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Chapter 1

Job #1 - Busboy


Shawn was excited. He was bouncing on his heels he was so excited. He was 15 and this was his first job. Sure he was just a busboy at the local diner, but it was still his first job, and he could talk to people and learn thing about everyone that walked through the doors. His dad said he would stop by and test him during his breaks, which was a drag, but still, he was... well, excited.

The manager, an elderly woman, Marie, who was around 60 and had taken a liking to Shawn when he was younger had offered him a job after he told her that one of the busboys was skimming the tips off the counters and she'd caught him red handed. Shawn had been offered a job the same day and had promptly accepted. He'd been given his uniform the day before: a simple yellow dress shirt with the diner's label in maroon on the right hand side of the chest, opposite a pocket, a pair of black dress pants, and an white apron with three pockets, as well as the diner's label, all outlined in maroon, the same color as the vinyl that covered the booths.

Shawn looked at himself in the mirror and frowned. He splashed some water into his hair and spiked it so it was sticking up, smiling at his now wild hair. He did have an image to uphold, and just because he had a job now didn't mean he still couldn't be a reckless bad boy. Shawn walked out of the bathroom of the diner that he now worked in. In was eleven forty five and his shift started in fifteen minutes. One of the waitresses walked over, and looked at him with a smile and he smiled back.

"Oh honey, you look adorable!" She said and ruffled Shawn's hair, ruining his hard work. "Come now, your shift and the lunch rush will be coming in soon. Let me show you around the back."

Shawn grumbled and tried to save his destroyed hair, but followed her into the back where the kitchen was nonetheless.

"This is the kitchen, obviously." The waitress, Maggie said. "This is where we set up salads, the ingredients are in the coolers underneath the counter. In these coolers are the oranges for the orange juice, we have the morning shift slice them and the lemons for the iced teas, which you have to ask the customer if they want a lemon slice or an orange slice, sometimes they don't want anything."

Maggie led Shawn back out into the front area, just behind the counter but to the side so he wasn't in anyone's way.

"Then this is where you're stationed. You clean the tables." Maggie told him, pointing to under the counter

"That's not it is it?" Shawn asked, knowing that he had to do more than that.

"Of course not!" Maggie laughed. "You have to bus the tables, sometimes taking dishes from customers to make room on the tables, so if you see a table with people still sitting but they have empty plates, you can ask politely if you can take them. If there's a lot and we're busy, use one of these bins to carry the dishes, and if it's a very large table, there's a cart in the back that has more bins on it that you can wheel out if you need too."

"Is there anything else?" Shawn asked, memorizing what he was supposed to do, and spotting the cart she had mentioned behind her, remembering where it was if he did need it.

"Oh yes!" She replied. "You also get them refills on drinks. And besides just cleaning the tables, you also have to set them. And the manager is very picky how you set them. Here, you must set the silverware like this, knife in the middle, but the blade facing the fork with the spoon on right. And the napkins have a design on one end, that end must be on the bottom, away from the ends of the silverware."

Maggie explained as she grabbed a set of silverware and a napkin and set it up just as she explained. Shawn memorized it immediately and did it exactly how she'd showed him, causing her to smile happily and rub his head again.

"Oh aren't you the best." Maggie cooed. "Now, come here, come here."

Shawn gave up with his hair, flattening it out as he followed her farther into the back towards a the time record machine.

"This is where you clock in and clock out." Maggie said, grabbing a blank time card. "You just right your name on the top and slip it in to this slot and push this button. Here, go ahead. Try."

Maggie handed Shawn a time card and a pen with a smile. Shawn took both objects and signed his name at the top and slid the card into the slot and pushed the button. He heard a clicking sound and the card was slightly pulled away from him for a second before it was released and Shawn pulled it back out. There was date and time stamped on card, just below his name.

"Now when you come in you take this card and get it stamped, then when you leave, you stamp it again, right next to it." Maggie said. "If you come in and the card is gone, that means the manager's taken it to add up your time and you can just grab a new one from this stack. She does it every two weeks for pay checks."

Suddenly one of the waiters called for Maggie.

"Maggie, there's someone on your table! A pair!" The man said.

"Thank you Robbert!" Maggie called back, walking back to the front with Shawn, leading him back to his work space. "Now, just a second and I'll be right back. Get acquainted with your work space."

Maggie said and bustled out of the kitchen and into the dining area, leaving Shawn to do just what she'd suggested. Shawn took a slow 380 degree spin, looking at everything, memorizing where everything was. There was a tray covered in silverware and napkins, what he suspected he was supposed to take around to the tables that he'd cleaned and set the silverware with. There was also a bucket with soapy water and a rag that he was supposed to clean the tables with as well.

