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Chapter 17: My love, my love, why have you forsaken me?

When the servants came to take him out for the 273th time, a small group of other servants was behind them with cleaning tools and stuff. They entered his room and started changing his bed in silence. He had never heard them speak a word to each other. All were complying with their rigorous discipline, doing exactly what they had been instructed.

Preparation was as usual, however, they put a new robe on him, tying it properly after he finished feeding, and leading him to a swimming pool.

It was a large indoor swimming pool in the Shirabuki palace, starlit sky was immense above the glass ceiling. Some young girls in bikini were swimming leisurely, Sara was sitting on a pool chair with thick cushion, Rima was by her side, peeling an orange.

The servants quietly retreated, leaving Kaname standing right in the place they led him to. There was only splashing noise in the pool. Rima gently offered the first piece of orange to Sara, who took it with a smile.

"Take a seat, Kaname! I want to show you something." Sara said after finishing her orange.

He walked to the pool chair next to hers and sat down. Not knowing why she was giving him some regard instead of forcing him to take whatever she wanted, but he understood any resistance was useless.

Sara clapped her hands once, then held them out with palms upward, all fingers pointing up. It was a gesture to conjure natural forces to influence things. Water in the pool suddenly rose up high then fell down as a fall. In an instant, the swimming girls dropped to the empty bottom, and drowned by the heavy falling water. Their bones were broken, yet they struggled to come to the surface.

Sara chuckled "Sorry, girls!" though her expression didn't look sorry at all. She was actually very proud of this achievement. Everyone knew that Kaname had killed the former Council with a simple hand raise. She and other purebloods could kill them easily too, but not that easily, not that fast. That's why the Kurans were the strongest purebloods. That's why she so much wished to have his powers. After three months, her efforts had finally returned a good result. "You see, I just need some more time to complete the Kuran power."

And it's when he became useless, she wouldn't need to keep him or Yuuki or Zero alive anymore. From his innermost, he was frightened. Zero started sleeping with him at fourteen, when he was fully powerful, and their times throughout the years must be a lot more than 272 times, yet the hunter's strength didn't develop from it considerably, because their strengths weren't compatible, Zero was just an ex-human, who wasn't steadied by his master's blood. Maintaining his sanity and getting him stronger than a level D were all Kaname could do. The hunter had been through a lot of trainings, beside Bloody Rose, he also learned to use other weapons to become powerful and attain his current position.

Sara was different, she was a pureblood, their strengths completely matched.

"I would prefer continuing our method and finishing it as soon as possible. But the situation has been changed." She took another orange piece from Rima. "Ouri and Shoto have formed an alliance by their children's marriage. Everyone is looking at your empty chair. They want to replace you."

Kaname hadn't paid attention to political issues for a long time. After killing the former Council and taking the ruling position to sign their peace treaty, he almost didn't say a word to whatever matters in their societies. Since the erroneous adultery which ruined his marriage, the only thing in his mind was how to stabilize Zero, everything else was handled by Takuma. He didn't make any other contribution, yet his presence alone was enough to maintain peace. Zero could have published his Last Will to become the temporary vampire leader, then took advantage of the interim to reinforce his own position, but it would mean an announcement of the pureblood's demise. With deep understanding of his husband, Kaname knew Zero would never do it, because he didn't only want to protect him, but also wanted to protect, not take away, what belonged to him.

"Have they challenged Zero to a fight?" If Sara wanted to let him know what was going on out there, he couldn't wait to ask about his husband. Purebloods settled their ranks by fights. To overthrow him, they must defeat the person who was protecting his chair. Kaname got a chill thinking the reason Zero hadn't come yet was because he had to take up challenge after challenge from those greedy purebloods. Some time ago, Sara said he was shot by an anti-vampire gun…

"I'm sure they're planning to, but your hunter is very cunning. He quenched their enthusiasm by showing off his extraordinary blood. Powerful as a pureblood, and non-fatal to hunter weapons. It will postpone their actions for a while." Sara smirked "But it isn't the best idea. If I were him, I wouldn't warn at all. I would accept one of the challenges."

She raised a hand to reject the next piece from Rima, and waved to a young, petite girl, who immediately ran to her, and crawled on her chair, obediently bent down to kiss on the place between her legs. The bathrobe was parted, revealing a big bump under her underwear. The girl took her member out, starting to stimulate it with her warm, moist tongue.

