It's was the beautiful morning and winterfell feel so cold and busy for preparation for kings and his royal family visit, Catelyn lady of winterfell make sure her children are all prepare for the event, she work through the corridor to see first if her daughters are wake and start they preparation as well but when she reach at her daughter's room she was not there she start to call for her but there was no respond ``Gwenvier'' so she decide to go and see her other daughter room, she knock on her door and sansa answer her as she try her gown for the king's arrival ``morning mother coming in'' after enter the room sansa smile at her mother and ask her the question about the choice for the gown to wear ``which one should wear tomorrow mother '' she take the gown into her hands and show her mother ``the red one or the brown'' her mother look at her with smile and reply ``they both beautiful my dear and they suit you perfect and am sure you going to catch the eyes of many young man tomorrow'' she near forget what bring her to her room when she remember she ask her ``sansa' 'she reply ``mmh'' still put her attention to the gowns and mirror in front of her ``where is your twin sister gwenvier' 'she look at her mother and answer`` I don't know cause I didn't see her after we break our fast'' her mother sigh and start to leave the room before she turn back and see her daughter think about the gown to wear she wish Gwen was like sansa .

Even though they were twins they have big difference sansa inherit her mother with her Tully hair and while Gwen took a lot from her father stark black colour of hair and blue eyes people say she has spirit and beauty of her aunt Lyanna even though Arya has too .Gwen and her half brother took lot from stark family more than they other siblings

Gwen was in wood practice archery and her direwolf Sam with the colour just like jon direwolf snow, she shout few arrow before she realize the time has already pass and many people will be wake

``oh no mother is going to kill me'' she call her wolf and start to mount her horse silver ``Sam let's go boy before we see the army of stark house move from here'' the wolf obey and follow her master she run her horse until she reach front get she thank the gods her father was not on stable so she decide to go straight to her brothers to see what they were doing and find they were prepare for tomorrow event and see jon was not even shave so she decide to go and help him he was always the last one she knew it because of her mother treatment so took knife and move to jon side ``need a hand brother'' she ask him with smile, they both look at her and smile ``yes sister, and where have been'' Jon ask as Gwen concentrate to shave his face before she her Robb talk to her

``mother was ask about you where did you go Gwen'' she smile to her brother and answer him `` where do you think big brother'' in small voice as if she want no one to hear her. They both have surprise look on the face ``you didn't go there again''

``you lady mother already forbid you to go the and she was worry about you'' she still continue to shave Jon face before she answer him ``she only worry about her perfect daughter sansa cause she took after her and act as lady should, am only disappointed to her'' and theon answer her before she can continue ``and you father you'' and robb ``theon is right cause you remind him so much about her sister Lyanna the true stark he always say'' she smile and think loudly `` just like Jon'' they both laugh before robb remind her to go

``Gwen to you room mother will not like to see you wear that and dirty like that'' she curtsy and answer' yes mi'lords'' and start to leave before her bothers and theon laugh at her jester to act as lady she turn around and say to them``am sure you guys are going to conquer the heart of southern women tomorrow and Robb make sure to get a future lady of winterfell'' robb through thing at her while theon and jon laugh at