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Smoke Kiss

"I'm gonna tell him."

"Don't you dare!"

- Frozen

Anna wanted nothing more than to strangle Mulan. Of course she knew it would be difficult for her as her Asian roommate is skilled in martial arts and sword fighting. But physical revenge from the Asian aside, she still wants to choke her friend. One is for suggesting that she will have her 'bodyguards' lay their sweaty hands on her. Again she might add. The first time was an accident, she was dizzy due to the extreme ride that her cousin's boyfriend forced her into, and Chen Po offered to carry her to the nearest bench… that was the worst feeling ever - the sweat of another guy on her skin. Second reason why she wanted to gag her friend is her current predicament…

They are now walking along the corridor, Anna finally released Elsa's wrist after dragging her to the entrance of the dorms, on their way to her room. Her mind was in shambles at the thought of her crush going to her dorm room and borrowing her clothes. Elsa changing in her room instantly gave her the idea of some semi-porn story she once watched. Her face blushed madly at the thought of Elsa changing in front of her, looking seductive and teasing her. The blame was all in the movies she seldom watch when she was bored.

While Anna's mind was in 'la-la' land, she lost her attention to the road and just instinctively walked ahead of the pale blonde haired senior.

"Anna! Watch out!" the senior said loudly that caused Anna to look up and stumble forward and onto a red-haired girl.

The girl was now sprawled on the floor, groaning in pain, while Anna on the otherhand was on top of her. Anna slowly sat up, still straddling the other student with reddish colored hair, and rubbed her forehead that have bumped into the other girl beneath her.

"Ow, ow, ow…" Anna looked at the person she bumped into and found a pair of violet-blue eyes staring back at her with a pained look. She focused her vision and recognized the girl she bumped into."Oh, hi Kairi. Are you alright? I didn't hurt you too much, right?" She smiled at the redhead beneath her.

A wry smile was offered to Anna by the girl named Kairi. "Hello Anna. Mind if you get off of me? Your girlfriend doesn't look happy with you straddling me. I would feel much better if you do." She told Anna and pointed the senior student behind the hyperactive redhead. She already had a glance at Anna's girlfriend and never did she seen anyone directed such deathly looks at her ever. Even her math teacher, Maleficent, did not scare her as much as the blonde did.

Kairi knew who the platinum blonde was. Almost everyone knew who the Snow Queen was. Her brother talked about her like she's a goddess, while her boyfriend, not that he likes Elsa, talked about how people fawn over her. Oh how much she agrees with them now. Elsa Frossen has a beauty and possibly an anger befitting of a goddess.

"Girlfriend?" Anna tilted her head sideways like a curious puppy. "Kairi, I think you have been playing with your brother and boyfriend with those keyblade-thingy of yours."

Kairi squirmed and tried to push Anna off of her but to no avail. The scary blonde student behind Anna was giving her a look like she won't hesitate to use another set of keyblade and whack her on the head if Anna doesn't keep her distance. "I'm serious. Now get off Anna."

Anna laughed and moved herself off Kairi. When she stood up, she offered a hand to the shorter girl who took it and let her be assisted to stand up. "Sorry, it's fun messing with you whenever your sister isn't around." She gave Kairi a cheeky smile. "And just to be clear, Elsa is not a girlfriend-" 'yet' "So don't go assuming or telling Naminé about that. It would break my heart if she were to reject me." She joked.

Kairi laughed with Anna, aware that Anna was indeed playing around. But her laughter died down when she suddenly felt a cold gush of wind passed through her. Violet-blue eyes turned to the possible source and her breath suddenly hitched. "Err Naminé's just infatuated with you. I know she'll find herself a boyfriend or a girlfriend when she's in college. Heard Sora's little brother has a crush on her so uhm… you know, I think Aqua's calling me, bye Anna!" She said in a hurry. After she bid her good bye to Anna, she took a step back and turned around to sprints away.