"I would kill that silly opponent and stamp out their cravings once and for all." Sara groaned as her member was engulfed passionately to the base. Her fingers pulled the girl's blond hair with pleasure. She glanced at Rima, who was sulkily holding the piece of orange which she refused, and chuckled "Don't you think I'm an extremist while your hunter is moderate? After he took fifty living hearts for you, I won't say he is. He is the type who will kill as many as necessary."

She pulled Rima closer for a fervent kiss while shoving in and out the other girl's mouth.

Kaname felt a pain overwhelming his being. It shouldn't be now, when the feeding had provided some blood to revive his healing system. Syndrome of the intoxication had been repressed, he had walked here by himself. Yet the excruciating pain was violently taking over him. He was too selfish, he had only thought about his own agony, he had only been waiting for Zero to come to his rescue, not thinking that his husband could be in danger out there. His husband was being the target of many forces, all for him, for trying to save his life.

He had suspected Rima's words because it didn't seem right that Zero wanted him to continue sleeping with Sara and transfer the poison to her. And Sara suspected why his husband didn't choose a more direct way to thwart the others' ambitions. She didn't say it straight, but it wasn't hard to reckon...

Zero had to take this way because he was incapable to win…

"Sara-san, I want you inside me." Rima whispered sweetly.

"Good, ride me!"

The other girl understandingly left them, Rima undressed her clothes, and walked around the chair, skilfully showing her beautiful curves before straddling her lover.

Sara fondled her breast, while she was sitting down her erection.

Moans lustfully slipped through Rima's parted lips. Other girls also started kissing each other. Moans louder and louder.

Rima tried her best to make her lover feel good, but after a while, she couldn't linger longer, her climax came as a storm, she fell onto the pureblood's chest, breathing in short pants.

"You're very bad, you wanted to make me come." Sara coaxed "Stand up! I need to finish it before his looks shrink me."

Rima threw an angry look at Kaname, then reluctantly left her lover's chair. Sara's erection was wrapped in a thick coat of milky, watery fluid which gained giggles from other girls.

"It is how love making should be. What between us, Kaname, even after a thousand times, can never give me any pleasure." Sara still sat on her chair, openly displaying her member. "I even feel unfair for them, but what must be done must be done. We're getting married."

Her sentence delivered a shocking silence among them. Rima knitted her fingers together, trying to cover her despair. Unlike them, Sara had told her earlier, and it urged her to use the poison taken from Asa.

"What are you saying?" Kaname murmured. It seemed they had strictly respected their agreement. She kept Yuuki and her baby safe, he let her withdraw his power through sex. She didn't asked more, and he quietly waited for Zero.

Yet the situation was changed. If she didn't act now, things could have already been settled before her power consumption completed.

"We are getting married." Sara wasn't surprised at his reaction, though she wouldn't have suggested it if he had a chance to refuse. "And you are transferring your position to your new husband. In return, I will maintain the peace treaty with your ex-husband."

It was the shortest and legitimate way to become the vampire leader. If they didn't get married, the situation would turn complicated when Zero failed to seal Kaname's missing, and other forces openly expressed their interest in the position. She didn't know exactly what happened to Zero, but it looked like he hadn't completed his pureblood power yet. She also needed Kaname for at least six more months to finish her consumption and to show up with in public. Even after that, she had another plan for him, and getting married to him made it easier to achieve her ultimate goal.

"If you turn my proposal down, I can provoke other purebloods to eliminate him before we enter the fight for your position. They don't know, but I know he will be more powerful in the near future. If you want me to leave a threat alive, it should give me some benefits from it, shouldn't it?" Sara wasn't hurried to start their session as said, thoughts of the future seemed to be getting her more excited, her member got harder when she spoke to him.

"I will never divorce Zero." Kaname uttered. He didn't hear whatever reasons Sara was trying to influence him. Being married to Zero was the most meaningful value in his whole life. He had tried to maintain their marriage through many happenings, even when his husband deserted him for years, or said it out straightforwardly that he wanted a divorce. His name, his life, his body could be ruined, yet he wished to remain married to him. It was the only thing which he begged Zero to allow him to be selfish. The other day, the ring had been taken back, the greeting doves had stolen the diamond. What left was the platinum stud with his husband's name on his tongue.

