In the morning Jaime have his breakfast with father and some other member of lannister house it something which he was start to get used to, he took a sit near his father

"And where is Lady Gwen this morning?" lord Tywin asks

"She wasn't hungry," Jaime said, knowing full well that she is may be in yard train her archery with ser Arthur or other knight in her guard, Jaime sign few knight so they can protect her

"There is raven came from king's landing yesterday night'' said lord Tywin

"What was it about'' Jaime ask

'King Robbert is dead'' they were all shock to hear the news "he was killed by the boar . When he was in hunting''

"seven hell, how is Cersei doing, she must be devastate to lose her husband when she so young'' Dorna say sadly, Tyrion wish to tell her that she must be happy to get rid of him cause now she can be free of him at last

''so now Joffrey is king of seven realm'' Cerenna ask


''no'' Jaime was very shock with the news "why father, Joffrey is Robbert older son'' even though he knew that was a lied

''Joffrey is too young to rule the realm, so Stannis will be the king until Joffrey reach Twenty one years''

''how did our Cersei take the news'' Tyrion ask his father

"well she did not have a choice but to accept it, Ned stark present the king's will and it was bear the king seal'' Tyrion turn his gaze to his brother Jaime

''so now Stannis will be crown as King, will Ned stark remain to act as the hand'' ser Kaven ask

"No, he renounce as the hand soon after Robbert death.''

''so who will be the hand''

''Stanis ask me to be his hand so when I leave to king's landing Jaime will be the Lord of Casterly rock on my behalf ''Tywin said "I will be very grateful if you will assist him"

"I will you have nothing to fear Tywin" ser Kaven assure him


The courtyard rang to the song of swords. Jaime was standing on the window from his room looking down on the yard were his wife was practice sword with some knight

"I can help but wonder dear brother'' Tyrion said to his brother and move to where Jaime was standing, Jaime turn and look at him " why is our dear honorable Ned stark resign as the hand and went back to his cold castle, did you think he know and if he know how long did you think it will take for her to know about your little secrete'' Jaime rise his eyebrow run his hand on his hair thinking what will his wife do if she found out about him and Cersei

"Am sure we will hear her howling she is more of the wolf than fish that young wife of yours'' he continues to taunt his brother

" Ned will not say anything to her if it will put her in danger he love her more than any of his child, I saw every day when we in winterfell the way he look at her''

''let's hope that ''

Sweat trickled icily down Gwen's face as she pressed the attack. Desmond stumbled backward, defending himself. When he raised his sword, Gwen went underneath it with a sweeping blow that crunched against the back of the knight's leg and sent him staggering the other knight sheers and shouting for her. Desmond's downcut was answered by an overhand that dented his helm. When he tried a sideswing, Gwen swept aside his blade and slammed a mailed forearm into his chest. Desmond lost his footing and sat down hard in the ground. Gwen knocked his sword from his fingers with a slash.

"Yield'' the knight smile at her and he replied "I yield''

"You really good at sword my lady'' ser Stefan said to her , Gwen give him the modest smile

"Well, I used to practice a lot back in winterfell with my brothers and ser Jory'' there sadness in her voice when she say Jory's name she remember him how he used to smile and laugh at her when she strike her brothers in archery or sword in winterfell

"My lady!" Ser Arthur , she turn and see him moving toward her "there raven from your father'' he give her the letter , she took and broke the seal and start to read she wide her eyes when she finish it she whisper " king Robbert is dead'' they were all shock with the news but ser Arthur know there more on the letter than the king's death her father will not write the letter to tell her about the king death, when they walk in the corridor ser Arthur ask her

"What did the lord told you my lady, am sure he did write to only inform you about the king's death''

"He is going back to winterfell, he told me I should be careful, I shouldn't trust anyone especially my husband. He also said there a big secrete he know but he can't tell me he afraid if the Lannister knew I know they we will kill me'' the knight look at her, he saw her fear he touch her shoulder to give her some comfort

"I will give my life for you my lady'' Gwen give him a warmest smile, she know he will give his life to protect her

"I know" she kisses his cheek and took off


She was in her room reread the letter her fathers send to her, when the door opened, she hurriedly stuffed the note under her sheet and sat on it. The maid enter in the room but she was not the one among her usually maids .

