EPILOGUE: Cherry Blossoms

It was April. The cherry blossoms surrounding the school had just begun to bloom, seemingly more beautiful than in previous years. But beauty was always fleeting, and in a much similar fashion our time with the Host King and his Shadow King counterpart was dwindling. Kaoru, Haruhi, and I still didn't know who would take control after they were gone, or in the years to come for that matter. None of us knew if we would even find two new members this year. For all we knew, the Ouran Host Club could have been nearing its final days. However, whether it lived on after the infamous trio was long gone did not make a difference in the effect the club had on us while we were in it.

A single cherry blossom dropped at my feet. I tilted my head up to look at the pink clouds that rained petals onto the courtyard below, mulling it all over in my mind; how could we make the most of the year ahead of us before time was up?

"Hey," prodded the voice of my brother, cutting off my train of thought and sending me plummeting back into reality. I turned to face him, shielding my eyes from the sun that still reigned overhead. He brushed a pale pink blossom off of his freshly washed and ironed blazer. "If we don't get going, we're going to be late."

I straightened my tie and replied, "Yeah, you're right. Let's get going."

Hand in hand, I took the familiar stroll across campus with Kaoru as the two of us always did, surrounded by dancing cherry blossoms, sure signs of the fragility of time.

Not a word was spoken as we made our way to the south wing of Ouran Academy, though perhaps there was nothing really to be said. The soles of our black dress shoes emitted a clacking sound with every step up to the top floor of the building and down to the end of the northern hallway. We came to a stop directly in front of double doors the color of the flowers outside. I reached out a hand, but stopped when the clock tower outside rang out, signaling that three o'clock had arrived. My hand made contact with the doorknob, sending waves of warmth into my fingertips that spread throughout my whole body when Kaoru's hand appeared on the other doorknob beside it.

And whose mouth the words came out of that time around fails me to this day.

"Let's open the doors together."