Washington, D.C., July 1999

It was an unusally rainy day for July in the capital city of the United States. Mewtwo was in a black Toyota Sienna. He was being driven to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to meet the person who organized the team. The Sienna was soon in front of the entrance to the building. Sanderson Reed, with an umbrella over his head, then walked over to the car and opened the door to let Mewtwo out.

Sanderson then said, "You made good time getting here."

Mewtwo replied, "Not as good as the Phileas Fogg. Around the world in 80 days."

Sanderson then led Mewtwo inside the building. As they entered the building, Sanderson closed his umbrella, shook it dry, and then they continued on. Sanderson led Mewtwo to a flight of stairs that descended to the sub-basement levels of the building.

Mewtwo asked, as they continued downwards, "Where are we going? Australia?"

After a few minutes, they soon got to the entreance to a downstairs room.

Sanderson then said, as he opened the doors, "And here we are, sir."

After Mewtwo entered into a dimly lit room, which looked like a library, Sanderson closed the doors behind Mewtwo. Mewtwo then heard a tapping noise, like something being tapped against a wooden table.

Mewtwo then said wearily, "I don't like theatrics."

Then, an unseen man said from the shadows, "After Africa's velts, Washington's weather isn't helping your mood, I see."

Mewtwo then said, "Identify yourself."

The man then said, as he turned on more of the lights, "I'm known by many names, Mewtwo. My underlings call me Sir. My superiors call me M."

Mewtwo then said, "M."

M then replied, "Just M. I must say the delight is mine, meeting so, notable a recruit, to this newest generation of the League of Extraordinary Pokemon."

Mewtwo then asked, "League of what?"

M replied, "There have been other times, when a danger upon the world, required the services of, singular individuals."

Mewtwo said, "Oh very curious."

M said, as another Pokemon entered into the room, this one, 3 foot 11 inches tall with blue and black colored fur, with a cream colored chest, tall ears, a spike on each of his two paws which would be comparable to hands, "This museum is full of the curious. Mewtwo, Lucario."

Lucario then said, "I know of Mewtwo."

Mewtwo responded, "And I know of you, Lucario. Rumor has it that you're a pirate."

Lucario replied, "I'd prefer a less provocative title."

Mewtwo said, "I'm sure you would."

M then said, "Pokemon, please. The Middle East is turning into a boiling kettle pot. Every attack, marked by the use of highly advanced weaponry. They've discovered these attacks are all the work of one man, who calls himself The Fantom."

Mewtwo said, "Very operatic. And what's in it for him?"

M replied, "Profit. Those machines are his creations. The work of scientists he hold imprisoned. And his attacks have every nation clamoring for the very weapons that assail them."

Mewtwo then said, "Then it's a race for arms."

Lucario added, "And millions will perish."

M then said, "There's one last chance to avert war. The leaders of the Middle East and the USA and her allies are to meet secretly in Venice."

Mewtwo said, "And you believe that this Fantom, will attack that conference."

M replied, "If he can find it. We need a team to get to Venice and stop him. This team will consist of 6 members. You'll have 4 days."

Mewtwo said, "4 days to get to Venice. That's impossible."

Lucario then said, "Let me worry about that."

Mewtwo, impressed, then said, "Well now. Extraordinary Pokemon indeed."

M said, "One of them is late. Latios. The chemist."

Then, an unseen voice asked, "Oh, chemist, eh? Do we get to blow something up then?"

Mewtwo then said, "My psychic powers must be degrading in their ability to detect other presences."

The voice said, at the same time that some papers were plopped down on the table in front of Mewtwo, "No. Your powers are fine."

Mewtwo, surprised by this, then said, "No games, M."

M then said, "Some time ago, a talented, albeit misguided, man of science, discovered the artificial means to become invisible."

Mewtwo then asked, "Yes, I recall the tale, but didn't he die?"

The voice then explained, "Well, he did, but his inspiration from nature didn't. You see, I am that inspiration, and here I levitate for all to see."

Mewtwo then asked, "Is this some parlor game?"

The voice then said with persistence, "Believe it."

Then Mewtwo felt a sensation, as if someone was pushing on his right shoulder. He reacted by trying to wave his hand at the unseen force. Mewtwo saw one of the lamps move, as if of their own accord.