"What do you want?" Gwen demanded.

"Will milady needs any help?"

"No thanks"

"As you wish"

Gwen did not want her husband to know about the note her father send to her, she move to the hearth in her room and she thrust the note in the flames, watching the parchment curl and blacken. She drifted to her window, wonder to herself what was the secret her father know but soon she was shatter into reality when she hear someone on the door

''my lady, lunch is ready''

"okay I will be there in minutes'' she was already change, wear her green samite gown with long sleeves well embroider with silver thread and her long black braid was bound with silver jeweled rings, walk slowly down the hall she was not feel good, she was tired and feel like throw up all the time she took a sit next to her husband and the maids start to serve the food in the table

"Joffrey sixteen name day is coming soon," said lord Tywin "and Cersei want it to be held here in casterly rock".

Gwen was very quiet that day she did not say a thing, she took a piece of meat from her plate and feed it to Sam under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand delicate and eat it.

Cerenna sniffed in disapproval.

"A noble lady does not feed dogs at her table," she said, breaking piece of comb and letting the honey drip down onto her bread.

"She's not a dog, she's a direwolf," Gwen pointed out as Sam licked her fingers with a rough tongue. she feel sick already and last thing she want was some lecture about being a proper lady. Everyone on the table gaze at her

"Sorry." She say in small voice, she wasn't feel okay since morning, she wakes up sick, she doesn't even feel like eating

"Is something wrong dear?" Lady Dorna ask.

"No" she lied

"You didn't touch you food''

"Am not hungry," Gwen said,

"You did not eat this morning too." Jaime told her, his voice was full of concern

"come on now girl eat something do you want to starve yourself to death" Lord Tywin told , even though his voice was small but it was more of command than request, she took the piece of meat and place it on her lips but even before it reach on her mouth she start to retch

"Am sorry" she rise up from her chair and start to run outside the room,

"Is she sick" lord Tywin look at his son with simple smile on his lips, everyone was very surprise to see Lord Tywin smile but Dorn was the first one to understand why the Casterly rock lord was smile

"I better go and check on her" he rise up and start walk away from the room

"Do you think she is with child my lord" Lady Dorn asks Lord Tywin when Jaime left

"If she is not then she must be really sick''

Jaime saw her outside lean on the ground , Rose was with her but she was still throw up, he move close to her and pat her back,

"Go find the measter Creylen'' he told the maid, when she finish he help her to get up and lead her back to her room, he open the door and lead her to sit on the cushion

"I told you, I don't need to see the measter am okay'' she told him

"You are not okay, you need to be looking after" he took sit next to her and brush her cheek, there soft knock on the door Jaime rise and go to open the door

"I come as fast as I can ser Jaime'' the maester said and move to where Gwen sit

"What is wrong young lady'' she measter ask her

"nothing'' she told him ''it not nothing she is sick, she didn't eat anything since morning and when she eat she throw up'' Jaime explain to him, the old man move close and start o examine her, but her turn and look at Jaime, his lips form a little sign of smile "I will need to more test so as to be sure before I told what's wrong with her"

"It's bad'' Jaime asks

" no ser Jaime it nothing to worry about ,could you leave me alone with her once I finish I will find you'' Jaime step outside and leave Gwen with the measter , he decide to went back to where he left his father, lord Tywin was still discuss Joffrey name's day

"I think it best if I held it here in casterly rock , I don't think Stanis will have the time when he become the king" said lord Tywin, Jaime took sit and pour some wine in his goblet listen to his father plan

"What is wrong with her" Tyrion ask him he was worry about the girl

"I leave her with the measter'' Jaime told him, he did want to think too much about his young wife so he turn and look at his father "what you want me to do father''

"I want you to make sure the security is strong, I don't want to hear about robbery during the celebration ''

"Pardon me, my lord'' they both turn and see the measter

"Measter Crelyne, welcome'' Tywin said to the old man "do you know what is wrong with my daughter in law''

"Yes my lord''

"Be our guest and tell us''

"Congratulation my lord, it seems like soon you will have another grandchild'' the measter smile

