"Come now brother, don't be shy."

Loki had scrambled as far away as he could from Thor and was now backed up in the corner of his brothers room, eyes wide with fear, mouth muzzled and hands bound in front of him. He had seen Thor enter the room but that's not what scared him. It was the two, rather large dildos; straps attached that set him off.

After Thor had returned Loki home, the all-father had sentenced Loki to be executed but Thor had pleaded with him to change his mind. He didn't, once the all-father had made a decision, he rarely went back. Thor had then asked that he be allowed to have Loki spend his last month's living with him in Thor's quarters. He wished to say goodbye to his brother. After a while, Odin had finally agreed, as long as Loki was bound, gagged and there were guards at every door of Thor's room.

"You're okay Loki; you're going to be fine. You know, I'm only trying to help you." Funny way of showing it, Loki thought, but he could only whimper as a response.

Thor was a couple of feet away from him now, Loki was struggling and mewling but it was getting him nowhere, Thor watched him with a small smile until Loki calmed down and was just left breathing heavy.

Thor bent down so that he was eye level with his brother.

"Now, Loki, I need you to be cooperative with me. A little over two months and you will be dead, but I can save you, I just need you to help me out okay?" Loki didn't see how the two large dildos came into 'saving' him but he wasn't going to find out without a fight. He knew Thor was stronger than him, he barely had a chance but he would struggle, and whine and kick and fight until he passed out. He stared at his brother defiantly, not challenging him, willing him to stop, angry but pleading.

"Don't look at me like that Loki; you have yet to hear my plan. I asked to have you brought to my room for your last week's here. It doesn't matter how beaten you are, how sorry you are, nothing will change the All-fathers mind about your execution. But, one thing father will not be able to ignore. No execution may be brought upon a woman who carries life in her womb."

Loki's eyes went wide and he shook his head slightly, he can't be serious, surely he wouldn't...

"Don't you see brother? I know you're not technically a woman but father cannot have you killed if you are with child. It's perfect. It buys us time."

Loki was shaking his head frantically now, hands straining against the bonds, leaving deep pressure lines in his wrists. Tears of panic and fury burned his eyes as they formed.

"Do you not see Loki? This is all you have, there is nothing more you can do, you will die brother!" Thor put the two dildos down on the floor and grabbed Loki's bonds and put his other hand round the back of Loki's head, just like he has done so many times before, it should have felt familiar but to Loki, muzzled and bound, trembling in the corner of his 'brothers' chambers, it just felt wrong.

"I cannot lose you again, not yet, do you understand? We must do this!" With that, he pulled on the bonds on Loki's hands as he stood up, dragging the younger god up with him. Loki struggled and let out moans of panic but Thor picked him up effortlessly and put him down on his bed. Father would not be happy about this but it was all he could do now, to save Loki.

Keeping one hand on his chest he pulled at Loki's clothes, simple by as guardian standards. A green over shirt and plain black trousers, no shoes and no undergarments were given to criminals.

He couldn't get the shirt off of him without ripping it so he did just that instead, tearing it from the neck, down the middle and ripping the sleeves to pull the material off him. Then he undid the clasps at the top of Loki's trousers, the god bucked wildly trying to throw him off but Thor just leaned onto the hand on Loki's chest and he stilled, tears running from his eyes now.

He lay still, breathing raggedly through his nose as Thor opened his trousers and began pulling them down with one hand. Loki didn't move as he felt them slipping lower, revealing his mixed sex. Thor had never seen him completely naked before, he wasn't even sure how Thor knew he was intersex.

Thor pulled his trousers off the rest of the way, pulling Loki to the edge of the bed, now completely naked, he looked down at his brother's cock. He parted the younger god's legs slowly and Loki turned his head away in embarrassment. Thor breathed in deep as he looked at his brother. He was so beautiful, Thor had never seen anyone like him before and he could feel himself growing hard as he imagined what he was going to do.

He left his brother, lying displayed on the bed and went to fetch the dildos he had left on the floor in the corner. Loki didn't move he knew there was no point; Thor would just wrestle him back to that position anyway. Thor also decided to get some oil to and returned to where Loki was, heaving and crying subtly on his bed. Thor stroked his brother's leg and shushed him gently, like he did when they were younger and Loki had snuck into his room, scared because he had a nightmare. It did little to calm him down though, Loki jumped and completely tensed.