"I wonder what's wrong with her…" Anna mumbled. She turned around and found Elsa still clutching a book on her chest and sporting a contented look. "That was Kairi. She's really friendly but I wonder why she rushed off like that." Again, she wondered.

While Anna was talking to Elsa, almost everyone that passed them by greeted the redhead with a cheerful wave or greeting. Anna, being the nice girl she was will wave back or say 'hi' to them in between her conversation with Elsa. Then she remembered that they should be heading to her room to change. "Anyway, let's go to my room. It's just over-" she was about to tell Elsa where her room was when another dorm house resident passed her by and greeted her.

As soon as the other student left, Elsa hooked her left arm over Anna's right and pulled her forward. "The last room of this hall." Elsa gruffly said. She knit her brows and her sights were focused at the end of the corridor.

Anna was rendered speechless and only squeaked when Elsa pulled her to the direction at the end of the hall. She noted that for someone so slim, sexy to be exact, the blonde can pull her like a rag doll. She doesn't mind it though as her thoughts drifted from how her companion pulled her easily to how soft the blonde's chest was touching her arm. Well the side of her chest that is, since her arm was trapped in between Elsa's left biceps and her left breast. 'Soft… I wonder what if feels like if I'm cupping-gah! Bad thoughts!' She thought as she looked at her arm that was confined quite comfortably between Elsa's bicep and chest. 'Can you envy your limbs? Scratch that… can your other body parts envy their co-body parts? 'cause I think my face is envious of my arm right now.'

As soon as they reached the end of the corridor uninterrupted, the blonde released her hold on Anna and smiled at her like it was the most common thing in the world. The redhead was still dazed at the fact that she felt Elsa's breast. Well side of her breast that is. She frowned at the thought of why her arm was lucky enough to get the soft treatment.

"As much as I find you adorable, my eyes are up here." Elsa said with an amused tone. She crossed her arms under her breasts and pushed them up a bit higher.

'Yeah well I prefer to look at your chest first and you are emphasizing them…Wait... Oh holy crap!'Anna snapped out of her trance-like state and blushed upon realizing that she was openly staring at Elsa's chest. She slowly looked up and blushed even more when she found Elsa looking rather amused indeed than offended. As she stared, there was this glint in the blonde's eyes that Anna can't decipher. It shows like she was amused but also scared. She can't be sure of how to even interpret it.

Slowly, Elsa approached Anna and leaned a bit to level herself to the freshman's ear. "Anna, may I ask if we are going inside or not? I would prefer changing privately and for your eyes only." She whispered.

Anna Shivered. The hot breath of Elsa on her ear just garnered a full face blush. Added the way Elsa talked to her made her heart skip a few beats and then beat like it was on marathon. 'Did she say what I think she said? Does that mean she'll strip-" Anna's eyes went wide open and she took a step back and her left hand shoot up to her now hot ear. 'Her voice… it's really familiar. Why can't I remember?' Her eyes looked at the giggling senior before her and then down to her chest, 'Yeah right, distraction.'

"Well?" Elsa was now leaning by the door frame, waiting for Anna to open the door.

Anna nodded and took out the keys to her dorm room from her back pocket. She avoided the gaze of Elsa and tried her best to insert the key in the keyhole but fail miserably. The thought of the gorgeous platinum blonde stripping in front of her rattles her to the core and put her entirely in utter chaos. Her shaking hand kept on missing the keyhole a few more times and she began grumbling in frustration.

Burning in annoyance, blue colored eyes glared at the door knob and thrust the key towards the keyhole but again failed in inserting it correctly. She was about to curse out loud when the hand holding the key felt something cool above it. Anna stiffened when her body was engulfed in a cool yet comfortable hug from behind and her hand that was holding the key was guided gently to the keyhole.

"You should relax Anna." Elsa whispered to Anna's ear.