"Even if it will kill your hunter?" Sara slowly walked to his chair. "Open your legs!" Her eyes were derisive. Normally, he was tied to the bed, widened up. But now, she didn't use any physical constraint to fix him, both his arms and legs were free, he could try resisting her. Although it wouldn't lead to a different result, at least he could make it to the end that each and every time they had sex, he was forced against his will to betray Zero. "I've ordered to clean up and refurnish your room to match your new position. Your new clothes will be ready soon. Your new servants will come to receive your commands. In return, I expect a change in your attitude and your behavior. As my wife, you will follow my direction, you will support my goals, you will agree with my opinions, and you will spread your legs when I want to do you."

He stared at her in daze, solely because of her biting question before all those lengthy sentences about his behavior. Contempt was filled in her beautiful eyes, yet combined a shade of directness. A part of him had wondered if it was merely her wicked trap to make him give in this arranged marriage, so that she would take over his position and crush his husband's spirit up. But he didn't intend to find something against her words in her eyes. With expertise, she could hide them perfectly. She could manipulate Rima with a false story to dishearten him. She could make up false news to convince him that Zero was in trouble. For Yuuki and her baby's safety or for his own survival, he would have no choice, but follow her arrangement.

However, there was one evidence that brought him to the decision. His being poisoned and Sara not knowing about it were the truth. The syndrome had disappeared, but he still felt it faintly in each of his breaths, each of his movements. If she drank his blood and had sex with him, it would certainly pass on. Everything else could be true or false. It didn't matter how Rima had obtained it. If Sara wasn't poisoned now, she would soon overpower Zero. He wouldn't let her have a chance to endanger him.

"Will Rima agree to let you marry me?" He glanced at the young girl. That year she went against her family to betray him. He knew her feeling for Sara was strong. Instead of taking her back and punishing her, he let her follow her heart. Nevertheless, she decided to use him to kill Sara after hearing about their marriage. It could be a fleeting moment of jealousy, she could regret and confess it to her, yet he couldn't let her destroy his chance.

"She will." Sara sniggered "To be my lover, she understands how to please me."

Rima's face was distorted in distress. Her heart felt guilty from harming the person she loved. She didn't want to see her lover's failure, but it was more painful to see her betrayal. In one moment, she thought about stopping Sara from taking Kaname, but the moment hearing those egotistical words, she turned away to hide the tears, and hastily ran out. If continued living, Sara would never belong to her alone. She also wanted to be egotistical once.

"Conversely, your hunter won't keep calm." Sara didn't care much about her little lover's reaction. She lowered to guide her own hardness, which coated in the previous session's fluid, to the pureblood's loosened entrance. "You will support me to bring him down."

"If you hurt my husband or his baby, I will end it immediately." His words couldn't be considered a threat, in such a situation, it was more like a surrender. It meant he wasn't going to protest what she was doing. His voice was desperate, and his effort to make it sound firm only revealed that he was already at the dead end.

Sara didn't want to look at his abused hole. Being used to living in the lap of luxury, and enjoying the most elegant pieces, seeing some unpleasant view was a brutal suffering. Her erection thrust into his marrow in one go. Something hot and dank immediately stuck around her flesh. He already started bleeding. She angrily moved in and out as if wiping the blood off her body, though it just resulted in tearing his wound off and urging more blood leaking out his hole.

He squeezed his eyes in anguish. A hand was still limply holding a leg up. As letting Aido destroy his sexual part, he didn't imagine it would one day give him a kind of torture which was worse than death. Not meaning it would be better if the unhealed wound was on another part of his body, not meaning he could take her ravishment easier if his sexual part wasn't injured. It was a miracle that his sanity remained. He kept reminding himself that it wasn't time to give up, because his death would devastate Zero and jeopardize Yuuki's and her baby's lives. He must go through this dark episode, he must see his beloved get out of it safely. From the innermost, he only thought about meeting Zero again, and seeing him sound and safe, he didn't think how their lives would continue from there. After all those damages, he couldn't be sure about a chance of recovery, or how to deal with the emotional and mental issues. If Zero could hold him in his loving embrace, if he could wipe off his husband's tears, if he could hear him calling his name, it would be enough. Probably his consciousness would be frozen in that moment, probably he would vanish within his immense love.

