Hi Everyone. I Know, I Know, This Isn't What You Were Waiting For. Sadly, I've Got Bad News For Everyone. I'm Closing Down This Account. Well, At Least The Posting Part Of It. I'll Be Leaving My Stories Up For People To Read, But They Won't Be Finished Here. Now, Before Any Hearts Break, Or Riots Happen, I Will Be Finishing My Stories Over On AO3(Archive of Our Own) Under The Same Username. Only With Underscores Instead Of Spaces. Post_U_Later. I'm Currently In The Process Of Converting My Stories Over To There, Where I Will Try To Update More Regularly Than I Have In The Past.

I've Been Thinking About Putting My Stories On AO3 For A Long Time Now, Even Though At First I Didn't Like AO3, But The More I Read Stuff Over There, The More I Grew To Love It. & While I Originally Thought To Just Put My Stuff Up There As Well As Here, Some Things Have Caused Me To Change My Mind In The 'As Well As Here' Regard.

Now, The Reason I'm Doing This Is Because I've Found My Stores On Other Websites(Which I Didn't Give Permission To Use My Stories) Where People Have To Pay To Read. It's Very Frustrating & Insulting That People Would Steal My Work, But It's Even More Frustrating That People Are Out There Paying To Read What I Write When I Never Made Them With The Intent To Make Money. & People Are Getting Ripped Off Because Of It. FFN Isn't Secure Enough & I Urge Other Author's To Look Around To Make Sure Their Works Aren't Being Stolen As Well. I've Made Several Complaints Against The Sites That I Found My Work On Though I Don't Know If Anything's Really Being Done About It. You Know How Google Is, But With The Crappy Security That FFN Has(If Any Exists At All), I Don't Feel My Work's Are Safe Here, So I'm Moving Them Over To AO3.

I'm Sorry To Anyone Who Dislikes AO3, But I've Been Using Them More & More Lately. They Have A Better Searching System & A Better Review System Too. As Well As A Better Warning System For Stories That Are Explicit Or Not For Underage Readers. & I'm Absolutely In Love With The Tagging System They Have. It's Just Much Easier To Find Stories You Like Or Want To Read.

Again, I'm Sorry, This Might Seem Abrupt, But I've Been Dealing With This Since Just After I Last Updated Mutant Emotions(That's Just After X-Mas Of 2015). I'll Be Sure To Put A Notice On My Profile & In All The Summaries. & Again, I WON'T Be Taking The Stories Down. Even The Finished Ones.

& I Know I Might Have Told Some Of You Guys In PMs That I Would Most Likely Post One Last Chapter Before Stopping, But As I've Been Dealing With Downloading & Converting ALL My Stories, As Well As Editing Each One, I Haven't Had The Time To Write Lately, So I'm Sorry But That's Not Gonna Happen.

I Want To Thank Everyone Who's Reviewed, Followed, Favorited, & All My Loyal Readers For Everything, For All The Encouragement & Love You've Given Me, & I'm Sorry That This Has To Happen, But For The Sake Of My Stories & Those Being Robbed To Read Them, I Have To Move From FFN To AO3. I Hope To See You There. X3