Anna could feel Elsa's hot breath over her ear and her back could feel twin soft mounds pressing against it. The feeling was familiar to her, but whenever she tried to pin it down, the thought slips away and directs her thoughts to how soft the mounds felt on her back and how Elsa smelled like cool breeze. She also disregard the cold feeling that she got on her back due to Elsa's wet clothing as her mind was solely focused on how close Elsa was to her.

There was a clicking sound and Anna felt her hand being guided to turn the now unlocked doorknob. With her head floating at the thoughts of Elsa, Anna didn't moved at all while she still savored the feeling of being in Elsa's arms. She didn't mind the whispers that had started buzzing around them from the other dorm occupants or from those who called her attention, hoping to say hi or to chat. All that mattered to her was how comfortable she was within the arms of Elsa.


"Hm?" Anna hummed an answer with a smile on her face and eyes closed. Her left hand was laid on top of Elsa's arm which was wrapped around her waist.

There was a chuckle that came from Elsa and Anna wondered why the older girl called her attention. She ignored the chuckle and still stood still within the arms of the blonde.

"As much as I would love just cuddling with you-"

Anna heard Elsa speak with a hint of teasing in her voice. She shivered at the closeness of Elsa's lips over her ear and froze up when she felt Elsa pulling her closer, making her feel those voluptuous mounds even more. And the cold wet fabric that was staining her clothes. The feeling were familiar to her, a little more time within Elsa's arms and Anna was sure that she'll remember. She blamed Elsa's playful nature for her foggy memory.

"I am sure that you don't want Mulan to find us here without even changing out of our wet clothes, yes?" Elsa told Anna. A mobile phone was shown to Anna that contains an sms message.

Slowly cracking one eye open, Anna looked at the device that dared interrupt her cuddling time with Elsa.

[If you two don't get properly dressed, I'll go up there and fire Mushu on you two to dry up. Show this to Anna too. – A's Friend 1]

When her one eye read the message, realizing it was from Mulan due to the threat, her eyes opened wide and she immediately pushed away from Elsa, gently enough to avoid hurting the other girl, and opened the door to her dorm room. 'Damn Mulan and her crazy fixation with flamethrowers.' She grumbled and pulled Elsa inside her room before shutting it loudly.

"How the hell did she even knew that we weren't inside?!" Anna stomps towards her dresser and began pulling each drawers to find something she could change in to. Clothes flew everywhere and somehow managed to drop on her bed. "I mean, sure she has connections and all that but to find out immediately?!" She began ranting about Mulan that she didn't notice that Elsa was roaming around the room. Her mind flew on different possibilities of how Mulan knew about their delay in entering the room. 'Oh wait, yeah the other dorm occupants. I wonder who alerted Mulan. Could it be Kairi? Nah she's far too sweet. Hmm Isabella? Can't be. I can bet my year supply of chocolate that it's either Vanessa or those two step sisters of Ella! My whole year supply those scrumptious chocolates that Vanellope graciously gives me!'

After throwing at least her whole wardrobe all over the room, she found a black T-Shirt with the design of a red hooded girl carrying a scythe and the initials of RWBY across the back of the shirt. It was her favorite shirt. She found another black shirt that's decorated with the design of a white-haired girl and behind her is a row of tall windows. There was the initials of RWBY underneath the print as well, matching the other shirt she held. The one with white designs was the safest clothing she has to offer to Elsa and she was glad it didn't smell like her cabinet and more like her family's special laundry soap.

"Here Els-WHOA! Put that down!" Anna shrieked and dropped the clothes to the floor as soon as she turned around and checked on the blonde. She immediately ran to Elsa and tackled her down to Mulan's bed as soon as she found what Elsa was holding. Elsa was holding Mushu and when Anna saw how inquisitive the blonde looked at the firebreathing weapon, she had to pry it away from the blonde who doesn't know how scary the weapon is. All the flames and Mulan laughing like a lunatic and dressed like a guy during a night of fireworks. Anna shivered in horror at the said memory.

