Author's note: for anyone who wants to know, the Slut Diaries aren't real. However, they're inspired by a fantasy web comic named Oglaf. It's hilarious and extremely obscene, I would highly recommend it. XD

Grimmjow smiled to himself as he carefully painted stripes onto the wall. He and Ichigo were redoing the rec room upstairs. It never got used much anyway, so now it was about to become a combination nursery and play room. Not that they were going to keep the kid there, at first. No, he would be staying with them in their room. They even had a crib for the little guy.

Nemu was pregnant with their offspring and at this point, she was almost four months along. She'd been pregnant at the meeting but Szayel hadn't been optimistic about her chances at that point. Now he was pretty sure they were going to have a live baby, so Grimmjow wanted everything ready in their little nest. Karin and Yuzu were taking up two of the bedrooms and Renji had the third, so the baby would have to stay with them. It was probably better that way anyway. Grimmjow vividly remembered his children as a living man, and they'd always slept with him and his wife the first couple years. By the time the brat needed his own room, Karin would probably be at the shinigami academy. They housed the students there, so her room would be free. Yuzu would likely still be with them but that was fine, she could help Ichigo with the child.

Grimmjow smiled as he looked over the room. Ichigo was working on the wallpaper. It was an open thing, and two walls were going to be painted while the third would have colorful children's wallpaper. The colors were reasonably gender neutral, soft blues and yellows. Grimmjow was hopeful that they would eventually have more. Szayel had spliced together plenty of eggs and had them on ice now. How many would be capable of taking was the problem, but he wanted this room decorated with an eye towards both girls and boys.

"Looking good shinigami." Grimmjow said and Ichigo glanced over at him with a small, almost pensive smile. The Espada frowned then sighed to himself. Ichigo wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about this as he was. That worried him, since the teen would be doing the lion's share of the baby raising. Still, there was nothing he could do about it and he couldn't believe for one moment that Ichigo would be unkind to the kitten. He'd just have to see it to fall in love.

Cheered by that thought, Grimmjow went back to his painting. By the time they were done they were both hungry and ready for lunch. Yuzu and Karin were both off at school but there were bento boxes in the fridge, courtesy of Yuzu. Grimmjow tucked into his with good cheer, taking out a beer to go with it. He might not need to eat but it definitely felt good after a hard day's work. However, he noticed that Ichigo was only picking at his food.

"You feeling okay?" He asked and the shinigami paused for a moment before shaking his head.

"I'm fine, it's nothing." Ichigo said quietly and Grimmjow frowned. It didn't take a genius to figure that for a lie, but what was wrong? "I'm just worried about what kind of a parent I'll be. I don't want to be like my dad." That made the arrancar blink and it occurred to him that he really knew nothing of Ichigo's childhood. Well, how could he? It wasn't the kind of thing that got discussed in the bedroom.

"What was he like?" He asked and Ichigo smiled sadly before telling him a bit about Kurosaki Isshin. Grimmjow lifted an eyebrow at some of the stories about his antics. "Doesn't sound like much of a pack leader." Ichigo gave him an odd look before shaking his head.

"He wasn't. Is that how you think of yourself? A pack leader?" He asked and Grimmjow nodded.

"Of course. It's kind of a shitty pack, since your sisters can't hold my back, but it's what I've got." Ichigo looked confused and he decided to explain. "Look, pets are the bottom of the ladder. You know that." The shinigami's lips tightened for a moment before he nodded. "That means that technically, your sisters are above you in the pack." He stated and Ichigo looked disbelieving. "If this were a proper pack, they'd be my fraccion and they'd be able to order you around. Of course, they're pluses so it's not really the same. Proper fraccion would watch my back and help me out in a fight." Grimmjow gazed away for a moment, remembering. He didn't really regret losing his old fraccion – life was cheap in Hueco Mundo – but sometimes he missed having people he could count on in a pinch. Although… "At least I've got you. If the shit ever hits the fan I can call you in." Ichigo wouldn't be as good as he could be – would Aizen ever give him back his sword? – but he was pretty good. Speaking of which… "Hey, you want to go spar?"

"Absolutely!" The thought suddenly put life into Ichigo's eyes and Grimmjow was a bit taken aback by the enthusiasm. "I've been working on a new hado spell, I want to try it out. We'll need to go to the Division, though. It's level forty-three." He said and Grimmjow winced slightly at the thought of that backfiring. There'd be another crater in the backyard.

