Author's note: This is a bit hard to write. But I wanted to do a fic about Grimmjow really claiming Ichigo and Consequences of Revenge really wasn't it. XD So here it is, a full on master/slave relationship. It might eventually change but it will definitely be an interesting progression…

Why did this have to happen? Ichigo's hands clenched into fists as he rested his forehead against the wall, trying to ignore the heavy weight on his back, the forceful thrusts of the man rutting against him. It was hopeless and he gasped as that cock grated slowly against his prostate, a deliberate act. He knew that from the way the bastard laughed, a harsh, wicked chuckle. No. No! He clenched his teeth, trying to will his body into submission. It was hopeless, especially when a callused hand encircled his length and began jerking him off in time with every thrust.

"You're a great fuck, shinigami." That rough, terrible voice spoke in his ear and he flushed with shame and disgust. Feelings that were almost obliterated a moment later, as thrust after thrust hit home in his battered body. "You like that, don't you? Of course you do. Little bitch."

"Shut the… fuck up!" Ichigo gasped out, his nails digging into his palms so hard they left tiny crescents of blood. "You bastard!" At least he could do that. Grimmjow didn't care if he talked back during sex. In fact, he seemed to like it, which only added to his anger and hate. Sure enough, there was a heavy chuckle behind him.

"I love it when you say that." Ichigo bit his lip so hard it almost bled as that cock just kept on abusing his insides. The thrusts were fast, remorseless yet oh so accurate. "It's as good as moans and mews… although I'd like to hear you moan for me like the whore you are." That made him flush in shame and rage, still biting his lip to hold back any of those moans. He would never make sounds like that for Grimmjow. Never! "And you know what I like best…" Ichigo did know. Grimmjow had told him before. "The look on your face…" A heavy hand grasping his full, aching cock as that hot rod inside him just kept hitting him over and over again. "…When you cum for me."

"Unh!" Ichigo couldn't hold back the sound as a few hard, brutal yanks took him over the edge. The oil on Grimmjow's hand kept it from hurting, but that was all that saved him. His cum splattered against the wall as Ichigo rode out his orgasm, holding back any other cries. Of course, that gave Grimmjow what he wanted… the look on his face, the way he bit his lip and tensed to hold back any other sounds. He knew he was playing into his rapists hands, but it was still better than moaning like the whore Grimmjow called him. Another quick, powerful thrust and the Espada grunted before going still. Ichigo could feel that member inside him pulsing, the spreading heat inside his anal cavity. It didn't feel right and it didn't feel good. It made him want to puke.

Grimmjow pulled out of him, doing up his hakama and leaving him there exactly the way he always did, gasping and clinging to the wall, his legs trembling. Ichigo gradually got himself back under control, looking at the stains on the wall with revulsion. It was his 'job' to clean the house and despite the humiliation that snarled through him, he pulled up his pants and went to grab some paper towels to clean the jizz off the wall. If he left it, it would get old and tacky and much harder to remove.

As he wiped the semen off the wall he closed his eyes for a moment. He could remember the first time Grimmjow had taken him like it was yesterday. He'd gotten Orihime to bring him back to life just so he could Claim him. Ichigo still wondered why. Why couldn't the Espada have just left him alone? Why had he been brought back from death to suffer this? He'd even asked him, once. Grimmjow had just shrugged and said he wanted to. For the lunatic Espada, that was enough.

Finishing with the wall Ichigo went to do the dishes. There wasn't a lot, it was just the two of them. When that chore was done he went to join Grimmjow in bed. Not because he wanted to but because he had to. Grimmjow had made it clear that he would only sleep elsewhere if he was ordered to and by now, Ichigo knew better than to disobey. There were so many ways for Grimmjow to hurt and humiliate him. Disrobing quickly, he slid into bed beside the violent man. He was already asleep which was a relief. Grimmjow could be insatiable and Ichigo didn't want another round so soon. Or ever, if he had a choice in the matter.

But he didn't. That was the whole point of being Claimed. Closing his eyes, he tried to fall asleep.

Tomorrow would be another day.

Ichigo scowled as he prepared breakfast. He could hear Grimmjow showering, his usual morning routine.

"I swear if he complains about my cooking one more time…" He muttered to himself. Yuzu had always done this. Stopping for a moment, he had to wipe away tears. His sisters were dead, their souls obliterated in Aizen's mad quest for power, just like all the people of Karakura town. It hurt so much to remember. Taking a deep breath he turned his attention back on the frying pan. Grimmjow didn't need to eat but he'd gotten a taste for real food, and it was his duty to prepare it.