The voice then said, "Easy now, Mewtwo. I'm feeling a bit of a draft in my nether regions. And I must say, it's quite refreshing."

Just after those words, a form soon revealed itself. It was 1 foot 4 inches long with pinkish-white fur with a long tail and looked somewhat similar to Mewtwo, but in most respects, was physically different.

The form was revealed to be the source of the voice, as it said, "Allow me to introduce myself. Mew, your predecessor, Mewtwo."

Mewtwo was quite surprised.

Mew then continued on, "Now, that man thought trying to copy my invisibility, would be a boom to his work. Well as you can imagine, it was his undoing. Once a human is invisible, it's bloody hard for him or her to turn back."

M said, "We finally caught Mew."

Mew then said, "And they'll provide humans who have been turned invisible with an antidode. Well that's if I'm a good boy."

Mewtwo then asked, "And are you a good boy?"

Mew replied, "Well I guess you'll find out. Won't you?"

Then another Pokemon entered into the room, this one 4 feet 7 inches long was red and white with a blue triangle on its chest. It floated above the ground like Mew.

The Pokemon then asked in a female voice, "I'm a late?"

M then said, "A woman's prerogative, Latias."

Mewtwo then said, "Please tell me this is Latios's sister, with a sick note."

Latias then said to Mewtwo, "Sick would be a mild understatement. My brother's been dead for the past year."

M then said, "Pokemon, this is Latias. Latias's prior acquiantance with a reluctant League member may prove useful."

Mewtwo then said, "I'm waiting to be impressed."

M said, "The fate of the world is at stake. There are still two more members to recruit. The clock hands turn, Pokemon."

Mew then said, "Kicking us out already? A moment ago, it was cherry and giggles."

The four Pokemon then left the room and headed upstairs to the entrance of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The four of them were greeted by the sight of Lucario's transport, which to the other three looked rather strange. Light blue in color and looked as if it were made of pure energy.

Mewtwo asked in surprise, "What in God's name is that?"

Lucario replied, "I call it an Aura-mobile."

Mew asked, "Yeah, but what is it?"

Lucario simply said, "The future, fellow Pokemon. The future. This is my first mate."

The man in the leather jacket and sailor's cap said as he opened the door, "Call me, Ishmael. Please."

After everyone entered into the vehicle, they then drove to go to the location of the fifth recruit. While Ishmael drove and Lucario sat in the passenger seat next to him, Mewtwo, Latias, and Mew sat in the seats behind them. The three of them began talking amongst each other.

Mew asked Mewtwo, "So, how did M get you?"

Mewtwo responded coldly, "None of your business."

Latias then said, "You're a little testing, Mewtwo."

Mewtwo replied, "Latias, I doubt if you'd measure danger the way I do."

Latias said to Mewtwo, "And I imagine you have quite the library, Mewtwo. All those books must have read by merely looking at their covers."

Mewtwo said, "I've had women along on past exploits, and found them to be at best, a distraction."

Latias asked, "Do I distract you?"

Mewtwo replied, "My dear girl, I've buried the wives of two men, and many lovers. And I'm in no mood for more of either."

Mew then said, "You can send them my way if you like."

Mewtwo then coldly said in response, "Mew, shut up."

The Gangplank Marina

Soon the group arrived in front of a collection of buildings next to the marina. It was a rather shady place, like the docks of London in the 19th century.

As the Pokemon exited the vehicle, Ishmael asked Lucario, "Shall I wait, Lucario?"

Lucario replied, "No, bring my lady to me."

As the Pokemon walked to one particular building, and Ishmael drove away, Mew said, "This is a charming spot. Does Jack the Ripper live here?"

Mewtwo then knocked on the door, and in response, a viewing port in the door opened revealing a human face. He looked through it a bit then closed the viewing port.

After he opened the door, he was revealed to be a man dressed in a fine gray suit.

The man then said, "Good evening."

Mewtwo then asked, "Mr. Dorian Gray?"

Dorian responded, "I am indeed."

Mewtwo said, "We came by way of M."

Dorian replied, "Hmm. M for mystery. Well I've told him what I'm telling you, I'm not interested."

Latias then said, "Dorian."

Dorian said with a slight hint of surprise, "Latias."

Dorian then allowed the Pokemon into the building, Latias first.

Everyone then followed Dorian up the stairs, as Mew said, "Charming decor."