"Yeah, sure." They were doing most of their sparring away from the house now anyway. It was just too dangerous with kidos going any which direction. And since Ichigo had kido, Grimmjow was more willing to use cero. Another thing that wasn't good in a residential neighborhood. "The paint needs to dry before we do another coat anyway. Want to let the food settle a bit before we go?" The beer in particular gave him the burps. Ichigo grinned for a moment and Grimmjow scowled. He knew exactly what the teen was thinking. "I'll be fucking fine!"

"I told you we shouldn't spar after you drank six beers." He said and Grimmjow growled softly. That had been a dumb idea, but half a case of beer was great for making stupid decisions. "I still can't believe you threw up on Renji."

"Oi." Grimmjow protested but without much heat. That had been memorable, to say the least. Some teasing was in order. "You shouldn't talk, Mr. Blew Up the Backyard. And you did that stone cold sober." He added as Ichigo winced before raising his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay. Want to play a quick game of cribbage?" He said and Grimmjow nodded. Soon they were playing and as usual, Grimmjow was losing. He was getting better though. Maybe someday he'd even win.

He wasn't very good at board games but he was willing to keep trying.

A month later, something highly unusual and rather dreadful happened.

It was supper time and they were all at home when the doorbell rang. To say Grimmjow was peeved would be an understatement. He'd just been about to bite into a bean and steak burrito. He put the food down with a scowl and Ichigo frowned, reaching into his pocket for his bracelets. He quickly popped them on and checked the settings before attempting reiatsu sensing.

That was one of the things the books covered and Ichigo had discovered that without the reiatsu restraints, his own out of control reiatsu overwhelmed his ability to sense things. He wasn't sure he'd ever be able to fix that, but the restraints provided a quick and dirty solution. Turning his attention outwards Ichigo closed his eyes as he tried to figure out who was at the door. One reiatsu was definitely arrancar and the other was shinigami…

Then a gross laugh interrupted his thoughts and Ichigo opened his eyes with a scowl. The expression was mirrored on Renji's face and Karin frowned as Yuzu glanced between them, sensing the sudden tension in the air.

"You want WHAT? Fuck you!" Grimmjow's voice suddenly reached the kitchen and Ichigo and Renji exchanged a glance before standing. That didn't sound good. They both quickly walked over and saw what was happening. Grimmjow was outside now, on the front steps. He was glaring at the two people in front of him. Yammy was scowling right back as Byakuya kept his gaze fixed on the ground, probably wishing he wasn't there. Ichigo tried not to look at him. It was painful, seeing the proud noble brought so low. "Ichigo." Grimmjow growled and Ichigo looked at him, surprised. Bright blue eyes seemed to pierce him before narrowing and he blinked as the Espada sent him a wordless order through the Claim. Girls. Safe. Now. It was disjointed and clearly a huge effort for Grimmjow but he got the idea and didn't need to be told twice. "No, I will not lend you my pets!" He heard as he ran back into the house and grabbed Karin and Yuzu. Ignoring their protests he took them out into the back yard and then got Karin to ride him piggy back as he carried Yuzu. Thinking fast, he decided to drop them off at the academy. It was closed but there was a playground there, as well as an athletic field. They could hang out there and be safe enough until he got back.

"Ichi-nii, what the hell is going on?!" Karin demanded but Ichigo shook his head.

"I don't know but it's not good. Just stay here until I get back." He said and quickly shunpo'd out. Just in time to feel Grimmjow and Yammy clashing. "Damn!" Even fighting in their sealed forms they might damage the house. And he could feel Byakuya's power as the shinigami was forced to fight. He was a master at kido, which would probably let him wipe the floor with Renji. Neither of them had weapons and Renji needed Zabimaru more than Byakuya needed Senbonzakura.

When he arrived things were really getting messy. Grimmjow was trying to be careful of the neighbors but Yammy couldn't care less and the grinning goon kept throwing bala at his opponent. Grimmjow was countering them with sonido and his sword, not letting any of the blows hit the surrounding houses. He even absorbed a few with his body, to Ichigo's surprise. Renji was as badly outmatched as he'd thought, trying desperately to use kido against someone who was at least twice as good. Fortunately, Yammy had ordered Byakuya to fight, not kill and he was attempting to use restraining kido against Renji. Ichigo checked his restraints and verifying he was at a quarter power, his current safe setting, he joined the fight.

