The Hunter and the Spy

Chapter 2: Guardian Angel?

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After finishing a contract for some salvagers, Samus Aran returned to their home-base, Delta 6. Upon her arrival, she discovered that a spy had disappeared within the huge station. However the spy asked for the bounty hunters help using a dog-whistle signal. Samus agreed to the spy's plea, accepting her 3000 galactic dollar reward and began their journey to the spy's destination: Silicon Valley Space Station. However, she was hailed by the federation, drawing her attention to one of their planets that had been invaded by the space pirates...

"Fine.." Samus said, turning around to look at Crecy after the transmission from the federation agent ended, "Crecy, we have to make a short stop"

"Fine by me I suppose, so long as I get to the drop-off point in one piece." Crecy said. She leaned over her shoulder and tried to get a better look at the cockpit's display. "So, where are we off to? The Federation fleet? Sunburst station?"

"No, we're going to Guada," Samus said, as she moved her neck to face the spy, "now, go change into your armour" she said, as she faced back to the screen.

Crecy balked. "We're going there? You heard that guy, the place is overrun by pirates! We'd be going straight into the hornet's nest!"

"I know, but Gauda is the closer than Silicon Valley," Samus replied as she looked at her current coordinates. They were roughly 20 minutes away from the planets orbit, "and I don't trust you enough to stay in my ship alone." she muttered.

Crecy started to say something, then stopped. After a moment she forged ahead. "And what exactly are we going to do once we get there? What exactly CAN we do? Maybe you haven't noticed but there's only two of us versus god knows how many pirates."

Samus turned to face Crecy, "I've noticed it, I know the odds of us surviving this incident, but I do my job and I'll protect you if thats part of it" she said, "Now go and get into your armor, use my room if you must" she said returning to the control panel, ready to fly her ship through the atmosphere and onto the crust of the planet Gauda.

Crecy turned into the depths of the ship to get her armor. Realistically, it wasn't as if she had much choice in the matter. Still, it gave her an opportunity to scout out her host's living conditions. She slipped inside with her armor under one arm. Samus's room contained a military style bunk, a small cabinet, a small mirror; a tank where it appeared that she kept her armor when its not on her and a picture of the armored titan with a group of feathered creatures. She picked up the picture and took a closer look. Something about it the bird-like creatures seemed familiar, but not in a way she could place.

Mindful that she didn't have long until planetfall, she put the picture back and started to slip into her lightweight armor. It wasn't meant to stand up to the rigors of combat, but it was better than nothing. She put her helmet on and looked back at the photograph. Something in her memory clicked.


She felt the ship tilt to the side as it entered the atmosphere. Samus at the helm shot through the particle filled layer and down to about 10 kilometers from the surface of the planet, before slowing down and finally landing. A knocking sound from the door could be heard by the light armored woman. "Hurry up, we've landed" She heard, from a robotic voice from outside her host's room.

Crecy double-checked the seal where her helmet met the bodysuit then opened the door and instinctively took a half step back from the tall armored figure. She gave a mock salute.

"So boss, what's the plan?"

"We head out, find where the leader of the group is then capture or terminate him" Samus said turning around, feeling nervous on the inside but not showing it in her posture, "Now let's go" she said heading off towards the airlock.

Crecy followed behind, though not too eagerly. She tried not to think about what space pirates did to those they captured, in drawn-out, gorey detail.

"You seem rather confident. Done this before?" she asked, not sure which answer would be the better indication of sanity.

Samus turned to her and nodded, "Yes, about 7 times" she said, still having nightmares about the first time, "and It'll only take approximately 48 hours", she said, as she pressed the airlock button and a light hssssss sound could be heard. The airlock was depressurising.

Crecy was quiet as the stood next to Samus and waited for the airlock to open. She touched the pistol at her side and thought about how much good it would do against pirates. Like it or not, she'd have to stick close to Samus if she wanted to get out of this alive. She tried to remember the last time she'd had to kill anyone, she prided herself on almost never needing to.

The door finally opened, making itself into a ramp. Samus walked down it knowing that she would have to kill a great number of space pirates, it didn't bother her now, due to her killing hundreds of them already. The ship had landed them on a deserted beach, 40 clicks from the mainland.

Crecy blinked and shaded her eyes until her visor adjusted to the unexpected light. Bright daylight struck off the surface of a roiling sea and heat rose up from the rocky beach around where they landed.

"Well, this is unexpectedly romantic." Crecy said ironically as she noticed columns of black smoke rise across the horizon. A distant contrail traced its way across the sky before vanishing in a puff of smoke. She imagined that she could hear the report of distant gunfire over the roar of the ocean.

Samus turned and looked at her, "Agreed," she said, not getting the joke as she walked towards the point her HUD showed was the city. "Now, Crecy, If you need to stay behind me," she said, continuing her trek, knowing that if the space pirates tried to ambush them then Samus's armour would last longer that Crecy's.

"No problem there." Crecy said as she looked around. They had landed near a thickly forested area, plenty of cover, and plenty of places for an ambush. "So...where exactly are we going?" she asked.

