'Till I die' (Tuck Everlasting)

"I'll love you 'till I die"

And I will

Forever and ever.

The words mean more

Coming from me, who will not.

I will love in those honeyed days of summer

Endless moments when you ran with me

And you were ageless and I was ancient.

"I'll love you 'till I die"

And I will

And I will not.

You fall away from me

Like water from the shore

Pulled into the deep

By the moons

And by the time which touches me not.

"I'll love you 'till I die"

And I will

All ways

I will smell your hair after the rain

See it shine in the summer sun

Watch it bounce dappled under the trees

And I will dwell forever

In the sweet days of early summer.

"I'll love you 'till I die"

And I will.

I'll be

And I will love others

Though I won't tell them my secret -

But I don't think I will ever be so sweetly sorrowful

As the day I came for you

And you'd chosen to live.