"Break-Piercing Triple Beam!" He didn't really want to hurt Byakuya either so he went for a binding spell. Unfortunately the noble shattered it easily. "Oh damn." Ichigo bit his lip then yelped as a kido hit him, knocking him down and pinning him. Twisting his fingers he reached for the jewels on his restraints. With more power he could break –

Then he winced as another reiatsu washed over him. There was a vicious hiss of metal and both the arrancar leapt away from each other as Shinso went between them, separating them before coming to a halt just before a street sign. Gin smiled at all of them cheerfully before returning his zanpakuto to the resting position.

"Now! What's goin' on over here? Ya know, ya shouldn't be fightin' in the street! Makes us all look bad, hey?" He said with his usual, foxy smile.

"Well tell this prick to lend me his pets! He's only the Sexta, I'm the Cero!" Yammy said and Grimmjow bristled, snarling.

"They are my fucking pets! I don't have to tell them to do shit for you! Go find a second if you fucking well want one! Oh wait, you can't, you've got 'too much reiatsu' and Starrk's a greedy fuck. Well, you know what? You can fuck yourself!" Grimmjow said succinctly and Gin's smile widened with genuine amusement.

"Well, I guess I know what's goin' on over here. Hey, Yammy, what d'you want Grimm's pets for? Ain't pretty boy here good enough for ya?" Gin asked and Ichigo saw Byakuya's eyes flicker, saw the tiny hint of steely hate in those orbs. Then he dropped his gaze, a defensive measure. Yammy growled.

"I want a threesome." He snarled and Ichigo paled, feeling like he might puke. Yammy had wanted to make them…? Renji also looked like he might be sick. "And no one else is interested except Nnoitra and that girl of his ain't strong enough." Gin started to say something then suddenly stopped, an arrested expression on his face.

"Wait, you asked everyone?" He said and Yammy nodded. "You asked Ulquiorra?" Yammy looked a little confused as to why that was important and nodded. Gin just sighed and slowly shook his head as Grimmjow laughed. It was a short, sharp barking sound. "Oh Yammy, Yammy… ya really are dumb as fuck, ya know? I guess we should be glad we ain't replacing the Cero right now. Ulquiorra doesn't flip his shit often but when he does, whooeee!"

"Oh come on, she's just another pet." Yammy said, dismissing Gin's concern. The shinigami shook his head again.

"She's a pregnant pet." He corrected and Ichigo froze at the thought. Orihime was pregnant? Yammy blinked and suddenly looked a little worried. "Whatever. Look, Grimmjow might be beneath you when you're unsealed but ya know, ya can't unseal in the town. So technically you're the Tenth an' he's the Sixth. Leave him alone, alright? This is a damned stupid thing to fight over." Gin said, then added plaintively. "An' I want to go back to supper. We were having the most amazing sea urchins an' Aizen's waitin' for me." The threat of Aizen's displeasure penetrated Yammy's thick skull and he scowled.

"Oh fine, fine! I don't give a shit. Come on pet." He snapped at Byakuya who bowed slightly before following him. Ichigo noticed that he didn't seem to say much. But then, what was there to say? Gin vanished in a burst of shunpo and Grimmjow scowled as he sheathed his sword.

"Red, stay here in case that fucker comes back. Ichigo, let's get the girls." He ordered and Ichigo nodded.

What they found at the academy, though, raised Grimmjow's already elevated blood pressure. It didn't do much for Ichigo, either. He was horrified to see his sisters surrounded by a group of four girls. Karin had Yuzu behind her and was clearly trying to protect her. If it had just been Ichigo he would have gotten them out of there, but he wouldn't have hurt the girls attacking them. They were all teenagers, not much older than his sisters.

Grimmjow had no such qualms. He grabbed one of the girls by her hair and tossed her away roughly before slapping aside another one, with enough force that blood went flying. The other two went white as they realized what they were facing but neither of them had shunpo. Grimmjow slapped one and kicked the other in the stomach. He was pulling his blows, massively, but they would both be in pain for days. Ichigo found he didn't have a lot of sympathy for them as he went to Karin and Yuzu, hugging them and trying to comfort them. Karin wasn't willing to take his comfort but Yuzu clung to him, sobbing.