"We're going to the city of Trice," Samus said as they saw burning and crumbling buildings in the distance, "The leader will be in that ship," She said pointing at the ship above the city, as she finally made it to the city entrance.

Crecy rubbed the back of her head as she looked up at the large pirate mothership hovering over the city. "You have a plan to get up there I assume?" she tried not to look at the rubble and wreckage that littered the area.

"Of course, the plan is to improvise"

White hot plasma streaked by them. Crecy swore and ducked behind a wrecked car as a squad of marauding space pirates rounded the corner, screaming in their strange tongue and firing deadly plasma at them. The largest and burliest pirate in red armor growled "Hunter!" and hurled a green pulsing sphere at Samus's feet.

Samus took her chance and ran forward, jumping over the green sphere as she shot an orange plasma shot at one of the space pirates, making it's chest disintegrate leaving it's head, arms and legs. Samus ran onwards through the hail of green plasma bullets, only getting a few shots hitting her shielded armour. Samus transformed her hand-cannon into it's missile mode and fired at a group of them, making them disappear from life.

Samus however misjudged the power of The green sphere as it exploded a few seconds later and it lifted a surprised Samus into the air and dropped her face first to the ground. The space pirates began to surround her and aimed point blank ready to finally kill the hunter that had killed so many of their brethren. The red pirate lifted her up by her helmet while another pinned her gun arm to her side. It snarled into her visor and pressed its gun up against her helmet. Samus closed her eyes and swallowed, 'No…' she thought.

There was a blur of motion behind the red pirate and it screamed out in agony, dropping Samus to the ground. The one holding her gun yelped in pain as the blur moved past and cut clean through its armor. Another fell to the ground as something struck its kneecap. The remaining pirates fired in every direction trying to hit the invisible attacker, momentarily forgetting their captive hunter.

They shouldn't have. Samus had taken the distraction as an advantage and jumped off the ground before minimising into her morph-ball form and sent out a super-bomb. Within 10 seconds the group of space pirates had been vaporised as she returned to standing form and waited for the would-be ninja.

The ninja didn't seem to appear. After a while Crecy slowly raised her head up from behind her hiding place. "Did...did you just do that?" she asked, surveying the charred remains in the blasted crater around Samus.

Samus looked back at Crecy, "No, but whoever did was incredibly fast and powerful," She said, having finally got her heartbeat back to normal. She then walked onwards towards the centre of the city, 'I sense this will be an interesting Job' she thought.

Crecy had to dash to keep up with her. "Um, shouldn't we cut through these buildings instead of walking down the middle of the street? There could be more of those pirates." Crecy looked around cautiously, instinctively pausing near every piece of rubble in case

she suddenly had to duck for cover.

"That would waste our time," Samus began as she continued walking forwards, "It's more efficient to walk straight through the streets," she finished, continuing her trek until she was right below the giant space-craft. What puzzled her was that there seemed to be no more space-pirates in the area. She scanned the area with her HUD.

At first nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but then she started to realize that all tracks were converging towards a single direction. Not only those of the space pirates, but those of the civilians as well. They were rounding everyone up in one place. Samus felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up where Crecy was pointing. A space pirate shuttle was descending from the mothership towards the center of the city.

"More troops?" Crecy guessed.

"No, I think they're bringing the civilians into the ship, so that the federation doesn't blow it up," Samus stated, knowing that by now all of the pirates would already be on the ground while the ship would be being maintained by a skeleton crew. "Now, we go in and save the civilians," she said as she ran down towards the group of civilians and the army of space pirates, firing her hand-cannon with direct precision, killing a good 5 space pirates before they had a chance to blink.

The pirates scrambled under the surprise fire. A number of pirates kept the presence of mind to fire back, though not to much effect. The civilians screamed and ducked within their pens as the battle began. A squadron of pirates with jetpacks rose from the mass and started strafing around Samus.

Samus aimed her hand-cannon at the middle pirates jetpack, it then exploded killing the space pirates before making the other space pirates jet packs explode in a domino effect. After that Samus aimed her now transformed hand-cannon and shot a super missile at the squadron in front of her.

"Samus, give up or the civilians die!", A space pirate yells as he held up a grenade up and showed it to her clearly.

Samus aimed her weapon at the pirate, then paused as the shuttle hovered very deliberately over the penned-up civilians. She could just make out the pilot, who gave her a definite look that said that he would drop it on the helpless citizens if he had to, 'I can kill the one with the grenade no problem, but there's no way I could stop that shuttle if it falls...Damn!' she thought as a group of space pirates walked up to her and aimed their pulse rifles right at her visor.

However, they didn't shoot as they appeared to get a message from their headset. "You'rrrrre coming with ussss!" one of the space pirate snarled as it grabbed her arm and dragged a now non-resistant Samus towards the space shuttle.

Crecy watched all this unfold from her hiding place. It had only taken a few moments, and Samus was captured. Now she and the civilians were being herded onto the shuttle. Crecy took a deep breath as she considered her options, but she only really had one option. She sighed and pressed a button at her neck.

A few short minutes later, the shuttle lifted off with a full hold and flew up toward the mothership above, Carrying a third of the civilians and a now powerless Samus Aran.