"So, acquainted with everything?" Maggie asked, walking past him to the kitchen and put up an order on the platform behind the counter. "Order Jed! On stack of Blues with extra bacon."

"Got it Mags!" Said the cook, Jed, grabbing the order.

"What did the waiter mean when he said someone was at your table?" Shawn asked. "Don't you all just share the tables?"

"Oh no sweaty, if we did that then we wouldn't know whose tips were whose." Maggie said. "The booths and tables are mine, and the stools are Robert, the waiter from before. The host, that's Mark, seats the customers and gets them their drinks. The waiters and waitresses take the orders and brings them their food, cooks cook the food."

"And the busboy cleans up the tables after the customers are gone and sets them for the next customer, while also helping everyone else with their jobs too." Shawn said.

"Exactly!" Maggie beamed. "The busboy is actually a very important job, you help make our jobs much easier. If we didn't have you, we all would have to split the jobs you do, and it would make our jobs much harder."

"Well, I'm glad to help!" Shawn smiled brightly, excited to start working.

"That's good to hear." Maggie smiled. "Well, you're already clocked in, so you can get straight to work if you want. And if you need any help, don't be afraid to ask any of us."

"Right! Thank you!" Shawn smiled and grabbed a bin and went to clean up an empty table.

Shawn's first day was uneventful. He did have a small incident with a fork, but nothing he couldn't handle. In fact, everything had gone smoothly; however, it wasn't until the second day that things went south. The busboy who had been caught steeling didn't like that the guy who ratted him out also took his job. In fact, he'd disliked it so much, he's dropped by the diner and made a scene about it.

Shawn had been scared, sure, but he'd know that he could take the guy, even though he was easily 6 inches taller, 40 pound heavier and probably a good 2 years older. Shawn may have been a small 15 year old, but his dad was a cop, who had aspirations of Shawn becoming a cop, and had taught him to fight accordingly. Self-defense and some offensive fighting too. Plus, he knew how to throw down in a fight, living with a cop for a dad meant having tough guys pick on you and try to start fight.

So the guy, apparently his name was Gilbert, didn't like Shawn. Shawn didn't like him either, he didn't like people who stole from nice people like Maggie and Robert, especially just a couple bucks. It was Gilbert's fault as far as Shawn was concerned. But that didn't seem to make sense to Gilbert, who had made a big scene screaming that the establishment was run down and ungrateful for his, what was it, 4 months of service. Shawn nearly laughed. The guy was a total loner, but luckily he had some sense of self-respect, because when Maggie threatened to call the cop if he didn't leave, he wised up and scrammed. Shawn was given an extra ten minute break and took it by having a pineapple malt.

The next few weeks went smoothly, in fact, the next few months went smoothly, they didn't head from Gilbert again, and Shawn had even been promoted to Host, which meant he was getting a whole dollar more in his paycheck. His hours changed though. He still got to work with Maggie, but only for an hour or two though. She was on afternoon shift, 10 to 5, and he was now on night shift, from 4 to 10, which was closing. Shawn got used to it, he rode his bicycle home from work each night he worked, three nights a week and on saturdays, and had dinner at the diner when he worked.

He'd been working as Host for two months now when things went wrong. He'd been locking up the front of the entrance, Jed having left just a few minutes before him. He'd put the keys into his pocket and and went to his bike, that was hooked up to a tree in front of the diner.

Shawn knelt down next to his bike to unlock it, when he felt something hit him from behind. He fell, hitting his head on the concrete and all he could hear was a ringing in his ears. He groaned as he tried to get back up but was kicked in the stomach. He coughed and tried to breath though the pain. He needed to get away somehow. He felt another kick in stomach and then one to the back of his head. He must have blacked out for a second because the next thing he knew he opened his eyes and he was being carefully loaded into an ambulance the red lights flashing brightly and he was forced to close his eyes.

He carefully opened his eyes and he saw that his dad was there as well as Jed and he could just see Gilbert and another man behind his dad in handcuffs, sitting in front of the diner, which its door was open. He instantly knew what happened: Gilbert and the other man had jumped him, stolen the key to the diner and had planned to rob it, but someone stopped them and called the police and an ambulance.

Shawn wouldn't find out until later, but Jed had come back because he'd forgotten something in the diner and was hoping that Shawn hadn't left yet, but found Shawn unconscious on the ground outside the diner and instantly called the cop and an ambulance. Shawn's dad was the responding officer and promptly arrested the two men and check Shawn while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Shawn had decided that he didn't like working at the diner anymore and had given his two week notice while he was still in the hospital. Maggie, Maria, Jed, Mar, Robert, and all the other employee's that had grown used to Shawn understood and would miss him, but made him promise that he would still come in for a free pineapple malt every now and then. And Shawn couldn't say no to that.

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