"You mean to say Gwen is with child'' Jaime ask he was surprise his wife is with child he will be father soon, he did not know why he was so happy about it not like he doesn't have a children already, he have three with his sister but they were not his , Cersei didn't even allow him to carry them thinking what people will say about it, but this child will be his , he will carry her or him in arms and it will call him father and the whole realm we know he is the father of that child

"Yes ser Jaime'' the measter told him

"Can I see her now" Jaime ask he was very happy every one can see his smile

"yes, but you will not be able to talk with her, I give her milk of poppy so she can sleep, cause she was…'' he didn't even wait for him to finish talking, Jaime was already start to storm out from the room ,everyone in the room start to laugh they never saw Jaime such happy as he was that day

"My lord!, ser Jaime!'' the measter try to call him back but he didn't turn back

"Leave him be measter Crelyne, it not every day you get to hear you going to be a father'' Lord Tywin told him the measter only smile ''but I will encourage the lady to eat she need her strength''

"I will make sure of that'' Tywin ensure him

"How do you think the child will look like'' Tyrion wonder "more of Stark like it mother or Lannister like it father''

''will it be a boy or girl'' Mryllien ask "ohh, do you think if it a boy which hair color will suit him best black or golden''

"I heard Lady Gwen's big brothers are very handsome'' Cerenna said

'' they are, especially the bastard one, I heard they say he is more of the Stark than the heir'' Mryllien

"It true Robb his other siblings took more from their mother Tully but Jon, Gwen and Arya they more of Stark'' Tyrion explain to his cousins

"Black hair Lannister , he will be the first one to occur in house lannister'' Ser kevan said looking at his brother

"Lannister seed are very strong'' Lord Tywin said

"So as Stark'' Tyrion remind him, lord Tywin look at his young son and then reply ''if it will have black hair or golden hair it will still be Jaime's heir so it doesn't matter which house he will take more, as long as he will carry the Lannister name''

''he, what if is she'' Tyrion ask

"if it will be the girl am sure Jaime can make another, and if he will not get another then she will be his heir , am sure she will be smart as her mother and strong as her father''

He was in his wife chamber he saw her, she was still sleep due the milk of poppy the measter give her, he went and sit on the chair near her bed took her hand into his kiss it and rub it gently, he run his hand into her black hair , he remember when cersei was with child, their child she didn't even allow him to touch her but Gwen was not Cersei , she is his wife, he stroke her cheek and whisper some words to her "thank you, I promise you I will be the best husband and father. I will love our baby so much my love''

Tyrion Lannister open the door of his sister's in law chamber and enter inside. He saw the direwolf laying near the door then his gaze turn to his brother who was sitting on the sit near his young wife his step was too soft even Jaime did notice him there until he open his mouth to speak to him .

"Beautiful, isn't she you can watch her everyday but not seek tired of see her face" he said softly. Jaime jerked up, blinking, turn to look at his brother.

"Tyrion" Jaime gaped at him, "I didn't hear when you enter'' he was still half asleep. Patiently, Tyrion look at his brother, then clapped him on the shoulder "how it feel to be a really father''.

''I don't know but all I know is I can't wait to hold my child on my hands, see him growing up teach him how to be great fighter'' Tyrion glanced down and saw how his brother look at his young wife he never see Jaime look like at other woman than Cersei, he think may he was falling for his wife and he doesn't know it yet

"come with me brother'' Tyrion told him "we need to celebrate '' Jaime look at Tyrion and small smile curve into his lips , he lean down and kiss his wife before he start to follow his brother outside

''And where are we going '' he ask him curious

"it secrete dear brother" they mount they horse and rode off, they reach , the enter in the one of tavern ,Tyrion order wine and foods the maids brought it to them ,Jaime only look at his brother who drank more than he do, he know Tyrion like to drink and whore around

"I have I gift for you dear brother'' Jaime look at him and smile

"So why you don't give it to me now'' he ask

"The time is not ready yet, when the time come I will'' Tyrion told him "More wine?" Tyrion asked him.

"I should not object," Jaime said, holding out his cup, "I should not object at all. That's a fine red. From the Arbor?"

"Dornish." Tyrion gestured, and his serving man poured.