"I thought I told you to take them somewhere safe!" Grimmjow snarled at him and Ichigo bit his lip. He'd clearly failed that one, big time. "Hmph… listen up you stupid bitches. If you touch my girls again I will rip your fucking heads off and piss down the hole! You got it?!" He shook one of the girls by the collar of her shirt and she nodded, sobbing hysterically. "Good." He tossed her aside, growling softly as he went to Ichigo's side. "Karin. Come here, I'm carrying you." He said and she grimaced but nodded, going to him and letting the Espada pick her up. "This was such a good day. Why are people so fucking stupid?"

"I don't know Grimm. Yuzu, Karin, how long has this been going on?" Ichigo asked softly and Yuzu sniffed softly. It was Karin who answered.

"A couple months. It's nothing to worry about Ichi-nii." She said firmly and he gave her a disbelieving look as Grimmjow set her down on their doorstep. He gently put down Yuzu and glanced around, looking for any damage to the house and the neighborhood. There was nothing and he felt very grateful towards Grimmjow. If he hadn't been careful of Yammy's bala things could have gone so much worse.

"Nothing to worry about? You fucking crazy? The only one who beats on my pack is me!" Grimmjow sounded pissed and Ichigo winced a little at that. "Well, and Aizen, but not those fucking ants! You girls belong to me!"

"Hey! We belong to ourselves, asshole!" Karin snapped back as Yuzu gave the Espada a watery smile. Grimmjow just snorted as he went back to the supper table. Everything was still there including a rather depressed looking Renji. He'd gotten out some saki and was drinking it. The sight of Byakuya was guaranteed to make him upset.

"Karin, Yuzu. Maybe a different school?" Ichigo asked quietly, looking at his sisters in concern. They could find a different school to enroll them in although it would be further away. Karin shook her head as Yuzu sniffled.

"Don't bother. We can't exactly hide you and Grimm. And the teachers are good here, they don't let anything happen during class. We just have to avoid the bitches the rest of the time." Karin said and Ichigo felt his heart breaking for them a little. His sisters had no real friends. "Oi! Stop beating up on yourself. We do have a few friends in the neighborhood." She said gruffly and Ichigo blinked, a little surprised. "A few of the kids here aren't mad at us."

"Mad? Oh." Ichigo flinched as he understood. The girls at the academy weren't mad at his sisters, they were angry with him. Angry about his failure… then he blinked as he felt Yuzu gently tugging his arm.

"Don't worry Ichi-nii. We love you." She said softly and he smiled before hugging her. That helped, it really did. Then there was a call from the dining room.

"Oi! You guys gonna eat? The foods already cold, fuck Yammy…" Grimmjow was eating it anyway, though, and Ichigo smiled as they joined the Espada at the dinner table. Karin got a bottle of wine out of the fridge and he didn't protest as she poured herself and Yuzu small glasses. He hesitated before getting a glass for himself.

It had been an eventful evening and they could all use a bit of relaxing.

Grimmjow whistled softly as he worked with the rope, slowly tying in some knots.

"You know, you could make this easy and just talk right now." He said idly to the captive shinigami girl. She glared at him. It would have been more intimidating if she hadn't been stark naked and tied up. "You're a good looking girl, but I'm not that into you." After the whole thing with Starrk, Grimmjow had come to terms with the fact that his desires were wedded to Ichigo. Unfortunately, he had a reputation for being really good at certain sexual tortures. So Aizen called on him and what Aizen wanted, Aizen got.

"Fuck you arrancar!" She spat and he shrugged, disappointed but not particularly surprised. Then he walked up to her with the rope and began fixing her up with it. "What – unh!" She grunted in something close to pain as he looped the rope between her legs, exploring her with his fingers to get it positioned in just the right way. It was tucked up into her sex and the knots would rub against her in just the right way when he got started on her. It wouldn't hurt too much, though. That wasn't his style.

Grimmjow wasn't fond of bondage for play, but that was because he considered it an instrument of torture. When it came to punishments and making someone talk, he would use it. He gripped the ropes, bending her down and fixing them to the floor so the front of her body was leaning forward. That would hurt, but it would take a while. The burn would slowly build up the longer she stayed in 'shrimp pose'.

"You do know that Aizen doesn't really care?" He whispered in her ear, pushing his body against her back. He was nearly flush against her and she shuddered at the feel of his body, so close. "If he really cared he'd just use his power to fuck with your mind, get all the answers out. Or he'd have an arrancar Claim you." Grimmjow was pretty sure someone would be Claiming her when this was over. She was a prize, this girl. Not for Yammy or Starrk though. She was strong, about fukutaichou level, but that wouldn't save her from those two. Maybe Halibel would take her. She could use a pet and a female wouldn't be a threat to her little girl. "Then you would tell us everything. Nah… he's just having fun, probably watching us right now. He likes to watch me play." Grimmjow grinned as he felt her shudder in revulsion at the thought. Although he wasn't too keen on it himself. He was used to it, though, and as long as he wasn't the one in the ropes he was okay with it. "Now, let's get started."