"Don't touch Mushu! I swear on anything that is holy, Mulan will kill us with it!" Anna reprimanded the blonde. Holding the said flamethrower like it was filled with germs, Anna threw it to a nearby clothes hamper that belong to her Asian roommate and then turned her attention back to the Snow Queen. She was unaware that her sudden attack on the senior caused Elsa to fall down on the mattress and her straddling the blonde's abdomen with their distance only a few inches apart. She was unaware before, but now that her actions finally kicked in her head, Anna froze on the spot.

Both women sported the look of pure shock.

But as much as Anna thought of moving, her body disobeyed her and kept her rooted in place. Elsa was no help to her either as the senior student didn't move as well. 'Why do I always end up in awkward-oh yeah coz I'm me.' Anna pondered.

With their close distance, Anna could feel the blonde's low body heat and she could smell her scent. The slightly cold body temperature of the senior student gave her a comfortable feeling and the smell of cool winter breeze entered her nostril.

It was familiar to Anna. All too familiar.

Both their faces were mere inches apart. And then blue eyes met the icy blue ones. Their breathing matched in rhythm along with how they openly stared at each other's eyes. No one moved. They just lay on Mulan's bed, and silently wondered what had happen.

'Her eyes… this close they really do look familiar.' Anna thought. Her eyes traced down from Elsa's crystal blue eyes to her lips and she audibly swallowed an invisible lump that formed on her throat. Her mind thought of how luscious the senior's lips looked and wondered what it would even taste like. Unconscious of her actions, Anna slowly leaned forward, examining Elsa's lips carefully.

Elsa noticed Anna's trance-like state and parted her lips to call out her new friend's name. But her expected words did not come out and only a moan of pleasure escaped her lips when she felt Anna's lips over hers.

It was unexpected. She was just staring at the blonde's eyes and leaned closer to get a better look and admire them at close range. She kissed the older girl beneath her and it was not intentional! As much as Anna revered her new friend, not once did the thought of kissing her enter her mind for the past couple of minutes. It was possibly her admiration and respect over the blonde or the fact that she spends too much time with her and having fun along with it that triggered her unconscious actions. Whatever reason it was, she regrets it now for not making a move on Elsa earlier or considering her as one of the possibilities of being her mysterious kisser.

Now cognizant of her current predicament but didn't pulled back. How could she if woman beneath her tasted like minty chocolate? Elsa's scent drove her in frenzy as she slowly lowers her eyelids and kept her lips over the blonde, hoping that Elsa won't push her away, and snaked her arms around Elsa's body.

And the blonde never did. Elsa was startled at first at what Anna did but after seeing the freshman's clouded, half-lidded eyes, she smiled and closed her eyes as well. Her arms moved instinctively around Anna's as if they already know where they should be. Her right hand glided up to Anna's head and dug within the freshman's braided hair while her left arm held Anna closer. She reciprocated the kiss in a gentle manner, treating Anna like a breakable crystal figurine. Her left index finger drew lazy circles on Anna's sides, causing the redhead to gasp and she took this opportunity to slide her tongue inside Anna's mouth.

It was minty chocolate. Anna was sure of it and as of now, it's her second most favorite flavor. Next to pure dark chocolate that is. Elsa's tongue roamed inside her mouth and she fought for dominance and did her best to taste Elsa even more. Her body pressed closer to the blonde, unsatisfied with the lack of body heat it wanted.

But as soon as their bodies touched, both felt the cold feeling that came from their clothes. The contact of cold water over their heated bodies brought them back to reality. Anna first opened her eyes and blinked when she saw crystal blue ones staring back at her with a surprised expression. Possibly due to what they just did. With a deep red blush, Anna released her hold on Elsa and pushed herself off and away, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

"Ow!" She whined and rubbed her now sore behind. "Why do I always end up getting hurt today?" she questions while still rubbing her butt.

Elsa, who now seated upright with her legs folded sideways, was paler than she was before. Her hand touched her lips as her eyes stared blankly at Anna.