"Quite the find. Dornish wines are not often so rich." Jaime ask him

"Rich," said Tyrion said he can't hide his smile, taking a healthy gulp. He his brother was not a man for sipping,. Tyrion had made note of that at once. "We are the lannister of the Rock Jaime"

"I'm pleased you think so... ."

"As you wish." He took another swallow, dribbling wine on the front of his black satin doublet. He was wearing a cloth-of-gold half cape fastened with a miniature spear, its point enameled in dark red. And he was well and truly drunk.

Tyrion covered his mouth and belched politely. Unlike his brother he had gone easy on the wine, but he was very full. "

"More wine?"

"No. No, truly, I...''

"oh, gods be damned, Why not? Tyrion filled his cup to the brim, But Jaime didn't take any sip Tyrio look at him and sigh "okay follow me''

"Where are we going Tyrion'' Jaime ask

"I told you it secrete'' but the minutes they enter inside Jaime knew where he was

"A brothel," Jaime said. "What do you mean to do here?"

"What does one usually do in a brothel?"

Jaime laughed. "I have a wife with child in her belly. If I should remind you"

"And I heard when women are with child they less functional" he whisper the last part which make Jaime laugh. Inside the door, a tall woman in flowing silks was waiting for them. She had ebon skin and sandalwood eyes. "I am ellonar," she announced, bowing deeply. "And you are-"

"Let us not get into the habit of names. Names are dangerous." The air smelled of some exotic spice, and the floor beneath his feet displayed a mosaic of two women entwined in love. "You have a pleasant establishment."

"I have labored long to make it so. I am glad the Lannister boy is pleased." Her voice was flowing amber, liquid with the accents of the distant Summer Isles.

"Well it not for me to be please," Tyrion said, the woman turn and looked at Jaime. "Show me a few of your girls."

"It will be my great delight. You will find that they are all as sweet as they are beautiful, and skilled in every art of love." She swept off gracefully, leaving Tyrion to waddle after as best he could on legs half the length of hers. Tyrion turn to see his brother sit where he was, his give him cold stare and Jaime start to follow him

From behind an ornate Myrish screen carved with flowers and fancies and dreaming maidens, they peered unseen into a common room where an old man was playing a cheerful air on the pipes. In a cushioned alcove, a drunken Tyroshi with a purple beard dandled a buxom young wench on his knee. He'd unlaced her bodice and was tilting his cup to pour a thin trickle of wine over her breasts so he might lap it off. Two other girls sat playing at tiles before a leaded glass window. The freckled one wore a chain of blue flowers in her honeyed hair. The other had skin as smooth and black as polished jet, wide dark eyes, small pointed breasts. They dressed in flowing silks cinched at the waist with beaded belts. The sunlight pouring through the colored glass outlined their sweet young bodies through the thin cloth, and Tyrion felt a stirring in his groin. "I would respectfully suggest the dark-skinned girl," said Ellanor.

"She's young Tyrion." Jaime said

"She has sixteen years, my lord Just like the Stark girl you married." Jaime look at Long dark hair and blue eyes you could drown in, but he didn't cause he was already drown to another even though he didn't know yet. So long ago... What a wretched fool he was. "But she is my wife, but not her''

"I could give you my daughter" His surprise must have shown on his face,

"Your daughter" Jaime cough awkward

Ellanor continued, "My people hold that there is no shame to be found in the pillow house. In the Summer Isles, those who are skilled at giving pleasure are greatly esteemed. Many highborn youths and maidens serve for a few years after their flowerings, to honor the gods."

"What do the gods have to do with it?" he curios ask

"The gods made our bodies as well as our souls, is it not so? They give us voices, so we might worship them with song. They give us hands, so we might build them temples. And they give us desire, so we might mate and worship them in that way." Jaime can't hide hold his smile anymore

"Remind me to tell the High Septon," said Tyrion. "If I could pray with my cock, I'd be much more religious." He waved a hand. "I will gladly accept your suggestion."

"I shall summon my daughter. Come."

The girl met him at the foot of the stairs. She was tall, though not so tall as her mother, she had to kneel before Tyrion could kiss her. "My name is Jen," she said, with only the slightest hint of her mother's accent.

"You are very beautiful, Jen," Tyrion told her. "From head to heels, every part of you is lovely. Yet just now the part that interests me most is your tongue."

