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Chapter 1: The Pit

Tris woke up, surrounded by a puddle of sweat. She had had a dream; she was back in her fear landscape. Only this time her fears were different, and each one had to do with Tobias. Him leaving her, telling her that she was small and ugly. He no longer came onto her like he did in her real fear landscape, he backed up in horror. They had a date planned for the afternoon, and it didn't need to be said that Tris was scared. Why was she scared? It was just Tobias. Her amazing, almost fearless Tobias. She had no idea what was planned, Tobias refused to tell her.

Realizing that she was not going to get back to sleep, Tris got out of bed. She walked down the hallway to the bathroom to take a shower. Sadly, it was only 4 in the morning, so she couldn't go to breakfast. She took her time walking to the washroom, and decided to take a walk around. She walked to the Pit, expecting it to be empty. But it wasn't. Christina was there.

"You can't sleep either?" She asked softly, trying not to scare her. She walked up next to her best friend and leaned onto the railing separating her from falling to her death. Christina didn't answer her, she just glanced over briefly and then looked back to the water at the bottom of the Pit.

"Something on your mind?" She pushed. She knew of Christina's Candor side and knew if she wanted to talk about it she would not lie. Christina nodded but didn't speak. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Tris, have you ever felt like you try so hard for something and there is no way it can't work? But then it doesn't." Christina didn't look at Tris, she just kept her eyes trained on the water. She furrowed her eyebrows.

"I don't quite understand," Tris said honestly, "but I would love to listen to you explain." Tris decided not to delve deeper herself, she didn't want to get on Christina's bad side. That girl was dangerous if you got on her bad side. Christina sighed and looked up at the ceiling. After a few minutes she continued.

"I really like Will," she said slowly, like she was just accepting it herself. This wasn't a big shock to Tris, her best friend had been spending an awful amount if time with Will. They were almost always together, and there was not one second that there was not a smile on their faces. Tris just stayed quiet, waiting for her friend to continue.

"We have been spending a lot of time together, and I don't know..." she paused and then continued, "I just couldn't sleep. Every time I close my eyes he is there. And Tris I just..." She trailed off and dropped her head down onto the railing. Tris hesitated, she was not used to showing affection because of her Abnegation roots, but eventually placed a hand on her back softly. She had never seen this side of Christina, she was always upbeat or angry; she was never upset. It was actually a bit unnerving.

"So, you want him to know you like him? Why don't you just tell him?" Tris said a little louder than she expected to. She really was bad with relationship advice. The only relationship she had been was with a Tobias. And being from Abnegation didn't help. Christina's head shot up and she began to shake it.

"No. No no no no no. No." Christina said anxiously. "I can't do that! What if he doesn't like me back? Then I'm just some stupid girl who got rejected." Christina was not afraid to speak her mind, and she spat these words at Tris, almost asking how dare she mention that. Tris quickly removed her hand and crossed them in front of her nervously. She was smaller than Christina, and although she knew she could fight her, she definitely did not want to.

"I don't know what to tell you, Christina. Before Four I never liked anyone, it was considered selfish." Tris spoke softly and in a comforting way to her. "But I see the way he looks at you, he has to like you. Besides, if he doesn't who cares? You can get any guy you want to."

"Thanks Tris, even though that is a bit of an exaggeration." Christina smiled and sighed softly. "I need to try to get some sleep, I have been here all night." Tris nodded and hugged her, then watched her leave in the direction of her dorm. She decided that she did not want to shower anymore, and she did not think she really needed one. She headed back to her room slowly, and on the way passed by Tobias' door just to settle her mind. She could not hear anything from his room, so he was probably still sleeping. She walked to her room and turned the lights off, and just as she did she heard a male voice behind her and the door lock.

"Hello, Tris."

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