After soothing her sore butt, Anna looked at Elsa and found how she was blushing while tracing her hand over her lips. She noted that the blush looked cute on Elsa. But the thought of their kiss, a kiss she can't really describe, flushed the thoughts of admiring Elsa's cuteness and focused on what had happen. "Uh Elsa…"

Elsa snapped out of her reverie. Her lips twitched a bit upon seeing Anna with a distraught look on her face. Embarrassment forgotten, she smirked and raked her left hand over her disarrayed bangs. "Wow Kristoff was right. You are a kissing maniac Snowflake." she said with a cheeky grin.

"What?!" Anna forgot whatever she was about to tell Elsa. She was going to apologize for kissing her but what Elsa told her just pushed the thought aside. "I'm not a kissing maniac you-you…" She then realized what Elsa called her. "Did you just call me 'Snowflake'?"

Elsa, sitting sideways on the floor and fixing her hair, suddenly froze on the spot as if time was frozen for her. She did not move to look at Anna or even answer the redhead. She just sat on her spot stiffly.

"Elsa… Are you-" Anna was about to ask if Elsa was her mysterious kisser when her smart phone suddenly chimed loudly. With a groan, Anna took out her phone from her sidepocket and looked at the notification and found an sms message. With her current question forgotten, she opened her sms application to check who sent her a message. "Oh… It's Merida." Anna said, looking tensely at her phone and checked the sender of the sms message.

With Anna currently distracted, Elsa breathed a sigh of relief for a second before her mind processed what Anna told her. She whipped around and faced the strawberry-blonde who was fiddling with her phone. "Merida? How did she get your number?" Elsa inquired with a cocked brow.

Anna laughed nervously and scratched her left cheek. The way Elsa gave her an inquisitive look made her feel nervous; like she was being interrogated by one of her ex-girlfriends. "Uhm, she gave it to me two days ago when I bumped into her." she looked at the message and instantly her nervousness disappeared and a smile crept up to her face. "Sweet mother of monkey milk!*" she shouted in glee and stood up hastily. With wide smile, she went back to her dresser and picked out the clothing for her and the one for the blonde. She threw the black with white shirt to Elsa and ran around to gather other things she needed.

Elsa caught the shirt with ease while she watched how Anna was running around to either fix her hair or change her shirt. She had to close her eyes when Anna suddenly lifted her shirt up and changed to dry ones.

"So you can change to those and you can lock up once you are done." Anna said in haste. She was patting her pockets, making sure her keys, phone and wallet are all secured.

"Wait, wait wait... where are you going? Are you just leaving me here alone?" Elsa, still wearing her wet polo, crossed her arms as she questioned Anna's sudden hasty movements.

Anna nodded her head.

"And why is that?"

The strawberry-blonde now stood before the door, hand on the doorknob, and sheepishly smiled at Elsa. "'Cause... uhm… Merida wanted me to meet her today, something about knowing who my mysterious kisser is. So yeah, uhm, lock up and meet you tomorrow! Bye Elsa!" With that, she opened the door and rapidly left the room.

"Wait! Anna!" Elsa exclaimed, hoping to stop the redhead. But her cry was in vain as the freshman left in a hurry.

Elsa was left alone, blinking at the now Anna-less door way. "Dunbroch knows her? How the hell-" She paused and realized one thought. "Rider!" she grumbled aloud, realizing how Merida could possibly know who Anna's kisser is. After a minute of multiple curses in different language Elsa removed her polo and changed into the black shirt that Anna lent her. Now clothed with something dry, she tapped the tip of her shoe on the floor before dashing out of the room and locking it in the process. Her mind chanted one thing that urged her body to catch up with the feisty freshman. 'I'm going to murder a certain Scottish descent redhead plus a man that can't keep a secret!'

Sweet mother of monkey milk – This is Vanellope von Schweetz's line when she found the gold coin when she first met Ralph in Sugar Rush.

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