Mewtwo then noticed a blank spot on the wall, as he said, "You're missing a picture, Mr. Gray."

Dorian replied, "And you don't miss a thing, do you, Mr. Mewtwo."

Mewtwo replied, "Oh, sometimes."

After they entered into a spacious room, Mew asked, "Jarritos anyone?"

Dorian responded, "Please. Help yourself."

Latias added playfully, "Don't let it ruin your make-up."

Lucario then said, "I am impressed, Mr. Gray. You take Mew's uniqueness in your stride."

Dorian replied, "Yes, well I've seen too much in my life to shock easily. Although, I must say I was surprised to see you again."

Latias said to Dorian, "When our last parting was such sweet sorrow."

Dorian added, "Oh, so you're nothing more than an enticement. Nevertheless, your presence intrigues me."

Dorian then said to Mewtwo, "They say you're indestructible, Mewtwo."

Mewtwo replied, "Well, a Maasai witch doctor did bless me once. I had saved his village. He said, 'Africa would never allow me to die.'"

Dorian pointed out, "But you're not in Africa now."

Mewtwo answered calmly, "No."

Lucario then said, "I confess a curiosity as to what the files say about Mr. Gray. We all of us have traits useful in this endeavor. A hunter. A scientist. Even Mew has stealth."

Mew raised his glass to that, as he said, "Cheers."

Lucario asked Dorian, "What have you?"

Dorian replied, "I have experience."

Mewtwo noted, "Gray and I have met before. Many years ago. At Eton College."

Latias said, "A lecture no doubt. You the nation's hero. Dorian the eager listening boy."

Mewtwo then said, "Quite the reverse. It was Gray visiting Eton, and I was the boy."

Then Mewtwo suddenly began feel a group of malevolent presences surrounding them, as Mewtwo began powering up.

Latias then asked, "What is it?"

Her question was then answered, as gunmen carrying AK-47s revealed themselves in openings in the walls on the level above them, with the Pokemon and Gray in their sights.

Mewtwo then turned to Dorian and asked, "Gray?"

Dorian replied, "They're not mine."

Then a thick, coarse voice sounded out, as it said, "They're mine."

The Pokemon and Dorian turned to see the very man that M had told them of, the Fantom emerge from wall opening next to a flight of stairs.

Mewtwo then said, "First meetings, usually warrant introductions."

The Fantom replied, "Of course, I am the Fantom. You are the League of so-called, Extraordinary Pokemon. Introductions made. Oh, and I'm scarred, Mr. Mewtwo, not blind. Power down now."

Given the circumstances, Mewtwo had no choice but to power down his psychic abilities.

The Fantom continued, "Your mission is to stop me, that of course I can not permit. So I give to you all a special one-time invitation. Join me."

Lucario then asked, "Do you think that we'll help start a war that will consume the Middle East?"

Mewtwo added, "While you profit from your arms race?"

The Fantom replied, "I can not deny that fortunes are made in war."

Mewtwo then noticed there wasn't a human in one of the wall openings. There was a Pokemon, he couldn't identify what Pokemon it was, but he felt that this Pokemon wasn't on the side of the Fantom.

The Fantom continued, "Imagine the riches a war on terror will yield."

Mew said, "He's not wrong."

Dorian said, "Speak for yourself."

When the Fantom was only 2 feet away from Mewtwo, Mewtwo then gave that Pokemon a signalling glance, the mystery Pokemon then turned the gun onto the Fantom's men and the battle began. Lucario hid Latias behind a bookshelf, Mew became invisible, Dorian drew up his sword from the shaft of his cane, the mystery Pokemon fired at the gumen on the upper level, and Mewtwo went after the Fantom.

As Lucario walked out to join the battle, one of the Fantom's men said, "Draw your pistol."

Lucario replied, "I walk a different path."

With that, Lucario started fighting the men like a mixture of a Kung-Fu warrior and a Japanese ninja. Meanwhile as Mewtwo was going after the Fantom, his second-in-command prevented Mewtwo from getting to the Fantom, as they entered into a fight. Dorian, with his cane sword, was slashing down every one of the gunmen with a swift stroke. An invisible Mew took to bashing each gunman in the head with a book. Lucario defeated his share of the gunmen, while Mewtwo defeated the Fantom's second-in-command. Dorian then received a hail of bullets from one gunman. By the time the gun's ammo clip was empty, Dorian was still alive and still standing, as he used his cane sword to remove the man of his armor before thrusting the sword into his abdomen. As the man fell to his knees, he tore off the front of Dorian's bullet tattered suit. Blood was not coming out the bullet holes. Instead they were dry and ashy, and the bullet holes were resealing themselves.