Today was huevos rancheros. The corn tortillas went on a skillet to soften as he cooked up the scrambled eggs. The guacamole, bean salsa and sour cream were in containers on the breakfast table. They could ladle out as much as they pleased. After nearly a year of practice, Ichigo had the timing down quite well. He was just setting out the piping hot eggs when Grimmjow stepped into the room.

"Mexican today? Good shit." He said approvingly and Ichigo nodded, putting the tortillas on each plate. He'd made four of them, two for each. Grimmjow took a seat and helped himself to the eggs and fixings, taking a swig of his coffee. The Espada liked it hot and black.

"Are we doing anything today?" Ichigo asked in a neutral tone. It was a good idea to ask. If he didn't, Grimmjow might forget to tell him and just drag him somewhere, or even get angry that he wasn't where he should be. Grimmjow usually didn't punish him unfairly, but he'd prefer not to test it. The Espada shook his head.

"Not for you. I'm going to a beach party with some of the guys." That meant the other Espada and the higher ranking fraccion. "But Nnoi and Yammy are bringing their pets. I asked and Nnoitra said they don't need you, so I figured you wouldn't want to come anyway." He said, which was a massive understatement. They both knew that Ichigo would rather chew on broken glass than 'hang out' with the arrancar. Acting as a servant and taking orders from any fraccion or Espada who deigned to notice him… no, thank you. "I'll be back for supper. Make some tacos, would you?" He asked and Ichigo nodded.

"Sure." That was a very reasonable request and well within his skill level. He would just get a packaged spice blend and there was ground meat in the fridge. Although… "Did you want chorizo sausage too?" That would give him a good excuse to get out of the house and the market in the Seireitei was fascinating. For a few hours he might even be able to forget he was a pet. Grimmjow looked intrigued at the idea.

"That's that hot Spanish stuff, right? Yeah, that sounds good. You do that." Permission to leave the house. Ichigo nodded, feeling relieved. Of course, Grimmjow knew exactly how he felt. That was how the Claim worked. The arrancar grinned at him before catching his face in one large hand, stroking his cheek with a thumb. Ichigo shivered, feeling a strange combination of lust and revulsion as the Espada touched him. "You've been a good pet lately, so you can stay out as long as you like. Just make sure supper's ready by seven."

"Really? Er… thank you." It grated on his soul to thank the evil bastard for letting him have a day to himself, but Ichigo wanted to keep his temper sweet. If he didn't, Grimm might very well decide he didn't deserve the time away. Food finished, Grimmjow left the table and headed outside as Ichigo gathered up the dishes and set them in the dishwasher. Fortunately, this little house had all the modern conveniences.

When the kitchen was tidy, he went outside to practice a bit. It was still too early for the market to be in full swing and he liked to keep his skills sharp. He didn't have Zangetsu – all the most powerful shinigami had had their zanpakuto taken away – but Grimmjow had given him a practice blade in the same shape. Working out with it made him feel like a warrior again. And sometimes, Grimmjow sparred with him, using a simple weapon instead of Pantera to make it 'fair'. He usually won since he still had most of his powers even without his blade, and without Zangetsu Ichigo was more than a little crippled.

Sighing to himself, Ichigo cleaned off the weapon and put it away. He couldn't shake his melancholy mood today. He hoped the market would cheer him up a little but the opposite happened. He could feel accusing eyes on him as he looked through the market and several of the vendors were distinctly chilly with him. Not that he could blame them, really. He was supposed to have protected them from this and he'd failed, miserably. And his hair was so recognizable…

He finally bought some dried persimmons and sat down on some nearby stairs. But instead of eating the tasty, custardy fruit he just stared at them sadly. His mind was a thousand miles away, reliving his failure…

"Grimmjow, let go of me!" What was going on? One minute he'd been… dead… Ulquiorra had put a hand through his chest. He remembered that horrible moment when he looked down and realized he was a dead man. But now he was alive again and what in HELL was the Espada doing with his clothes?!

"I'm Claiming you." The madman purred and Ichigo blinked as his hollow practically screamed at him to do something, anything to get away. "Ulquiorra, fuck off and take the woman and brat with you."

"Very well." Ichigo looked up wide eyed at the emotionless tone. Orihime protested but couldn't stop the Espada from picking her up. He grabbed Nel as well. The little girl was crying up a storm and struggling to reach him. "Trash." He added before vanishing in a burst of sonido. Grimmjow just chuckled, not remotely offended.

"Whatever. You'll be Claiming your bitch soon…" Ichigo arched, struggling frantically to get away as a big finger began violating his virgin entrance. Too late, he understood part of what 'Claiming' entailed. There was something damp on Grimmjow's fingers, some kind of lube but he wasn't the least bit grateful. He tried desperately to keep those fingers out of him but it was hopeless. He was too weak to fight the Espada. "You've got a nice ass shinigami. So fucking tight… I can't wait to put my cock in there."