"Although you are my wife, you're not allowed to step in my chamber. I don't want your filthy body to taint my restful place." Sara whispered mockingly. Her fingers gripped his neck tightly, nails impaled in his flesh. His skin around her nails got reddened. He choked from suffocation, only made her increase the pressure as if wanting to break him. Blood soaked her nails, dripping down her long fingers. She straightened her back, thrusting in more intensely, while instinctively avoided the contact between her lower belly and his limp manhood. She had figured out this part was unresponsive, and it got her feel more disgusting. Impotency was a nightmare to any men. She loathed men who yearned to be penetrated by other men, and no words could describe her abhorrence against his act of destroying his own sexuality.

"You think you can be a girl? No erection and your hole is getting so wet. But you're only a broken thing, too broken to be repaired."


One month later...

Zero quiveringly shut his eyes close, in darkness struggling with their old memories. His beloved pureblood in that year vulnerably leaned on him, tightening his arms around his waist as if worrying he was going to push him away. Tears was hot, tears soaked his collar, tears blurred his beautiful face.

He had requested Kaname to tell him each and every detail of his past, tell him each of those councilors' names, who had deceitfully tainted his body. Kaname trembled with fear, thinking he was ending their relationship, yet obediently complied with his demand. His mumble was hardly audible, mixing into broken sobs.

Zero couldn't hold him back, because both his arms were contained in the pureblood's passionate embrace. He let him hold him in silence. If holding him secured his emotions, he would let him hold as much as he wanted. Being loved was a great honor. In that moment, he learned that he had become the only person who could defeat this powerful pureblood thoroughly, because he had become his life meaning.

Thankfully, Kaname had stood up from a sorrowful past to fall for him. It wasn't curiosity. It wasn't to dig in his old wounds. Zero wanted to listen to his pain to fill in his void, to heal his agony, to compensate for what he had endured. All sweet words had been told, he gently rest his head on the soft, silky hair. "Bite me, let my blood tell you how I'm feeling."

No contempt. No rejection. In his blood, it was purely immense love.

"Please keep me yours. I want to be yours as long as I live."

Didn't it mean forever? Zero was amazed with the pureblood's intense feeling. Ironically, when realized his time was running out, he crushed their love in fear of ruining his beloved's life, yet he never resolutely filed for a divorce or moved out of their once sweet home. Somewhere in his mind affectionately holding those impassioned words, he couldn't forsake him, just as he couldn't take back the ardent love he had given to him.

"It can't be true." Aido uttered.

Five of them were sitting around the sofa in their large living room. An invitation card placed on the table, heedlessly on a slant with its edge.

Shirabuki & Kuran wedding.

What a stupid joke! The others might be uncertain about the accuracy of such news, but five of them couldn't tolerate this vulgarity. Sara must have used some shady trick to kidnap Kaname, and now she was openly admitting it, not meaning she could convince him into marriage. Even if everything could change in this world, the pureblood's love would never change. They had witnessed how far he was willing to do for Zero, it's impossible that he forsook him to fall for his abductor.

"I have just checked with the Council. Kaname completed the divorce with you last month and asked them to keep it secret. He also got a new marriage license with Sara. He is her legitimate wife now." Takuma murmured "He is the leader, his requests don't need to go through me for approval."

"It is wrong. Kaname won't leave Zero." Shiki couldn't arrange his reasons in order to support his statement. But who would need them, all of them were shocked seeing this wedding invitation, and none could believe it.

"You should summon the Council, Ichijou!" Kain folded his arms "Ask them about his condition when they saw him and how it was done."

Takuma gazed at his husband, a smile weakly ghosted on his lips. "I've been waiting, but you still don't ask me, Zero. Do you really think I betrayed you? Do you really think I did it?"

Zero slowly opened his eyes. While the others didn't comprehend what the noble was referring to, he understood it was about the blood tablets. Last month Cross told him that his tablets contained a light concentration of anti-vampire poison. He immediately changed to another supply but didn't confront Takuma with it. This month felt like a lifetime. When re-opening his eyes, he realized that he had lost everything. He lost Kaname when he was seeking for him, he lost their marriage when he was trying his best to amend it. Haha, such a stupid joke! He carefully thought about the years they had been through together. Yes, he deserved to be brushed off as dirtiest dust, he deserved to be dumped to the lowest level of hell for his sin, but Kaname would miss him...

"Can't. I only love you."

The pureblood had tenderly told him those sweet words after giving all he had for him. As they got back to each other, Zero learned that he was the only and best thing Kaname wanted, not to worry it was good or bad, fair or unfair. Then what type of charm could Sara possibly use to allure him? It could only be no more than her crude lie.