"My lord will find my tongue well schooled. When I was a girl I learned when to use it, and when not."

"That pleases me." Tyrion smiled. "But do you think you can please my brother" the girl turn and look at Jaime who was quite the all time she move close to Jaime "Come, my lord." She took him by the hand and start drew him, but Jaime brush her hand away from him

"Am married my lady, thank you''

"I can please you more than you wife can," the girl said, saucily. Jaime look at the girl, he took some gold coin on his pocket and give to her. "Now can you leave me alone with my brother''

She did. But as she slipped past Jaime, clutching one shoe and a pile of her clothes, she reached

down and gave his cock a squeeze through his breeches. "jen," she reminded him, before she darted

half-clothed from the room.

Jen, Jaime mused. "I can't betray my vow to my wife with whore" he told him when the girl was


"Can't you?" Tyrion settled on a stool. "And who, will you betray her with? If I may ask" Jaime only look at his brother and say nothing "ohh, may be with the golden hair woman, with green eyes and same age as you''

"Shut up, Tyrion"

"look at me and tell me if you didn't sleep with our sweet cersei when you were already wed to her, all those time you went to king's landing '' Jaime start to walks away from his brother but stop when hear him speak "I wonder how long will it take for her to find out about your and Cersei'' Tyrion move close to him and whisper to him "what will you think she will do, will she forgive the man who cripple her brother for love of his sister, if I were her I wouldn't'' Jaime took off and left his brother stand where he was


She heard the door open as her maids brought the hot water for her bath. She was standing on the window of her room. "Come see," she told them. "There's a castle in the sky."

They came to have a look. "It's made of gold." Rose said "A castle all of gold, there's a sight I'd like to see." Gwen smile softly

"A castle, is it?" Maria had to squint. "That tower's tumbling over, looks like. It's all ruins, that is."

she did not want to hear about falling towers and ruined castles. She closed the shutters and said, "I heard you brother Robb and his lady wife have a baby boy" Rose ask

"He call him Eddard after our father" said Gwen. "Am sorry Rose I know you had crush with him." She teases rub her belly softly

"I was not," Rose declared. "I always has crush with Jon" she brush a little when she said

Maria gave a soft chuckle. "Lady Gwen, you'll be wanting to get into the tub before the water gets too cool."

Sansa let Rose pull her shift up over her head and climbed into the big wooden tub. She closed her eyes. It was very cold that night and she was trembling

. "You are trembling, m'lady."

"The water is not hot enough," Gwen said. Rose sent Maria to fetch more hot water while she washed Gwen's back Jaime walks in and found Maria start to pour hot water in tub when she start to talk he shake his head and gesture her to leave the room

"I will take care of her go'' they bow and took off, he took a brush and start to wash her back softly

"you know am thinking of how my child will look like, will he has black curly hair like Jon with Green eyes like Jaime or Golden hair with blue eyes like Robb and me'' Jaime run his hand on her bare belly and whisper softly on her ear

"He will still be handsome boy whatever he look'' she open her eyes and saw Jaime .he took her blue robe and swift it on her body. "You look lovely, Gwen." He took her hand and led her to the cushion on their room.

"You wouldn't mind if he has black color, my lord," Gwen said. Jaime chuckle, brush a strand of her hair away from her beautiful face "black hair lannister'' he think for a moment, "as long as he has the green eyes'' he tease

" I don't care, which family he will took more he will still be my child ,my first born, my heir" he lean and kiss her lips softly. He pull away and place his head into her brush her cheeks gently "thank you'' he said softly , she didn't know what he was thanking her for and then he continue to speak his hot breath brush her face make her shiver with needs "for carrying my child. For giving me the child of my own the one who can proudly call him my son and he me father'' he leans forward and kisses her softly. Something changes while he's kissing her, his lips grow more urgent against hers, his hand moves up from her chin and he's holding the side of her head, his other hand on the other side. His breathing accelerates. He deepens the kiss, leaning into her. She put her hands on his arms. She runs them through his hair. He leans his forehead against her's, his eyes closed, his voice strained.

"Are you tired'' he whispers

"No, why" she whisper back.