"No! Please, stop!" He couldn't believe this. This couldn't be happening. It was like something you saw on TV… Grimmjow just laughed and Ichigo screamed as that cock began slowly sliding inside. It felt like he was being torn apart, impaled. It was agonizingly painful –

And then suddenly it wasn't. Ichigo stiffened with a yelp and quivered as he felt something slide through his body. It seemed to find the core of his soul, his very essence and it filled him with inconceivable pleasure. The pain suddenly vanishing in that onslaught of ecstasy, but he could still hear his hollow screaming, telling him he had to escape before it was too late. And even with his own body staging a rebellion, he tried. But Grimmjow just laughed and gripped him by the scruff of his neck before sliding out and sliding back in, spilling more of that something into his body.

"I knew you were a twink the first time I saw you." Grimmjow growled in his ear, his breath hot and smelling like sandlewood and old blood. Ichigo panted, feeling the sweat popping out on his hairline as he stared at the ground, his eyes wide. This was how he was losing his virginity? That hot rod inside him said yes. Ichigo moaned as another wave of pleasure hit him before biting his lip. "You love it don't you? Bitch." That word was punctuated with another steely thrust, more reiatsu spilling into his battered body. He understood what was happening now. Grimmjow was pumping him full of reiatsu, but why?

It seemed to take forever. The Espada enjoyed torturing him, making him writhe and fight back moans and gasps of pleasure. There was a vague sense of pain under all the pleasure and he realized he was being rubbed raw despite the lube, but it didn't matter. The sensations were too intense. The end finally came, though, and Ichigo's word went white as fangs ripped at his throat. His whole body convulsed, his inner walls clamping down on Grimmjow's cock. The Espada let go of his throat and howled, releasing in a series of quick, hot spurts.

As he came down from the high, Ichigo felt nauseated. What had happened? Why had Grimmjow done this to him? His hollow rather snippily informed him of his 'pet' status, but it was Grimmjow who really brought it home when he ordered him to get up and follow. Ichigo had no choice to obey and when he tried to draw Zangetsu, tried to attack, he simply couldn't. To his horror he realized he was a slave. No, a pet. Grimmjow's pet, for as long as the Espada wanted him.

Ichigo sighed, closing his eyes for a moment in mental pain. Without him, Soul Society had fallen. Aizen ruled now and arrancar did what they wanted. The Espada were in charge and their words were law. Finally taking a bite of the dried persimmon he tried to forget it all. The fruit was sweet and soft like custard, exactly how it should be.

It had been a year since he'd been Claimed, a year since the fall of Soul Society. And life went on, despite everything. Standing up, he went to see about finding a used bookstore. Grimmjow let him buy books, as long as he dropped them the instant the Espada wanted him. Once, he'd tried to get Grimmjow to leave him alone when he was engrossed in a story and the Espada had ordered him not to read for a week. And he hadn't, not even street signs. His eyes had refused to do it. Shaking away the thought, he began searching through the shelves for a good novel.

Anything to take his mind off the hell his life had become.

Ichigo closed his eyes, trying to ignore the heavy hand in his hair, keeping his head in place as he held his throat as open as possible. Grimmjow was big, damned big, and it had taken time for him to learn how to do this. His gag reflex was mostly absent these days.

Times like this made him wonder if the Espada was right. The disgust he felt was all due to his lack of control, the fact that he was a sexual slave and plaything to the arrancar. It wasn't because there was a man's cock in his mouth. That didn't bother him at all really so maybe he was gay. Or maybe he was just used to it. Grimmjow had been his first and only sexual partner so far.

There was a growl above him, a quickening in the breathing and Ichigo braced himself. Grimmjow came a moment later, grunting and groaning in pleasure. Ichigo choked and swallowed, that hard hand in his hair holding him in place. The familiar feeling of nausea rose up but he stifled it ruthlessly. If he threw up right now he might choke and that was damned unpleasant. It had happened before and the Espada hadn't been pleased.

"You're getting good at this, shinigami. Now, get on the bed." Grimmjow let go of his head and Ichigo nodded, bowing his head in a tense gesture. He knew what was coming and he desired it yet dreaded it.

It followed the usual pattern. Grimmjow had him lie on his back and then the Espada began to tease him, slowly and sensuously running his tongue over his cock and balls as his thumbs drew patterns on his inner thighs. Ichigo bit his lip, holding back a moan as he stared at the ceiling, memorizing the patterns on the tiles. He liked this. He hated it with all his heart, but his body felt pleasure anyway.