"Relax, brother, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. But this will be easier if you don't fight." He dipped his fingers into the small bowl of oil and brought them up to Loki's sex, ignoring his cock and gently stroking them across the younger god's first entrance. Loki whimpered in shame and tried to move away from his brothers touch but Thor's hand just followed him, one finger slipping inside and stroking his inner walls. Loki whined again, more tears running down his cheeks.

"Hush, brother, it's okay, I'm going to make this nice and easy for you." He set a gentle rhythm, his finger moving in and out slowly, before adding a second finger, making his brother whine a little louder in discomfort. Thor didn't add any more digits yet, nor did he add any more oil. He would wait until Loki became aroused enough to smooth the path himself.

After a while Loki finally became more giving, his entrance becoming wet and allowing Thor's fingers to move easier. Loki's breathing changed and struggled a little differently now, his whines sounding less panicked, more desperate.

Thor smiled. "That's it brother, this doesn't have to be difficult for either of us." Thor moved down so he could watch his fingers disappearing into his brother's sex. He knew Loki would try his best not to show his arousal but Thor could tell, the way his stomach twitched, his breathing uneven. He might not like the situation but at least he could enjoy the process.

Thor added a third finger and Loki hummed out loud, if not for the muzzle, it probably would have been words. Thor pulled his hand away, coming back up to look at his brother's face.

"I want you to enjoy this Loki. I'm helping you, don't forget that. I shall fill you with my seed and our child will keep you alive." Thor leaned down and kissed his brothers neck, dragging his tongue along his collar bone, before heading downwards, kissing his way down Loki's body, and not missing a spot that might make his brother enjoy this more.

His tongue reached Loki's cock, now half erect and Thor took it into his mouth, tongue swirling around the head, feeling it firm up nicely in his mouth. He bobbed his head and licked for a few moments until he felt Loki was hard enough, and then he hollowed his cheeks and sucked. Loki called out from behind the gag, hands balling into fists, hips bucking upwards, making Thor pull back, his brother's cock leaving his mouth with an obscene 'pop'.

He stood up taking off the top half of his clothing as quickly as he could. Loki just lay still breathing, not daring to move or make a sound. He also refused to look at Thor but he tensed again when he could hear the older god undoing his own trousers. Oh no.

The weight of the situation came flooding back to Loki, what his brother was about to do and he panicked, struggling to get off the bed, he didn't care if it was hopeless, he just needed to get away from his brother, show him that he didn't want this.

Thor grabbed hold of his legs as he tried to get up and pulled him back to where he was before. Holding Loki down, he quickly rubbed some more of the oil onto his own cock, just to be sure, before lining up with a struggling, mewling Loki, and pushing himself in. Loki stopped moving, eyes wide as he was breached by his brother. Thor let out a grunt at the feel of Loki around him. He pushed the last bit of himself into Loki's sex and stopped for a few moments, breathing deeply, stroking along Loki's thighs, kissing his chest and neck.

"Oh Loki, you don't even know how good you feel, so tight around me, brother." Loki could feel his cheeks burning. Thor took Loki's bound hands and put them around his neck, into a sort of forced embrace.

After he felt Loki had stretched enough to accommodate him, he pulled out almost all the way, and pushed in and damn if that wasn't one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. Even Loki moaned, though it was half pleasure, half shame. Thor pushed in a little harder, watching Loki's face, saw his eyes squeeze together and knew he was enjoying this.

Quickening his pace, and leaning on one hand, he reached down and took Loki's cock into his other hand, the younger god throwing his head back with a loud whine, face red, eyes screwed shut.

"Look at me Loki." Loki didn't, he couldn't look at his brother while they were doing this, he wouldn't. Thor squeezed his cock and rubbed at the head roughly and Loki's eyes shot open, Thor leaning above him, he had no choice but to look at his brother. Thor smiled down at him.

"It's okay to enjoy this Loki, you are allowed to. Now...come for me brother." He whispered the last part as his hand sped up, pulling Loki closer to his release but Loki didn't want to, he couldn't let go like that because of his brother, he closed his eyes and tried to hold down the fast approaching orgasm. Thor leaned down, speeding up his thrusts again, tugging his cock almost painfully now, and bit into his neck. Loki cried out, spilling between them, insides clamping down on Thor's cock and practically sucking his orgasm from him, Thor moaned into his neck as he filled his brother with his seed.

They lay still for a while, breathing heavily; Thor had stayed hard, even after his orgasm and was still deep inside Loki as they breathed. Loki wasn't paying attention to anything, his eyes were closed, breathing difficult because of the gag. Thor reached to the side of him and grabbed the first dildo. He pulled out and quickly replaced his cock with the large object.