"I didn't think it when my tablets were exchanged or when they were reverted to ordinary after chairman Cross delivered a general warning about the quality of some blood tablets. I chose to believe it was an act of your subordinate." Zero said "But how can you explain your unawareness of this wedding?"

Takuma hid a bitter smile. His secret agents were placed everywhere, and reported to him each and every detail of those big names' moves. The abduction could be a confidential plan at first, but there was no excuses for his ignorance after Kaname had stayed in Sara's residence four months. The Council might not report to him on the pureblood's requests for divorce and new marriage, but his agents beside them should. So did the agents beside the nobles who were preparing their wedding. Indeed, he got the news from Asa four months ago, and was well-aware that Kaname was waiting. But how could he tell Zero that his beloved pureblood was being abused sexually and bringing him back would be the end of their family?

It's a common knowledge that the Shirabukis only had one person in each generation. They didn't get married. They had countless lovers, but they would conceive their only child on their own. All members of the Shirabukis were half male half female with an ability of self-fertilization as the result of their ancestor consuming their ancestress' flesh and blood. However, the society had too easily accepted Sara, who was totally different than her ancestors. While the previous generations tended to male-looking and strictly wanted people to treat them as real men, Sara created an impression of a dominant lesbian. She required to be addressed as a woman, though she would prefer a suit to a dress.

At age of fifteen, she ordered Takuma's grandma, who was an excellent pharmacist, to make up a medicine which turned her body shape and voice entirely feminine while maintained her sexual masculinity. Pureblood body naturally rejected harmful elements and had a tendency to return to original state, that's why they didn't age or infected by any illness, unless getting injured by anti-vampire weapons. It took Takuma's grandma a long time to prepare the medicine which could be absorbed into Sara's system, brought out its effect for a short while before being eliminated. Sara had to take it regularly to conserve the result. It wouldn't hurt her, but for those non-pureblooded persons who had sex with her, a small amount would be transmitted to them. There was no clear, immediate damage, however, it would reduce their longevity.

The pharmacist had shared this secret with her grandson before she passed away, to remind him of not letting his offspring get involved in this pureblood. It stayed silent with Takuma for years, he didn't tell anyone, especially Kaname, because his grandma had worked for another pureblood. As soon as hearing Kaname fell into Sara's hands, he automatically remembered his grandma's words and concluded that the pureblood shouldn't come back. It was heartless, however, he wasn't sure what Sara might have told him. In addition, Zero would catch the poison from Kaname while his body was weakened in trying to cure him, then all of them would be infected. This issue would burst into a serious, undecided dispute in their family, and to prevent it, Takuma took the initiation to order his pharmacists to concoct another poison for killing Sara with Kaname acting as intermediary.

"I can't explain it." Takuma looked straight at his husband. "Just as I can't be the person who tells you that Kaname appeared at the Council, powerfully and gracefully as usual, to announce he decided to forsake you. He said he doesn't want to be the first, he wants to be the only. Five years was more than enough, he wants to start anew with someone else." Lie was convincing when there was a part of truth. The pureblood actually looked very thin and exhausted, proving he hadn't spent the past four months in peace, yet he did say those words as explanation of his decision.

"He was forced." Shiki quickly defended his cousin right after Takuma finished.

On the contrary, Aido and Kain said nothing. Wasn't it too obvious why Kaname had to say it? What they couldn't understand was why Takuma believed it and trying to convince Zero of such nonsense, plus, why Zero hadn't told them about the blood tablet thing. So many problems occurred, they thought they were going through them together, since when had they started falling apart?

"What else?" The hunter didn't show any expression, either suspecting it or not, to what Takuma said. "What else do you still hide from me?"

His soft, yet lacking in rage voice made the noble feel like he was being interrogated. Out of words he could expect Zero to say, he didn't think the hunter could still be calm enough to ask for more. "What else do you want to hear?" Would he want him to admit that he had changed his blood tablets because he needed his hunter mixed blood to make the killing poison? Would he want him to admit he had never really wanted them to reconcile to each other because he would lose the important position in his heart which he had tried so hard to achieve? Jealousy was too hideous, but he wasn't Kaname, he hadn't committed any sin to feel ashamed with, he hadn't gotten into the hunter's embrace after some broken things in the past either. He had purely been virgin when he met him. "You're not only my husband, you are my life. But you live for another person, just as my life lives for you."