He let out a soft, involuntary huff of air as Grimmjow took his hardened member into his mouth. Brown eyes closed tightly as Ichigo bit his lip, struggling to hide any sign of pleasure. He knew if he looked down, he would see those wicked blue eyes staring at him, looking for all the little hints he couldn't hide. Ichigo's breathing speeded up as the pleasure mounted, that long, flexible tongue almost wrapped around his throbbing erection. Then Grimmjow deep throated him effortlessly and the incredible heat and pressure drew a strangled gasp from his throat. Ichigo's eyes flew open as his orgasm hit, his whole body shaking with the force of his release. When he was done, Grimmjow pulled away, breathing hard. His blue eyes were wild and full of heat as he climbed up his victim's body, grinding their bodies together before taking Ichigo's lips in a brutal, bruising kiss.

"Ichigo." The way Grimmmjow could say his name was just… Ichigo swallowed hard at the sensual heat in that dark, rough voice. He could feel the Espada's erection rubbing against his belly and knew there was going to be a second round. Grimmjow was rarely satisfied with just once, anyway. "Hand and knees, bitch."

"Fuck you!" He snapped back without thinking and Grimmjow grinned, his white teeth flashing in the dim light. Ichigo gasped as his body was grasped and he was tossed onto his belly, the Espada mounting him. Not to fuck him right away, though. Grimmjow was a rapist – what hollow wasn't? – but he didn't prefer violent rape. No, he liked the kind that made his victim squirm in painful pleasure. So instead of taking him, the arrancar began to taunt him. Ichigo grit his teeth as that heavy penis thrust teasingly against his buttcheeks and flushed in shame as he felt himself reacting.

What the hell is wrong with me? He asked himself, not for the first time. But he knew it was natural. Grimmjow had taken him to Unohana once, after he'd accidentally broken his arm. It had been a real accident, when they were sparring. Grimmjow had left him alone with her and he'd gotten a chance to ask her about his reactions to the things the Espada did to him. It had been embarrassing as hell but he'd been desperate. Unohana had assured him that the body would react to certain touches in the way it was designed to do and it was nothing to be ashamed of. Ichigo tried to remember that as Grimmjow began fondling him, stroking his cock with callused fingers. The rough skin on his sensitive member made him shudder while simultaneously feeling sick.

It took a few minutes for him to get fully aroused, though. That was normal too, he'd just cum and it took the body a while to recover, even if he was still a teenager. Grimmjow didn't seem to mind, just continuing his teasing and slow, shallow thrusts against the cleft of his ass. Ichigo knew exactly what it would feel like when that cock was inside him and his breathing sped up with disgust and anticipation at the thought. Then the hand left his cock and began properly spreading his ass, making sure he was lubed up. Ichigo grit his teeth and endured it. There was nothing else he could do.

Then that hot piece of meat was going into him and Ichigo exhaled deeply at the familiar burn. Then he yelped as he felt that rush of reiatsu flow into his body, caressing his core. What…?

"It's that time again, shinigami." Grimmjow's chuckle in his ear couldn't hide his wavering moan of pleasure. The one time he couldn't hide his reactions was during the claim and Ichigo shuddered as Grimmjow pulled out then slid back in, putting more of that honey sweet yet poisonous reiatsu into his body. "Every three months." He murmured and Ichigo's eyes began to tear up as the pace speeded up. The pleasure was mind-blowing, insane, but he didn't want it. "I'm not sure which I like better… the way you struggle not to make any sounds, or the times you pant like a bitch in heat."

"G-Go to hell… Grimmjow… Jaegerjaquez…" Ichigo managed to say, his hands tight in the blankets beneath him. His whole body felt like it was on fire with desire now but he still managed to keep just a bit of himself, enough to lip off to the arrancar. Grimmjow just laughed and rode him hard, shoving that reiatsu into him with every thrust. The combination of that huge erection and the pleasure inside soon reduced him to a puddle of lust and Ichigo tried not to hate himself for the sounds he was making. When it was over he felt the familiar white out effect. He felt it as his body convulsed, his insides clamping down on that cock inside him. Ichigo felt Grimmjow's hot breath, heard the growl in his ear just before fangs tore at his throat. Just like the first time, their combined reiatsu was drunk back, cementing the claim. Grimmjow didn't need to take him every three months. He could probably have lengthened it to six, but he wasn't doing it because he needed to. He was doing it because he wanted to.

Completely exhausted and sated, despite the sickness still lingering inside, Ichigo collapsed. Grimmjow slowly pulled away and then gripped his hips, maneuvering him to an unmarred corner of the bed. Ichigo was slightly grateful for that, even as sleep began to drag him under. He'd passed out in a puddle of his own cum before and that was no way to wake up. A warm body curled up behind him and Ichigo wished he could shove Grimmjow away. But he couldn't and he was just too tired to care.

Sleep quickly dragged him under and there were no dreams.