Loki whined in surprise.

Thor hushed him again, stroking his hair while kissing and licking at the sweat on his neck and chest.

"Shhhh brother, we need to keep my seed in there somehow."

Thor took the straps on the end of the dildo, still sticking out of him and clasped them about the younger god's thighs, so it could not slip out.

"You enjoyed that, I know you did, I can feel the evidence running down my stomach." He lifted his body up, tilting Loki's head down, to show him the way his cum was running down his torso. Loki felt his face flush again, more than it already was, but he relaxed his head back, just glad it was over. He hoped Thor would let him bathe once he had unplugged him.

But Thor wasn't nearly done with him yet.

Thor lifted up fully off his brother and Loki breathed a little easier, only to be flipped over onto his stomach, making him whine in confusion, eyes going wide but his brow furrowing.

"Now, brother, correct me if I am wrong, but I have heard that people like you, can be bred from either entrances, hmmm?" Thor had one hand pressed onto Loki's back, holding him in place while his other hand roamed lower, fingers slipping in towards his other entrance. Loki struggled again, putting in a new effort; he needed to stop this, stop Thor now! He moaned out in panic but Thor chuckled.

"Something tells me, I'm right, aren't I?" He pushed his finger into Loki, dry. Loki froze, eyes squeezing tight, groaning long and loud, trying to breathe properly. Thor told him he wouldn't hurt him. What was he doing, why was he doing this?

Thor pulled his hand back and Loki sagged against the bed, breathing hard, letting out whimpers he couldn't even control now. Pleading was getting him nowhere with stopping him but he could try to get Thor to at least use something. Loki lifted onto his elbows and turned to look at Thor, eyes pleading now, begging him to use something, he whimpered at his brother hoping he would understand. Thor wasn't that stupid, he knew it was hurting his brother.

He smiles reassuringly at Loki, leaning up to stroke his hair gently.

"Its okay brother, I've got you, you're okay with me." He dipped his fingers back into the oil, returning his hand back to Loki's entrance and rubbing his fingers gently against his hole. Loki jumped but, feeling the oil, let out a relieved groan and flopped back down onto the bed.

Thor came up and kissed along the smooth wet skin of Loki's back, he inserted one finger, thrusting a couple of times before inserting a second one, Loki hissed through his nose at the burn of the stretch but he relaxed back down, the sooner Thor was done with this, the sooner he could wash and rest.

Thor thrust his fingers in and out, getting deeper, trying to find the spot that will make Loki relax and enjoy it, because damn, he was tense, even after his orgasm. He curled his fingers and angled his thrusts. He heard Loki let out a shocked groan and knew he had found it. He smiled to himself.

"Am I the first to touch you in this way brother?" Loki didn't respond he tried to keep defiantly quiet; he would not make this better for Thor.

"Loki, you're blushing like a shy virgin, you don't have to answer me for me to know." He pressed and rubbed harder at the spot inside Loki and the younger god had to squeeze his eyes shut and bit his tongue to stop his moan. Curse his body's betrayal.

Thor pushed his free hand under Loki's stomach and Loki knew what he was doing, he ground his hips into the bed as hard as he could to stop him but Thor easily forced his hand under and felt how Loki's cock had grown hard again, his smile grew bigger.

"Does it feel good brother? Do you want more?" He wrapped his hand around Loki's cock and stroked in time with his thrusts. Loki moaned, unable to stop himself, too tired to try. Thor wasn't going to stop any time soon; he leaned forward next to Loki's ear.

"Come on brother, you can do it again, give it to me little brother." Thor bit Loki's ear hard and Loki lost it, pulsing into Thor's hand for the second time, his hole clenching down on his brothers fingers, which he kept thrusting even after Loki had finished his orgasm.

"That's it brother, so beautiful when you come undone like that. It seems you have a thing for biting to, am I right?" He bit along Loki's shoulder and down his back as he pulled his fingers out, using the cum on his other hand to slick up his cock, he lined up to Loki's entrance, leaning forward again, arms either side of Loki's body. Biting down on Loki's shoulder and thrusting in, everything in one go, Loki screamed from behind the muzzle, hands clawing into the sheets below him. He held his breath and clenched painfully on Thor's cock, making Thor hiss and let go of his shoulder.