"I promised Kaname I would come to rescue him as soon as I knew where he was."

It's true. The one who should feel ashamed was Zero, who had formed this plural marriage and brought misery over their lives. He had tried to spend good time with them, tried to treat them kindly, tried to take care of them, and avoided thinking how the rest were doing when he was with one. It's ridiculous. He couldn't pamper one and leave the rest alone, then said he was trying to treat all of them well. Without memories, he had called it a depraved lifestyle and seriously despised himself. However, when his memories returned, he again thought it would possibly work out. The dark side of strong will was ambitions. He had always known it was unfair, yet he wanted to keep them all.

Nevertheless, the moment he heard about Kaname, all those issues fell behind his mind. Many years before they had discussed about the important persons in their societies. Deeply in love and trusted each other, they had shared their full knowledge on characters, opinions and goals of the influential vampires and hunters. Zero knew Sara was blood-thirsty and sadistic because of her special feature of being half male half female. The Shirabukis was second strongest after the Kurans, who had been harboring a desire to replace them for age. Sara must have used a lot of wicked, filthy torture to force Kaname into this marriage in order to take his position. With her character, those would be involved in sex.

The hunter's heart smashed up just by thinking about it. His incompetence had tormented his beloved four months. But not another second. Normal transportation wasn't fast enough for his anxiety. His body separated into black bats flying up in a hurry.


"Kaname, our wedding invitations have been sent out. Your hunter also received one, and he is coming to destroy it. Do you feel excited?" Sara focused her sharp hearing on the serenity of her secluded residence. Things seemed quiet, though she sensed that a tempest was turning up. "What should we do to stop him now?"

Kaname was standing behind her, decently in a white dress shirt and a pair of black pants. Shining locks of dark brown hair falling on beautiful face, glamour glinted in deep, claret eyes under the crescent moons of long, similar-colored lashes. He wasn't in his best appeal, but it's already too much to handle for those who looked at him. Even the characterless, emotionless servants who had long sold their souls to the Shirabukis, and as their master's order had cruelly abused him, felt embarrassed for taking part in ruining such a beauty. Just a remembrance that they used to grab him tightly or have his body closely to theirs made their hearts beat harder and some private part uncontrollably feel uneasy. However, such beauty didn't seem to get Sara's compassion. She was attracted to the youth, frivolity and naivety of teenagers, which were exactly what Kaname had lost before reaching his teenage time. In her eyes, she had never taken him as a target of pleasure, but a rival in hierarchy and in their natural allure.

Since last month, their times reduced to twice a day. He was fed after each time, the period between sessions became opportunities to recover his health and hide his poisoning perfectly. He was also provided light food and free to walk around under the supervision of two servants. All were prepared for his appearance in the needed events of her plan, which worked out pretty well. The Council suspected some hidden reason behind his decisions, but none of them imagined a possibility of his becoming her detainee.

Sara didn't really wait for an answer. Of course Kaname would never be willing to support her. Nonetheless, what he wanted didn't matter, because he had to follow what she wanted. "He has your heart, and I have consumed your power for four months. I want to know who is stronger between us." Zero was an ex-human while she was a pureblood. Their different backgrounds led to different abilities in absorbing pureblood strength. Plus, he had been restless recently, and she had been staying peacefully at home. "We will arrange it as the time we went to the Council together."

Waves of angst surged up within him as remembering how he had desperately struggled to protest her arrangement, he even thought about losing his promise. To make sure he wouldn't do anything out of her control, she dripped her blood on the bars of Yuuki's cage, setting up a remote control so that she could activate its self-destruction from afar. Yuuki wailed over fear of being squeezed to death as Kaname got devastated by fear of hurting his beloved. Any type of agony in this world, either physical or mental, would be acceptable if it's for Zero, if it was what Zero wanted him to go through. However, he couldn't stand seeing him in pain. His heart ached at the thought of his husband's reaction upon hearing his criticism and their marriage had been annihilated. If it came to this point, he would rather kill himself. Ironically, he still followed Sara's arrangement at the end, yet ironically, Zero was still coming for him, and he was going to hurt him more.

"If I can defeat him, you don't need to do anything at all. But if I'm failing…" Sara slid a sword into his left hand. "You will stab him with it. Either dead or alive and damaged, I want his condition to be worse than mine when the fight ends."

-to be continued-

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