"Cause I want to make love to you as token of my affection for carrying our child, my love'' His voice was soft, seductive. He leaning down, he kisses her, his lips tender against hers , push her gently so she can lean on the cushion. His cool fingers trail languidly across her belly. Her skin is oversensitive, her hips flex automatically. She was panting loudly. All she can concentrate on is his voice and his touch. Nothing else is real. Nothing else matters, nothing else registers on her radar. His fingers slip into her robe, he murmurs and he pushes two fingers inside her. She gasps. He moves his fingers tantalizingly slowly, in, out, and she pushes against him, tilting her hips up. He smile softly, and his thumb circles her clitoris and then presses down. She groans loudly as her body bucks beneath his expert fingers. He reaches up and pushes the rest of her robe out from her body.

"I want you inside me," she breathe.

"I know," he murmurs. He leans down and kisses her, his fingers still moving rhythmi cally inside her, his thumb circling and pressing. His other hand scoops her hair off her head and holds her head in place. His tongue mirrors the actions of his fingers, claim ing her. Her legs begin to stiffen as she push against his hand. He gentles his hand, so she brought back from the brink. He does this again and again. It so frustrated she want him to take her

"I want you now" she breathes in his ear. Jaime look at her she "Please," she beg, and he finally takes pity on her. "What do you want my lady?" he ask still wear his smile, he always know how to make her go crazy for him he like when she whisper his name beg him to enter her

"You… now," she whisper, He withdraws his hand and He kneels up between her legs, and very slowly he pulls his breeches off, staring down at her, his eyes gleaming.. She watch with fascinated, mesmerize.

He raises his eyebrows as his hand moves up and down his impressive length. He stares down at her for a moment, measur ing her need, and then he grabs her suddenly and slide inside her. It takes her by surprise. He plunges inside her. He holding her wrists tightly by her side, and thrusting into her deeply. She groan….

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she hold him the only way she can as he thrusting deep into her, staring down at her, gray eyes glowing, passionate and possessive. He starts to move, re ally move. She groan. It's so raw, so carnal, making her so wanton. She revel in his possession, his lust slaking hers. He moves

with ease, luxuriating in her, enjoying her something he never have this with his sister their sexual intercourse was very quick, his lips slightly parted as his breathing increases. He twists his hips from side to side, and the feeling is exquisite. She closed her eyes, feeling the buildup – that delicious, slow, step climbing build. Pushing her higher, higher to the castle in the air. Oh yes… his stroke increasing fractional ly. She moan loudly. Whisper his name, enjoying every thrust, every push that fills her. And he picks up the pace, thrusting faster… harder… and her whole body was moving to his rhythm, and she can feel her legs stiffening, and her insides quivering and quickening. she cry out a wordless, passionate plea as she touch the sun and burn, falling around him, falling down, back to a breathless, bright summit on Earth. He slams into her and stops abruptly as he reaches his climax, pulling at her wrists and sinking gracefully and word lessly onto her.

"Seven hell Gwen, what are you doing to me?" he breathes as he nuzzles my neck. "You com pletely beguile me, Gwen. You weave some powerful magic."

He releases her wrists, and she run her fingers through his hair, try to control her breath. She tighten her legs around him.

"I'm the one beguiled," she whispers.

Jaime looks up, gazing at her, his expression is disconcerted, alarmed even. Placing his hands on either side of her face, he holds her head in place.

"You. Are. Mine," he says to her, each word a staccato. "Do you understand?" she was his only his he didn't want to share her with anyone like he did with Cersei he didn't know he could feel this way with other woman instead of his sister but Gwen prove him wrong the way he feel for her he could understand may be he was start to fall for her without him knowing

He's so earnest, so impassioned. The force of his plea is so unexpected and disarming. She wonders why he's feeling like this.

"Yes, yours," she whisper, derailed by his fervor. He move out of her and carry her to the bed they share pull her to him until her head lay on his chest she begins to trail feather light kisses around his chest

"Promise me, I will be the only man to be inside you'' she pause title her head so she can look at him

"Why would I take another, while my husband please me more '' she traced his chest with her finger

He laughed. "I do" she bit her lip and node wear a smile on her lips

"I don't want to share you with anyone Gwen''

"You won't share me with any one Jaime, am all yours and only yours my love'' she ensure him put kiss on his chest