"Ahh, damn, relax Loki. Brother you need to breath and relax, you wouldn't want me to move like this, and believe me, I will." He started to pull out and Loki let out a choked grunt of pain, followed by a lot of more panicked grunts, begging Thor to stop. Holy shit, stop, that hurts...stop...stop...please!

Thor stopped moving and waited until he felt Loki relax a bit around him. It took the younger god a few minutes to compose himself enough to do so but after a while, Thor felt his passage loosen and he smiled.

"That's it; see how much easier it is now brother?" He started thrusting slowly, listening to the little whimpers Loki couldn't control. This felt much too good to Thor. He looked down at all of his brother, his wet, hair, sweat running down his shoulders, some pooling into the dip in his back. His hands were bunched into the sheets, trying to ground himself. Although Thor couldn't see all of his face, he could see how flushed his brother was, could hear the small noises loki tried to stop, his face damp and scrunched up in what the older god knew was pleasure, trying to hide it from Thor, almost trying to hide it from himself.

Looking down lower he could see his own hips smacking up to his brothers behind, could hear the wet noises of the sweat on their skin, mixed with the actual noises coming from where they were joined, it was so beautifully obscene, Thor wasn't sure he could last long with this. Could he get Loki to come again? He wasn't sure the god could if he wanted to by now.

Loki whined out an impatient noise, wanting Thor to hurry up and the older brother sped up his thrusts, his cock punching into Loki's prostate, making the god moan loudly. Thor's thrusts went rigid as he released into his brother. Loki could feel his brother's cock pulsing into him, even as Thor continued with little thrusts through his orgasm rhythm picking back up once he had his bearings again.

Loki moaned at him to stop but Thor was picking up his thrusts again, still hard, how in Hel could he still be hard? Loki had heard rumours about his brother's endurance in the bedroom but this was ridiculous, surely he at least needed a break?

Thor was still going, laughing now at his brother's surprised whimpers.

"We want this to work Loki; I'm not taking any chances with your life, even if you would." He thrust even faster than he had before and Loki could only mewl and wait for it to stop, his behind was sore, he was sure his entire body would be covered in bruises and bite marks after this, he was hot, sweaty, tired and drooling under his gag, he needed to clean up, needed to compose himself. This was not how he dealt with things, he was smart, sharp tongued and snippy, not a melted mess, relying on someone else to keep him together, he was not this!

Thor reached round and grabbed Loki's cock again, now it was just painful, over sensitive. Loki whined long and loud, he sobbed, he screamed, he struggled and drooled even more but Thor somehow ripped out another orgasm from him which was more painful than pleasurable at this point and Loki was done. He sagged completely, refusing to move, breathing roughly through his nose. Everything was just too much, too much friction, too much stimulation; he didn't want to feel anything.

After how long, he had no idea anymore, he felt Thor stiffen and pulse inside him again. Oh he hoped, prayed that this was it, no more, kill him, please, someone kill him, he couldn't do more.

He whimpered yet again as he felt Thor pull out, quickly pushing the second plug into place and strapping that one round his thighs to. Loki felt full, he felt full and dirty, sticky, used, wrong! He needed to clean. Come on Thor, he could be clean now; he had done what he wanted, thrice. Just some warm water and sleep was all he wanted now.

Thor pulled off his brother and grabbed his ankles firmly, flipping Loki back over onto his back and pulling him to the corner of the bed, legs either side of the tall bed post. Loki looked up confused. High up the bed post he could see two cuffs that had been connected. His eyes went wide as he realised what Thor was doing. He wriggled, pulling his legs away, kicking and groaning. No...Please...nononononono...please!

Thor wrestled his legs back and dragged him up so that Loki was lying on his upper back, legs and lower half up in the air and Thor chained Loki's ankles to the bed post, keeping him almost completely upside down.

"This is for your own good Loki. You will become with child from this, you have to, it's this or death!"

Death, Loki thought desperately...death...death...please...someone, kill him. Make it stop; kill him now he couldn't do this, not after everything!

Thor leaned down over Loki and kissed his head before leaving and going to the washroom. Loki kicked and screamed and fought against nothing, crying and sweating, still feeling full, much too full. He was covered in fluids, so many fluids, sweat, spit, seed, he was sore, he ached he wanted to rest, this was cruel. How could his brother do this to him?

His brother wanted him to live, so he would breed him. But what afterwards, the child would be born, and then Odin would kill him anyway. Besides no half-breed child would ever become heir to the throne. Odin might even kill the child, he might ignore the rule and have Loki executed, never letting anyone find out he had even been pregnant.

Nothing good could come of this.