The dying gunman then asked, "What are you?"

After he pulled his sword out of the gunman's body, Dorian replied, "I'm complicated."

Meanwhile, the mystery Pokemon was chasing the Fantom through the attics of the building. Then the Fantom jumped out of the window, the mystery Pokemon looked out that window, but the Fantom was nowhere to be seen.

After it was over, everyone in the main room was reflecting on their battle performance.

Mew then said to Dorian with admiration, "And I thought I was special. You're invulnerable to harm."

Dorian replied, "Oh, I don't like to boast. What happened to Latias?"

Mewtwo answered, "Oh, she's probably hip-deep in some sort of trouble."

Latias then said, "Don't be such an alarmist, Mewtwo. And my hips are none of your business."

But then a gunman they failed to knock out, got up and held Latias by the edge of his knife.

The Pokemon prepared their powers while Dorian drew up his cane sword.

The gunman then said, "Shoot. Go on."

The Pokemon powered down and Dorian withdrew his blade into his cane.

The gunman then said, "I guessed as much. That they would do anything to protect you."

Latias replied, "See now that's your biggest mistake. Thinking that I need them to protect me."

Then, Latias's eyes turned from an amber color to a blood-red color, and fangs appeared in her mouth. She then turned on her aggressor and bit the man's throat. Everyone else could only watch with surprise as Latias was draining the man of his blood by sucking out the bite marks on his neck. When it was over, Latias proceeded to cleaning herself up.

A stunned Lucario then said, "Extraordinary."

The mystery Pokemon then said in a British accent, "Boy. They told me American Pokemon had funny ways."

The mystery Pokemon then said to Latias, as he pointed out a spot of blood on her left cheek, "You missed a spot."

Latias then said as she wiped it off, "Excuse me. And you are?"

The mystery Pokemon said, "Special agent Genesect, of the British MI6."

Mewtwo then said, "Then Britain is aware of the situation."

Genesect then said, "Well, war starts in the Middle East, how long is it going to take until it crosses the Mediterranean? I followed you. I knocked out a straggler and I took his place."

Dorian then said, "Very noble. But this is a private party and you're not invited."

Latias stated, "Actually, Dorian has declined. So we are one shy of a full deck."

Dorian replied, "On the contrary, the battle was just the spur I needed. That and the thrill of a friendship renewed. So you're not needed."

Mewtwo then came over to Genesect and looked at the cannon on Genesect's back more closely.

Mewtwo then noted, "Technological implants."

Genesect said, "That's right. An enhancement. British style."

Mewtwo replied, "British style shooting too."

Genesect said, "Well, whatever it takes. You like it? It's got power."

Mewtwo said, "You're in."

Everyone exited the building and headed to the docks at the marina.

Dorian then asked, "So, what's the next port of call?"

Lucario replied, "Paris. Just one last member to recruit."

Mewtwo added, "Capture is more the word, and it will be quite the hunt."

Latias said, "You make him sound like some kind of animal."

Mewtwo stated, "Oh, speaking thus, Latias, your conduct a moment ago."

Mew said, "Indeed. We're all aquiver with curiosity."

Latias explained, "Well, my brother was Latios. Together, with a professor named Van Helsing, we fought a dangerous evil. It had a name, Dracula, he was Transylvanian."

Mew said, "Ooh, mainland European. One of those radicals the newspapers love to report on."

Latias said, "I don't know, Mew."

Latias added, as she revealed two fang marks on her neck, "Is the vampiric sucking of human or Pokemon blood radical behavior?"

Lucario then said, "Oh, our transportation is forthcoming."

Genesect asked, "A boat?"

Lucario replied, "It travels on water, if that's what you mean."

Then, as the hull of a gigantic submarine emerged from the Potomac River in front of the dock, Lucario added, "And beneath it."

When the submarine was fully surfaced from the water, Lucario said, "Behold, Nautilus. The sword of the ocean. Next stop, Paris."