The next couple hours were very pleasant for him. Not so much for his victim, but he wasn't letting her get off. This was tease and denial, the kind of thing he'd done to Ichigo just once, when he'd been learning his place. Deft touches and gentle twists of that rope got her fully aroused, while her position gradually became more and more painful. When he undid the rope and let her sit up she groaned softly in relief, her black hair damp with sweat and her turquoise eyes narrowed to slits. She looked at him like she couldn't see him properly, which was likely the case. Her glasses had been taken away.

"This is fun. You're making me hot, girl." He said with a grin and laughed as she snarled. It was half-hearted at best. "Bet you'd like it if I stuck my dick into you." He said, letting the heat into his tone. She shivered and he could easily scent her arousal. He'd been keeping her on the edge of orgasm for a while, he knew she was dying for it. "You want my cock, Lisa?" Grimmjow spoke her name, vaguely wishing she was someone else. Although he wouldn't treat Ichigo this way. Not unless he did something very, very bad, anyway.

"Just do it you asshole!" She flared, not to his surprise. Grimmjow hummed to himself as he played with the rope and leaned down to bite a pert little nipple. "Augh!" She gasped, her back arching as he kept toying her, stimulating her just enough to keep her on the edge without letting her go over.

"You need to do a bit better than that, Visored." He whispered in her ear as she whimpered, those turquoise eyes wide and blank as he tormented her. "Beg for my cock." That was fun and humiliating. Although he should be demanding her to tell them… well, yeah. "Nah, tell me what I want to know. Then I'll fuck you."

"You… don't give… a shit! You just… want me to… beg for your… fucking cock…!" She gasped out and Grimmjow grinned. How right she was.

"Yeah, but I'm supposed to be questioning you. Sometimes I forget." That was the one thing he wasn't too good at, keeping his mind on what he was supposed to be getting out of this. But it didn't matter too much. The juxtaposition between his attentions and Barragans was more mind-breaking than either would have been individually. "You can just beg for my dick if you want." He'd take it. She whimpered, still struggling not to give in.

"Please…" She finally said as he played with slowly played with all of her most sensitive points. She was covered in sweat, her body trembling with need. "D-Do it… please…"

"Do what?" Grimmjow prompted. He wanted her to say it. She whined before suddenly giving in.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, you arrancar bastard!" She cried and he laughed, undoing the rope between her legs and tossing it aside. Then he undid his hakama, sinking into her body in one smooth move. She was incredibly wet, after all the time he'd spent tormenting her and the sound she made sent a shiver down his spine. Oh yeah, she was getting off on this… Grimmjow fucked her from behind, imagining orange hair and a better back, the body he actually craved. She was good, this girl, but she wasn't the one he wanted. She never could be.

He still fucked her, because he was hot and it was his job. She climaxed quickly but Grimmjow wasn't going to let it go at that. He built her up for a second one, stimulating her with his cock and a single hand, exploring her breasts and her clit. The ropes still kept her from moving and she was gasping, thrashing weakly in his lap as her insides clenched around him a second time. Grimmjow let himself go then, let himself take pleasure from her body.

"Ichigo." He growled as he released and felt her stiffen beneath him. But then, she was a Visored. She'd know his pet, for certain. Spent, he just looked at her sweat soaked body for a moment. Then he bent forward, still inside her, and gently stroked back a bit of black hair. "You want to talk now girl? Because I promise, what Barragan will do to you will make this seem like a touch of heaven." He promised, and meant it. "He doesn't like girls, but he sure does like hot irons." He said and saw her shudder. But she shook her head.

"No." She said and he shrugged, pulling out of her body and doing up his hakama. "…How is Ichigo?" She suddenly asked and Grimmjow tilted an eyebrow at her, surprised.

"You're worried about him at a time like this? He's fine. Healthy and with his sisters." That made her lift her head, a bit of surprise in those blue green eyes. "Worry about yourself, girl." Pretty soon that would be all she would have room for, he was sure of it.

Grimmjow had suffered under Barragan a time or two. It was never a pleasant experience.