two doors down from Ollivander's however, he noticed a shop he didn't remember ever having seen before. "Cadastral and Hachure, Cartographers? Well, I guess that answers that question. I'll have to have a look after I get my wand." Taking the final steps to Ollivander's, Harry pushed open the door and stepped into the dusty, dimly lit shop. "Ah, Mr. Potter," came a voice from behind him, and he spun with a yelp. "I've been expecting you," the old man continued, "though not, perhaps, quite so soon." Harry blinked. "I just this second walked in the door, how did you get behind me like that," he asked, as his heart rate returned to a normal level. Ollivander raised an eyebrow. "I walked in after you, of course." "Oh." "Give me a moment to put my groceries away," he added, indicating the tiny bags he had just removed from his pocket, "and I'll be right with you." "Right, I'll just… be over here, then," Harry agreed.

Moments later, Ollivander stepped back into the room. "Now, Mr. Potter, just what is it that I can do for you today?" "I'd like to purchase my wand, please." "Excellent," the old man said with a clap of his hands, "If I could just see your acceptance letter?" "I, err, I haven't gotten it yet," Harry admitted. "Ah," the wandmaker said, looking disappointed. "Were you perhaps unaware, Mr. Potter, than I cannot legally sell you a wand until you are eleven years of age, or you have received an acceptance letter to a school of magic?" "Err, no, no I did not know that," Harry admitted. "I don't suppose I could convince you I'm eleven, then?" Ollivander smiled, "Mr. Potter, every few people in Wizarding Britain don't know when you turn eleven, and I am not among them." "Wonder how hard it would be to start my own school then," he mused. The old man's smile turned to a grin. "Very simple, I should imagine. It's getting the Ministry to recognize it that's the trick. No, Mr. Potter, I fear you shall have to be patient and wait." Stepping back around the counter, Ollivander opened the door for him. "I eagerly await your return on or after the thirty-first, or with letter in hand, whichever happy event shall come first. Good day, Mr. Potter." With yet another sigh, Harry stepped outside. "Good day, Mr. Ollivander."

'I'm starting to think this game is conspiring against me. Fine. Books, then. I learned Muggle Studies out of books, I can do the same for the magical subjects.' Walking back, he once more noticed the cartography shop. 'Ah, right, let's have a look at that, first.' He stepped inside and opened the shop menu. There was an enormous list of places displayed, but nearly all of them were greyed-out, and labeled "Unavailable." Three, however, were not.

"Hmm. Little Whinging, ʂ2, Central London, ʂ3 ʞ12, Diagon Alley, ʂ1. Add to cart, and purchase." With his map made more useful, Harry made his way to Flourish and Blott's and stepped in. Making his way through the shelves, he took down a copy of 'The Standard Book of Spells (Grade One),' and flipped it open. Or rather, tried to.

"You Cannot Read That Without Purchasing It."

"Should have known it wouldn't be that easy. Shop." Harry was nearly overwhelmed by to number of books listed. "Okay, Sort, Remove Fiction. Good, better. Show Hogwarts First Year Text Books. Okay, much better. Add all to cart. Purchase."

'That should make for a good start, anyway,' he reasoned, as he left the shop and crossed the street. Entering Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, he bought himself an ice cream (chocolate and raspberry, for nostalgias sake). Taking it to a secluded booth in the back, he pulled 'The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)' from his inventory, and began to read.

Omake: Baggage may have shifted during flight

"Ms. Granger?"

"Yes Professor Dumbledore?"

"How did Mr. Potter just… umm…"


"Ah, yes, thank you. How, or perhaps the better question, why, did Mr. Potter just suplex the Hogwarts Express?"

"… I really couldn't say."

"Ah. Well… carry on, then."

AN: Another chapter down, and the longest by far. Thus far, the vote for a Player's Guide is one for, one against, so who knows at this point. I'm still mulling over Socialize perks, but rest assured, I will have made a decision by next chapter.

Anna241- I was wondering if anyone would notice that XD. I promise, the perk will become useful, but not until we get to Hogwarts.

Listed are Harry's modified scores, with his real ones listed in parenthesis if different.

Name: Harry Potter

Level: 1 Next Level: 1000

Experience: 930 Character Points: 234

Health: 50/50 (100) Magic: 100/100 (2000) Stamina: 50/50 (100)


Acrobatics 50 (100*) Athletics 50 (100*)

Block 2 (5) Blunt 1 (3)

Creature Lore 0 Cooking 100*

Expression 4 Lockpicking 0

Light Armor 2 (5) Magic Detection 11

Muggle Studies 100* Occulmency 20

Pickpocketing 3 Perception 11 (16)

Short Blade 0 Socialize 27

Stealth 60 Thrown 0

Unarmed 50 (100*)

* Skill has reached its maximum.


English 100 French 100

Gobbledegook 0Parseltongue 100


His Mother's Sight - The skill Magic Detection begins at 10, and is already discovered. Additionally, Magic Detection improves 10% faster.

His Father's Flight - All Flight related skills begin at 15 when discovered. Additionally, Flight related skills improve 10% faster.

Parselmouth - Speak Parseltongue at native proficiency.

Character Perks

Well Read - Gain an extra skill point from reading skill books. Additionally, you learn skills from books 5% faster than normal.

Skill Perks

Mastery of [Skill] – Gain [Skill] experience twice as fast. (Acrobatics, Athletics, Cooking, Muggle Studies, Unarmed)

Le Parkour (Acrobatics) – Ignore many obstacles while running (What can be ignored is based on Acrobatics score)

Spring-Heeled (Acrobatics) – Increase jump height and distance by 25%

Charlie and Craig Would Be Proud, Rank 1 (Athletics) – Base speed increased by 10%

Marathon Man (Athletics) – Running requires only 25% of the usual stamina.

God of Cookery (Cooking) – Whenever you cook something, there is a 25% chance that you will create two of them, without using any extra ingredients.

Ninja Sprint (Stealth) – Movement speed no longer effects Stealth attempts.

Rice Paper Walk (Stealth) – Equipment type and weight no longer effects Stealth attempts.

Lost in the Crowd (Stealth) – When you do not wish to be seen, being in a crowd causes others to lose line of sight on you, and improves Stealth attempts by 10%.

Emotional Content (Unarmed) – Unarmed attacks deal 25% more damage.


Bound Core - Maximum Magic reduced by 90%

Magic Leech - Maximum Magic reduced by 5%

Malnourished - Health, Stamina, and Physical Skills reduced by 50%

Nearsighted - Perception -10 (Can be offset or negated with corrective lens)